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SummerSlam notes...

King Edge defeated Lance Storm for the WWF IC Title
Decent little match that saw the crowd out of it, into it, out of it, into it... Edge was able to get out of a half-crab that was put on in the center of the ring. He then got speared by Christian who had come down to help him and was able to overcome that and score the pin with the Impaler. Looks like the Edge and Christian split that was dropped before Invasion just may be back on.

Michael Cole stopped Test and the Dudleyz to ask him about why he turned his back on the WWF. Testicle called Cole a "little bitch" (no argument here!!).

Lillian interviewed Y2J who called her "Vivian". He then went on to crap on Stephanie and claim that she had home field advantage being that they were in "Silicone Valley!!!"

Dudleyz and Testicle defeated APA and Spike w/Molly
I have to say that as much as Test on the mic annoys the hell out of me, he looks great playing the heel. Ragdoll to the big men Spike got pummeled by Test and thrown out of the ring through a table to top it off. Bradshaw kicked ass as always but Shane O' Mac nailed him with a chair to steal the victory. I'm wondering why Shane wasn't out there when his team lost the IC Title earlier....jackass.

Edge and locker room celebrate his title victory as Christian announces that he has secured a Euro Title match on Raw tomorrow against Matt Hardy.

X-Pac sux defeated Tajiri to once again unify the small man titles
Good match by both men as Tajiri continues to make X-Suck look good. Back and forth match was very entertaining until Suckbert came out. Tajiri gave him the red mist but that was just enough time for X-Suck to sneak up and hit the X-Factor for the pin. I don't know why X-Suck keeps getting over so much.

Y2J defeated Rhyno
Y2J missed a few spots in this match which made it seem kind of awkward and sloppy. After all this sloppiness, it sucked seeing Rhyno tap to the Walls of Jericho.

RVD defeated Jeff Hardy for the WWF Hardcore Title
A Ladder Match with the belt suspended high above the ring. Of course this meant lots of high spots and some serious pain was inflicted on both stars. As Jeff was hanging from the cable holding the belt, RVD tried some type of flip to knock him off but missed. That would have been huge had he hit. RVD was able to grab the belt before getting knocked off the top of the ladder. Both wrestlers careers were surely shortened by this match.

Kane and Undertaker w/No-Sell Sara defeated Kanyon and DDP to unify the Tag Team Titles
This was pretty much a squash as the brothers kicked ass and Undertaker no-sold what little offense was thrown at them. Kanyon ditched out on DDP so lets hope DDP is done stalking and can get in a feud that will be more exciting.

Kurt Angle defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin via DQ
First off, shouldn't this be the main event?? Yes The Rock is returning to PPV but this is the WWF Title here. SCSA starts off with some scientific moves, hitting some suplexes on Kurt. Kurt responds with a shitload of German Suplexes of his own. Angle eventually gets busted open and is bleeding pretty bad. Angle hits the moonsault for the first time I can remember but it only gets a two count. SCSA gives Angle the Cobra Clutch and JR says he hasn't seen that move used since a guy named The Ringmaster used it, how many of you don't know who that was??? SCSA purposely nails the ref, so another comes out, gets nail, another comes out, gets nailed, then Nickjackassassassin comes out and DQ's Austin for the Angle victory but no title change. Angle of course gets Nick to tap but I believe you still don't get the title if the ref taps plus there was no one to call that he tapped out so in effect, he didn't really tap out, right? So I here the next PPV is in Pittsburgh....Hey, isn't Kurt from Pittsburgh??? Hmmm.....wonder what's gonna happen...

WWF Excess, WWF's new TV show on TNN is starting next Saturday night at 10PM. HHH is your guest host......Hell Yeah!!!!!!!

The Rock defeated Booker T for Ric Flair's belt
Shane O'Mac at ringside is old. Seeing Bradshaw giving him the Clothesline From Hell and being anywhere near the main event was pretty damn fresh. Bookend, I mean Rock Bottom wins it and we are outie.

Overall I thought the matches were all pretty good, minus some missed spots in a few. I wouldn't mind seeing Kurt and SCSA continue their feud but The Rock and Booker need some new opponents. Let me know what you though and where you see things going.

Til next time,

Mario Perez

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