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The Rock

Hey all. I figured everybody needs a guide sometimes, so let me be your guide to this year's awards by providing you all with some cold, hard, facts about the leading contenders for some major awards this year. Tonight, we'll look at The Rock, but stay tuned over the next weeks as we look at Triple H, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, Rob Van Dam, and many other top contenders.

By the way, DNW = Did Not Wrestle

Match by Match
Nov 2: Def. Kurt Angle by DQ
Nov 6: Ko'd by BIG METAL BOX (DNW)
Nov 9: No contest (w/Stone Cold) vs Rikishi & Triple H
Nov 13: Def. (w/Stone Cold, Chyna, and Billy Gunn) R4dicals by Pinfall (Austin)
Nov 16: Def. Chris Benoit by DQ
Nov 19 (PPV): Def. Rikishi by Pinfall
Nov 20: Def. (w/Chris Jericho) Kane & Rikishi by Pinfall
Nov 23: Def. William Regal by Submission
Nov 27: Def. Rikishi by DQ
Nov 30: Def. (w/Undertaker) Kurt Angle, Edge, and Christian by Pinfall (Taker)
Dec 4: Was part of main-event interview (DNW)
Dec 7: No Contest vs Stone Cold vs Undertaker vs Kurt Angle
Dec 10 (PPV): Lost (Six Man HiaC - Angle Win)
Dec 11: Def. (w/Dudley Boyz) Edge, Christian, & Kurt Angle by Table (Rock)
Dec 14: Def. (w/Steve Austin) William Regal & Kurt Angle by pinfall (Austin)
Dec 18: Def. (w/Undertaker) Edge & Christian by Pinfall (Rock) ***WON TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP***
Dec 21: Lost (w/Undertaker) to Edge & Christian by Pinfall (Edge) ***LOST TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP***
Dec 25: Def. Undertaker by DQ
Dec 28: Def. (w/Undertaker) William Regal & Rikishi by Pinfall (Rock)
Jan 1: Lost to Kane by Pinfall
Jan 4: No Contest (Bell Never Rang - Can Be Assumed Loss on Rock by DQ)
Jan 8: Def. (w/Teddy Long & Jack Doan) Kane & Rikishi by DQ
Jan 11: Lost to Undertaker v Rikishi v Kane by Pinfall (Rikishi pin Kane)
Jan 15: Lost (w/ Kane) to Undertaker & Rikishi by pinfall (Taker)
Jan 18: Def. (w/Undertaker) Kane & Kurt Angle by Pinfall (Rock)
Jan 21 (PPV): Lost Royal Rumble (Enter 13, Leave 28 via Kane)
Jan 22: Def. (w/Jericho) Chris Benoit & Big Show by pinfall (Rock)
Jan 25: Did some play-by-play (DNW)
Jan 29: Def. Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit vs Big Show by Pinfall
Feb 1: Lost to Kurt Angle vs Triple H by pinfall (Angle pin HHH)
Feb 5: Def. (w/Kurt Angle) Steve Austin & Triple H by Pinfall (Angle)
Feb 8: Def. Big Show by Pinfall
Feb 12: Def. Rikishi by Pinfall
Feb 15: No Contest vs Triple H (Interference)
Feb 19: Def. (w/Austin) Triple H & Kurt Angle by pinfall (Rock)
Feb 22: Lost (w/Undertaker & Kane) to Edge, Christian, and Kurt Angle by pinfall (Angle)
Feb 25 (PPV): Def. Kurt Angle by pinfall ***WON WWF CHAMPIONSHIP***
Feb 26: Well, Rock fights Big Show and Kurt Angle, but Show wins by pinning Essa Rios. Don't ask.
Mar 1: Def. William Regal by DQ Mar 5: Def. (w/Austin) Kurt Angle & Triple H by
pinfall (Rock)
Mar 8: Def. Rikishi & Haku by pinfall
Mar 12: Def. Kurt Angle by DQ
Mar 15: No Match (DNW)
Mar 19: Lost (w/Jericho) to William Regal & Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit by pinfall (Regal)
Mar 22: Def. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit by pinfall
Mar 26: Def. (w/Austin) Undertaker & Kane by pinfall (Austin)
Mar 29: Build-Up to Wrestlemania (DNW)
Apr 1 (PPV): Lost to Steve Austin by pinfall ***LOST WWF CHAMPIONSHIP***
Apr 2: No Contest in a cage vs Steve Austin

***At this point, The Rock is suspended until July 30***

Jul 30: The Rock returns to the WWF (DNW)
Aug 2: Rock talks and interferes (DNW)
Aug 6: Def. Shane McMahon by pinfall
Aug 9: More talkin... (DNW)
Aug 13: Another interview (DNW)
Aug 16: Def. Shawn Stasiak by pinfall
Aug 16: No Contest vs Booker T
Aug 19 (PPV): Def. Booker T by pinfall ***WON WCW CHAMPIONSHIP***
Aug 20: Def. Lance Storm by pinfall
Aug 23: Lost (w/APA) to Test, Rhyno, & Booker T by pinfall (Booker)
Aug 27: Def. Rhyno by pinfall
Aug 30: Lost (w/Jericho) to Rhyno & Rob Van Dam by pinfall (Rhyno)
Sept 3: Def. Christian by pinfall
Sept 4: Lost (w/APA & Jericho) to Booker & Rhyno & Dudleyz by pinfall (Booker)
Sept 10: Def. Test & Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley by pinfall
Sept 13: Def. Shawn Stasiak by pinfall
Sept 17: Lost to Test & Stephanie McMahon Helmsley by pinfall (Steph)
Sept 20: Def. (w/APA) Rhyno & Booker & Test by count-out
Sept 23 (PPV): Def. Booker t & Shane McMahon by pinfall
Sept 24: Def. Rob Van Dam by pinfall
Sept 27: No Contest (w/Kurt Angle) vs. The Dudley Boyz

