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October 12, 2001

The Big Okie is back with more thoughts from under the lucky Sooners helmet.

TV this week was great, but not "history changing" like Raw was hyped to be. Thankfully, I didn't make any ridiculous statements such as that. I have something called "credibility" to protect. On the bright side, I thought Kurt Angle and Stone Cold Steve Austin had yet another tremendous outing. Our fans may not appreciate these matches right now, but a few years from now these Austin-Angle clashes will be looked upon as a really great series of matches.

Smackdown advanced some issues along nicely as we look ahead to No Mercy. I think The Rock-Y2J story is one of the more intriguing storylines in recent weeks. That encounter at No Mercy for the WCW Championship could very well be a classic.

Tough Enough Champion Maven has a long way to go before becoming a permanent fixture on Federation broadcasts, but I think we're doing what we can to capitilize on his popularity. Eventually he'll be assigned to Les Thatcher's HWA which will be for the best for all parties.

I think Mick Foley returning as Federation Commisioner is a positive. Mick's presence is always a bonus from where I sit. I highly recommend his latest literary adventure "Halloween Hijinx."

Val Venis, Steve Blackman, and D' Lo Brown are helping out Les Thatcher in HWA. Val has been very helpful in teaching some of the nuances of the game to our developmental crew.

Brian Adams is also down at HWA, not OVW like I stated last week. However, he will be contact with X-Pac to discuss haircare products like I suggested.

I believe Torrie Wilson is on her way to becoming a very popular Diva. The "Lingerie" match at No Mercy against Stacy Keibler won't be Flair-Steamboat, but it sure will be exciting.

Not that anyone watches Excess anyway, but the Saturday night show is no longer a live and interactive program. It's a cost-cutting move on the Federation's end. Despite the lackluster fanfare the show has received, the "From the Vault" feature seems to be the most popular segment on the show. Possibly because it's refreshing to see something other than just the latest happenings on Federation programming. It's a great way to appreciate Federation and WCW history.

Don't be fooled by that Diamond Dallas Page vignette that aired on Raw. It may have went over well with the live crowd, but the plan is still to bury DDP worse than Dusty Rhodes in '89. That's why Page cut an anti-Kurt Angle promo on Smackdown.

I think Billy Kidman is an outstanding talent, but the lightheavyweight/crusierweight division doesn't seem to garner the attention that it deserves. Folks, no one is pushing harder for a competitive and exciting crusierweight division than Good Ol' J.R., Jr.

>From where I sit, some of our harshest critics need to get off their high horse about the writing staff and what they conjure up every week. What may seem like a great master plan in your opinion is not necessarily that of the masses. I do agree that a long term plan is necessary, but it's difficult to put all your eggs in one basket when you factor in the injury bug. I do think the writing team has lost the pulse of the audience and what they want, but what needs to be done to regain the attention of the viewing audience isn't under the nose of the writers. They're working with what they have at their side. Major players like a Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, or Ric Flair aren't available at the moment. Would those four make the writing process a little easier? Of course, but we'll have to wait to the beginning of 2002 to get 3 of those 4. The actual writing process is very taxing in itself and then you have to deal with the egos of those who are performing. It's not a very enviable position to be in. Food for thought, if you will.

This Saturday looks to be a walk in the park for my Oklahoma Sooners. They're favored by 21 points over Kansas. Boomer Sooner!

I have to mention that I'm working day and night on my autobiography. I have an abundance of stories about doing absolutely nothing of importance that I think need to be published. Some of these adventures are better off not being told! Finding a publisher for such a venture is difficult because of marketing issues. However, I'm staying faithful about this project!

Also, look for J.R., Jr.'s special steak sauce on the shelves of your local grocer by June 2004!

That's my prerogative.

J.R., Jr.
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