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May 19 - Judgment Day PPV
GM Place
Vancouver, BC

Before the PPV, we have Sunday Night Heat.

Match A. Brock Lesnar vs. Bob Holly - This is just a quick squash, with Holly get a little bit of offense in here. Lesnar wins with the Spider Bomb.

Match B. Rey Misterio vs. Kidman - Misterio gets a lot of offense because he does the job to Billy.

Match C. European Title - D-Lo Brown vs. Justin Credible - This is a good back-and-forth match. D-Lo ducks the superkick and then hits the Sky High for the pin.

Match D. TV Title - William Regal vs. Val Venis - Venis comes out with Ivory instead of Heyman. Lots of heel cheating, but Regal overcomes the outside interference to keep the belt with the Regal Stretch.

Out with Coach and Raven, in with JR and Lawler.

Match 1: Hurricane vs. Tsunami - This is a quick-moving, jr. style match. One quirk is that Tsunami constantly blocks Hurricane's signature spots, since "he knows them so well." Tsunami hits the Viagra Driver, but Hurricane kicks out. Tsunami tries the 450 Splash, but Hurricane moves out of the way. He hits the Vertebreaker for the win. They brawl after the match and Hurricane manages to unmask Tsunami and (to no one's surprise) it's Shannon Moore. JR puts over how they were tag team partners in WCW. Moore runs off after being unmasked.

Coach interviews Al Snow, who is still very disappointed about Maven's change in attitude. He promises to beat it out of him.

Match 2: Hardcore Title - Maven vs.Al Snow - Tons of plunder here. Snow wins with the magical return of Head, with whom he clocks Maven and gets the pin. He storms off after the match.

Backstage, Terri tries to interview Molly before her match. When she enters the women's dressing room, she sees Molly talking to, of all people, Michael Hayes. As soon as she sees the camera, she slams the door.

Match 3: Women's Title - Molly vs. Trish - Molly comes to the ring with a gym bag. She takes the mike from Lillian and proclaims that after she retains her title, she's going to teach Trish something about being "all-natural." She then puts the bag on the announce table and asks the King to guard it for her. The match itself is fairly entertaining for a women's match. During the match, the King can't help but snoop in the bag and finds a bottle of peroxide, a hairbrush and a jar of something. Molly goes for the Super Huracanrana, but Trish throws her off and hits a flying bodypress for the win. Molly rolls out of the ring, grabs the bag and clocks Trish with it. As Trish is rolling around on the ground, Trish opens the jar and holds it up high. JR then says, "Oh my God. I know what that is." Molly then takes a glob out and starts rubbing it into Trish's hair. Then, she starts pulling out huge handfuls of hair. Trish is screaming. Molly is laughing as she leaves the ring. JR says, "King, you know what that is, it's the Freebird Hair Cream." Finally, Jackie comes to ringside to bring Trish a towel and helps her to the back.

Backstage, Tazz interviews Al Snow. Tazz tries to make nice with Al, saying he always knew Maven was a jerk. Al isn't angry, just sad about what happened. Tazz says that Al will be more sorry about THIS and waffles him with the microphone. He slaps on the Tazmission and a ref, who had been standing off-camera, counts Snow out and gives Tazz the Hardcore title.

Match 4: Tag Title Match - Hardys vs. Canadians vs. APA vs. Billy/Chuck - This is an elimination match. When one person is pinned, that team is eliminated. First out are the APA, when Simmons gets pinned from the Famouser. Next out are Billy/Chuck, when Chuck does the job to the Swanton Bomb. The final two teams brawl for a few minutes. Then, the ref bump comes. Matt has Christian pinned after the Twist of Fate, but there's no ref. Down to the ring come Jericho and Storm. Storm hits Matt with the Jr. title, while Jericho runs Jeff into the ringpost. Lance puts Christian on top of Matt. Jericho revives the ref. There's the three count and Edge and Christian are once again tag team champions.

Backstage, Flair is livid. He's sick and tired of these guys pulling this stuff. And he's going to do something about it tonight.

