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April 29 - RAW
unnamed Buffalo Arena
Buffalo, NY

We begin the show with the father-and-son reunion between Ric and David Flair. David can't believe his dad traded the European title for him. Ric says that family is more important than business, but David can't expect any special treatment because the Nature Boy runs RAW. David agrees and there's a big hug between Ric, David and AA. Meanwhile, Stacy Kiebler looks at David and shakes her head.

Match 1: Randy Orton vs. Val Venis - Heyman comes over and joins the commentary team. He asks where Orton's loaded forearm was. JR and Lawler refuse to laugh and put over Orton as a third-generation superstar. Val misses the money shot and Orton hits the wheelbarrow suplex for his first WWF win. Val looks stunned in the ring and Heyman is livid on the outside.

Backstage, the Coach interviews tries to the Hurricane, but he whooshes past him, saying that evil is afoot and he can't afford to stop and talk right now.

Match 2: Jr. Heavyweight Title Match - Chavo vs. Rey Misterio. A great high-flying match. Chavo wins with the Gory Special 2000. During the match, Christian and Lance Storm come out to take notes.

After the commercial, we're in Flair's office. In comes Regal, who has been summoned by the Nature Boy. Regal is still hot about losing the European title and still being stuck on RAW. Flair thinks he has something that will make up losing that particular title. Part of the deal involving losing the European title gave Flair the right to create an additional title on RAW. And, after consulting with some people (camera pans to AA), Flair has decided to resurrect the television title. Regal is beaming, proclaiming himself to be the greatest television title champion in history (with you, Mr. Anderson, a close second). Flair says it's true that Arn and Regal are two of the three best champs of all time. But, to be fair, Regal must fight the third man on the list. Regal asks who it will be - Jericho? Booker T? Prince Ieukea? Flair says no, your opponent for the television title tonight, will be ... Stone Cold Steve Austin. Regal is aghast. The crowd pops.

Match 3: Lesnar vs. Bob Holly - This is basically a squash. Lesnar goes to the top rope, but Heyman calls him down. This crowd doesn't deserve to see the Shooting Star Press, so Lesnar pins Holly with the Backdrop Driver.

Backstage, we see Eddy Guerrero getting some coffee at the catering table, where Chris Jericho approaches him. Jericho says he's glad to see Eddy back in the WWF. Eddy says it's good to be back, saying he's missed the competition. Speaking of competition, Jericho says, he was wondering if Eddy would be interested in having a match tonight with his close, personal friend Lance Storm. Eddy agrees. Jericho extends his hand, Eddy shakes it and as he does, Storm comes from off-camera and attacks Eddy. They pound on him until the crew breaks it up. Jericho and Storm exit, laughing.

Top of the hour, we have a match for once.
Match 4: Tag Team Title Match - The Hardys vs. Hurricane and Tajiri - The Hardys win a fast-paced match when Jeff hits the Swanton Bomb on the Hurricane. After the match, Edge and Christian hit the ring to beat on the Hardys. But the Hardys and the juniors rally to kick them out of the ring.

After the break, JR shows us what happened during the commercial. The masked super-villain came out of the crowd and attacked Hurricane. At the cyclone fence, Hurricane is livid. He wants to know just who this guy is. And then he storms off.

Backstage, Angle bitches to Paul Heyman. Why isn't he in the TV title match? Sure, he's never held the title, but who else deserves to be on TV but him? Who wouldn't want to see an Olympic hero every week? Heyman tells him not to worry about it. He has bigger fish to fry.

Match 5: Eddy Guerrero vs. Lance Storm - A nice bit of technical wrestling. At the finish, Eddy goes for the Frog Splash, but Jericho runs out and pushes him off the top rope, getting Lance DQ'ed. They put the boots to him until Chavo runs down to make the save. Eddy is extremely hot in the ring.

Backstage, the Coach interviews Austin. Austin doesn't care about this match. He was TV champ so long ago, he still had hair then. Austin says this is just a steppingstone to regaining the Unified Title from HHH.

Match 6: TV Title Match - Austin vs. Regal - Regal works really stiff with Austin, while still being careful with his neck. After a ref bump, Angle and Lesnar hit the ring. Austin stuns Angle, but Lesnar kills him with a big German suplex. He scrambles up the top rope, does hit the Shooting Star Press on Austin and scurries out of the ring, while Angle wakes up the referee. There's the three count and Regal is your new TV Champion. Angle and Lesnar laugh at Austin as they walk up the ramp as the show goes to black.

Mellon Arena

The show begins with Lita is on the phone with Matt Hardy. The Hardys defended their titles on RAW and aren't on Smackdown tonight. In comes Molly. She trash talks on Lita, saying not only has she obviously had cosmetic surgery (but not on the face), but has those ugly tattoos. Lita tells her to put up or shut up. Molly agrees to a title match later in the show.

