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We must think anew-and act anew.”

When Abraham Lincoln wrote these words, he was facing the greatest crisis that this nation has ever endured. That being of course the Civil War. He knew that ordinary measures were not enough. “The dogma’s of quiet past,” he wrote, “are inadequate to the stormy present. We must think anew, and act anew”

New thought new action; how simple it sounds and how difficult it is! Most of us tend to be shackled by old habits of though, by the dogmas of the past. When crisis threatens, it is all to easy to go on acting-or reacting— as we did before.

But great rewards await men and women who can change pattern of their thinking to meet new conditions or new challenges. I have proof of this in my own experience. When I first left college, I had no intention of becoming a psychiatrist. I spent three years in dramatic school, then went to Cornell University to teach speech and drama. But two years later, reviewing my life, I decided that much as I enjoyed teaching, what I really wanted to do was be a docter.

The decision to “act anew” was not easy. I knew that I would be well into my thirties before I had a medical degree, that I could hardly hope to become an establish psychiatrist before I was forty. My friends counseled against such a drastic step. I took it anyway. I have never regretted it for an instant.

Today, many of the people who come to me for help are suffering from a kind of rigidity caused by blind adherence to old patterns of thinking and acting. They cannot adapt to changing conditions. They find it so difficult to bend that sometimes they break.

Quite often in my effort to help such people, I quote these words from Lincoln. When problems beset us, I tell them—when there seems to be no solution— we must not act rigidly. We must not look at our difficulties from old, habit worn, outmodeled points of view. We must think anew, and with the new thoughts will come the power and the confidence to act anew.

A great American told us this. We should remember his words and try to live by them— as he did.

Those words were taken from an excerpt of a book called Words to Live By, and that particular excerpt was written by DR. Smiley Blanton the author of “LOVE OR PERISH”. While writing those words I’m sure Dr. Blanton had no idea that a fan of pro wrestling would ever be reading them let alone using them to make a point. However those words seem more relevant then ever to the world of Pro Wrestling.

In the world of wrestling no one ever seems to think anew. The perfect example of this is of Vince McMahon rehatching the tried and true nWo angle. Instead of trying to create something new, Vince McMahon would rather stick to the old ways such as the author above said. He doesn’t want to think outside the box, and in the end that will be his downfall and eventually it could very well be the whole wrestling communities downfall.

A number of people have become so disfranchised with the WWF’s current product they there are turning to other outlets to enjoy pro wrestling. Many are turning overseas to Japan for some thrilling wrestling action. Others like the luchalibre style, while others dive into there extensive tape collections to enjoy there favorite moments from Pro Wrestling’s Past. However no one seems surprised or even that impressed by what’s going on to day.

As I try to recall the last time I was thoroughly surprised in a good manner by any wrestling promotion was when Tommy Dreamer’s lifelong dream came true as he grasped the ECW World Championship in his arms only to have it take away from him by the young upstart Justin Credible. That wasn’t supposed to happen and no one saw it coming. Justin Credible then went on to trash the Tag-Team Championships to start the feud with Lance Storm, which led to a great Title bout between the two. Then Lance Storm went to the WCW. That was the last thrilling moment for me at least that I’ve seen in a long time.

Now think back when was the last time you were happy with something that was happening in the world of wrestling? Did ECW tickle your fancy, was it the WWF “Attitude” that caught your attention, or was it the nWo? Who knows for you long time fans what was it about the NWA, the World Wrestling Federation that made you a fan. It could’ve been Hulkamania, War Games, what was it that got made you such a huge fan of wrestling? What was it?

Have you thought long and hard about what made you a wrestling fan? Good. I bet now that everyone has thought of something there’s one thing in common about everyone’s memory that made them a wrestling fan. At one time or another all those ideas were new and fresh. They were something the world has never seen before. Now a days however no one’s offering these new and cutting edge things it’s just the same old.

Tell me if I’m wrong, but every federation in Mexico just looks like the other promotions, every federation in Japan is very similar, every Independent in the United States looks similar, with each promotion just basically exchanging talent. There’s nothing moving towards the future at the moment every one is living in the past, totally unwilling to change.

As evolution has proved those things that don’t evolve into something that will fit the current environment which it must live. Television, clothing and writing all evolves. Right now it seems as everything around it is evolving around it, the World of Wrestling is missing it’s next step to evolution. Who will bring the next step of evolution to the business? I’m not sure, but from the looks of it; it’s not going to be the WWF.

The return of the nWo? What about the bWo?

Hall, Nash, and Hogan; the founding fathers of the nWo. There names have been all over publications everywhere. But what about Richards, Meanie and Nova? The founding fathers of the bWo? From my sources close to the hierarchy of the WWF. (The Guy that fills the water coolers at Titan Towers) the WWF has been in contract negotiations with the Blue Meanie as well as Nova and are quite high on the idea of reforming ECW’s popular blue world order again. What does this mean for the world of wrestling? In this Pro Wrestling Porch exclusive will dissect the ramifications of these possible signings.

The nWo was running rough shod over everyone in the WCW, and Paul Heyman looking to once again spoof just how ridiculous of an angle the nWo actually was formed the blue World order. The founding members of the blue world order were the charasmatic Stevie Richards (Big Stevie Cool), The Blue Meanie (The Blue Guy), and Nova (Hollywood Nova). Along the way they added 7-11, and the comedy act to the surprise of many caught on. The blue World Order merchandise was selling and making ECW a bundle.

Now Vince McMahon is trying to not only resurrect the mainstream nWo, but also the counter culture bWo. For his purposes he must believe that by setting two of the strongest factions ever to grace the wrestling world loose against his roster and each other that it’s going to pop ratings and I have to agree with Vinnie Mac on this one.

Not only will the nWo bring some of the diehard WCW fans back to the product, but with the addition of the bWo it’ll bring some of those hard to please ECW fans back to the WWF, by showing his genius again Vince McMahon has made a wise move by trying to acquire the last two members of the bWo he needs.

Now my source close to the WWF Hierarchy claims that the angle that WWF is planning on running two invasion at the same time.

For whatever reason they feel that the reason for the Invasion angles failure is that there just wasn’t enough variety.

They feel that by introducing both factions doing the whole invasion shtick it’s going to equal ratings the likes of which the world hasn’t seen sine the Rock-Mick Foley segment “Rock this is your life”.

Now the Blue Meanie has neither denied or confirmed reports, because we tried to ask him, but he hasn’t emailed me back yet, likewise we haven’t been able to get in touch with Nova, which can mean one of two things. Either we’ve blown the lid off on one of the biggest stories of the entire year, or our source doesn’t know what he’s talking about. You pick which one you want to believe!

William Ragne

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