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A New Idea

People are slinging everything around the Internet what wrestling needs to get back into the mainstream. Some say they need to split companies, others say that we need a return to tradition, while yet others still say bring back the nWo, and to these people I say nay my smarks, wrestling needs none of these things to reemerge as mainstream entertainment. No what Pro Wrestling needs is something fresh, something new, something that will get you, your sister, your mother, your brother, and even those cool football players around the television. Your probably saying it better not be another one of your Gay Angle things, and your lucky because it's not, this idea is even better than that Gay Angle. (Probably only about 100 people have read it)

Let's bounce this idea off the wall and see if it'll stick. I'm saying get the territorial system going, but pull it off in a fresh way. It's not really an anti-tradition thing, it's more of a how shall I put this, It's more like we're having fun with what we're doing, if you don't like it to bad, if you do like it then super duper. I don't know how to put it any better.

How to start the ball rolling

Let's not set goals that one can not possibly accomplish. First and foremost must be to make yourself at the very least a crappy wrestling promotion. That's right just start by running shows in gyms, church's, in the basements of Big Boy Restaurants, heck if you have to throw a ring up in your backyard. Just start promoting and getting the promotions name out there, Start off with a small roster, but make sure that the talents have very distinct personalities, heck they don't even really have to have charisma just make sure they're will to work hard, and get the job done.

With this your going to start building probably a following, as the following starts to grow even more what needs to happen is start bringing in bigger names, and really reward your fanbase by trying to give them the best angles, and good wrestling so that they keep shelling out there money in order to see the product.

You have to keep having shows almost weekly in order to be able to build up the kind of fan following that you need, but if you continue to do this interest will continue. Now during this time I'm not going to get into all the ideas I have that could make the federation grow, because who knows who's lurking out there in the deep dark realms of the internet waiting to steal them.

Important Sidenote Throughout the entire course of this entire time in the promotions history one thing will have to happen. No matter how many years this phase takes you must have 5 very distinct personalities as the owners and operators of the promotion. While it might not seem like a very big thing at the moment trust me as I continue it will become more clear why it's so appropriate to have four of these very distinct personalities in order to take it to the next level.

Now for those of you who need to imagine these five characters for the moment I will run down the five different personalities that I'd like to go into a little depth of who these people would be. For the moment I'm going to use attainable people that could actually book. I'm not going to say Terry Taylor, and Paul Heyman because they just wouldn't do that, but here are the five promotors that you'll have to run through in the first phase in order.

The Five Owners of the Promotion

1. William Ragne: You'll know him as the loser who writes pro wrestling columns on the internet for various forums and websites. While no one will have ever heard of him he's got some pretty innovative ideas at least from his perspective and at the very beginning no one else would possibly want to be the promoter for this promotion so the job goes to William Ragne, that being myself. Of course he'll have an on air role as well with the promotion.

2. Tommy Fierro: Put your jaw up I know a ton of people hate Tommy Fierro, and think his ideas are dumb and what not, but hey who are we to tell him his ideas are dumb? I mean at least they're original for what we need to do with things. So For this he'd be the perfect choice for the on air role of owner, because just by being him he'd get heel heat not only from the crowds in the arena but also from the internet, but hey when your talked about that's at least free advertisement of the promotion.

3. Jim Cornette: Mr. Cornette's got that old school mentality when it comes to the business and just seeing Tommy Fierro and Mr. Cornette clash on this level would be great, as it has the classic young vs. old feud and both the aforementioned men should be able to pull it off quite nicely. Plus he's got the old school mentality that you'll need further down the road.

4. Mike Quackenbash: He's a good writer heck he's got his own book out. He's got a different type of perspective on the wrestling business, and he's a new young mind. So he's the fourth on air owner you need in order to get the angle over.

5. Dr. Winston O'Boogie: He's a manager on shows by a promotion that is known as New Wave Wrestling. All though he appears to be a manager. He's much more as he's got some of the most creative ideas and with the promotion in his hands as a head booker he's going to bring a very unique product to the table.

Benefits of Rotating head bookers

The major biggest benefit I see by rotating the head booker is that the product constantly is receiving face lifts to the promotion and differentiating between just one booking style. By allowing each bookers personality to shine through the product. You give each of these five men above some where between 6-9 months to do what they feel will help the promotion and that should make for some very entertaining happenings.

Of course with this rotation in place you'll keep the previous bookers on the booking committee to add ideas to the current man's storylines and just help them out backstage. With everyone contributing and knowing that they'll get there chance to decide what goes on television and what not will make every one work hard, and if one of the five bookers that I listed above is feeling a little burnt out having the booking committee in place will let him get some much needed time off to recollect his wits and come back even better then before.

With these bookers and the start of this promotion in the years that follow as I will show you will be the one thing that is needed to revolutionize the business once again. Don't believe? Keep reading and you will.

In the Next Column: The angle that makes everyone hold there collective hats and say "WHOA!", plus the breakdown and how to make some advertising bucks. Next time in Ragne's Ringpost.

William Ragne

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