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Piss and moan, piss and moan.

Everyone wants to piss and moan about the return of the nWo. Everyone wants to piss about the return of three old guys and moan about the squashing of the "younger talent."

All I have to say is "Who cares?"

I was at Blockbuster last night when I ran into an old acquaintance. I told him my son is getting big and I'm going to encourage him to get into the WWF some day. The guy sez, "You watch that stuff?"

(Now you have to realize, I've been wanting to do this to someone for a long time. I've been formulating my answer, just waiting for someone to jump me about my WWF fetish) I replied, "WHAT? YOU MEAN YOU DON'T?"

Seriously, he got this really timid look and quickly said, "Yeah, yeah, of course, heh heh! But I'm only watching it for one reason these days..."

(You can FEEL his answer coming, can't you?)

"...I'm excited because Hogan is coming back, baby! I never order the pay-per-views, but I'm getting this one because I can't wait to see him come down the aisle again, brudder!"

I'm serious about this. It really did happen. So you can piss and moan until the cows come home, but we all know the nWo = cheap pops and easy ratings. That's the reason McMahon has signed them. I for one had no plans to order No Way Out and was going to save my money for Wrestlemania, but now, heck, I wouldn't miss it for the world. You're ordering it too. If we (the jaded, cynical uber-fans) are ordering this thing to see the return of the nWo, how many casual fans do you think are tuning in to RAW and No Way Out to see Hogan, Hall and Nash? I say plenty.

When it comes to that kind of attraction, the "younger talent" who are supposedly going to be held back by the backstage antics of Hogan, Hall and Nash just don't matter. I love Lance Storm, RVD, Christian, Raven and all of the other guys just as much anyone else...but they simply CAN NOT draw the casual fans and CAN NOT generate the type of interest the nWo can. The WWF needs a tremendous overhaul at this point and needs to recover from the InVasion angle, and this is the only real way they can do it (besides revive D-X, which will probably happen at some point anyway).

I've heard so may people on the Net talking about how Hogan, Nash, Steiner and other "old clods" can't wrestle, can't talk, can't do anything besides cause chaos. So many people say the WWF should work on pushing people from the Indies or bring back D-Lo and blahblahblahblahblahblah until its becoming redundant. PEOPLE - it's all about the almighty dollar, and the nWo can rope arm-loads of the green stuff.

One last gripe before I go: WHO CARES about the nWo's "backstage politics?"

Will it affect us at all? Will it amount to a hill of beans? Personally, I don't care what Hogan, Hall and Nash do backstage because I WILL NEVER SEE IT and I doubt I'll see its repercussions.

The only thing I'm seeing is a re-energized fanbase. The nWo angle is already playing out masterfully. During the Flair contract-signing segment on last week's Smackdown, the fans were going berserk. When the glass broke and Stone Cold came out, I've rarely seen such a monstrous pop. WE, THE FANS, are excited, and personally, I don't care what the nWo does to the younger talent.

Bring them on, Vince. We're ready. I'll volunteer to be jack-knifed through the table. They can spray-paint my back. I'm looking forward to this with great eagerness.

Parts Unknown
from Weinerville

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