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  • I want to start off by saying that I am very overwhelmed by the response to the Urban Legends article I did last week. Thanks for all the great feedback!!! Amazingly I only received 1 feedback that was against what I was saying, and correction on my WS reference. It was Bill Buckner, not Bucky Dent who I was referring to. Choose an excuse: either I can say that I am here to write about the graps or I can say thet the "buck" in each name threw me off. Whichever sounds less whiny. Thanks to Dominic, Gary, James(no not myself), Vid, and a special "thankspal" to Shocker for starting a thread on the message boards for little old me!! When all this school work slows down, I'll respond to your response. Also, due to limited time, I will be holding off on the other Urban Legends stuff I had planned. They will be on The Outsiders, The Hardyz and X-pac. Other stuff might come up between them, but that's the next article as it stands.

  • Onto the NY Knicks... [hysterical sobbing] .. uh um ok.... Camby should be returning soon and um.... [hysterical sobbing]... I MISS ANTHONY BONNER!!!!!!!!!! DEREK HARPER WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!? STARKS!! MASON!!! OAK!!! PATRICK "SWEAT MACHINE" EWING!!!! GONE!!! ALL GONE!!!.. On the bright side, I wrote a nice little Knicks joke... How do you make 100 million dollars disappear? Give it to Allan Houston!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA [hysterical sobbing]. It's bad enough we lose the twin towers, and the Yankees lose the Series, but now you're a sub .500 team?? At least we'll get a nice high draft pick to waste this year, as opposed to squandering a late round pick.

  • OK, wait for it.. wait for it... WHATS UP MARK????

  • I miss the icon of e-wrestling, Hollywood Huckster, don't you? What do you mean who?

  • If anyone can send me an mp3 or WAV of Stone Cold and the Rock's duet tonight, It would be much appreciated!!!

    Well, The Survivor Series is on the way, and I thought I'd give ya a little Survivor Series Special, so here goes.

    First, I'll give a run down on my personal memories on each of the Survivor Series':


    I caught this one on tape. I remember a nice tag team rumble and an even better main event, where Hogan body slammed 3 of the heaviest guys in wrestling in a row!! (I think it was One Man Gang, Bundy and then Andre, but I'm not sure. That's all I got on that one.


    Contained my favorite Survivor Series match ever in the 10 team match. Not only was the action great and the marathon feel there, but THE CONQUISTIDORS lasted to the end!! A confusing finish saw Mr. "Diabolical" Fuji turn on the Demo's and help the Powers of Pain win it, but it came off great on the whole, even on Scramblevision, which is how I first watched the card. The Megapowers was my absolute favorite thing about wrestling at the time, so I really marked out for the main event. (Megapowers, Hillbilly Jim, Koko B. Ware & Hercules. Vs. The Twin Towers, Haku, Terry Taylor, & Ted Dibiase)


    This is where I really think they perfected the concept. Instead of teams of five (which I preferred) you got teams of four, which allowed the teams to be more defined, the feuding parties to mix it up better, and allowed for more matches, and thus more potential pushes/ angle development. Also, they had clearly defined captains, and main feuds in each match. They had cool team names and other little things that I really appreciated then. By the way, despite what Gorilla kept saying, Dusty was the captain of his team, not "Brutti". This Survivor Series sucked some donkey balls at times, with Hogan going over in a way that actually managed to make everyone except Hogan look bad, and really turn me off the the rest of the show(Hogan got his ass kicked by all the heels who were each DQ'd for beating too much of the living shit out of Hogan) and then, despite a severe neck injury managed to no-sell the million dollar dream and flog Dibiasi before pinning him. Nice work, Hogan. The show actually started off ok, and got progressively worse until the unbearable last match which saw the Ultimate Warrior's team of Jim Neidhart and the Rockers go over the Hennan Family, consisting of Andre the Giant, Haku, Arn Anderson... and Bobby the Brain himself. Bah!


    Some cool teams here, but the most memorable moment had to be the Undertaker's debut. That entrance still sends chills down my spine, and I get goose bumps every time I see the hapless crowd and the even more hapless babyfaces who have no idea what to make of this monster. Awesome stuff! Going into it, all I wanted to see was the LOD, Texas Tornado and the Ultimate Warrior team up, but then again, I also couldn't wait to see Hogan's team of Boss man, Tugboat, and Duggan.. The ultimate Survivor Match made its only appearance here, and this Survivor series was definitely the most anticipated I may have ever anticipated!! Oh yeah, the Gobeldy Gooker was here. Ok, so maybe it wasn't perfect.


    disappointing bitch whore of a PPV. Included the Survivor Series debut of SKINNER!! Reinstatment of Savage and the Destruction of Hogan by THE UNDERTAKER made the show cool. The thing that pissed me off was that the WWF put a better show on 2 days later with this Tuesday in Texas, where all the cool stuff from survivor series happened and then some.


