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Jim Ross, Jr.



November 19, 2001

Survivor Series was a 6.5 out of 10 from where I sit. Not a bad outing, as everyone worked hard, but I didn't have the feeling this was as monumental as it should have been. I mean, where should I begin? Do you want me to tell you what went wrong tonight or 4 months ago? I don't have time to air out my thoughts on the InVasion angle right now, but you better believe I'll let it all hang out on Friday. That's $1.99 a minute. Kids make sure you have your parents permission, but call the hotline now! Sorry, just deja vu.

Christian and Al Snow had a solid opening contest. Al had something to prove considering he received all that airtime as the trainer of Tough Enough and it led to nothing for him in the WWF. What does the guy have to do to get a break? Is it because he leaks information to the Torch? Poor Al has always been the starmaker and not the star. At least he's got Tough Enough 2 if that's any consolation. Christian is a great worker, but that European Championship isn't worth a damn. Might as well unify that with the U.S. and IC Championships to make a "prestigious" triple crown.

I liked William Regal vs. Tajiri as it was stiff despite showing signs of being bowling shoe ugly. I'm sorry, but I will never get used to seeing a talent go into their trademark spots at 2 and a half minutes into a match. Especially on PPV. It just doesn't sink in. I'm numb to the fact that the match is almost over when it seems like it just started. Give these two 10 minutes and you'll have a real slobberknocker.

Edge vs. Test was a solid outing for both of these young talents. Test came out of Survivor Series smelling like a rose if you ask me. He was impressive the whole night. The knock on Test has always been that he has no character, but a character is slowly being developed. Some very unique sequences were pulled off smoothly in this match and it really got the crowd into it.

Incredible outing for the Dudleys and the Hardys. Very good cage match that built well. Rules may have been confusing for some viewers, but it made sense after thinking about it for a half hour. Are the Dudleys the greatest tag team ever? That's debatable. Jeff Hardy's high risk style will only hurt him in the long run. If tonight was any indication, it's blatantly obvious that Matt will wrestle at least 10 more years than Jeff. You can't doubt Jeff's desire to put his body on the line and entertain the fans.

That enhancement battle royal was fairly entertaining given who was in there. Do you think Diamond Dallas Page was humbled considering he was a non-factor in there? A battle royal probably isn't the best way to utilize talent, but what can you do when you're booking on-the-fly?

I thought all six women gave a helluva effort in their respective match. Jazz was in a tough position considering she was debuting on a major pay-per-view and the crowd recognition seemingly wasn't there. These matches tend to lean toward bottom of the bowling shoe of the bowling shoe ugliness scale. Not even I know what that means. It's how we talk in Oklahoma though.

The main event gave you everything you could have wanted. Solid in-ring action. Not a dull moment if you ask me. Undertaker may have worked hard, but his conditioning is questionable. Another 20 lbs. and this hoss will be in tip-top shape. Also, 'Take may want to look into a deeper arsenal of moves and holds. I understand his desire is to be a shootfighter, but the folks in the seats aren't buying it. It just ain't bad ass. Kurt Angle, however, is bad ass. Stone Cold Steve Austin for that matter, is also bad ass. Those men had their working shoes on tonight. The Rock had his game face on and when Rocky has his game face on no one is better. Y2J, Kane, and Rob Van Dam also turned in solid efforts. Booker T. and Big Show really were non-factors which is a shame. Better luck next time.

With the elimination of the Alliance you will see a new direction in programming for the WWF. Will it be any better than the last 4 months of television? As with everything these days, time will tell.

If I hear any more gaga revolving around Jerry Lawler's "return" I might puke. Either the sumbitch is coming back or he isn't. How's this sound? If you read about him returning on then you can believe it. If you don't see it there, take it with a grain of salt.

Don't count on Ric Flair playing a significant role at Raw tonight in Charlotte. However, I wouldn't rule him out as a spectator in the front row.

Also, Mick Foley said during the PPV that he would be at Raw tomorrow night to tell off Vince McMahon. Maybe we'll get another one of those cool scripted "shoot" interviews. When he's inspired, Mick Foley is one of the best on the mic.

I feel like bathing myself in a tub full of steak sauce.

That's my prerogative.

J.R., Jr.
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