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Start A Wrestling Revolution

One 18' Inch Wrestling Ring: $4750.00
Renting a Venue to put your wrestling ring in:
Hiring Wrestlers: $600.00
Not Saying Priceless: A First

The First of many things to come as we dive into what it would take to revolutionize the business.

People are slinging everything around the Internet what wrestling needs to get back into the mainstream. Some say they need to split companies, others say that we need a return to tradition, while yet others still say bring back the nWo, and to these people I say nay my smarks, wrestling needs none of these things to reemerge as mainstream entertainment. No what Pro Wrestling needs is something fresh, something new, something that will get you, your sister, your mother, your brother, and even those cool football players around the television. Your probably saying it better not be another one of your Gay Angle things, and your lucky because it's not, this idea is even better than that Gay Angle. (Probably only about 100 people have read it)

Let's bounce this idea off the wall and see if it'll stick. I'm saying get the territorial system going, but pull it off in a fresh way. It's not really an anti-tradition thing, it's more of a how shall I put this, It's more like we're having fun with what we're doing, if you don't like it to bad, if you do like it then super duper. I don't know how to put it any better.

How to start the ball rolling

Let's not set goals that one can not possibly accomplish. First and foremost must be to make yourself at the very least a crappy wrestling promotion. That's right just start by running shows in gyms, church's, in the basements of Big Boy Restaurants, heck if you have to throw a ring up in your backyard. Just start promoting and getting the promotions name out there, Start off with a small roster, but make sure that the talents have very distinct personalities, heck they don't even really have to have charisma just make sure they're will to work hard, and get the job done.

With this your going to start building probably a following, as the following starts to grow even more what needs to happen is start bringing in bigger names, and really reward your fanbase by trying to give them the best angles, and good wrestling so that they keep shelling out there money in order to see the product.

You have to keep having shows almost weekly in order to be able to build up the kind of fan following that you need, but if you continue to do this interest will continue. Now during this time I'm not going to get into all the ideas I have that could make the federation grow, because who knows who's lurking out there in the deep dark realms of the internet waiting to steal them.

Important Sidenote Throughout the entire course of this entire time in the promotions history one thing will have to happen. No matter how many years this phase takes you must have 6 very distinct personalities as the owners and operators of the promotion. While it might not seem like a very big thing at the moment trust me as I continue it will become more clear why it's so appropriate to have four of these very distinct personalities in order to take it to the next level.

Now for those of you who need to imagine these five characters for the moment I will run down the five different personalities that I'd like to go into a little depth of who these people would be. For the moment I'm going to use attainable people that could actually book. I'm not going to say Terry Taylor, and Paul Heyman because they just wouldn't do that, but here are the five promotors that you'll have to run through in the first phase in order.

The Five Owners of the Promotion

1. William Ragne: You'll know him as the loser who writes pro wrestling columns on the internet for various forums and websites. While no one will have ever heard of him he's got some pretty innovative ideas at least from his perspective and at the very beginning no one else would possibly want to be the promoter for this promotion so the job goes to William Ragne, that being myself. Of course he'll have an on air role as well with the promotion.

2. Tommy Fierro: Put your jaw up I know a ton of people hate Tommy Fierro, and think his ideas are dumb and what not, but hey who are we to tell him his ideas are dumb? I mean at least they're original for what we need to do with things. So For this he'd be the perfect choice for the on air role of owner, because just by being him he'd get heel heat not only from the crowds in the arena but also from the internet, but hey when your talked about that's at least free advertisement of the promotion.

3. Jim Cornette: Mr. Cornette's got that old school mentality when it comes to the business and just seeing Tommy Fierro and Mr. Cornette clash on this level would be great, as it has the classic young vs. old feud and both the aforementioned men should be able to pull it off quite nicely. Plus he's got the old school mentality that you'll need further down the road.

4. Mike Quackenbash: He's a good writer heck he's got his own book out. He's got a different type of perspective on the wrestling business, and he's a new young mind. So he's the fourth on air owner you need in order to get the angle over.

5. Dr. Winston O'Boogie: He's a manager on shows by a promotion that is known as New Wave Wrestling. All though he appears to be a manager. He's much more as he's got some of the most creative ideas and with the promotion in his hands as a head booker he's going to bring a very unique product to the table.

