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Mark Rushford




There's something fishy going on here.

Have you noticed how rabid Bob Ryder has been with this MECW thing?

Kind of funny that a guy who bitches and whines as much as Bob does about people sticking their noses into his business would be so quick to jump in with both feet and tear into this Collins person like a pit bull on steroids (only with less hair).

Look, Bob Ryder's journalistic credibility was long ago shot to hell.  Even the mindless zombies who pay to take part in his Premium Site don't think much of his reporting.  So why is he the one doing all this expose stuff?  To earn back the credibility?  I don't think so.

It's no secret that Bob's personal Viagra is being involved in pro-wrestling.  He was surfing high on the magic carpet of WCW for a long while -- and never thought that would end.  And he cut loose like a good little shill on the WWF, unknowingly burying his chances in the Big Time.  When WCW was snapped up by the WWF, Bob probably shit his pants.  I mean we're talking full bore bowel disruption.  Bob was on the outside looking in....

Bob's had a hard time living with the fact that he saw his dream fade from his grasp, and his weaselly little mind has been working over time ever since.  

Now, with this MECW thing, there's a chance for Bob to get back into the limelight one way or another.  The Internet ad market is souring, Bob's losing money, and wrestling is still his passion.

Rather than sit back and watch another dream drop into the toilet, Bob's taking an aggressive chance.  He's working his readership.  He's working other websites who steal his news.

Think about it. 

Bob's the type to always dream up these complex worked shoots.  I'll give him credit -- he's got imagination.  And he's still got an affinity for Eric Bischoff, too.  Note how he wrote a couple of columns advocating the WWF bringing in his friend...

I say we're going to see Bob Ryder and Eric Bischoff all too soon in an MECW angle.

Consider that Joey Styles is friends with Ryder... even has his puny little phone line updates on 1wrestling.  Styles (and Don Callis) will be doing the voice overs for MECW... hmmm...

Tod Gordon is involved with MECW -- Mr Gordon is no stranger to worked shoots that everyone thinks is real (case in point, Gordon hating Heyman, and vice versa).

John Collins is being cast by Ryder as the perfect tyrant.  The evil embezzler.  The sinister wrestling promoter who is out to take advantage of people and wrestlers...

How soon before Eric Bischoff rides a white steed (or Bob Ryder) into MECW arena to put the kibosh to John Collins' evil ways?  How long before and MECW power struggle plays out...

How long before all this controversy being dug up by Bob Ryder turns its buzz into ticket sales? 

Be careful, folks.  Bob Ryder is working you all on this MECW thing. 

You know in your hearts this is out of character for the doughboy.  If all this were on the level, Bob would be writing "I told you so" columns, not expose, hard news updates... That's Scherer's job.  

Ryder weighed in on this thing early on.  And now he's trying to have us believe that MECW is truly a crooked operation.  Yet he's acting more like Bob Woodward hot on the Depp Throat Trail than he does Bob "I'm Right, So There" Ryder. 

Where is the customary gloating?  Where is the self-righteousness?  Gone.  Gone in favor of this worked shoot.  This last ditch effort to become involved in a wrestling organization... One Bob hopes will be the first real group to make a try for the WWF.

And then... when and if he pulls it off... then we'll see that famous Bob Ryder strut.

Too bad I know Bob all too well.

Mark W. Rushford

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