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Hey Yo!!!!! Welcome back to another addition of "That'll Leave a Mark". Good to have you back. Here are my thoughts on Thursday night's Smackdown!!!

Hardy Boyz w/ Lita defeated Shane Gregory Hurricane Helms and Billy Kidman
I thought there would be more heat for this match but I think the fans aren't buying into these WCW guys just yet. Lita stole the show with her Hurricanrana off of the ring steps. Perfectly executed and to watch her head swing inches away from the ground was awesome.

Big Slow and Mr. Assclown were amusing for a second as they ribbed each other about their past, and I'm sure soon to be future failures.

Out come Stephanie, Shane and Paul to say the same stuff they've been saying every show. Question. When HHH went out and we saw him having surgery, by chance did Steph have some surgery/enhancement of her own done? Sign seen in crowd: Stephanie McNasty

Who better than Kanyon as your new WCW US Champion?? His facial expressions were classic, reminding me of William Regal who, as it turns out, would provide a classic segment with Kanyon later in the show. Kudos to Vince or whoever was bright enough to not only make Regal a star after years of floundering but also Kanyon, who wasn't bad in WCW but wasn't allowed to shine like it looks like he just might do.

More props to WWF for allowing Kurt Angle to get maximum pops in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. I hope they do the same for ECW's return to Philly next week. Did you catch Kurt's "You're next" and "Whoo" lines ala Goldberg and Ric Flair???

I really like the heel cowardice Stone Cold showed in refusing to defend the title but instead calling for Booker T to defend against Angle in his hometown. Only a real heel would throw his own team to the wolves.

William Regal continues to prove that any segment taking place in his office is going to be a sure laugh.

The Dudley Boys defeated Big Slow and Mr. Jackass.
As much as I dislike the underachieving Slow-Gunns, I was impressed with this match. Gunn sold well and Slow looked decent enough. I have no idea where they are going with this but I'm willing to watch, at least once more.

Sign In Crowd: Where's Mr. Perfect? In case you haven't heard, he's the Heavyweight Champion in some independent federation in Indiana. He won it from nobody, ala Kanyon. The federation also boasts having Public Enemy and Buff Bagwell.

Video footage of The Rock is shown next and I gotta say, the guy makes me laugh. I'm welcoming him back just for the promos alone.

Stone Cold drops hint that The Rock may join the Alliance. I was hoping that would be kept a secret for Raw. By the way, Debra hasn't spoken lately, that's a good thing.

DDP defeated Kane via DQ
DQ's suck. And can we please have some closure to the whole Nickassassin Patrick storyline? You'd think after getting his ass kicked every show by somebody in the WWF he'd learn his lesson.

Edge and Christian were funny as hell as usual berating Thug Life Tazz, but at what point was the match set up between them?

RVD and Kanyon defeated Y2J and Tajiri
All four busted ass in this match as RVD continues to get over. He push continues. In my column following Invasion, I talked about him hopefully being the one to break through the glass ceiling. I received a letter from Elbob17 in Cincy, who feels RVD's mic skills suck. I totally agree with that. Could that signal the return of Bill Alphonso? If that's what it takes to go to the top so be it!!

Lance Storm defeated Perry Saturn via DQ
The Perry Saturn angle is officially crap. At its peak it may have earned a smirk but at this point its a waste of airtime. And if Terry stops coming to ringside he's through. Perry has some great moves and is a great worker, but his gimmick needs to go. I say put him with another good worker who has some mic skills and let him get over without speaking. Maybe if and when Eddie Guerrero returns they can pair together.

Shane McMahon came out and got zero pop trying to get The Rock to join the Alliance. Thank you Pittsburgh for not being the sheep they thought you'd be and cheer these clowns just for dropping The Rock's name. Horrible segment and we have to watch Shane's ass do that stupid little dance of his as he leaves.

Edge and Christian defeated Tazz and Rhyno.
Decent little match with double spears/gores to end it. Note to Tazz: Please get rid of the mechanics shirt and go back to wearing the towel on your head. You were more of a baddass then.

Sign in crowd: Lemieux is my daddy I'm a big San Jose Sharks fan, but Mario Lemieux is da man, baby!!!

Kurt Angle defeated Booker T to win the WCW Title
Hey Elbob17, did you totally mark out??? Angle became the latest to win both the WWF and WCW titles. Who was the last? I'm thinking Kevin Nash. At this point, he's the only active wrestler with that distinction as Nash, Hogan and Flair are all on the shelf. We all hoped it would be Chris Benoit as the next to do that. Someday. Booker T was less than a foot away from the ropes in two different directions when he tapped out. Hmmm, he must have known that Star Trek was starting any moment and didn't want to delay it.

Until next time,

Mark out. 5000.

Mario Perez

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