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I've never gotten letters like I got them after my last column, and they were all positive. I was pumped because the last letter I received (for my Royal Rumble predictions column) was from a kid who wanted to know which WWF insider had revealed to me that Hall, Nash and Hogan would be entrants 28, 29, and 30 in the Rumble match. He begged me to email him before Sunday night so he could shock all of his friends. Heh. Gotta love that.

I get letters...

Amen to your rant on CRZ. Everybody is so up in arms about the backstage politics of the NWO boys. Well guess what, I've been working in the same plastics plant as a foreman/mechanic for 18 years, and there is nepotism/politics running rampant there,too!(as there is at every other work place in the world).

Tell me with a straight face that there wasn't any politics/backstabbing going on befoe these guys arrived. Tell me with a straight face that Triple H, Austin, Rock, or the Undertaker don't wield more clout backstage than Tajiri, Spike, Scotty To Hottie, or Devon Dudley! It's all about the ratings/money,and these old Bastards WILL produce both. It's good to finally read a rant from somebody old and wise enough to realize how the REAL WORLD operates, my friend. So Christian et. al. gets buried, who in the blue hell actually cares besides Christian's mother? Produce, and you will be rewarded. Us folks in the peanut gallery really don't give a rats ass who's doing the enertaing, as long as we are BEING ENTERTAINED!

A 38 year old father of 2 with a lifelong wrestling habit,
Gary Buchanan

GREAT article on slashwrestling man. Do these idiots actually think that Vince will let Hall, Nash, and Hogan have control of the WWF again?

I mean, jeez, say what you want about Vince but he LEARNS FROM HIS MISTAKES and will FORCE the NWO to use the same lockerroom as the other wrestlers and keep them clean from drugs.

A Hogan/Austin match could draw SHITLOADS of fan interest as could Hogan/HHH.

And it's not like the other wrestlers will get shafted as a result.

RVD, Booker T, Storm, Jericho, Angle, etc. will NOT be hurt by this angle unless Vince allows it.

This could even lead to a 4 HORSEMEN~! reformation and the smarks will STILL probably bitch anyway.

Oh well.

Again nice article,

Thank you all for your feedback. By the way, anyone who wants to know which WWF insider has revealed to me what I'm about to tell you in my PREDICTIONS~! should email me RIGHT AWAY~!

Now, some predictions...

Lance Storm and Christian vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. The Acolytes vs. Scotty 2 Hotty and Albert vs. Billy and Chuck vs. The Hardy Boyz

YER WINNERS - Lance Storm and Christian

Apparently, this match is for the #1 conterdership (?) for the tag titles at Wrestlemania (at least that's what I think Flair said). So, based on the location of Wrestlemania, I bet the Canadien Boyz are going to win this one cleanly to face champions Test and Booker T at the Sky Dome. Lance Storm and Christian will finally go over and win the belts in their home country. Of course, I'm usually dead wrong on the Regional-Booking Hypothesis (TM), but it makes sense to me.

Spike and Tazz vs. Booker T and Test


Spazz have done a good job as the tag champs, and we all popped huge when they won the straps. It was a big moment, but their ensuing run as the champeens has failed to catch the imagination of the audience, perhaps because the team still feels slapped-together. Booker T and Test are no better in that department, but I think the WWF is putting them back together to give T&T a consistent, legitimate role on television. Hey, I don't like Test and I'm not crazy about Sucka T, but these guys do well together. Plus, based on the Regional-Booking Hypothesis (TM), they have to work Test into Wrestlemania. T&T vs. Storm and Christian would be a damn good match. Can u dig that, SUCKA?

Rob Van Dam vs. Goldust

YER WINNER - Goldust

I still don't understand this rivalry, and I don't think anyone has been able to explain why Goldust is going after Arveedee, and what past connection they have. Were they ever in a Fed at the same time? Anyway, this match looks very promising on paper. JR will call this one "unorthodox" about nine million times, and that's what it will be - wacky. I think they'll put Goldust over to establish him as a heel, and this feud is gonna continue until a brutal hardcore match at Wrestlemania. I'm looking forward to it.

By the way, does Goldust have a Canadian connection?

William Regal vs. Edge


They've given us two months of brass nuckles victories (is anyone else sick of hearing them referred to as "knux?") in preparation for Edge's victory at this pay-per-view. Think about it - the WWF has been trying to build Edge for months and it hasn't really worked. What do you do? You use the Star-Wars Booking Hypothesis~!

Surely you've noticed how on Star Wars, all of the evil guys are snobby British people. Somehow, we Americans LOVE to see Han-Soloish rebels blow up evil Englishmen, and it goes all the way back to the American Revolution. So, under the Star-Wars Booking Hypothesis, if you want to put Edge over, you MUST put him in the ring with a snobby, evil British guy.

However, unlike Star Wars, this isn't going to work with us, methinks.

The Rock vs. The Undertaker

YER WINNER - The Undertaker

I don't have much to say here because I hate both of these guys, but the Undertaker has been much more compelling lately (Tombstones rule!). I think UT will dominate Rock for most of the match, the Rock will find a starman (Maven interferes) and become invincible, fight back, and sadly lose his chance for revenge on interference know who. I think Undertaker will join them, yes.

Kurt Angle vs. Triple H

YER WINNER - Kurt Angle

I don't know if it's just me, but Triple H's return hasn't exactly set the woods on fire, has it? I was pumped the night he came back, but he's been shoved into this extremely stupid divorce thing, and he truly lacks the intensity he had before his injury. I hate to jump the bandwagon and say it, but yes, he has a lot of ring rust. Just watch the way he runs, falls, or does anything...he's still nursing that leg.

Anyway, I think the WWF realizes this and won't push him down our throats for awhile. Kurt Angle, on the other hand, is so over as a heel, people are chanting "you suck" in time with his music. They're going to do it, folks.

They're going to give us one of the best Wrestlemania main events in a long time...Jericho vs. Angle.

Put another coin in the Regional-Booking Hypothesis machine and spin the handle...Angle will be HATED in Toronto and Jericho will be loved. This will be the year they put Jericho over.

OH, back to this match. The same people who interfered in the Rock vs. Undertaker match will KILL Triple H in revenge for Mr. McMahon. You heard it here first.

THE LIVING LEGEND Chris Jericho vs. Steve Austin

YER WINNER - Chris Jericho

The Regional-Booking Hypothesis works here as well: the WWF needs a Canadian champion for the Canadian Wrestlemania. This is going to be an awesome match that will be spoiled by the same people who spoiled the last two matches. Look for Rock, Triple H and Austin against THE THREE at Wrestlemania.

Enjoy the PPV, everybody!

Parts Unknown
from Weinerville

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