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Yes, yes, yes, I've jumped on the "title unification" bandwagon. I couldn't resist! So, here it is: what the WWF really should do to resolve this whole title mess (and yes, I realize that what I say will never happen; I still like to amuse myself). And after that I take a look at possible future Heavyweight Title holders.

WWF Hardcore Title:

This title needs some more attention. Have one of the commissioners take it off of RVD and hold a rumble for it. This rumble should include people such as Bob Holly, Crash, Al Snow (maybe), Raven, Dreamer, Awesome, Billy Gunn, Palumbo, Spike, and any others. Then bring the hardcore division back to the old days of matches throughout the backstage area, outside the arena, etc.

WWF Women's Title:

I've completely lost faith in the WWF women's division. They have some talent, but not enough to consistently put on good matches. Bury this title.

WWF European Title:

I like this title alot. Still, under my new alignments there will be no need to have this title on TV regularly. Therefore, I propose this title be held true to it's name: Only defended in Europe. Whenever there is a UK PPV, which seems to be every few months nowadays, the title will be defended. This will make the title much more valuable then it is now.

WWF Lightheavyweight and WCW Cruiserweight Title:

Combine into one; I don't care what it's name is. It's about time the WWF woke up and got the ball rolling with this division, which could be nothing short of outstanding given their talent. Jerry Lynn, Chavo Guerrero, TAKA, Funaki, Kidman, X-Pac, Essa Rios, Justin Credible, The Hardys, Tajiri, etc. I propose a tournament to kickstart the competition and get the fans into it. Perhaps we could make one show, such as Heat or Excess, all-lightweights.

WWF Intercontinental and WCW US Title:

Combine these into one title. I like the kind of people who have held this title recently: Edge, Christian, Albert, Lance Storm, Test, Kane. This should be the WWF's secondary major title. Not as grand as the WWF Heavyweight Title, but still a strong title that will be dealt with on RAW and Smackdown. Should be given to wrestlers who are beginning a major push toward the top. Just stop having the title change hands every other week.

Tag Titles:

Unificate into one set of belts. The tag team division has been VERY weak for the past few months. With no more Edge and Christian, no more New Age Outlaws, and soon to be no more Hardys (assuming they break up), the tag team division needs to be completely revamped. The WWF needs to build up some new teams; the talent is there, they just need to develop some gimmicks. The Dudley's will always be contenders, and besides them we could have the Impact Players (Storm & Credible), Raven and Dreamer, Billy Gunn and Palumbo, TnT, X-Factor, Kaientai (I would give them a long-overdue title reign), DDP and Kanyon, Eddie and Chavo, etc.

WWF Heavyweight Title and WCW World Title:

Combine into one title. There are many WWF Wrestlers who are in the heavywight title division. Let's look at the possible future champions:

Chris Benoit - deserves a title reign more than just about anyone else, and probably would already have won if he hadn't got injured. When he comes back next year, and if he performs at the same level as before, pencil him in for a decent length title reign.

Stone Cold - his reign should last a few more months before laying down for either HHH, Taker, or Rock. I don't see the WWF booking another Angle title win over Austin. After that you can never write out Austin to win the belt back at any time.

Booker T - has been the most consistent performer to come over from WCW. Deserves a reign, but probably not anytime soon because he just joined the federation. Barring an injury, may pick up a titlle reign in mid-late 2002.

Chris Jericho - may get a title reign in 2002. May never get a title reign. I just can't tell with him; one day he seems like a superstar and the next a midcarder. And it's not entirely his fault; the WWF bookers have to get him in some quality angles.

Kurt Angle - with so many other superstars standing in line, Angle probably won't have another title reign for at least a year.

Undertaker - well, at his age and deteriorated ability he doesn't deserve it, and the fans won't buy into it, but I will be shocked if he doesn't come away with one last reign before retiring.

Triple H - when he comes back, he will likely be just as good as before in the ring, and will be just as popular with the fans if not more. Will likely have between 1 and 3 reigns in 2002, possibly starting with Wrestlemania if not earlier.

The Rock - hasn't seen WWF gold since leaving to shoot his movie, but will likely come away with a reign some time in 2002.

Rob Van Dam - has the potential and the popularity to win it as early as next month, and both internet and mainstream fans would love it. However, men in high places backstage think he should be dropped down to high-mid card. If he IS dropped down, he may not climb back up for a long time...Still, I think his popularity alone will convince the WWF to place the strap on him next year if not this year.

Kane - a bit of a longshot since hes been out of the main event picture for a while now. But if he stays with the WWF and works hard, he should come away with the belt in late 2002 or 2003.

DDP - If he can develop the right gimmick, he may come away with a WWF reign before retiring in a few years.

And here are some possible future main-eventers, down the road:

Test - if those mic skills ever come along, he'll be a sure bet for a reign in '03. But that's a big IF.

Val Venis - if he keeps working at it, he could finally break through in '03 or '04

Rhyno - that neck injury really, REALLY hurts his chances. But if he comes back with the same intensity, may be a world champion in '03.

Edge - possibility for '03 - '04

Lance Storm / Christian - they both have the talent, but are lacking in size. Probably won't get there, but you never know...

That's it. Till next time...


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