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I'm having trouble enjoying wrestling lately. It's just not the same as it was three years ago when WWF Champion Steve Austin gallantly fended off every roadblock Vince McMahon threw at him. He took on all comers and gave the finger to anyone that stood in his way. He became my favorite wrestler by standing up for himself against all odds and never backing down, but now he's a weak-minded fool that has aligned himself with the wrong people. I don't get it.

Now, we're without the Rock, the only other real likeable main eventer, for the next 3 months or so which means Kane and The Undertaker have to step up to the plate and take on Austin & HHH. I guess this is okay for a time-filler, but we all know that The Undertaker & Kane have no chance of beating either man. Austin & HHH are just too entrenched at the top to be defeated at this point after all of their momentum gained over the last few weeks. The Undertaker and Kane may be stong opponents, but they're not that strong.

My problem lately is that there doesn't seem to be a reason for what's happening right now. Triple H tried to KILL Steve Austin, Austin doesn't trust anybody, but yet they're together. Why?

I don't understand why Austin turned his back on the fans and joined with Vince McMahon. He never gave a real reason for it, so I'm really starting to wonder about Austin's sanity these days. Insanity is the only reason Austin would trust McMahon, the man who tried to screw him so many times in the past. How can Vince want Austin with the belt after he tried to take the WWF title away from him so many times??? How could The Rock not see Vince attacking him with a chair after last year's WrestleMania??? The only possible way this could be true is if Austin, Vince, HHH, & The Rock were all friends backstage and were setting us up, but why would they hurt each other so much if that were true???


Unless everything was setup beforehand backstage weeks ahead of time. What if wrestling itself, the very fabric of what is happening before my eyes, was just a show? What if it was all setup to fool the fans beforehand, back years ago when Austin & Vince feuded in the first place? Was this all done just to sell merchandise and get me to order every PPV like I did as a loyal WWF fan?

Wrestling itself could be very well, dare I say, "fake." This must mean that every time Jeff Hardy has Buh Buh Ray stunned on a table, he's not really out cold for the full minute before Hardy comes crashing down on him with his Senton Bomb! It means that there's a reason for when good wrestlers like Kurt Angle lose! Hell, it even explains why salt to the eyes hurts people when looks exactly like baby powder. It IS baby powder!

I think I've opened a gateway into a whole other world here. Hell, I bet Vince McMahon doesn't even really run the WWF.


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