Oct 1: Def. Dudley Boyz by table
Oct 4: Def. (w/Jericho & Mike Chioda) Dudley Boyz & Nick Patrick by pinfall (Chioda)
Oct 8: Lost (w/Jericho) to Shane McMahon & Rob Van Dam

Oct 11: Interview (DNW)
Oct 15: Lost to Rob Van Dam by DQ
Oct 18: No Contest (w/Jericho) v Raven & Justin Credible
Oct 21 (PPV): Lost to Chris Jericho by pinfall ***LOST WCW CHAMPIONSHIP***
Oct 22: Def (w/Jericho) The Dudley Boyz by pinfall (Rock) ***WON WWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP***

1. The first thing that seems to draw your eye is the LACK OF WCW CHAMPIONSHIP COMPETITION. Before his hiatus, Rock was fighting main-eventers on a nightly basis. After he returned, you'll notice how matches again Rhyno, Stasiak, Test, and the Dudleyz started popping up.

2. There's ONE SUBMISSION WIN TOTAL for The Rock. That's not very impressive for somebody who boasts the sharpshooter, one of wrestling's biggest moves in his arsenal.

3. Now really his fault, but was in matches with REFEREES AND WOMEN four times this year. He won three of such matches, but still has the indignity of suffering a loss by pinfall to Steph this year. How will that affect the voting?

Overall Record (through Oct 22)
42 wins, 17 losses, 7 NDs

Tag Team partner of Choice
Chris Jericho (8 matches); Undertaker (5 matches)

Awards to think about The Rock in

BEST WRESTLER: The Rock makes a great case despite him missing much of the spring while filming his movie. He has a 42-17 overall record, has held BOTH the WWF and WCW championships, and is perhaps the most over man to boot.

BEST TAG TEAM: The Rock & The Undertaker were tag team champions, if only for a few days. That's still enough to put them over all the teams without a title reign. Will gain a few votes.

BEST BABYFACE: Rocky makes a huge claim to this honor by the reaction he received on his return. The crowd may have never been louder.


MOST IMPROVED WRESTLER: As I said above, The Rock has made a real effort to add extra moves to his list of punch, DDT, Rock Bottom, and People's Elbow. He's added a dragon screw and a sharpshooter in. Not worth a win of this catagory in my view, but may still grab a few votes.

BEST WRESTLING MOVE: The Rock Bottom is about as effective finishing move as there is out there. Only Steve Austin and Kurt Angle (cough) have kicked out of it this year.

BEST MATCH: Just thinking back to yesterday, Rock had a hell of a match with Chris Jericho at No Mercy. Other big matches on the year include Kurt Angle at No Way Out, and Steve Austin at Wrestlemania.

BEST FEUD: Well, Chris Jericho and he will still have business for quite some time. Rock and Austin only really feuded for about a month. Same with Kurt Angle. BUT...all three enemies had the chemistry and the challenge that the Rock needed and would be good suggestions for feud of the year.

WORST WRESTLER: Well, Rock will always get some votes here. I've made some points above about the lack of challange for his WCW title. Plus, losing to a girl doesn't help.

WORST WORKER: Again, you can argue this point if you want to. Punch, punch, spit, punch, ddt, Rock Bottom, and elbow is a usual match in the minds of some voters.

WORST WRESTLING MOVE: Even though it's nice of him to add it, most people will argee that Rocky's sharpshooter looks like CRAP.

WORST MATCH: October 1st's RAW gave the lamest possible match for the Rock as he fought in a handi-cap tables match. Even though the table was right next to the Rock in the ring, Buh Buh refused to put the Rock through it, as though it was invisible. You could also make a case for his couple of matches against Shawn Stasiak, but they were both incredibly short.

WORST FEUD: Some people saw Rock's feud with Booker T as a real one-sided affair. You could also make a case that Rock had a mini-feud with the Dudleyz that has had no heat at all.

MOST DISAPPOINTING NEWS ITEM: Rock left the fed to film his movie. Like him or don't, he was definately missed in the WWF by the look of the ratings.

MOST OBNOXIOUS: As many people who sing along with the Rock, there is people on the flip side who can't stand the long interviews. Notice how fans sometimes boo him during matches where you think he might be the face? There you go.

BEST INTERVIEWEE: The Rock left the pie, and went to strudel (hmmmm...) Also, you pretty much know that something interesting will happen in most of his interviews. Whether it be insult, song, or dick jokes, ROck loves to entertain on the mic.

WORST ANGLE: While it was sorta interesting, sticking Debra as Rocky's manager was pretty stupid in my view. YOu could've got just as much heat on the Austin feud without her.


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