    Shitty, shitty Survivor Series with one, ONE Survivor Series style match ( a pathetic 3 on 3 with the Beverly brothers and shit like that). A descent Michaels/Hart encounter(which would turn out to be nothing in comparison to their next Survivor Series encounter). The highlight was undoubtedly the return of Mr. Perfect which gave me a good sized lump in the throat when I saw it live.


    This Survivor Series was a vast improvement over the last years, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. From the cool opening match featuring the surprise entrance of Randy Savage, to the Harts vs Knights, to The 4 Doinks match (yes I enjoyed that) to the Forgien Fanatics vs. The USA team, I really loved this PPV. Seeing the then invincible Yokozuna get scared to hell by the Undertaker no-selling his offense was a really cool moment.


    Only notables here was the emergence of Diesel as a breakout star, fueling his subsequent breakup with Shawn Michaels, and the really funny (thanks to Owen Hart) Bret Hart vs. Bob Backlund towel match, where the loser was the one who's corner threw in the towel. There was a match involving midgets here, but that's never too cool.


    Deisel turned heel after losing the title to Bret Hart here, and there was a pretty cool wild card match that saw heels and faces on the same team.. Other than that, not much good here. Nothing I can remember anyways. Wasn't Barry Horowitz on one of the teams in this one?


    Hmm.. I remember Furnas and Lafon impressing everyone with their debuts here.. I think the Rock made his SS debut here too, and Austin-Hart I took place here. I believe it was Bret Hart's return match. Hey, wasn't this at MSG? Austin got the first face pop I've heard on TV here, but the crowd was solidly behind Bret on this one. Decent card, and I'm sure Bret wishes this could have been the way it ended.


    Screwjob. They could have had Steamboat v Flair v Savage round robin on the undercard and I would only remember the screwjob. This is arguably the most written and talked about moment in recent history, so there's no way I can add anything to it. I didn't see this live. I was working at the time, but a friend of mine called me after the PPV was over. They didn't have any knowledge of wrestling "inside" information at the time, so they described it as Bret tapping to the sharpshooter and Michaels running away with the belt. They said it was a crappy ending!! After watching it myself I got a queasy feeling and was absolutely positive this would be the death knell of the WWF. How wrong I was!!


    What a difference a year makes!! Bret was a distant memory until the finish of the night... Montreal Screw Job II. One of the best booked tournaments ever that saw the triumphant return of KENDALL GILL!! Even though there were no elimination tag matches on the card, the elimination Tournament preserved the survivor feel to it.


    let's see.. Big show won the title here and Angle made his debut. Not much else I recall..


    Let's see, the WWF fixed some mistakes of the past few SS elimination matches by developing some sort of issues between the teams instead of just throwing guys out there on the same team against another team. They need to do more of that, and it's pretty much built in this year that not only do the two teams have issues in the Alliance vs WWF but they built a strong sense of team unity. Anyways, I remember this was in the midst of Austin's return, and he killed HHH here. HHH made a miraculous recovery and appeared on the next RAW to interfere in Austin's match.

    Next my top 5 SS of all time:

    5. 1993- I just remember marking out for much of this show. I really loved it and that memory will always endear me to it.

    4. 1998- The tournament and the booking made this one unforgettable, and it was a great way to cap off the greatest year in wrestling history.

    3. 1988-Megapowers and an awesome tag team SS match makes this one of my favorites. Plus it feature the Ultiamte Warrior at his coolest point.

    2. 1990- The Undertaker's Debut, The Ultimate Survivor Match and the Gobeldy Gooker? 3 of the biggest SS memories on one card!! Plus I marked out for the Warrior/LOD/Tornado team.

    1. 1997.- Screwjob makes this one the most monumental ever.

    Honorable mention: 1987- The original always gets me when I watch it, because I love the newness of the concept and fresh feel to it.

    Now for my top 10 Survivor series moments of all time:

    10. Gobeldy-Gooker- C'mon. EVERONE remembers this debacle. It's funny to look back at it, isn't it?

    9. Austin kills HHH- This is another over the top moment that will live in infamy.

    8.Demos/Powers of Pain double turn- A really cool moment that launched a great babyface run for the Demolition.

