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Hey Yo!! Smackdown Notes

Who Better than Kanyon and DDP defeated APA for the WWF Tag Team Titles
Bradshaw shined in defeat and continues to improve. When the time comes when he's a single wrestler, he'll be ready. WCW wins the belts when Test joins the Alliance and hits Bradshaw with the belt (although from my couch it looked like he missed). Kanyon now has 2 belts.

Saturn w/Moppy defeated Raven w/Teri
That was a waste of about 90 seconds

Shot of David Arquette in the crowd. Uh, he's the last person the WWF wants people to be remembering. That's 2 steps back for WCW.

Commissioner Regal informs Kanyon and DDP that they will be defending the titles at SummerSlam against Kane and Undertaker in a cage. Great, I can't wait to see Sara no-sell a cage bump.

RVD defeated Edge to retain the Hardcore Title
A decent affair and I liked seeing the ladder introduced. Makes me think of RVD in a TLC match down the line. Lance Storm comes in and gets his ass kicked for a few minutes before Edge finally got tired and RVD took advantage. Conchairto finishes it as Edge was MIA. Must have been busy with the cup.

X-Factor Sux defeated Tajiri and Spike Dudley w/Molly
Decent enough match. I really liked the spot where Baldo was standing on the apron and he pressed Spike over his head then just dropped him onto the floor. I'd like to see a Spike/Baldo match. Reminds me of Spike/Mike Awesome from a few years back. Baldo Bomb with an X-Suck assist on Tajiri to win it. Match got pretty good heat.

Booker T w/Shane came out and cut a promo on the Rock. Rock w/smaller than last week's belt buckle, comes out and clowns Bookerman. Booker challenges Rock to a handicap right there and they brawl. Rock gives Shane a Rock Bottom through the announcers table. Big heat on this one.

Undertaker w/No sell and Kane defeated Sean O'Haire and Chuck Polumbo for the WCW Tag Team Titles
Typical big man match. Double chokeslam wins it with Kane getting the pin. Crowd still into it. Not bad for an L.A. crowd. Its about the 7th inning, shouldn't they be gone?

Y2J defeated Hugh Morrus
Y2J misses the Lionsault which of course means he'll win it with the Walls of Jericho.....and he does
Sign in crowd during match: Oakland Raiders
Note: There are less than 10 Raiders fans in LA and one of them was there!!! And for the record, that's my team baby!!! Born in Oakland, I bleed Silver and Black!!
Y2J walks up the ramp and gets assaulted by Rhyno and then Gored through the Ovaltron!!!! They'll be meeting at SummerSlam and I can't wait!!!

Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Dudleys versus The Hardy Boyz and Kurt Angle Tag Team Elimination Match
Kurt starts off the eliminations by Angle Locking D-Von for the tap Matt gets eliminated by Bubba Ray to even things up.
SCSA gives Jeff the Stunner and Bubba gets the pin.
Angle Olympic Slams Bubba for the pin. SCSA and The Dudleyz triple team Angle and injure his ankle with a chair. He gets carted off but then the brawl continues. No contest.

A good show, a lot better than Raw which I felt had too few matches and too much not so funny skits. The matches are coming along well for SummerSlam. I'll talk at you next week. If you've got some feedback or comments, email me. If they're good, I'll print them and make your ass famous!

5000 G,
Mario Perez

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