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Hey Yo!! Guess who's back...Notes from RAW...

Mr. Monday Night RVD defeated Kane
I'm not sure if I like RVD fighting the big heavyweights but it was a decent enough match. RVD wins it with the 5* frog splash thanks to the assistance of Sara's Stalker. I think its time to give RVD someone to feud with rather than just having him rotate through whoever. Give fans something to care about rather than just a spotfest.

Booker T goes Hollywood.....somewhat funny, somewhat crap.

Stephanie came to ringside with her pair of.............last names and said.......umm......damn I wasn't listening, I was watching..... So Y2J comes out and give what I have to say was his worst WWF promo ever and then brings out the Planet of the Apes w/flowers and pie???!!! What the hell was that???

Stone Cold Steve Austin w/Dastardly Debra defeated Matt Hardy w/Lita
SCSA spent the whole match ignoring ref Tim White, blatantly breaking rules and counts, stunnered Lita, got out of the Twist of Fate, stunnered Matt and secured the victory....zzzz

Alliance Blondes beat Jaqueline......uhh.....crap???.....yeah

Tajiri defeated X-Pac sucks for the WWF Light Heavyweight title
Quick shoutout to Crystal Williams who is a huge X-Pac fan....I'm thinking she didn't like this match too much. I really enjoyed this match being that I'm a huge mark for Tajiri. X-Pac in my mind has been stepping it up lately and I'm beginning to enjoy his matches. I love Tajiris head kicks and the springboards and tarantulas rule. He wins the belt with the green mist and here's hoping he keeps the strap for a while.

Y2J and Kurt Angle defeated The Dudleys
This was Y2J's match but they partner him with someone who would steal his heat. Not very smart. Did you see the suplex Angle gave Bubba??? Right on the back of his head, that's gonna leave a mark. And did you see the height Angle got on his moonsault??? They need to let him hit those spots. He never hits them but I feel he has the best looking moonsault out there. Angle wins it with the anklelock and Y2J is left to carry the bags.

Lance Storm defeated Christian w/Edge's cup
Storm gets pantsed to start the match revealing Storm's Bret Hart underoos. The fans didn't seem to buy in to Christian having a chance of walking out as IC champ so the match didn't get enough heat. Lance wins it with the ropes.

Undertaker beats up DDP who turns out to be Kanyon circa WCW with wig.....crap. UT shouldn't be concerned with Sara getting hurt anyway. She hasn't sold a move since coming here. Hell, whenever she hits or kicks somebody they sell it more than she ever will.

The Rock without The Elvis Impersonators Heavyweight Championship Beltbuckle defeated Shane O' Mac w/ stupid dance and kendo stick
Let me first send a shout out to an old friend Debra Morgan, who is a huge Rock fan. Its a street fight so they fight in and out of the crowd, Rock leaves through section 218, comes back through section 220, no one checks his ticket, Bookerman tries to interfere, Rock Bottom wins it regardless, beatdown is on. Rock on the announce table and Shane mistakenly thinks this is a PPV and comes flying off the top rope onto Rock and through the table. Too bad this doesn't mean Shane will take the next month off to recover. Overall, the show was one of the weaker offerings we've seen in the last few months. Hope they can recover on Smackdown.

5000 G.

Mario Perez

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