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Last Column I talked about how an Independent could easily start competing and I was very vague about how to go about it. But now I'm going to start giving in-depth and hopefully thought provoking ideas that might make you sit back and say hmmmmm. If not at least you can think. This guy is a complete and utter idiot.

What every good promotion needs to start off with his hard working workers. Workers need to be able to wrestle, and work the stick and in the case of a "shoot" angle work the smarts like us on the internet. So here in no specific order is a run down of Independent Wrestlers that a smart promoter could build a promotion around.

1. KoKo B. Ware: Wha! Wha! What!?! KoKo B. Ware!?! Yes my friends KoKo B. Ware would be a must have to any new independent wrestler promotion. Why you ask? Because come on the guy can flat out entertain the crowd. Just think about back to his glory days when you heard his music blast "Everybody get up! Everybody get down cuase I am singing the bird man's in town!" That was exhilarating entertainment right there. Now with him in his whole get up and a Parrot it doesn't have to be Frankie but it would help would draw the crowds indefinitely. However I'd have to say KoKo B. Ware would be really good for comic relief much the way Kurt Angle is for the WWF and in future columns I'll give you some great idea's I had for KoKo.

2. Simon Diamond: This guy is a blue chipper in the finest sense of the word. We all know of his past but this guys future is way to bright. He can get the job done in the ring, and he can work a microphone with the best of them. This guy could Dare I say it be the next Ric Flair. He's just got "It". He could be a huge player in this new promotion.

3. The Road Dogg Jesse James: He's been through hell and back but there's no denying that this guy was 1/2 of one of the hottest tag-teams in the WWF. He was entertaining and was one of the individuals that really turned the tide in the favor of WWF. All though his act has become stale and he's really no rapper. It wouldn't be that hard to come up with a great new gimmick that would instantly get the Road Dogg Jesse James over and put a creative mind on the map for coming up with it. Just think about Raven Paul Heyman being the genius he is used the Johnny Polo gimmick and created Raven and the rest is history. I have an idea like this for Road Dogg Jesse James that I feel would really start getting him over again. With the right angle Jesse James could once again be money in the bank.

4. Shark Boy: Many fans might be familiar with Shark Boy as he wrestled on many of WCW Saturday Nights, but I've had the privilege to watch him on numerous occasions and various independent tapes I've acquired and each and every time I see him perform he impresses me with something new. His a great high flyer plus he's got a hilarious move which fits perfectly with his gimmick and that is he bites his opponents butts. The opponent usually super cells it. But hey when people sell the "People's Elbow" I don't see why they can't sell a bit to the behind. This guy could draw fans with his style of wrestling and It'd be great to have in any promotion.

5. Scott Norton: What potential this man had and the WCW just never utilized it. It's been a proven fact that Scott Norton can draw huge crowds in Japan and if given a "push" as the monster heel he could easily be a legitimate World Champion and a face that most fans would be familiar with. Especially with run he had with the WCW. I'm going to step out on the limb on this one and say that if I had to start a promotion I'd probably put the belt around Scott Norton just because he's got a decent work rate for a big man, and he'd be believable World Champion. So Scott Norton is a must.

6. Tony Mamaluke: The guy is straight up Loco in de Cabasa. For those of you who don't speak Spanish that means he's crazy in the head. This guy has done some of the sickest bumps I've ever seen in my entire life while wrestling in ECW and various other independents. Heck with Little Guido he was even one half of the tag-team champions. But to really get over I feel a singles career would be the best thing for him. He's small but he's another quality cruiserweight who's just waiting to break into the business. In order to achieve this though first we're going to have to give him a Wrestlecrap.Com gimmick, but from there he'll blow the roof off the joint. He has so much potential I'd love to be able to work with him.

7. Kwee-Wee: I remember when Mike Sanders and Kwee Wee were WCW jobbers together. Then Sanders went onto stardom as Kwee-Wee got put into well a pretty awful gimmick, but in a new promotion, that didn't care what the PTC or Standards and Practices said I've got an angle that Kwee-Wee would be absolutely perfect for. His sudden mood changes are funny and I think he'd be a great asset to a new promotion as he's a great worker, and I've never heard of any backstage problems from him, so it would be incredible to have him wrestling for a promotion.

8. C.W. Anderson: He's big bad and he's a true Enforcer. His Spinebuster is one of my favorite moves to watch as he slams the opponents down hard. He's gotten the rub from the likes of Tommy Dreamer and other great ECW wrestlers of the time and once again this man can get the job done.

9. Michael Modest: It sums it up best in the movie documentary "Beyond the Mat" by that chubby promoter guy when he says "He's to small to be a heavyweight, and to big to be a cruiserweight", but I say he's just right to be a hard worker. He's got the moves down patented and he seems to have good ring psychology as well. He's got a good look and could be another awesome draw.

10. The Prototype: He was featured in the pro wrestling documentary and that guy is a genetic freak. He appears to be the next Scott Steiner minus the bad attitude. This guy could be the Lex Luger of the next millennium only with a good work rate and no ego. Of course the Prototype Gimmick is going to need a little bit of tweaking. This guy's money but he's got a WWF Developmental Contract so ummm....any lawyers out there that would know how he could get out of it? Hehe.

11. Brian Christopher: So what if he does drugs. The Guy rawks! Yes I said Rawks He just does. He's incredible from his head banging on the way down to the ring and doing his little dance. To his crazy luagh, to his putting the head gear down. It's truly a cool gimmick and why shouldn't he continue to do this? He's a great addition. He's got name value he's fresh in the fans minds, he's da man!

12. Eddie Mustang: Long Time member of Stampede Wrestling up in Calgary of course run by the legendary Hart Family. Eddie Mustang I see as the one man out of the Stampede Wrestling circuit that can become a major superstar much the way Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, Brian Pillman, Lance Storm, and Chris Jericho have all done. It just seems like destiny that someone from the Hart Family Dungeon becomes a major worker. Mustang is young and has something different then the rest of the Hart Family, I've just got a feeling in my gut this guy could be a great asset.

Now with all these great wrestlers we need to build an announcing crew, get some referee's, establish a good tag-team division. Now all this will be coming in future installments of the Ragne's Ringpost. Once we establish the promotion then we'll get into all the great angles that could be run.

As always I love to hear from anyone who reads this column. Who would you like to build an Independent Promotion around? Let me know your thoughts. It's actually quite fun coming up with your dream promotion. So have a good day and I'll see on the web pages.

William Ragne

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