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Hey YO!!!! Welcome back to another edition of That'll Leave a Mark. Here are my thoughts on RAW......

Why didn't SCSA give Tommy Dreamer some tips on how to punk out Michael Cole??? It was good to see Paul Heyman back behind the mic and you could see JR didn't seem to mind too much either. JR knows that Paul brings out more in him than Cole ever would.

Y2J defeated Tazz
Tazz' promo was longer than his match. You go out and talk crap and then job in under 2 minutes? What the hell???

Tajiri and William Regal were ON as usual. Whoever foresaw Tajiri doing comedy is a pure genius.

RVD defeated Tajiri
Great match. The crowd was very much into it as these were their ECW boys. I loved when Tajiri slide kicked the chairs into RVD's face. Him kicking out of the pin right after was awesome. Mr. Monday night wins it with the five star frog splash and his push continues.

Looks to me like Booker may soon get fed up with SCSA's antics...

Big Show......I have no comment on that. But in my last column I was trying to think who the last wrestler was to win both the WWF and WCW titles. I said it was Nash. Thanks to Scott Christ from for clearing that up for me. He also gave me a list of others with that distinction: Hogan, Savage, Flair and Hart.

Angle vs. SCSA at Summerslam. I'm looking forward to on hell of a match. And its in San Jose so i'm going to see about scoring some tickets!!

The Unholy Alliance and Vince were schilling so much for The Rock, you knew it wasn't going to be so simple as him just choosing sides.

Hurricane Helms and Torrie Wilson defeated Matt Hardy and Lita I enjoyed seeing Helms playing the heel and not holding back on Lita. I didn't care for the finish which had Torrie low blow Hardy leading to a small package by Helms.....weak!!!!

What us up with having 2 promos where SCSA told Booker not to spin like a top and also to cheat to win if need be?? Did they forget to edit something??? Sloppy I say.

Hey, Test is back from wherever the hell he's been......damn....please don't give him a mic.....ever.

Booker T w/10 extra pounds in his stomach thanks to Debra's cookies defeated Kurt Angle w/Ric Flair's belt
Remember when Flair "Invaded" the WWF years back with this same belt??? These 20 on 20 fights/run ins need to cease. They no longer serve a purpose in my mind. Angle is way over right now and deservedly so. And that was before he told Debra that her cookies sucked!!!

Lance Storm and Who Better than Kanyon defeated Edge and Christian
Four great workers but the crowd wasn't into it and I believe I heard some boring chants. That made it hard for me to get into.

XPac Sucks defeated Billy Kidman in a title vs title match
XPac and Kidman put on a decent match and I am starting to like XPac again. He wins the match with an XFactor off the ropes. I sure hope this doesn't mean they'll eliminate the WCW Cruiserweight title now because that would mean some good workers may be out of jobs.

So I see Sara Undertaker is back again. I can't believe she keeps no-selling injuries. First the Diamond Cutter and then a chair shot from the Undertaker? What next, the no-sell of death ala HHH???

Footage of The Rock standing in front of the Rocky Balboa statue.....great, a wrestler who can't wrestle in front of a statue of an actor who can't act.

Kane and The Undertaker w/Sara No Sell Undertaker defeated The Dudleys in a table match
So Bubba takes Sara up to the top rope to smash her through the table.....her legs are wrapped around his head.......still either this is a blown spot or Bubba found the "right" spot.......
Now was he liking the position a little too much or was he afraid she'd no-sell a table spot???? Deadman Inc win it thanks to Bubba holding back.

So in the climax of the evening, The Rock comes out to make his decision. Note to Rock: TNN no longer stands for The Nashville Network. Lose the big-ass belt buckle!!! So he Rock Bottoms both McMahons to a huge pop and then decides to stick with the WWF. What does this mean, being that he Rock Bottomed Vince?? Probably nothing, if you recall that Vince begged Austin to Stunner him a few weeks back.

I'm out. Til Next time.

5000 G,

Mario Perez

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