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Judgment Day Preview - Bring The Verdict

Picked up "Foley Is Good" yesterday. AWESOME so far.

Only the European title match prevented me from getting Backlash perfect. My hatred for Matt Hardy grows by the day. The DAY, I tell you.

I'm kidding, Sharon. Please don't kill me.

William Regal vs. The Dancing Samoan

Rikishi returned and DEFIED MR. McMAHON, and you just don't DO that. Our Commissioner is free to deal with him after losing a cage match to Chris Jericho when Jericho KICKED THE CAGE DOOR IN HIS FACE.

What I'd Do: In my mind, it makes more sense for Rikishi to win.

What They'll Do: Regal goes over as KotR looms. He takes a Stinkface afterwards, though.

Hardcore Title Match: Rhi(y)no vs. Test vs. The Big F'n Show

Show's been after Test since he saved Shane's life at Backlash. Show cost Bradshaw the Hardcore title last week. For some reason, Rhyno was put into the match last night.

What I'd Do: Eh. Rhyno retains.

What They'll Do: Eh. Rhyno retains.

Tag Team Turmoil #1 Contenders' Match: The Suicide Bombers vs. The Dudley Boyeeeez vs. Just Send Beer Money vs. Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko vs. Messrs. Photogenic vs. Yo You Dealin' Wit Da SLOOOOW JAAAAM vs. Chris Jericho & ...

Well, that's the big mystery, isn't it? Due to his newfound friendship with Chris Benoit, and Benoit's tangles with Kurt Angle, Jericho's taken lots of abuse from Angle's pals Edge & Christian recently. So much that he put himself into this match to make sure that Edge & Christian lose.

What I'd Do: Let's hear it for the Dudley Boys.

What They'll Do: Well, we can eliminate the Hardys, APA, Radicalz, and X-Factor right off the bat. The Duds could be a dark horse, and we might see a couple of other teams hop in at the last minute.

I'm clueless as to who Jericho's partner might be. Benoit would make the most sense, but I doubt the Fed would want Benoit to work four falls in one night (since you know Jericho's team will be the last team in). It'll matter, though, because Jericho And Friend are winning.

Women's Title Match: The Future Mrs. Owens vs. The Future Mrs. Rob T (apologies to Butch for stealing his gimmick)

Chyna's run roughshod over the women's division, which basically consists of Ivory, Molly, and Trish at this point. Oh, and Lita, who issued a friendly challenge for the title that degenerated into an embarrassing spectacle of spanking jokes.

The reason I haven't mentioned Eddie Guerrero's aid to the Hardys until now is because this is when it'll come into play... and remember that that all started AFTER Lita made the challenge. "I wouldn't trust me, either." Yeah, Eddie... that makes everybody.

What I'd Do: Lita wins after Matt Hardy cancels out Eddie interference.

What They'll Do: Eddie interferes to help Chyna keep the belt. They get back together.

Intercontinental Title Chain Match: HHHammer Time vs. Big Red

Just one question here: how did the chain that Undertaker was walking around with end up in THIS match?

What I'd Do: Give the belt to Kane and start setting up HHH's face turn.

What They'll Do: I don't smell a title change here.

2/3 Falls, Gold Medal Reclamation Match: Da Crip vs. Olympic Villain Kurt Angle

After Benoit beat Angle at Backlash, Angle complained that Benoit cheated. In response, Benoit punked him out and took his medals. Since then, they've found a home in Benoit's tights, of all places, and it's almost as if Angle has lost his powers or something.

First fall is pinfalls only, second is submission only, and the third is a ladder match, which isn't technically a "fall", but who am I to argue.

What I'd Do: The problem here is that while Angle should get his medals back, a loss here hurts Benoit's face momentum. So I'd do it like this: Benoit takes the pinfall, Angle gets the submission, then Benoit climbs the ladder to win, but gives Angle his medals back - before dropping him with a headbutt.

What They'll Do: I think Benoit's going to win.

WWF Title Match: That Damn Dirty S.O.B. vs. Hell On Wheels

In a refreshing change, we knew about this match on the first SmackDown! after Backlash.

These two have HISTORY. It's weird how Undertaker's character has become what Austin used to be before he became a damn dirty sellout. Standoffs have been the order of the day, with real tobacco juice and fake car crashes thrown in for good measure.

Remember, it was at last year's JD that Taker returned and earned the eternal hatred of Scott Keith by running in at the end of the Iron Man match.

What I'd Do: Austin retains via chicanery.

What They'll Do: The same.

Matt Spaulding
The Oracles' War Room

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