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WrestleMania ended not one hour ago... and already I am thinking I've seen one of the greatest Pay Per View events of all time. This was the type of show the WWF needed if it is to make a serious attempt at shaking the creative dust off the last several months.

I share with you my half-drunken reactions from the card from SKYDOME

Anyone who didn't get this because the World Wrestling Federation fucked up the build up, I expect you all to be thinking right now that you missed the best Wrestlemania ever.

Last year was an AWESOME event. I can't take anything away from that. But tonight was something else.

Tonight was one of those special shows that might have been aided by 30 "K" ciders since this evening.

But I am telling you, this was the best top to bottom Wrestlemania I've seen since a long time.

This show built from number one and just kept on getting better. When RVD came out to open the show VS Regal I thought -- why the fuck is this match first. But by the end of the show I was thinking, they did a good thing there.

It made sense. You open with the hot man (RVD) who is going to get face heat going in, and going over for the IC title right off to get the crowd into it after a live band opener.

Then they go with the Euro title, which upon seeing it I wondered why that wasn't the opener -- then, i understood. DDP grabbed the mic. They were keeping the angle open. Good job there. And good action in both matches. The Regal/RVD style clash that a lot of people were talking about before this match didn't come in to play as much in this match as it did in the Goldust/RVD match... Regal is one hell of a worker, I'll tell you right now. The Christian/DDP match was good for what it was. The intramatch action was great even if the buildup was abbreviated. I was a little bit upset what Christian went right back to doing the temper-tantrum afterward, because it doesn't show a lot of character development -- but on a PPV, storyline advancement is nitpicking (especially when coming from my own personal philosophy of wrestling booking -- that you DO NOT book FROM the PPV on the underneath programs)...

The Hardcore match was good in the ring -- then they did the outside the ring shinanigans. Which, I'll tell you, were entertaining... but I didn't want them at WrestleMania -- because this would be the GREATEST thing to have on a RAW or a SMACKDOWN instead of Dogshit and Bored meetings. But it wasn't enough to drag me down...

What was enough to drag me down was DROWING POOL and their LIVE performance. I HATE this crap on a wrestling show. This is not the music i like to see live. Give me DAFT PUNK, Kylie Minogue, GROOVE ARMADA or PLAYGROUP. Don't give me SALIVA or DROWNING POOL. I think the WWF makes a big mistake in thinking the largest part of their audience is a metal/alternative/whatevertheycallthatshit music fan...

The drowning pool performance KILLED the crowd which made me think -- "fuck you, WWF, you've ruined the heat for WrestleMania"

But then...

KURT ANGLE comes out. SUPER. Who better to get the crowd into this thing than the guy they LOVE to boo and chant "you suck" at.

Angle VS. KANE

The action in this match was very solid. It was not the best match the two have had, but it was pretty damned good. THe finish looked a little botched, but to me it did not hurt it at all..

The Flair/Undertaker match was awesome -- right up until the finish. It wasn't that the finish wsa bad, it was that i was expecting more. Undertaker picked up the win -- which is the right thing to do. You DO NOT break a man's Wrestlemania winning streak by a guy who is 15 years older than him. You save that for a YOUNGER guy. I expected some McMahon involvement. Instead I got a relatively clean Undertaker win.

The HALL/Austin match, in hindsight, makes perfect sense considering how the end of the Hogan/Rock match went. I was expecting a screw, i was expecting a schmalz ... But Austin went over clean in about 11 minutes. Then they did the Edge/Booker match -- which was good. THe action was great, the build up sucked. One thought I had during this was that even though the Booker T. SPINEROOONI (YES, it has 3 Os in it) is somewhat of a joke, I find it hilarious that everyone who attempts to mimick it CANNOT pull it off!

The Tag match was good. I missed the APA getting eliminated, because I was on the air with Dave & Bryan. But I loved that ChuckaBilly held on to the titles.

This led to THE MATCH.

This was the GREATEST match in WrestleMania history. I do no care what anyone says about workrate, or action or whatever. in terms of what match you will remember years from now, this one has to be on the top. NO ONE could have expected this reaction... It seemed to me that HOGAN was cheered more tonight that he was against the WARRIOR at WrestleMania VI. ... but not only was he cheered, the ROCK was booed. Heavily.

They did everything they could to make HOGAN the heel in this match ... he raked the back, he raked the face, he stomped, kicked, punched, gouged, used the weightlifting belt, and cheated his way to ----- A BABYFACE reaction. It got so bad that Rock had to adjust to play HEEL by taking Hogan's aforementioned weightlifting belt and lacing Hogan with it.

In the end it was Rock winning with the People's Elbow... which was followed up with the Nash/Hall (nWo) beatdown of Hogan, and then the Rock save which, instantaneously, made the Austin/Hall finis make sense as well as set up the Backlash semi-main.


The Chick match I didn't really see because i was on with Bryan/Dave for the second time.

But I LOVED the main event. Even though the crowd was flat for it, it was NOT because of the workers... it was because of the match placement -- and that means HHH gets more blame because he was the one who was pushing for the title match to get its rightful placement on the show -- LAST.

The action was great. No faulting either guy. But this should have been on the show in the position the Rock/Hogan match was --- IN HINDSIGHT.

Because that Hogan/Rock match got over more than anyone thought, I think it threw everything else out of whack.

And what a match that was... Good GOD..

Rush Walters

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