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Reinvention is the key to Innovation

Let's play a little game here. I'll name some people and you try to figure out what everyone of them have in common. Okay ready here we go.

Johnny Polo, Dean Douglas, Terra Ryzing.

The Average Wrestling Fan: "WHO!?!"

Internet Wrestling Fan: Well they are all former World Champions of course Johnny Polo won was a former ECW World Champion, as was the much heralded youngster Shane Douglas as he threw down the NWA World Heavyweight Championship to form ECW, and Terra Ryzing is now Triple H perhaps one of the greatest WWF World Champions of all time.

A cricket chirps as a ragweed rolls across the screen.

William Ragne: OOOOOOkaaay. But not the correct answer.

Internet Wrestling Fan: Of course I'm write I'm an Internet wrestling columnist and they all are former world champions.

William Ragne: That's it I'm cutting you off!!! Why don't you head back to buddy!!! Anyone else?

Southern Rasslin' Fan: There all rasslers!!!!

William Ragne: That is correct sir, but not the answer I'm looking for. No one come on people! Some one out there has to know. You don't okay well let me tell you what all those fine men have in common with each other. It's REINVENTION. Each one of those men took there careers from the crapper and turned them around by reinventing themselves as characters people could believe in.

Just think about it if Raven never transformed himself into the self possessed loner that was abused as a child do you think he would have got anywhere? No probably not, or if Shane Douglas would have been the Dean for the rest of his career he'd probably be at some Waffle House serving up the locals some runny eggs. Not to mention I doubt "Terra Ryzing" would have even got to wrestle in a pig slop match let alone have a World Championship around his waist.

Where some can only see the negative sides of situations some people saw something positive that could come out of these awful gimmicks. Paul Heyman was able to see that he could use something that someone else had gotten exposure for. He looked at Johnny Polo and saw that he could make him an abused child, who even though he had all the wealth he needed, he didn't have the love he needed so it made him what he is. He wanted everyone to feel that anger. I feel that this reinvention was absolute genius. It worked on so many levels and was very believable and a great angle to watch.

Once again Paul Heyman showed his genius by letting Shane Douglas be Shane Douglas. He didn't make him be a "Dynamic Dude", or the "Dean", but let him be a foul mouth and abrasive heel. Shane Douglas played the part perfectly. He became a huge heel just by doing what came naturally too him. He reinvented himself from being a joke into a World Class Competitor by just getting away from those gimmicks. So sometimes the genius of reinventing someone is in just letting them be themselves.

Last but not least Terra Ryzing. WCW saw him but nothing but a jobber to the stars, but Vince saw something different. He saw him as the Blue Blood from Conneticut, so Terra went from being the laughing stock of the WCW to the laughing stock of the WWF. However over time Terra then known in the WWF as Hunter Hearse Helmsley was allowed to become more of his natural personality and reinvent himself into the Degenerate Leader of D-X. He cursed he swore and he was raunchy. Just as people felt he wouldn't get any further then upper mid-card Hunter once again reinvented himself into the Triple H "The Game" the sick sadistic mad man that will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

These were tales of three very different men. All of whom for differing reasons reinvented themselves in hopes of becoming something better. Over the last few years it seems people have seemed to stop reinventing there characters which has led to the stagnation of great wrestling persona's. So in a Pro Wrestling Porch Exclusive I will be writing a five part series I like to call the Reinvention of......

I will try to reinvent five talents to make them more believable and interesting characters in the vast scope of things. I'm not going to do it in just any fashion however, I'm going to do it as a new promotion might try to capitalize on a former WWF star coming into there promotion.

The five men I'm going to Reinvent are......Christian, Jonathan Coachmen, Rico, D-Von Dudley, and Matt Hardy.

Till the Reinvention begins I bid you adue.

William Ragne

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