Match 1: APA vs. Mark Henry/Booker T - The heels go over when Mark Henry makes Ron Simmons submit to the over-the-shoulder backbreaker.

Backstage, Vince sits at his desk with the European title. Bossman asks who is getting the title and Vince says he hasn't decided yet. There's a knock at the door and it's the N.W.O. X-Pac said he was the greatest European champion and he should get the belt. Nash says that title's beneath him. Waltman wants a belt bad, especially after losing to HHH last week. Vince says he can help him scratch that itch.

Match 2: Women's Title - Molly vs. Lita. Lita's music plays, but she doesn't come out. Cole and Tazz wonder what's up and then we quickly cut to a running cameraman. Molly and Lita are brawling backstage and slowly make their way to ringside. As they are fighting around the ring, Jazz runs down to the ring and they begin double-teaming Lita. As Molly holds Lita, Jazz pulls up the ringside mats and then sucker punches Lita. Jazz quickly jumps on the apron. Cole screams in protest as Molly and Jazz give Lita a spike piledriver on the exposed concrete. Finally, the refs make it to ringside and send the heels to the back. Lita isn't moving as we go to break.

After the commercial, we see the video of Lita being stretchered from ringside and put into the ambulance. Cole sells that Lita hasn't moved since the piledriver.

Match 3: Hardcore Title - Al Snow vs. Test - Test has control of this match and goes for the Big Elbow to win the title, but Snow moves out of the way. Snow wins with a schoolboy. After the match, both Richards and Dreamer run out to try and get the belt, but Snow escapes.

In the back, Vince is shown reading a copy of Variety, showing the Scorpion King's grosses. Vince says the movie's success was due more to his being Executive Producer than the Rock. While he's reading, Goldust comes in and drops a lot of Hollywood jargon. He knows all about the business and knows Vince could get him a movie next. Vince promises to think about it and when Goldust leaves, Vince tells the Bossman that he's as crazy as his old man. Bossman nods.

Match 4: IC Title Match - Rob Van Dam vs. Hennig - Van Dam wins easy, thwarting the attempted interference by DDP.

Top of the hour, out comes Hogan. Compliments the Rock on the Scorpion King, wishes he was here instead of being off promoting the movie. Hit the Undertaker's music. UT doesn't care about movies or anything like that. All he cares about is kicking [bleep]. And he's been waiting to get a hold of Hogan for years. Hogan tells him to bring it on. UT says now's not the time. But soon.

In the back, Vince walks into the champ's locker room. HHH tells him to get out. Vince says he's just here to tell him whom he is fighting tonight. HHH doesn't care who it is. IN that case, Vince won't tell him and wishes him luck, because he'll need it.

After the commercial, we see the Dudleys backstage. They can't believe what a slump they're in lately. D-Von is yelling and screaming, but Bubba says it's just a phase and things will get better. D-Von says he hopes so or things are going to change.

Match 5: Dudleys vs. Big Show/Rikishi - They try the 3-D on the Giant, but he catches Bubba coming off the ropes after shaking off D-Von. Chokeslam. That's it. Afterwards, Giant dances with Rikishi, which Tazz just can't believe.

After the commercial, Vince comes into the APA offices. They get ready to fight, figuring Vince is going to screw them after what happened last week. He says he has a business proposition of his own for them and sits down at the poker table and opens a beer.

Match 6: Billy/Chuck vs. Spike/Maven - The former champs get a win to make up for losing the tag belts last week to the Hardys.

In the back, Hogan is in the back with HHH. Hogan tells him not to trust Vince. HHH says he knows all too well what all the McMahons are capable of; after all, he was married to Stephanie. Hogan grimaces. HHH says he can take whatever Vince can dish out. Hogan says he'll have his back is something fishy happens.

Match 7: HHH vs. ??? - HHH comes out first. Out on the ramp comes Vince. He says that he has good news and bad news for HHH. The good news is that this will be a non-title match. The bad news is that he will be wrestling in a handicap match against the APA. They storm the ring, Road Warriors style, and wail on HHH. After getting beaten on for a few minutes, HHH reverses the tide of batting by tossing Bradshaw on the top rope, who "conveniently" hits his head on the floor and gets knocked out. HHH hits the pedigree, but Simmons kicks out. He then locks him in the figure four. Tazz sells Simmons' bad knee. He struggles to get to the ropes, but can't make it. Hebner calls for the bell. HHH poses, and the APA lurk behind him. They have a stare-down, but then shake hands. Bradshaw ducks out of the ring and comes back with beer. They drink in the ring, with HHH doing the water spot with the beer. Tazz says the Rattlesnake is not going to be happy with HHH stealing his gimmick.

Roger Hayden

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