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What can I say? I finish an article, submit it to CRZ, and what do you know? Angle goes heel less then six hours later. Good grief. Well, I hope you enjoy the guide to The Book. I'll be doing the Undertaker next to see just how many times he's jobbed (Hey Shane, you can probably just cut n paste "Def. by pinfall.") We'll see.

Nov 1: No-Show
Nov 6: Def. Kevin Nash by pinfall
Nov 8: Def. Mike Awesome by pinfall
Nov 13: Lost (w/Luger) to Kronik by pinfall (Clarke)
Nov 15: Def. Lance Storm by pinfall
Nov 20: Def. Lex Luger by pinfall
Nov 23: No idea (couldn't find the report...)
Nov 26 (PPV): Lost to Scott Steiner by submission ***LOST WCW CHAMPIONSHIP***

Nov 27 - Feb 25: Reason #367 that Scott Steiner should
be in the WWF: Steve Austin wrecks a car with HHH in
it and Tripls comes back in a week. STEINER, on the
other hand, slaps on the Steiner Recliner and BOOM!
Three month injury. :-)

Feb 26: Def. (w/DDP & The Cat) Scott Steiner & Totally Buff by pinfall (Booker)
Feb 28: Def. Scott Steiner by DQ
Mar 5: Def. (w/DDP) Rick & Scott Steiner by pinfall (DDP)
Mar 7: Interfered (DNW)
Mar 12: Def. Lex Luger by pinfall
Mar 14: Did Not Wrestle (DNW)
Mar 18 (PPV): Def. Rick Steiner by pinfall ***WON WCW US CHAMPIONSHIP***
Mar 19: Did Not Wrestle (DNW)
Mar 21: Blah Blah Hummina Hummina (DNW)
Mar 26: Def. Scott Steiner by pinfall ***WON WCW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP***


June 24 (PPV): Interfered in main event (DNW)
June 25: Attacks Vince McMahon (DNW)
June 28: Attacks Steve Austin (DNW)
July 2: Def. Buff Bagwell by DQ (oy!)
July 5: Def. DDP by pinfall
July 9: Def. Kurt Angle by pinfall
July 12: Did Not Wrestle (DNW)
July 16: Def. Chris Jericho by pinfall
July 19: No Contest (w/Rhyno) vs. Steve Austin & Kurt Angle
July 22 (PPV): Def. (w/Rhyno, Dudley Boyz, and DDP) Undertaker, Kane, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle & Steve Austin by pinfall (Booker)
July 23: Def. (w/Dudley Boyz) Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian by Table (Buh Buh Ray)
July 26: Lost to Kurt Angle by submission ***LOST WCW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP***
July 30: Def. Kurt Angle by pinfall ***WON WCW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP***
Aug 2: No Contest vs Undertaker
Aug 6: Interfered in main event. (DNW)
Aug 9: Fights with The Rock (DNW)
Aug 13: Def (w/Rhyno) The Rock & Chris Jericho by pinfall (Rhyno)
Aug 16: No Contest (LIGHTS OUT!) vs The Rock
Aug 19 (PPV): Lost to The Rock by pinfall ***LOST WCW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP***
Aug 20: Lost to Tajiri by DQ
Aug 23: Def. (w/Rhyno & Test) The Rock & APA by pinfall (Booker)
Aug 27: Lost to Big Show by DQ
Aug 30: Lost to Kurt Angle by pinfall
Sept 3: Guest-Announced Rock's Match (DNW)
Sept 4: Def. (w/Rhyno & Dudley Boyz) The Rock, APA & Chris Jericho by pinfall (Booker)
Sept 10: Def. Undertaker by pinfall
Sept 13: Def. Big Show by pinfall
Sept 17: Def. (w/Shane McMahon) Tazz by pinfall (Shane)
Sept 20: Lost (w/Rhyno & Test) to The Rock & APA by count-out
Sep 23 (PPV): Lost (w/Shane McMahon) to The Rock by pinfall
Sept 24: Lost to Kurt Angle by submission
Sept 27: Def. (w/Test) Undertaker & Kane by pinfall (Booker) ***WON WCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP***
Oct 1: Def. (w/Test & RVD) Chris Jericho, Undertaker, & Kane by pinfall (RVD)
Oct 4: Def. Kane by pinfall
Oct 8: Lost (w/Test) to Hardy Boyz by pinfall (Matt)
Oct 11: Interfered in Kane match (DNW)
Oct 15: Def. (w/Austin) Kurt Angle & Undertaker by pinfall (Austin)
Oct 18: Def. (w/Test) Kane & Undertaker by pinfall (Booker)
Oct 21 (PPV): Lost to Undertaker by pinfall
Oct 22: Lost (w/Test) to Undertaker & Kane by pinfall (Kane)
Oct 25: Lost to Chris Jericho by pinfall
Oct 29: Lost (w/Test) to The Rock & Chris Jericho

1. In a feud that many people will vote as one of the worst of the year, Booker T took on the Undertaker. He also came out of this year with six wins out of the nine matches with the Undertaker involved. However, five of those six wins were in tag matches. Take that for what you will.