    7. Helen Hart throws in the towel-Nothing makes me laugh harder than watching Owen give his heart-wrenching plea until Helen Hart breaks down into tears and throws in the towel, costing Bret the match. "I wanna be a family again ma, I wanna have thanksgiving dinner together.. c'mon mom, he's breaking his arm" Then after Helen caves, Owen running out of the ring with the towel in a celebratory fashion. AHAHAHA. His promo about Bret being a quitter afterwards was classic. God, I miss Owen. And Bret.

    6.Rock wins the title at SS 98- A shocker of an ending etches this one in history.

    5. Return of Mr. P- Everyone's favorite heel becomes a babyface as he makes his triumphant return to a WWF ring and looks great doing it.

    4. Retun of Bret Hart- Bret returned to SS and gave an adrenaline injection to a WWF that was on life support and fading. An awesome finish that saw Bret counter the million dollar dream has been copied countless times. This match also launched the legendary Bret-Austin feud.

    3.Undertaker Beats Hogan- Who will ever forget the Hulkster getting dominated and pinned by the Phenom.

    2. Undertaker's Debut- Still sends chills down my spine.

    1.Montreal Screw Job-The most infamous and talked about moment in wrestling history. Period.

    Finally, A special Survivor series "dream card" card :

    The Unintelligables

    Warrior, Hurricane, Brittish Bulldog, and Ahmed "big T" Johnson


    Self Booked to Glory

    Hogan, Nash, Eric Bischoff, and Vince Russo


    Damaged Goods:

    Chyna, Sable, Sunny and Missy Hyatt


    We've popped out on TV

    Stephanie McMahon, Jackie, Lita, and Mae Young(eeech).

    Bump machines

    Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, Jeff Hardy and Shane O Mac


    Locker room heat

    Rob Van Dam, DDP, The WCW ref that upgraded to first class, Booker T.


    Fat guys Vince has humiliated

    Bastion Booger, Akeem, Mark Henry and Vader


    High Times

    Eddie Gurerro, Scott Hall, X-Pac and The Road Dogg

    Well, that last part was a poor attempt at humor but I hope you enjoyed it!! See ya when My friggin' work slows down!!!!

    Survivor Series 2001 Predictions:

    More or less what I'd like to see happen rather than flat out fantasy booking.

    During the main event .... The Big Show turns on the WWF, eliminating Undertaker or Kane(he'll eplain it as he wasn't given a shot until Vince got really desperate, so Show got insulted). So it's down to Angle, Austin, RVD and Booker T vs. Jericho and Rock. Angle turns on team Alliance, and it winds down to being Austin and RVD vs. Jerich and Rock. Rock and Jericho break down and Jericho leaves Rock in the ring with Austin and RVD. Just as Rock is about to succumb, to the alliance, Jericho makes the save. The ref gets bumped and Big show comes back out(having never been eliminated) and chokeslams both Rock and Jericho. RVD nails a 5 star Austin nails a stunner.. and they revive the ref when suddenly.... Motorhead starts up on the PA!! The Game is back!! Sledge hammer for RVD, Sledge Hammer for Austin!! Pedegree on RVD!! Pedegree on Austin!!! The crowd is going nuts!!!! Rock gets up... and is NAILED BY HHH!! The crowd is stunned! Jericho stumbles into a pedegree attempt but the Rock breaks it up. The Rock dukes it out with HHH as Jericho gets a chair.. and Nails ROCK!!!! Suddenly the WWF locker room empties out. Billy Gunn, Chuck Pulumbo, X-Pac returns, Hugh Morris and Chavo Gurerro..and chase Jericho and HHH out of the ring. HHH grabs a mic.... "Guys.. guys.. why don't you just.... BREAK IT DOWN!!!" the DX theme plays as HHH and Jericho re-enter the ring and beat the holy hell out of the guys in the ring, and fend off anyone else who try's to stop it. HHH gets the mic again "Vince... Shane... Stephanie... Forget the WWF. Forget the Alliance. You are looking at the future of sports entertainment!! DX is back.. and this time we are TAKING OVER!!" Then they can have Bret Hart beat the shit out of Vince and Earl Hebner. Sorry about that last part.

    Now THAT would be a cool ending.

    Out like the Taliban from Kabul....

    Jim Saccaro

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