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A Time Of Turmoil Mick Foley, CRZ, H}{H, and Glass Ceilings...

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It was the best of times,
it was the worst of times..

As winter turns to Spring and the death of a well loved family pet turns to Mystery Meat lasagna, so does the loss of some of wrestling's Greats give us pause to consider the benefits and opportunities that might arise from the apparent loss.

But first, Hey Mick Foley, can I see your wife's breasts? Am I the only one getting sick and tired of Mick Foley? It's bad enough that both his books were nothing but 400 pages of Mick patting himself on the back and saying how pissed he is over the fact that the Rock wouldn't let Mick run his character for him, but does the tubby Jobber have to stink up Raw with his "buy my book" commercials too?

But worse than that, does he have to be such a hypocrite? He devotes the entire last part of his book to how "unfair" the press is to the WWF, and how he disapproves, yes DISAPPROVES, dammit, of all the sleaze in wrestling... then the smug little lardball shows up on Raw and sets up a bra and panties match.

I coudn't even fit his entire ass
into the picture.

Now, I'm not against the match per se, (okay, so I am, but that's another issue) but this is the same Mick Foley that writes about how indignant and enraged he became (his only two emotions other than greed, apparently) when a Fed official dared suggest that his wife Collette might appear as one of the Godfather's Hos? Oh, I get it- it's okay to objectify Trish Stratus, but not Collette.

Well, I see it differently. As Mick makes sure we know, Collette is quite the hot little number, and I personally want to see her oiled, heaving buttcheeks spanked by Lita. So how about it Mick, you toothless churl? Oh, and as an added bonus, you could let your kids be ringside for it. And in closing, you really ought to thank the Gods that you turned your talent for falling off things into a million dollar career. Enough of you, fat man. Begone from my TV set. And "Christmas Chaos" sucked, too.

CRZ is gone... ...which means Scott Keith's diatribes masquerading as recaps. Hey, I got nothing against Scott Keith, except for the fact that the larcenous bastard apparently keeps threatening to steal the name of MY FUTHERMUCKING COLUMN for some book he's writing. But still, Z never once told me how to feel about a match. That's just about all that Keith does. Oh well.

Speaking of Z: I personally hope we'll see him around his own site more now. :) I understand that he probably wants some time off, but dammit, doesn't he realize that I have no life and I need him to amuse me? Come to think of it, he probably realizes the "Y Pac has no life" part all too well.

...and Triple H is gone... Can you believe that some people are saying his injury was a Work? I think they took the Z Theory ("If it's on TV, it's a Work") just a little too seriously. Here's the difference folks: they didn't sell H}{H's injury the night it happened. Had it been a work, they would have. And no, Sid's broken leg wasn't a Work either. Neither was Hardcore Holly's broken arm, or William Regal's black eye, courtesy of Al Snow.

...and all common sense is gone... So I'm over at Wrestling Observer, and I read a column where the... uh, "writer" is the term I guess... says that Benoit/Jericho's recent losses to Austin are proof of the dreaded Glass Ceiling. I suppose I shouldn't even bother pointing out that the title never changes hands on Free TV these days, and I suppose I also shouldn't point out that Benoit/Jericho are main eventing every week now... no, that'd be too much like "logic" and "reason", two things ya just don't see much of these days in wrestling commentary.

But let's think about this here. Is winning the Championship Belt the -only- measure of how much you're appreciated? In that case, Benoit should of been happy as a clam at WCW, no? If main eventing, holding the Championship belt, having great matches and selling tons of merchandise are considered 'being held down' then every wrestler should aspire to being 'held down' like Benoit and Jericho.

That's it for this week, folks. I hope you dig the new format- I'm trying to add new links and funkycool stuff all the time. If you like it, let me know.

Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to come up with a decent page using Z's Royal Blue and Crayola Flesh color scheme?!
It's damn hard, let me tell ya. I love the guy, but he's gotta be color blind.

Y Pac
EZboard resident

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