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Jeff Hardy challenged Taker to a title match. Taker accepted. How can this be played out without making one of them look bad? The options are :

Jeff wins clean

As much as I'd mark out like a fourteen year old girl touching Justin Timberlake for this one, I don't want it to happen. Why? Two reasons. One, fluke victories devalue the belt. When Big Show won the belt, who didn't flinch? Two, Jeff's simply not ready. Yes, you heard me right. The Hardyz mark said that. He's improved vastly in the mat and mic side of things but he still has room for growth. Chris Benoit isn't great on the mic, for example but he has technical skills. Either Jeff gets better or his push will fail again, simple as that.

Taker Wins Clean

This wouldn't work either. Sure, it sets up the "unstoppable force" gimmick but it kills Jeff's push again. While Vince isn't exactly a humanitarian, what would be the point in yet another Hardy squash? I find it ironic that Mark Henry is still getting pushed and Jeff - who is younger, better in the ring and much more over than Mark - has been squashed twice. First by Trips, then by Taker. Plus, it's predictable. "Oh look, Taker beat the crap out of a smaller guy. AGAIN. "

Jeff Wins By DQ

This would work. Taker retains the title but Jeff gets an important victory. It's a win/win. I would prefer the DQ not be a runin, but this is the WWE after all. With this scenario, the title isn't devalued and Jeff's push isn't wasted. (Um, Tanya - IT'S A LADDER MATCH. - CRZ)

Other Things....

Is it just me or do those Nidia/Knoble promos make your gag reflex kick in? The combination of Knoble's jittery, I just drank a fifth of Kool-Aid, frantic jabbering and Nidia's general sliminess ::shudders::. You know it's bad when Tajiri can't make it watchable.

On Confidential, they aired an edited version of the Foley/Rock "This Is Your Life" promo. Good god do I miss Foley. I would have loved to see a promo between him and DDP. If he would come back, not as a wrestler but as a manager or commentator, I would be happy. That's a thought - he could replace Lawler! I would rather listen to Foley talk about losing his ear than Lawler verbally dry humping women young enough to be his daughter.

Sean O'Hare, where have you gone?

Until later...

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