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William Ragne




Where have all the fat men gone?

From the looks of it all of them have hit the gym, or gone on diets because you just don't see the fat men around like you used too.

I for one miss the days of the big fat mammoth of men walking around. Where are all the great characters like King Kong Bundy, Earthquake, Typhoon, Bastion Booger, Bam Bam Bigelow, One Man Gang, Kamala, Yokazuna and all the other big fellows that were to numerous to count when they were around. They would dismantle there opponents by sitting on them or some other dastardly way to get the victory.

Who could forgot such fine moments these fat men gave this sport of ours. Who could forget the legendary Cage Match between the monster heel of the time that being of Course King Kong Bundy who fought valiantly against Hulk Hogan only to come out on the losing end. But I still remember with great fondness as Hulk Hogan suplexed Bundy off of the top of the steel cage and ring shook like an asteroid hit it, and too many people King Kong Bundy was an Asteroid, a star of epochal proportions Also who remembers the brother love show where Earthquake ran in and caved in the Hulksters chest leaving the world to wonder what would become of Hogan, granted Hogan did return and destroy the Earthquake.

No matter what way you shake it these horizontally challenged men changed the face of pro wrestling, from the banzai drops. To Kamala rubbing his belly the sport was built around the fat man.

But where have they gone? As I said in the first paragraph they must've hit the gym, which is a darn shame. The WWF and everyone else is missing the boat big time with out booking the huge fat dudes. They just have so much to offer this great sport of ours, but they've been made to conform against there will. Every Ross Report he talks about how the Big Show needs to lose weight! Well look who's talking JR! Look who's calling the Kettle Black! For Pete Sake's let the man eat what he wants I mean he's supposed to be a monster but you book if him as if Little Bo Peep could beat him!

So stop trying to hold the fat man down! Let him return to the grandeur he once experienced! Let fat guys like me have someone to relate too, because I just can't relate to a muscle bound ladies man like the Rock, so give me some fat overweight wrestler that I can relate too! Trust me enough wrestling fans are a tad bit overweight give them something to cheer for!

William Ragne

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