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Feedback on SummerSlam, Notes on Raw

My first letter is from FrozenTundra Adam Forrai who says:


Just read your SummerSlam notes on [slash] Wrestling. I think SummerSlam was a badly booked PPV. Below is what I sent to

SummerSlam was badly booked.

You know why? I was enjoying the PPV till the Angle-Austin match. Never mind that the cage match was bad (any Taker match sucks), but I was shocked and pissed that Angle-Austin was the second last match booked? Huh? Why the hell was Rock-BookerT the main event? BookerT isn't ready to main event a PPV (and no, past WCW PPVs don't count), plus Rock has ring rust. This Rock-BookerT feud has been going on for 2.5 weeks and it's the main match? And thus, I found it hard to enjoy watching the Angle-Austin match. F*** you Vince! This is an insult to Angle and Austin. Their feud has been going well before the Invasion PPV, but it has to be Rock main eventing PPVs. It must be written in the WWF Handbook, the Rock must main event every PPV. I don't buy, "We want the fans to go home happy" theory. I've seen plenty of PPVs with the heel winning the main event (WM17 anyone?).

Hell, Angle and Austin are better wrestlers than Rock. Proof? Angle-Austin was match of the night. Rock-BookerT was the second worst match of the night. Vince, you really missed the boat on the Angle-Austin feud. It should have been build up more over the last few weeks, not focusing too much on Rock and BookerT.

There's one thing I can't understand. Why is Rock the WCW champ? He doesn't need the title. He's popular and over with the crowd. BookerT needs the title more, and Rock should have put BookerT over. No, instead it was Shane and BookerT making Rock look strong. No wonder I dislike Rock.

One more thing. I predicted Austin was going to win the match against Angle, but the ending was really badly booked. A disqualification? Really bad booking. But I give credit to Austin for putting Angle over (you reading this Rock?).

Do you know what I really would like to see? A rematch between Angle-Austin at Unforgiven. As the main event. Save Austin-Rock to later, it can wait.

Think about what I wrote. Think real hard.

I'm really hoping there will be a rematch between Kurt and SCSA at Unforgiven. Vince is really missing the boat on Kurt. Kurt is on pace to become one of the best wrestlers ever (sorry Rock, you don't count). I'm not saying that Kurt should have won (it makes more sense to keep the title on SCSA), but the match should have been the main event. I found it an insult to both guys. And I applaud Austin for letting Kurt kick out of not one, but two Stunners! Austin really put Kurt over. Rock didn't put BookerT over.

What do you think?



Adam, great letter. I actually think that Kurt lost because the next PPV is in Pittsburgh and much like him winning the WCW title at home, he'll do the same with the WWF belt. As far as Rock winning, I think they wanted the Alliance to have one title and WWF to have the other. We'll see what happens in the next few weeks.

My next letter is from Big Rico:

I agree with you that the Angle vs Austin thing should continue but with some creative writing Booker should keep chasing after the Rock and then should get a clean pin as that would give him credibility.....also I cant understand why net writers like Lance Storm AND people should stop talking about Jericho cuz most of his matches are SLOPPY (chops included), his finisher is lame, if the other wrestler doesnt sell his Liontamer it just looks like a boston crab and his mic skills are CHILDISH....the sh1t he sez are what kids say to each other

Rico, you make some good points. I do however enjoy Lance Storm. He was one of the very few reasons I was watching WCW right before they got bought by Vince. He reminds me a little bit of Benoit, and I hope to see him rise to fame some day. I agree Y2J is sloppy but as far as mic skills go, I'd rather hear him talk then bumblers like Test, The Hardyz, Big Slow or Saturn.

Notes on Raw:

Lita, Molly, Jaqueline defeated Staci, Torrie and Ivory
Does anyone remember when Jaqueline used to beat up men in WCW. She was a real baddass then. ..
Lita's leg sure looks like it hurts. Remember when Ric Flair would work over an opponents hurt leg like no one else could? Ahh the good old days....Whoops, I missed the pin while I was daydreaming...oh well

Steph stiT asked Testicle for help.
Anyone catch the picture of Vlade Divac in the background? Until they get someone who can stop Shaq, they will be nothing more than L.A.'s biotches...

The Rock w/midget waste a lot of time then get challenged by Lance Storm
Did they the think Rock wasn't funny enough so they hired a midget??

APA, SloGunns, Spike Dudley and Scotty the Worm defeated Dudleyz, Palumbo, O'badHaire, Hugh Morrus and Tommy Dreamer
Farooq gives Palumbo a sick clothesline!!! Did you catch Tommy Dreamers pants?? Looked like he sat on a toilet seat that had just been painted!!! Everybody hit their big move, Sac Town was loving every minute of it and a Way Over Big Show scored the pin. Maybe Sac Town would like to have Big Slow as the Kings new center???

Hurricane Helms tribute to SCSA
JR said it best: "What the hell was that?"

Testicle w/ Steph stiT defeated Y2J
Y2J called him Testicle in his promo 24 hours after I put it in my column. Coincidence??? So Test as a hell continues to impress me. Y2J supposedly had a concussion and this match may have added to it. What next, he'll come out with Moppie??

The Rock w/Ric Flair's belt defeated Lance Storm
A good match and hopefully some casual fans will give Storm some respect, unless of course he hits the glass ceiling and starts main eventing Jakked.

Matt Hardy defeated Christian to retain the Euro Title
So what's this, his first title defense since winning the belt? And a 2 minute match at that???

Tajiri defeated Booker T via DQ
Booker was pissed and wiped the ring with Tajiri. He eventually got DQ'd but proved the point that he was pissed.

Sara No-sell w/Mr No-sell defeated DDP
Is it just me, or does Sara look like Woody Harrelson with a wig on?? Ewww, scary. I'm hoping this feud is over because this is the biggest bunch of crap and its really starting to bother me.

SCSA Celebration
I'm not sure what's going to happen with Tazz since they kind of left that up in the air. The singing was funny, the arm waving was funny, Angle was funny, but this isn't the way to end a show, you know? Let's hope Smackdown makes up for this. Final note: Props to Sac Town for representing for NoCal. I enjoy shows 10 times more when the crowd is into it and Sac was definately into it.


Mario Perez

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