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The nominations thus far: I though I nominated Battledome about 15 times, all in the worst section. Didn't I? Also, didn't Yokozuna die before the time limit? Ahh...whatever. (Hey - you're RIGHT! - CRZ)

Well, I did sort of cheat by starting with the Rock and his few months off. So I did Austin next, who was present the whole year on WWF TV. I figure I'll get one of these every other day until

A. The awards come...
B. I go insane...
C. I'm out of all wrestlers except William Regal and Funaki

B and C go hand in hand by the way kiddies. I think I'll "cheat" again by doing Trips next.

Nov 2: Interfered in main event (DNW)
Nov 6: No Contest vs Rikishi & Kurt Angle
Nov 9: No Contest (w/The Rock) vs Rikishi & Triple H
Nov 13: Def. (w/The Rock, Chyna & Billy Gunn) R4dicals by pinfall (Austin)
Nov 16: Def. Eddie Guerrero by pinfall
Nov 19 (PPV): No Contest vs Triple H
Nov 20: Def. Chris Benoit by pinfall
Nov 23: No Contest (w/Jericho) vs Kane and Chris Benoit
Nov 27: Def. Kurt Angle by DQ
Nov 30: Does backstage stuff (DNW)
Dec 4: Was part of main-even interview (DNW)
Dec 7: No Contest vs The Rock vs Undertaker vs Kurt Angle
Dec 10 (PPV): Lost (Six Man HiaC - Angle Wins)
Dec 11: DNW
Dec 14: Def. (w/The Rock) William Regal & Kurt Angle by pinfall (Austin)
Dec 18: Lost to William Regal by DQ
Dec 21: Referee'd match (DNW)
Dec 25: Def. Kane by DQ
Dec 28: Interview (DNW)
Jan 1: Lost to William Regal by pinfall
Jan 4: Def. Undertaker vs Kane by pinfall
Jan 8: No contest vs Kurt Angle
Jan 11: Whacks Dudleys & Edge with chair for no reason (DNW)
Jan 15: Def. (w/APA) Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian by pinfall (Austin)
Jan 18: Def. (w/Undertaker & The Rock) Rikishi, Kurt Angle & Kane by pinfall (Rock)
Jan 21 (PPV): Won 30-Man Royal Rumble (Enter 27)
Jan 22: Interfered in match (DNW)
Jan 25: Backstage stuff (DNW)
Jan 29: Signed contract (DNW)
Feb 1: More random stuff (DNW)
Feb 5: Lost (w/Triple H) to Kurt Angle & The Rock by pinfall (Angle)
Feb 8: Backstage stuff (DNW)
Feb 12: Cheered on reps for stips (DNW)
Feb 15: Def. Chris Benoit by pinfall
Feb 19: Def. (w/The Rock) Triple H & Kurt Angle by pinfall (Rock)
Feb 22: Too late to save JR (DNW)
Feb 25 (PPV): Lost to Triple H by pinfall (2/3 falls)
Feb 26: Mixes it up in the main event. (DNW)
Mar 1: Def. Kurt Angle by DQ
Mar 5: Def. (w/The Rock) Kurt Angle & Triple H by pinfall (Rock)
Mar 8: Interfered in main event (DNW)
Mar 12: Stunned The Rock (DNW)
Mar 15: Def. Kurt Angle by pinfall
Mar 19: Ate a Rock Bottom (DNW)
Mar 22: Interview for Wrestlemania (DNW)
Mar 26: Def. (w/The Rock) Undertaker & Kane by pinfall (Austin)
Mar 29: Interview (DNW)
Apr 1 (PPV): Def. The Rock by pinfall ***WON WWF CHAMPIONSHIP**
Apr 2: No Contest in a cage vs The Rock
Apr 5: Beats up Jim Ross (DNW)
Apr 9: Lost (w/Triple H & Steph) to Matt/Jeff Hardy & Lita by pinfall (Lita)
Apr 12: No match (DNW)
Apr 16: Interfered in main event (DNW)
Apr 19: More interference (DNW)