Benefits of Rotating head bookers

The major biggest benefit I see by rotating the head booker is that the product constantly is receiving face lifts to the promotion and differentiating between just one booking style. By allowing each bookers personality to shine through the product. You give each of these five men above some where between 6-9 months to do what they feel will help the promotion and that should make for some very entertaining happenings.

Of course with this rotation in place you'll keep the previous bookers on the booking committee to add ideas to the current man's storylines and just help them out backstage. With everyone contributing and knowing that they'll get there chance to decide what goes on television and what not will make every one work hard, and if one of the five bookers that I listed above is feeling a little burnt out having the booking committee in place will let him get some much needed time off to recollect his wits and come back even better then before.

With these bookers and the start of this promotion in the years that follow as I will show you will be the one thing that is needed to revolutionize the business once again. Don't believe? Keep reading and you will.

The angle that sets the stage for Territorial Breakdown

The owner comes out to the ring with a tear in his eye. He really has to sell that he's emotional distraught. He thanks the fans for everything they've done for the promotion and for just being fans. He said no matter what happened it was time that he pursued other ventures. He is pleased to inform everyone however (This should probably be in the place where the wrestling promotion runs most of it's shows.) That he's sold the company to some large company such as Wal-Mart or some other place that would be looking to get into the wrestling business.

By doing this it adds up in a lot of ways, by saying that the company has been sold to Wal-Mart not only can you possibly get Wal-Mart to sponsor your promotion and any extra cash can help. Any chain will work for Wal-Mart such as Target, and even K-Mart if they can ever get there financial woes in check.

Okay as the promotion continues to do what it is doing this is where the Internet becomes a very key player in the entire angle. You have to start dropping rumors and leaking information out that something big is on the horizon. Make them phonly plants to pull in all the so called smart marks so they can begin debating what's going on. All the while you must be careful to be very cordial to the likes of Bob Ryder and other internet wrestling guru's because weather we want to admit it or not they have a huge influence as gets a ton of hits and them talking about you is basically free advertising.

After Wal-Mart buys out the chain they instantly closes down the Kansas Championship Wrestling. Everyone is shocked as they've had some quality enjoyment with the little promotion that could, it was sad to see them just go by the way side as it appeared it was just starting to hit it's stride with the corporate sponsorship. Hopefully and this may be wishful thinking but by this time you've built up a following such as ECW had. Everyone writes there favorite moments of nostalgia.

The Big Announcement

Here's where you hit everyone with the kicker. Then Wal-Mart makes a public announcement that they will be opening the CWA Championship Wrestling Alliance. But they didn't stop there as the press release went on to lay out the plans for the CWA. Which included the announcement that they would be opening regional federations all over the U.S. and Canada. Now my friends here how the territory's stand.

To explain it a little more the CWA would be one large federation made up of smaller feds each in there own territory, working under the guidelines and jurisdiction of the CWA Executive Branch, which I'd have located in Topeka, Kansas. So what we have is Wal-Mart owning and financing the CWA. With each promotion being operated by it's own President and staff who answer only to CWA HQ. This how I'd start the promotional breakdown of the different promotions.

CWA North-East: This region would consist of the New England States and would be headed up by a wrestler who's very familiar with the area of course that being Mike Quackenbush. With his knowledge and know how of the business he'd sure to make the New England states money as there's a huge demand for good solid wrestling there.

CWA Mid-South: This region would be headed up by one of the men that I feel has perhaps the most brilliant mind in all pro wrestling. In fact this whole scenario was his and many other people's brain child and I'm just the one bringing it to masses. The man is Don Haney as I said above. I feel that with his knowledge of promoting business and his love of pro wrestling he could run a heck of a promotion down in Tennessee.

CWA Canada: We'll stick big Tommy Fierro up in Canada as he's got the right mentality for booking up there. As he'll always be giving the fans something new and probably booking good matches on his cards. He'd be a major asset no matter what anyone says about him at least the guys passionate, and while some of his ideas aren't good his good one's more then make up for it.

CWA Texas: It could be based out of any major Texas city such as San Antonio, Dallas, Ft. Worth, it'd be great as Texans love wrestling. This man would know how to market wrestling to those Texans too and of course I'm talking about giving the book of this territory to none other than Jim Cornette. He'd do a great job as he's done with countless other promotions and there would be no one better suited for that Wild West Mentality than old Corny.

CWA Northwest: Headed up by the manager of people. Dr. Winston O'Boogie. With his unique ideas and politically incorrect humor the CWA Northwest. With hilarious gimmicks I see this as the epitome of mixing Wrestling with humor and could be very successful.