Match 5: IC Title Match - Rob Van Dam vs. X-Pac - Nash gets caught interfering early in the match and gets sent to the back by Charles Robinson. Van Dam controls most of the match. Finally, X-Pac makes a comeback. He goes for the spin-kick, but hits Robinson instead. Suddenly, from the back, a HUGE bald guy runs to the ring wearing an N.W.O. shirt holding a chair. He goes to after Rob, but RVD hits the Van Daminator. But the big guy no-sells it. He then KILLS Van Dam with a chairshot to the head. He jumps out of the ring, X-Pac crawls over, drapes an arm over RVD and Little Natch counts three. New IC Champ.

Backstage, the Canadians celebrate in their locker room, but the party is interrupted by Ric Flair. He has some changes to make in their match later. First, it will be a no DQ match. Jericho nods approval. Second, so that he can keep an eye on all of this little group, it will now be an eight-man tag match. All four Canadians vs. Eddy, Chavo and the Hardys. They say "Fine, whatever."

Match 6: Hogan/Big Show vs. Booker T/Mark Henry - The Big Show comes to the ring in his Showster outfit. This is a fairly formulaic and short match. The faces start strong, the Big Show plays Ricky Morton and then Hogan gets the Hot Tag. He slams Mark Henry, Legdrop and the pin. After the match, the two faces pose in the ring.

Match 7: Title Match: HHH vs. Austin vs. Angle vs. UT - This is mostly a brawl. The end comes when HHH goes for the Pedigree on Angle, but Angle reverses it into the Ankle Lock. On the other side of the ring, UT goes for the Last Ride, but Austin pounds him on the forehead and it drops into a pinning situation. Austin gets the three-count mere moments before HHH taps. Austin wins the belt. Heyman and Angle are livid and demand instant replay. JR says there's no replay here. Austin celebrates.

Backstage, Flair and Arn are in the locker room with the faces. He thanks the Hardys for agreeing to wrestle twice in one night. And he promises Eddy and Chavo that there will be no interference.

Match 8: Eddy/Chavo/Hardys vs. Canadian Pride - Okay, since this is in Canada, we're going to swerve everyone and do a flip-flop match. The Canadians, while still engaging in some sneaky moves, work as faces and the heels, especially Eddy, play heel. This is a fairly long match. Near of the match, we do the Lucha spot where there are six consecutive dives, leaving the Hardys, Edge, Christian, Lance and Chavo on the floor wiped out. Then, Eddy and Jericho do a top-rope spot where Eddy throws Jericho off and then misses the Frog Splash as Y2J moves out of the way. Suddenly, the crowd erupts, as, on the ramp, is Chris Benoit, wearing an old-school Vancouver Canucks sweater. He's just standing there, arms folded. Jericho sees him and is standing there stunned. This allows Eddy to sneakily use La Magistral for the win. The crowd starts booing. Jericho quickly jumps up and puts the boots to Eddy. Edge and Christian are now brawling with the Hardys on the far side of the floor. Storm posts Chavo and jumps in the ring. They are double-teaming Eddy. Slowly, Benoit walks to ringside. He climbs in the ring and shakes hands with Jericho and Storm. The crowd pops huge. He tells them to hold Eddy and makes the clothesline motion. Benoit bounces off the ropes, but Eddy ducks and Benoit hits the double clothesline on the Canadians. Eddy throws Storm out of the ring and then hits him with a plancha. Benoit hits the rolling German Suplexes on Jericho and then does the slit throat. He kicks Jericho out of the ring. The Canadians regroup on the floor, cursing Benoit. Benoit now has a mike in his hand. He says that the Crippler is back and ready for action. But, as for these pieces of garbage saying they are the greatest group of all time, he's got something to say about that. He takes off the hockey jersey to reveal ... a Four Horsemen t-shirt. He declares "I'm proud to be a Canadian, but also to be a Horseman. And it's time to get the band back together." Instead of Benoit's music, we get the old Four Horsemen music. And there, on the ramp, are Flair, Arn and Malenko, holding up the four fingers. JR screams "They're back, they're back. The Horsemen are back! And Heaven help those Canadian punks!"

Fade to black.

Roger Hayden

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