Apr 23: Def. (w/Triple H, Edge & Christian) Matt/Jeff Hardy, Kane & Undertaker by pinfall (HHH)
Apr 26: Show-ending brawl (DNW)
Apr 29 (PPV): Def. (w/Triple H) Undertaker & Kane by pinfall (HHH) ***WON TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP***
Apr 30: Lost to Undertaker by DQ
May 3: Interfered in match (DNW)
May 7: Def. Rikishi by pinfall
May 10: Angle Advancement (DNW)
May 14: Lost (w/Triple H) to Kane by DQ
May 17: Interfered in main event (DNW)
May 20 (PPV): Def. Undertaker by pinfall
May 21: Lost (w/Triple H) to Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit by pinfall (Jericho) ***LOST TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP***
May 24: Interview (DNW)
May 28: Def. Chris Benoit by Submission (Screwjob by Vince)
May 31: Def. Chris Benoit by pinfall
June 4: Def. Chris Jericho by pinfall
June 7: Lost (w/Vince McMahon) to Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit by pinfall (Benoit)
June 11: Does commentary (DNW)
June 14: Def. Spike Dudley by pinfall
June 18: Lost (w/Dudleyz) to Spike Dudley, Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit by submission (Jericho/Benoit)
June 21: Beat up Michael Cole (DNW)
June 24 (PPV): Def. Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho by pinfall
June 25: Chases Booker T around (DNW)
June 28: Calls out Booker T (DNW)
July 2: Interfered in main event (DNW)
July 5: Gives out some cowboy hats (DNW)
July 9: Does not wrestle (DNW)
July 12: Austin plays a guitar (DNW)
July 16: THEOLDSTONECOLD returns (but DNW)
July 19: No Contest (w/Kurt Angle) vs Booker T & Rhyno
July 22 (PPV): Lost (w/Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Kane & Undertaker) to Booker T, Dudley Boyz, Rhyno, and DDP
by pinfall (Booker pin Angle)
July 23: Interfered in main event (DNW)
July 26: See above (DNW)
July 30: Interfered in Angle's match (DNW)
Aug 2: Bitches about cookies (DNW)
Aug 6: Def. Matt Hardy by pinfall
Aug 9: No Contest (w/Dudleys) vs Kurt Angle & Hardys
Aug 13: Motivated WCW (DNW)
Aug 16: Held the Austin invational (Strangly enough - DNW)
Aug 19 (PPV): Lost to Kurt Angle by DQ
Aug 20: Austin Apprication Night (Of course - DNW)
Aug 23: Def. Chris Jericho by pinfall
Aug 27: Interfered in main event (DNW)
Aug 30: Steals Angle's Medals (DNW)
Sept 3: Angle steals AUSTIN!!! (DNW)
Sept 4: Lost to Rob Van Dam by pinfall (non-title)
Sept 10: Helps out RVD with hardcore title (DNW)
Sept 13: Video tribute (USA Smackdown - DNW)
Sept 17: Lost (w/RVD) to Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho
Sept 20: Def. Tajiri by pinfall
Sep 23 (PPV): Lost to Kurt Angle by pinfall ***LOST WWF CHAMPIONSHIP***
Sept 24: No-Show (DNW)
Sept 27: No-Show (DNW)
Oct 1: No-Show (DNW)
Oct 4: No-Show (DNW)
Oct 8: Def. Kurt Angle by pinfall ***WON WWF CHAMPIONSHIP***
Oct 11: Interfered in match (DNW)
Oct 15: Def. (w/Booker T) Undertaker & Kurt Angle by pinfall (Austin)
Oct 18: Interfered in match (DNW)
Oct 21 (PPV): Def. Rob Van Dam vs Kurt Angle by pinfall
Oct 22: No-Show (DNW)