Why this idea would revolutionize the business

Everyone would point to to the NWA and say that it's been done before and it didn't work and at the current time it's still not working. However what you have to realize about this new territorial breakdown is that it'd be manage in a way that the NWA is not. Instead of way to many groups there'd be only five which would make it a lot easier to keep every promotion straight. Besides with a head office in Kansas everything would be done in a professional manner.

With various regions have there own promotions naturally the fans will begin to have some brand loyalty to there local promotion. With this loyalty they will support the promotion. Such as hot debates and competition will arise to just which promotion is the best and by competing with each other everyone continues to strive to make there product better then there competition. As we all know there's nothing wrong with a little healthy competition.

With five distinct booking personalities each regions offers it's out style. Some might concentrate on in the ring action, where some one provide better angles, one promotion might be humorous while others had a serious connotation. Giving fans a wide range of products to watch and everyone would obviously have a favorite which would draw big money in future endeavors.

Besides just the obvious impact of various promotions on the wrestling landscape. If a wrestler from a certain territory became stale they could simply be placed in a fresh territory which would be able to jump start them back up with a fresh new crowd base. This would not only help the wrestlers but the promotions as well as they'd be able to mix in new wrestlers every so often to give the fans fresh feuds and angles instead of the same old tired ones over and over again.

One major advantage this type of system would have over a huge promotion such as the WWF, is that it's more local. The fans can go out in there area and support a wrestling promotion that they feel kind of belongs to them. Almost as if it were there local sports team. So while the WWF machine can do there whole "Worldwide" spiel keep it centered on regions and make it have that personal feel. Because if you come at people with a different approach and make them feel a little more a part of what's going on then just chanting. "So and So Sucks", and then "What". I feel that if it's a more personal atmosphere with less people each one will become a bigger fan of the product.

Plus with many area's in the United States as well as Canada being neglected because there too small of venues, wrestling fans in those cities have got to being dying for some up close and personal rasslin' action so by running shows in towns that the WWF doesn't go to you've got a cash cow waiting for you.

So this idea is almost fool proof as long as you can get it off the ground. A new breed of territory system would be just what the world of wrestling needs to reinvent itself. Could it work? Yes, Could it fail? Yes, tell me what you think of this idea and if you feel it's just what wrestling needs or just another lame brain scheme.

If you'd like to read some more information about this new revolutionary idea please continue on to the part I like to call Too Much Information.

Too Much Information

Now in the next few sections I'll discuss how the belts, food, and different things on how to set your promotion apart.

The Rundown on the Title Belts

World Championships: These will be the championships that will be defended throughout the territories and recognized as the top prizes throughout the entire CWA.

Regional Championships: Each of the five territories will have there own championships that can be won and lost inside the promotions.

The World Championships

World Heavyweight Championship: Every promotion has to have there Crown Jewel, the Thing everyone wants, the title kids can pretend to win when there young...Okay enough of the cliches. Every promotion has to have a World Title in which everyone strives to prove they are the best wrestler in the world. This belt is what makes professional wrestling pro wrestling, and that's why you must have a World Championship.

World Tag-Team Championship: Pro Wrestling without Tag-Team Wrestling is like Thanksgiving dinner without turkey. It just wouldn't feel right. There fore instead of breaking up tag-teams give them something to shoot for. Give them a chance of one day perhaps being the World Tag-Team Champions. With a strong Tag-Team traveling around defending the title against various tag-teams around the regions really legitimizes the title and spices everything up.

World Cruiserweight Championship: The Best Cruiserweight of course holds this belt. People love seeing cruiserweights as they offer a totally unique style and flare then the bigger men do. Everyone says the cruiserweights would never be able to go over again like they would've but to that I say "screw it". They'll always be doing something that the big men just can't do and that is fly and suspend disbelief with aerial excellence.

The Regional Championships

For giving just a brief overview of how the regional title system would work I will use the CWA-Canada for an example.

CWA-Canada Championship: This will be the top belt in the region. It's the best belt someone can possibly obtain in the CWA-Canada Region. The man that holds this belt is the best that CWA-Canada has to offer.

Tag-Team Championship: This is CWA-Canada's version of the Tag-Team Championships as the Tag-Team that holds this belt is the best tag-team in the CWA-Canada region.