2. For whatever reason, the WWF wrestlers did seem to find some kryptonite for the Bookerman. I'll bet he's wishing for another month like July soon.

3. Since joining the WWF, look at how Booker's wins seem to come in streaks. He'll win like four in a row, and as of this writing he's lost about four in a row.

4. I can't really think of anymore fun facts, so I'll just say right here how much I love that new Chef Boyardee commercial with Booker. Beefarooooni!

OVERALL RECORD: 29 wins, 15 losses, 2 no contests

RECORD IN WWF: 18 wins, 13 losses, 2 nc

BEST MONTH: March 2001 (5-0-0)/July 2001 (7-1-1)

WORST MONTH: August 2001 (2-4-1)

TAG TEAM PARTNER OF CHOICE: Test (8 matches; 4-4-0)


Awards to think about Booker T in. Best Wrestler: While I hesitate in bringing him up here (due to his lack of ring time this year,) you know a lot of people will. He has been a three time WCW champion this year. He has also been the WCW US champ, and a WCW tag champ, making him the first person since Scott Steiner to do that. Also, he was the number one face in the old WCW, and the number one heel in the new WCW until Austin came over. All these things may lead to quite a few votes.

BEST FACE: Booker was the leader of the old WCW. Even with Kevin Nash, DDP, and Goldberg all running about, it was Booker getting most of the cheers, and also most of the gold.

BEST HEEL: Booker of course ended up going heel along with the rest of WCW. Facing off against the Rock didn't please too many fans, especially when "The Book" started doing his imitation of The Rock. Also, he has managed to make the spinnarooni the (Second?) Most Electrifying Move in the WWF.

BEST WORKER: Booker always shows up to play, and usually has quite a few select moves to choose from. He can athletically keep up with big stars like The Rock and Chris Jericho. He always doesn't seem to mind doing jobs (yuk yuk!)

MOST FAVORITE: I think that the fact that fans are now standing and cheering for the spinnarooni shows the fact that Booker T, face or heel, has aura of likeability. A lot of fans of Booker like his strange interviews, where he will bust out words out of nowhere, or just stare at his hand for a few seconds.

MOST OVERRATED: Is Booker an over-hyped tag team wrestler. You can say that at times, just looking at some of his matches, you can see some spots where he could use a tag. But this isn't very often because he's been working as a single for a while now. Also, you could take a look at how when Booker loses, it really isn't very devastating to him. Perhaps he really isn't as important to the Alliance as people might think.

BEST/WORST GIMMICK: "The Book" came out of WCW actually. A lot of people saw Booker's character in WCW to be a complete rip-off of The Rock. So when he came to the WWF, the writers decided to laugh it off and make it his real character. Yes, he has the same move as well. The bookend is the rock bottom. But did this hinder Booker's chance to have a real character?

Soon after his feud with the Rock, we've seen a Booker obsessed with his hand (and the symbolic five former championships.)

WORST TAG TEAM: The tag team with Test seems to be just another "stick two somewhat over guys together" team. And, as I stated before, Booker really needs more time as a single. The team DID win the WCW tag team titles, but they lost them within a week, so it's kind of pointless.

LEAST FAVORITE: Rocky fans are most likely to be turned off by Booker. Plus there are former WCW fans who remember that he had the WORST catchphrase EVER! But, just like the most favorite category, this is more of an opinion thing.

MOST UNDERRATED: There are many vocal people on the internet and elsewhere you believe that Booker T deserves better treatment. After his feuds with Rocky and Taker, he almost at times has been seeming to jump into a JTTS (Jobber to the Stars) type of position in the company. Not very flattering for somebody who was one of the few bright spots in the old WCW.

WORST MATCH: This one's not that hard. The opening match of the NEW WCW was one of the biggest stinkers of the year. Booker T fought in a WCW title match with Buff Bagwell. Fans didn't buy it as they chanted about the poor match. They even cheered when a couple of bad guys broke the match up. It was sad. (7/2/01)

WORST FEUD: The Rock had a feud with The Rock that ended up a little bit lopsided. In face, Booker never once pinned Rocky, not even in a tag team match. There's something to think about. Also worth thinking about is a minor feud with Steve Austin that became moot the second Austin joined the Alliance.

WORST PROMOTIONAL MOVE: Starting WCW with the match two categories up. Bottom line, I'll tell you I'm voting for that in first place. The WWF had a real chance to get something cooking with possibly DDP or Billy Kidman or ANYBODY ELSE!! But Buff Bagwell had no business being in the ring that night.

For you consideration... Booker T (spinnerooni!)

Super Shane Spear
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