1. THAT'S A LOT OF "DID NOT WRESTLE"s. Fifty-six to be exact. Most of this comes after an injury at King of the Ring, and a string of MIA's after losing the title. But still, even before that there was a lot of shows where he didn't wrestle.

2. Speaking of King of the Ring, that may be the last time he's really had serious competition from more than one man for his WWF title. Van Dam is coming on his own, but back in June Austin was fighting Benoit and Jericho frequently AND WINNING. In the past three months, since turning WCW, Austin hasn't faced ANYBODY of note other than Angle & Van Dam.

3. One submission win is all the man had this year. And even that was only because of a Bret Hart replay.

OVERALL RECORD (Through Oct 22): 32 wins, 16 losses, 9 No Contests

BEST MONTH: October 2001 (3-0-0)

WORST MONTH: September 2001 (1-3-0)

LEAST ACTIVE MONTH: July 2001 (0-1-1)

TAG TEAM PARTNER OF CHOICE: Triple H (6 matches; 2-4-0)

OVERALL TEAM TEAM RECORD: 10 wins, 8 losses, 4 No Contests

Awards to think about Steve Austin in.

BEST WRESTLER: Steve Austin is always in the main-event it seems. Whether he is a babyface or a heel, Austin always gets a reaction from the crowd. He held the WWF title twice this year, and has held the title longer than anybody else.

BEST TAG TEAM: When Austin joined up with Triple H, they quickly won the tag titles at Backlash. With arguably the two top stars forming a tag team, this will surely grab a few votes.

BEST HEEL: What? What? What? HIS NAME IS STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN and he did what we all thought was impossible at the beginning of the year. He made the crowd boo him. Not only boo him, but grow to despise the paranoid belt hog.

BEST BABYFACE: Before his heel turn, Austin was right at the top of those cheered upon. Then man would make you cheer simply by eating a hot dog while he's supposed to be selling them. The crowd reaction was great during his wins at Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.

BEST BRAWLER: Austin is a master at taking the match to the outside. He knows exactly when to dump his unknowing opponent on the concrete, and can find the ring pole with no problem. His use of chairs, belts, and other forgein objects gives a real edge to his game, and has lead to more than a few wins.

MOST IMPROVED WRESTLER: Austin has participated in a number of marquee matches this year that have been taken to their height by Austin rough and rumble style. Since his return from neck surgery, Austin has stunned with his guts by using moves you wouldn't expect from him.

MOST OVERRATED WRESTLER: You can make an argument that Austin was carried to most of his "Match of the Year"s. Triple H, Chris Benoit, and Kurt Angle are all excellent athletes and could probably carry a broom to at least a good match.

BEST WRESTLING GIMMICK: Steve Austin went NUTS this year. He obsessed over the WWF title to the point of paranoia. To capture the title in the first place, he made the sacrifice of becoming Vince McMahon's new best friend. He brought him presents, and sang him songs on his gee-tar. When the chance to jump to the WCW came, he took it. He became the leader of the Alliance and developed a hearing problem, all the while he only cared about the title.

BEST WRESTLING MOVE: The Stone Cold Stunner is a great finishing move. Only Kurt Angle and The Rock seems to be invulnerable to the move. It has taken out the majority of the WWF roster this year.

BEST MATCH: You can start with the two out of three falls match. Then you can go with the infamous tag team title match on RAW the night after Judgment Day. Continue on and you'll have his two great matches with Chris Benoit in the end of May. Pick one of his matches on PPV with Kurt Angle. I could actually see Austin's name picking up the gold, silver, and bronze in the voting this year.

BEST FEUD: Steve Austin had a bloody feud with The Game at the beginning of 2001. It got so bad that they had to sign a contract to make sure they kept away from each other until the actual match. Austin also had a long feud with Kurt Angle that goes all the way back to when Austin was a good guy trying to capture the title off of our olympic hero.

WORST WRESTLER: People will hold off votes for Triple H and The Rock because of the time they were away from the ring. Well, Austin was away from the ring quite a bit as well. NEARLY HALF THE SHOWS HE DIDN'T WRESTLE. This may have been because of injuries or whatever, but even The Rock, who took more than three months off had more matches then Austin.

WORST TAG TEAM: They may have held the tag team titles, but Austin and Trips only one ONE OTHER MATCH beside their title victory at Backlash. They lost four times.

WORST HEEL: The only real arguement that can be made here is the fact that a lot of people actually cheer for Austin to be cool, much like Triple H. Austin's use of what has only given him face pops as well.

WORST MATCH: The only one even nominated (that makes sense) at this time is the tag match at Backlash. While this match wasn't the worst of the year, it'll still nab a few votes for being a sub-par main event.

WORST FEUD: Austin had very short-lived angles with Booker, Undertaker, and Kane. Although, for some, even the short feud with the Taker was WAY TOO LONG!!

MOST OBNOXIOUS: The "What?" can get on your nerves after about the seven hundredth time, especially if re-cap the show (eh, CRZ?)

BEST INTERVIEWEE: Austin always has a interesting word to say to his opponents, even if his interviews do have to be conducted through his wife Debra sometimes.


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