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In my time as a wrestling fan, I've seen plenty of wrestling websites. Most of them are sure to have a rankings system of some sort. Normally, that system is the first ten wrestlers with a recent win that they can remember. After seeing enough of these, I thought out nice it would be to have a rankings system based on how well a wrestler has actually done thus far in the year and not just from a memory of RAW or Smackdown.

After a while of thinking, I decided that even with all the critisim it gets, the College Football BCS style of ranking is the best way to go. It wasn't going to be hard because I've been keeping track of records since the year began, and filled in the rest of the gaps with the help of Mr. Ortega. It's formulated of many different catagories breaking down each part of a system to determine the top teams in the country. I decided this would work for wrestling. Now I know that Wrestling is in no way a fair contest. The winners are of course planned in advance, but there were still plenty of factor in getting a system going.

Win/Loss Record - This would of course be the straight-up wins and losses for each wrestler. DQ's do count. No Contests match were like they've never happened. (Current Leader: Spike Dudley 10-2)

Quality Points - A singles win earns one point. A tag team win earns one half-point. Winning a title match earns one additional point, and losing a title match loses one point. This was put into effect to counterbalance the W/L records for wrestler who primarily compete in Tag Teams like Triple H has been recently. It also rewards champions for winning or retaining a title. (Current Leader: Spike Dudley 11.5)

Strength of Schedule - Obviously Perry Saturn will usually get a win over some nameless jobber per week on Jakked. To his credit, it will put up a good showing in the first two catagories, but will really hurt him here. To determine the strength of each schedule the wrestlers have faced so far, I took the first to catagories and listed them off. Obviously, Spike was determined the toughest opponent to beat thus far. Therefore, those people who tended to fight Spike ended up getting a boost to their Schedule. (Current Leader: Val Venis)

Fan Votes - The other day, I was on Wienerville asking for the member there to vote for their top ten wrestlers so far in the year 2002. They voted and after I had finished totaling I had the last part of the puzzle. Just like College Football, letting a group of people votes gives the ranking that little boost of name reconization it needs. (Current Leader: Kurt Angle)

Each of these sections make up twenty-five percent of the final ranking.

2002 Rankings through Feb 14
1. Chris Jericho (9-3)
2. William Regal (7-2)
3. Rob Van Dam (8-4)
4. Kurt Angle (5-5)
5. Steve Austin (5-1)
6. The Rock (6-3)
7. Diamond Dallas Page (4-0)
8. Tazz (7-3)
9. Triple H (4-2)
10. Maven (2-1)
11. Test (5-3)
12. Kane (3-3)
13. Trish Stratus (2-2)
14. Billy (9-1)
15. Booker T (3-9)

and the bottom...

43. Crash Holly (2-6)

Each Week, we'll look over the year 2002 thus far for the wrestler ranked number one. This week, it's...


Jan 3 (SD!) - Def. (w/Angle) Edge & RVD by pinfall
Jan 7 (RAW) - Def. Rikishi by pinfall
Jan 10 (SD!) - Lost (w/Test) to The Rock & RVD by submission
Jan 14 (RAW) - Def. (w/Storm & Christian) APA & Rikishi bypinfall
Jan 20 (PPV) - Def. The Rock by pinfall (WWF Title Match)
Jan 21 (RAW) - Lost (w/Angle) to The Rock & Triple H bypinfall
Jan 28 (RAW) - Def. Maven by submission (WWF Title Match)
Jan 31 (SD!) - Def. Tazz by pinfall
Feb 4 (RAW) - Def. (w/Taker) Steve Austin & The Rock bypinfall
Feb 7 (SD!) - Def. (w/Angle) Triple H by pinfall
Feb 11 (RAW) - Def. Edge by pinfall
Feb 14 (SD!) - Lost to Kane by DQ

Win/Loss - 9-3 (3rd of 43)

Quality Points - 9 (2nd)

Strength of Schedule - (17th)

Fan Support - (2nd)

Super Shane Spear
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