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What, Again? Already?


Women's Title Match: Twitch Stratus vs. Jacqueline

Uh... where's my hype at?

I think this is just to get Trish a one-on-one match with a woman who can work a little bit.

TNM Says: Jacqueline (10:03 tornado DDT --> pin) Trish

What I'd Do: Jackie isn't over enough to be champ. Trish retains.

What They'll Do: I predict a Trish victory.

Intercontinental Title Match: The King Of Awesomeness vs. Brass Knuckled Ass Kisser

William Regal and Kurt Angle interrupted Edge while he was on the phone to talk trash. Edge punked them out, but two on one was too much, especially when Regal started whipping him with his strap. Later, Regal would use a set of brass knuckles (a gift from Vince) to cost Edge a match against Angle. Regal's used the knux a few times since then, knocking out the likes of Bradshaw and the Big Show.

TNM Says: William Regal (15:23 kick to the stomach --> pin) Edge

What I'd Do: You know what'd be nice? If Edge could have, you know, a SUCCESSFUL TITLE DEFENSE.

What They'll Do: I think he'll get one here.

The Whole Show vs. Hell on Wheels

Undertaker was upset that Vince didn't tell him about his and Kurt Angle's scheme to destroy the Alliance from within, or that Vince didn't ask him to do it. So what does he do about it? He turns heel and makes Jim Ross kiss Vince's ass.

Vince gave Rob Van Dam several opportunities to join the WWF, and he declined each time. So Vince is sending Taker to punish him, and Taker wants to beat a little respect out of him at the same time.

You know what? CRZ's right. Undertaker rules (especially when he mocked the R-V-D thumb point last night) and the haters can suck it.

TNM Says: RVD (12:16 Five Star Frog Splash --> pin) Undertaker

What I'd Do: Taker goes over, because you want to establish him as a heel and RVD shouldn't be hurt by the loss.

What They'll Do: That, most likely.

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy (Lita as special referee)

Ever since Jeff's mistake cost the Hardyz the tag titles at Survivor Series, Matt's been annoyed with his little brother's showoff antics. But it wasn't until after they lost a chance to regain the tag titles that Jeff, tired of Matt's complaining, flipped and challenged his brother to a match at Vengeance.

Matt also thinks that girlfriend Lita's taking Jeff's side (and he was stupid enough to play the "If you love me, you'll side with me" card) and told her to prove her impartiality by reffing the match.

TNM Says: Jeff (8:23 Swanton Bomb --> pin) Matt

What I'd Do: Lita doesn't turn or influence the outcome, but Jeff wins and Matt goes full heel.

What They'll Do: Lita helps Matt win.

Tag Team Title Match: The Dudley Boyeeeez (w/Stacylegs Keibler) vs. The Big Red Show

Jeff's challenge to Matt came after the brothers lost a #1 Contenders' match for the Dudleys' tag team titles to Show and Kane, who, with Undertaker going heel, have nothing better to do.

TNM Says: Kane and Big Show (2:14 powerslam --> pin D-Von) Dudley Boys

What I'd Do: It's a big boost for the Duds if they beat these two behemoths.

What They'll Do: Dudleys retain. Stacy's sweet ass somehow plays a role in the finish.

WWF Title Match: Hi, My Name Is vs. Olympic Villain Kurt Angle
World Title Match: Our Champion vs. Choke Jericho
(Winners thereof will meet for the undisputed world championship)

Doesn't it seem a bit soon to hype the "undisputed champion" aspect so much, particularly at an "off-month" PPV?

Austin and Rock would rather just go one-on-one, but Vince insisted that each fight an enemy of theirs first.

Not that I know anything, but Triple H doesn't like any of these guys.

TNM Says: Rock (10:00 People's Elbow --> pin) Jericho; Austin (10:39 Stunner --> pin) Angle...

Steve Austin (11:36 Stunner --> pin) The Rock

What I'd Do: Austin over Angle; Jericho over Rock; Austin over Jericho.

What They'll Do: Angle over Austin; Rock over Jericho; Angle over Rock via Jericho interference.

Matt Spaulding
The Oracles' War Room

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