Hardcore Championship: The CWA-Canada feels that it's fans like Hardcore wrestling so they make a hardcore title to rewards it's hardcore wrestlers. While every region doesn't have a hardcore title this belt is unique to the CWA-Canada promotion.

Cruiserweight Championship: This is CWA-Canada's version of the Cruiserweight Title. The man that holds this is the best Cruiserweight wrestler that the region has to offer.

Boy that got kind of tedious but I hope you get the point. While the "World" championships are the most important things throughout every region, the regional belts are important to those regions as well.

Each region would have it's own special belts and championships to set them apart. Such as Texas could have the Texas Deathmatch Champion, CWA-Midsouth could have the Tennessee Title, CWA- Northwest could have the Three Way Dance Title, the possibilities are endless.


Food!?! What kind of idiot promoter worries about food!?! I'll tell you what kind of promoter worries about food one that wants to set his product apart. I've been to a few independent shows in my day and boy one thing I always felt was missing from these shows was choice of food. They offered popcorn and various kind of candies!!!

That my friends is a big mistake. Because wrestling fans they like to eat just as much as the next man, some more than others. I got a gut on me as I'm typing this that would make Bob Ryder blush. While this belly doesn't get me much, I say it gives me a certificate that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to food.

Now here's how to set up the concession area that will make even the fattest mark happy. Here we go get this down.

Where I live we have this big old place I like to call "Sam's Club" you can get a membership for somewhere in the area of $10-$40 around that area. What do you get for membership to Sam's Club well I'll tell you what you get is access to bulk food. I'm talking a box of 36 Snickers Bars for $7, I'm talking boxes of 64 Mini-Weanies for $7.00 yes this is a Fat- Man's mecca.

You can get a whole bunch of food for $150 at this place, believe me it's quite the deal. So before your little independent show So here's a mock list I've made up from old receipts from Sam's Club and what your going to be offering at your concession stand.

1 Box of 36 Snickers...................$7.00 1 Box of 36 Starburst Packages......$7.00 1 Box of 36 Twix Bars.................$7.00 1 Box of 36 Kit Kats...................$7.00 1 Box of 36 Milky Ways...............$7.00 1 Box of 36 3 Musketeer Bars........$7.00 3 Boxes of 64 Mini-Hot Dog Weanies $21.00 1 Box of 32 Egg Rolls.................$8.00 2 Packages of 24 Ballpark Franks....$11.97 (They Plump when you cook 'em.)

The Grand Total for this is a gigantic $82.97 Dollars That's right.

And look at the diversity you have in your concession stand but we're not through yet.

After you've got what you needed from Sam's Club the day of the event get your little concession area set up. Get the microwave out on the table, and get the grill set up to keep the egg rolls and mini weanies heated, and to make them Franks plump when you cook 'em. Then you call up the Pizza man and have him deliver 10 large pizza's for about uh we're talking lowest possible price here probably about $70 bucks. Might think it's a lot but you've got to figure you'll sell all of the pieces at $1 buck a pop and that's about 12 pieces per pizza times ten equals 120 so that's $120 bucks your up $50 bucks!

Not to mention buy one of those movie theater popcorn machines and make popcorn. With this approach I like to call More is More fans will come for the wrestling, and stay for the food, hell if one of the wrestlers mom's can make one hell of a fudge brownie I say sell those. Sheesh Concession stands are everything! They can make or break a wrestling promotion, I think people need to start realizing that.

Oh yeah one last thing when your out at Sam's buy tons of pops, fruit juices and beer as people will want something to drink as well!

How to beat the WWE (Hey it'll be easier to beat the WWE then beating the WWF

Okay maybe not beating them but definitely sending a stinging jab there way, it may not knock them out but they'll feel it.

Okay basically the WWF announces there shows schedules really far in advance so all you have to do is pick a date and get ready to promote a show there on the same night. By this time you've got to have a pretty good fan base, and be confident of your ability to draw. Because if not your going to lose a lot of money for not to much more.

Well basically it's this you get a bunch of flyers and posters going up everywhere in the town where your at promoting your show. When WWE tickets go on sale in your community go the arena where there being sold at and make posters that say "FREE SHOW" we'll give you a better product for free, tell where it is and what not, and that should get some people.

Really advertise the crap out of it, so then the people will come to your show instead of the WWF, which will take some of there gate away and possibly get you some new long term fans, if pulled just right this may help your promotion a lot.

William Ragne

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