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RAW - May 27
Colorado Springs, CO

Before the show, we show some generic patriotic footage, as a tribute to Memorial Day. And we also quickly throw in a brief note about those in the wrestling industry who have recently passed away (Thesz, Wahoo, Bulldog).

The show begins with some clips of last week, with the creation of the new Horsemen and Chris Benoit naming William Regal as the first member.

Match 1: Raven vs. Godfather - Before the match, Raven gets on the mic and reminds everyone to buy his issue of Spider-Man that comes out this week. And since he's getting some mainstream pub, he gets the win with the Even Flow.

In the back, we see Flair, Arn, Benoit and Regal. Flair congratulates Regal on beating Jericho and becoming a Horseman. Regal is polite and honored to be invited to join. Breaking up the love fest are Paul Heyman and Kurt Angle, who want to know what Flair's going to do about the disputed PPV finish. He tells Angle to be patient and everything will be sorted out. Heyman reminds him of what happened last month when they jerked the Dangerous Alliance around and it better not happen again. Regal steps in and admonishes the heels for their poor behavior. He then offers Angle a Title match tonight, which he accepts.

Match 2: Jr Title Match - Lance Storm vs. Chavo Guerrero - Chavo gets in most of the offense. The finish comes when Lance uses the rolling clutch cradle and pulls some tights for the victory. Afterwards, Chavo is fuming, while Storm laughs back to the locker room. JR says this wouldn't have happened if Eddy had been here tonight and not in Japan.

In the back, Coach interviews Tajiri and Torrie. She still doesn't understand what happened last week. What kind of person would lie about someone's family just to distract Tajiri? Ivory and Val come out, telling Torrie that wrestling isn't for people with thin skin. Tajiri curses at them in Japanese and Val says that he does his talking in the ring. Torrie then challenges them to a mixed-tag match later in the show.

Match 3: David Flair/Randy Orton vs. Hollys - The kids get in some good moves, but eventually, Bob Holly pins David with the Falcon Arrow.

In the back, we see Hurricane and Misterio preparing for their title match tonight. Hurricane seems preoccupied with telling Rey about the Spider-Man villain Mysterio and not being attention to strategy.

Match 4: Tag Title Match: Edge/Christian vs. Hurricane/Rey Misterio - The faces are about to possibly win the match when Shannon Moore runs down and pushes Helms off the top rope as he was ready to pin Christian with a flying body press. The ref doesn't see it and allows Christian to hit the Unprettier for the win.

Backstage, it's Chris Jericho and he's walking.

Top of the hour, here comes Y2J, the leader of Canadian Pride. He's whining about losing to Regal, about the Four Horsemen, about how the Star Wars movie sucks. Cue the breaking glass. Out comes Stone Cold, telling Jericho to quit whining. He says that people that bitch and moan deserve whatever they get. Jericho says that if he's going to interfere in his business, then he should do something like give him a title shot tonight. Austin says that's fine with him; just leave your little Canadian buddies in the back.

Match 5: Tajiri/Torrie vs. Val/Ivory - The end of this one comes when Ivory tries to hit Torrie, who was being held by Val, and accidentally hits him by accident. Torrie then pins her with the schoolgirl.

Match 6: Lesnar/Benjamin vs. Hardys - Total squash. Again, the Hardys are lethargic and uninterested. Lesnar pins Jeff with the Backdrop Driver.

In the back, Heyman tells Angle than once he wins the TV title, Flair will have to give him a match with Austin.

Match 7: TV title - Regal vs. Angle - This is the kind of stiff, insane match you'd expect. Heyman interferes early in the match, but that brings Benoit to ringside. Angle puts the anklelock on Regal, but he makes the ropes. Regal counters with the STF, Angle reaches for the ropes. Heyman tries to pull him closer, but Benoit slugs Heyman. Angle taps out.

In the back, Jericho says this is his chance to regain the Unified title. He tells the boys that he doesn't want any interference. They all nod, very slowly, with grins on their faces.

Match 8: Unified Title - Austin vs. Jericho - The match goes back-and-forth until there's a ref bump. Of course, the Canadians come from the back. Minutes later so do Regal, Benoit and Arn. In the melee, Jericho tries to clock Austin with a chair, but he ducks it and gives Jericho the Stunner. The Canadians run. The faces celebrate in the ring. JR asks, "Is it possible? Is Stone Cold the next Horseman?"

May 30 - Smackdown
Pepsi Arena
Denver, Colorado

The show begins with a recap of the main event from last week and we ask the question about whether this super alliance was a one-night thing or a permanent fixture.

Match 1: Test/Albert vs. Snow/Morrus - The faces go over when Hugh hits Albert with the Moonsault.

We cut to ringside and see the APA standing behind Tazz. He has paid them tonight to watch his back, so that no one jumps him and tries to take the Hardcore title.

Match 2: Maven vs. Dreamer - Tommy wins with the Death Valley Driver.

In the back, Vince calls the Dudleys into his office. He says that when he tells them to tag, they better do it for real, not like that crap from last week. If they don't work together tonight and he means it, they'll be out.

Match 3: Billy and Chuck vs. Justin/Richards - The former champs go over, thanks to some timely interference by Rico.

Backstage, Marc Lloyd tries to interview the UT. He won't talk about what happened last week.

Match 4: Dudleys vs. Big Show/Hogan - The Dudleys tag in and out, but won't do any double-teaming. The end comes with Hogan drops the leg on Bubba.

Backstage, HHH and he's walking.

Top of the hour, here comes the former champ. He thanks Stone Cold for teaming with him last week. But that was just a one-time deal. And he thanks the UT, although he didn't ask for HIS help. Hit the music. UT comes out. He says that if HHH is so thankful, maybe then he'll help him get rid of the N.W.O. once and for all. HHH says he's too busy trying to get the world title back, but he will return the favor at some point. Cue the Black and White. Nash says his feelings are hurt, the way they are assassinating the character of the N.W.O. If they want to get rid of them so bad, they're welcome to try tonight.

Match 5: Rob Van Dam vs. Bossman - Quick squash. Van Dam says that he's still waiting for his return match with X-Pac for the IC title. Vince comes out and says he can have his return match at King of the Ring, if he can beat Leviathan next week on Smackdown.

In the back, Marc Lloyd interviews Molly Holly and Michael Hayes. She says her attacks on Trish and Jackie were just her attempt to "beautify" the work environment. And she'll do the same tonight with this new tramp, Victoria, who used to be one of the Godfather's "streetwalkers."

Match 6: Molly vs Victoria - Molly wins with the Super Huracanrana. She attempts to put the Freebird Hair Cream on her, but Trish runs out and makes the save.

In the back, Vince tells Bossman that he wants no interference in the main event, especially from Stone Cold.

Match 7: N.W.O. vs. HHH/UT - Bossman is stationed at ringside to prevent any run-ins. This is a formulaic match, with HHH playing Ricky Morton. UT makes the hot tag and cleans house. Nash tosses a chair to X-Pac, who gets caught before he can hit UT with it. As he's about to hit the Last Ride on Waltman, Bossman turns around, slides in the ring and clocks UT in the knee with the night stick. X-Pac drops down and hits UT with the X-Factor and gets the pin. After the match, it's a four-on-two beatdown. The crowd looks to the back, waiting for Austin, but he doesn't appear. The N.W.O. and the Bossman celebrate in the ring.

Roger Hayden

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