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Joseph Weathered




Sometimes, you watch wrestling, and you have some ideas. You think to yourself, "Wouldn't it be cool if this scenario was played out?" or "Fuck this; I can write this better." Well, if you have firm grasp on reality and common sense, you may just have some good ideas.

Or, your ideas may suck.

Either way, here is an idea I have been kicking around……

I was unable to watch either RAW IS (By god, don't call it WAR) and Smackdown! (How gay is it that there HAS to be an ! in the title?) this week, but through the magic of the technology called the Internet (Al Gore invented that; what do you MEAN he didn't?) I got all the scoops.

But I did catch Heat this week, and I saw the X Pac interview, along with the Undertaker heel turn. And it got me thinking……

Despite the Fanboy ("Wurst episode evvvvvver") hatred of the Undertaker, I think that turning him is a good idea. It works in some way; 'Taker's biker gimmick is really a heel one. So anyways, I heard X-Pac's interview, and I heard him talking about how he respected the Undertaker, and blah, blah, blah. And I was thinking: Wouldn't it be fun to have 'Taker, and X-Pac as a little team? The gimmick could be the "We've been in the company for a while, we've seen it all, and DAMN if these young guns are gonna take our spot." Thing.

Yeah, I know, you all hate X-Pac, but imagine if X-Pac were in this gimmick, and he got into a bigger spot? If he was motivated correctly, he can have an interesting match, and 'Taker can give him the rub that would propel him into a mid card level spot.

"Why X-Pac?" you ask. And rightfully so; his gimmick is rotting, and he is lazy. BUT, he draws real heat, he plays a good arrogant fucker, and he can have a good match; him and Kidman were dynamite together.

Soooooooo, the profit in this is that X-Pac can be the little arrogant prick sidekick, and Taker can get REAL HEEL heat, and Taker's teaming with X-Pac will elevate him into a spot where he can be well used, if he has good matches.

And, as a side bonus, if the WWF were to get Hall and Nash, this would be a good building area: X-Pac could hint at more disenfranchised arrivals (Hall and Nash), and when they arrive, they could punk out 'Taker, leading to a Nash/Taker match at WM, where they could build off the last meeting between the two. (History can work well if used right, kids.)And from there; the group can die, or continue, or whatever; the point is, is that this idea is more of a "bridge" in booking; an idea that can translate from point a to point b.

And what will happen is that the WWF gets a solid midcard/special attraction angle, they get to introduce two big names, they build up someone, they give spark to an old character's heel turn, they even get the heel turn to have a babyface blowoff, and they don't even have to fuck up the main event scene.

Sounds perfect, doesn't it? Mc-Mahon underlings who read the net, please contact, so we can work out some sort of payment plan for me, mmkay?

Joe Weathered
Attacking your flimsy culture.

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