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Thoughts on Raw, The Rock and more.....

It's good to see that Stone Cold is finally getting some heat. His comedy routine he was doing before was so funny, it was making it hard for fans to boo him. When he started ranting and raving about turning because Vince was hugging Kurt Angle behind his back I thought it was kind of silly. But as it continued on I realized the fans were buying this as a further elevation of Kurt Angle. And THAT, I am down for!!!

Did you catch J.R. call Stone Cold an @$$hole??? And did you catch the way he sarcastically said "spinerooni" when Booker "I pity the fool" T was wrestling? Gold Jerry, Gold!!

I think with Chris Benoit on the shelf, Kurt Angle is definately the best worker right now. Angle's pops were bigger than the one's The Rock got when Stone Cold and Vince dropped his name. Speaking of The Rock, doesn't Vince remember that at Wrestlemania, The Rock was getting some boos??? Playing fantasy booker for a moment, I think The Rock should have been the one to cause Team WWF to lose at Invasion instead of Stone Cold. He had reason (suspension) and everyone knows the fans would rather cheer Stone Cold than The Rock.

I think The Rock needs to come back and immediately join WECW. Remember that back at Wrestlemanie, Rock was getting the boos until Stone Cold aligned himself with Vince McMahon. The Rock was suspended, and what better way to get even with Vince than to join WECW? Why does he really care about the Invasion? He might care about wanting the title back but even when he's not in the title match says he's defending his People's Champion persona.

What I'd really love to see is The Rock and Stone Cold in WECW tearing it up until the return of HHH. Can you imagine The Rock and Stone Cold as heels battling Kurt Angle and HHH as babyfaces?? HHH's return is a few months down the line so that's enough time for WECW to kick some major ass only for HHH and Kurt Angle, two of the best workers in the business mind you, to win it all back for the WWF. You could even have The Rock win the WCW title belt from Angle early on and then when HHH comes back, have them both win the title belts back on the same night. Could you imagine BOTH title belts changing hands on the same PPV????

Furthermore, lets bring The Rock back to WECW even more cocky than ever. Lets him slap Hulk Hogan in the face by having him come back talking about being a big Hollywood movie star and now wanting to be known as HollyRock.

When Kurt Angle put the ankle lock on Nickassassin Patrick, why did Patrick tap?? Is that a universal sign that says "Ouch bad guy, you're hurting me and if I tap the mat you can let go now?" Jackass.

I'm thinking, hoping, praying, that RVD is on his way to shattering the so-called glass ceiling. He's already gone over both of the Hardy Boyz in convincing fashion. He's won gold after having been on tv for only a few weeks. He can work the stick for the most part. J.R. himself brought up that RVD was TV champ in ECW for 23 months. And the fans are totally buying into him. For those of you who love Benoit, and don't get me wrong I'm a huge fan of his, I have to say that he didn't deserve the top spot because his promos were weak. As for Y2J, his promos are excellent but his moves are too predictable. Put Benoit and Y2J together, and you have a perfect wrestler.

It's good to see that Kanyon is going to be allowed to show off his promo skills. I thought he would be stuck as a voiceless body but it looks like they're going to give him an opportunity to shine. And if you've heard what happens on Smackdown, you'll see that elevate even higher. And its even funnier seeing him interact with Diamond Dallas Page. Seems like they've buried the hatchet, eh?

I for one am glad to see that Edge and Christian are staying together. They are the best comic relief the WWF has going right now and breaking them up no longer seems right thanks to the Invasion angle.

If I can be serious for a moment, I'm a huge mark for Lance Storm, you're new Intercontinental Champion!! Another great worker who is getting his just due.

Sara Undertaker was able to return from a Diamond Cutter a few weeks back, can she return from a chairshot from the American Bad Ass??? I'm telling you, that nose reminds me of HHH and he no-sold death once. Will she no-sell a Diamond Cutter AND a chairshot?

I think the WECW is making a mistake by having Stephanie, Shane and Paul E. doing all the talking. Remember the XFL, how it wasn't about the players it was about the football and then when they realized that didn't work, it was too damn late???

And back to Invasion for a moment. My brother-in-law Tom would be pissed if I didn't mention that when NWO invaded WCW the champ switched sides also. Austin pulled a Hogan!!!

Mario Perez

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