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The Undertaker is fumbling Last Rides, 'contracts' have come back as a booking method, and referees are in the main'd think the entire world was coming to an end. It is safe to say that WWF is getting a bit stale and dry, dare I say 'resting on its laurels'? With every type of fan, from the casual one to a smark, complaining about the quality of the WWF's shows, it is time for something to be done. Something drastic. Something like.....

Making the Alliance credible again! ::Cue the dramatic music!::

Yes, I have dared mention the unmentionable. But did it ever occur to anyone in the WWF braintrust that, perhaps, the reason why the Invasion angle is flopping and they are throwing out sub-par referee main events is because the people invading are made out to be bumbling fools?! The only wrestler the Alliance has that anyone buys as a threat is RVD, and you want to know why? Because they don't have him 'copy the Rock out of jealousy'. Because they don't have him acting like a stumbling member of the New Mean Street Posse. He has lost a select few matches, designed to show that he can lose, and a few uncounted tapouts to Angle to show that the WWF Champion can still battle. Which leads to my biggest point...

Get the WCW belt off of Rock.

...what? You heard me, Rock should not be holding the WCW title, nor should any other wrestler from the WWF. That is the crown jewel for the Alliance, it should be around the waist of a person spearheading the Alliance's invasion. It used to be....until Rock came back and Vince apparently thought that he needed to satiate the masses. Well, wrong move and look how it hurt. Now the Alliance looks like a bunch of B-level jobbers, and nothing more. Their only credible wrestler is tweening, for crying out loud! If they can't even keep a hold of their top title, what does that say about their abilities as invaders? If a WWF wrestler is holding the Alliance's top title, who is invading whom?! I know Vince seems to have issues, and that's ok. But actually putting over WCW/ECW guys as credible, threatening heels isn't going to make every single person on the planet think 'Boy, that WWF really sucks. Why did I watch them?'. It is not going to hurt at all, and in fact doing so might actually spark some life back. Start having the Alliance act as real threats. Start showing that the WWF might actually be threatened. Didn't the Alliance win that Inaugural Brawl? Wasn't that supposed to be 'bad' for the WWF? Lets think about what 'bad' has happened - Rock captured the Alliance's top title.....Angle won back the WWF's title from The WWF must be shaking on its very foundations, to be so threatening by such a menacing force!

Vince and the WWF braintrust have to realize that they have played their little ego-rubbing for too long. The fans are starting to lose interest, especially in 'evil referees' and 'The Shane/Stephanie Show'. Their eyes can be opened once again, if only the Alliance can be made to be shown as some kind of powerful entity, instead of Shane's Stooges 2001. Get the WCW belt off of the Rock. Get the Alliance some clean pins. And for god's sake, use Lance Storm correctly. Even when he was the foil for Helms, he had some kind of purpose and maybe, actually, won a match to show that, yes, Lance Storm can wrestle. Now....what? 2 minutes with the Commish? Lets look at Kanyon's new angle...oh, yes, Malenko (by the way, Dean's columns are hilarious and you should go read them ::Thumbs up, cheap plug::) 2001 - Chasing Lita....geez. Does anyone really buy the fact that a stickboy pansy Hardy can defeat one such as Kanyon? I mean, all the Hard..let me stop there. My anti-Hardy rant can be saved for another time. Rhyno just won the US title...isn't the WWF going to challenge that? I mean, they already want every other Alliance least have him parading out sometime to randomly Gore someone. And for the love of god, stop killing off the Dudleys!! They are going down Booker T Lane, losing all their heat so Rock can get some pops from the masses. It's like the WWF is just pulling out the gun and shooting themselves in the foot. Do they have any sense of 'long-term booking' or is their 'long-term booking' - "We should give the Hurricane his own jetplane now! Whooosh!"

Get the WCW World title off of the Rock. Give the Alliance wrestlers clean wins. Make them seem like actual, threatening invaders. Please. I want to watch a WWF show without refs in the main event, hell I want to watch a WWF show now that doesn't just suck. Now as for those Hardys....

Mike Sheldon

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