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On the way to the Brooklyn Heights subway station
Thanks to: Kim (Bitchfactor)
Okay, first let's run down the excuses of why I haven't been doing these, has it really been six months?

Mainly, I haven't had the time. As you know, my home DSL has been down since late August - I've now cancelled the Pac Bell line and XO is trying to hook me up with Covad - so, for a while, I was never online at home, so no way was I going to get it done. It only SEEMS like I never work, but I actually have been working a lot at work, cutting back on "personal" time over there.

Then, of course, I caught whatever it was that I had and I ended up spending most of my time in bed not reading letters.

Having a pay-per-view nearly every Sunday has also tied up my time with the old stopwatch and hypertext doing real-time updates - granted, I could probably try to do letters at the same time, but then I'd probably miss the ENTIRE pay-per-view and what fun is that? (Yes, even the WCW ones shouldn't go *completely* missed. ;-) )

Finally, I've tried to make this kind of contact obsolete by trying to be accessible in a more interactive sense, through the EZboard - it was worked with varying degrees of success, mostly dependent on my ability to, again, have the time to log in and make it work.

At any rate, there's so much Scott Keith bashing coming off the WOW pay-per-view that - purely as a public service, mind you - I had to share some of the great, almost feature-length letters I got over the past week.

Enjoy! And feel free to visit the EZboard afterwards to leave *your* feedback! (Email will always be accepted as well. ;-) )

Subject: WCW Nitro

I'm going to become your little helper for a little bit because I like you and I think you have what it to make it in this industry. I'm not going to tell you who I am, and I trust you will not tell too many people about this.

Here a just a few of the things that will happen on Nitro...

The show should start with Nash going off on Flair already in the ring. Planning on starting the show hot with no intro or music or fireworks. Nash will say something like "I don't care if you're the CEO - I'm gonna show you that NOBODY is my boss! I'm gonna do exactly what I said I was gonna do - I'm gonna strip you naked right here in the center of the ring right now!"

Anyway, I don't want to go into alot of details since the show is a few hours away, but Cat will announce three match for the show pitting Scott Steiner against four Cruiserweights, DDP(who will go over) and in a handicap match against Nash and a mystery partner. The partner is being kept a secret still, so that is up in the air. In the end Jarrett, in the ref shirt, will nail Nash with his trusty guitar and get Scotty the cheap win.

Also on the show: Chavo will defend against El Nino, who will be revealed as Rey Jr. Rey is scheduled to go over in this one.

O Haire is scheduled to go over Awesome in a tag match. O Haire is being pushed for a reason. Plus, Dustin Rhodes will get hauled off because of Flair.

That's about all of note for the show, Thunder isn't going to offer too much, but Kaz should go over Helms, O Haire will go over Smiley strong, Konnan over Sanders, and the Thunder main should be DDP and Nash against Animal and Jarrett with the heels going over.

Your welcome and have fun with this I may not do it again!

The Gobbeldy Gooker



I'm in the middle of watching RAW at the moment, but just had to vent. I'm not sure how many more ridiculous finishes like the one I just witnessed I can take. Of course I'm talking about the Taker/Kane v. Dudleys match. Why is it that for 50-some odd weeks in a row simply holding a chair over a fallen opponent is acceptable, but tonight it is grounds for DQ? Also, since when do the refs make calls on matches based on what they hear but do not see? In the past a ref only called what he saw. This is lazy writing and an unimaginative ending to a match. I'm curious to see what you think.

Chad Crudup

In the past, refs have often turned around, seen a downed opponent and a man holding a chair...and called for the DQ. I got no beef with it.

Subject: Raw 2/5

Ok, I may be wasting your time but a quick observation I made watching Raw tonight. Raven's mystery woman, even though there are rumors galore looked to me like Madusa, I dont know why but it just did. Anyhow this is my two cents worth. Also an angle I would like to see after Regal saving McMahon's ass from Steph's fire, how bout Regal and Trish havign somehting(not sure what) and McMahon getting retribution by goin after Regal in all kinds of ways, like he does with the big four handicap matches, specialty matches, maybe a way to eleveate Regal.

Anyhow later, sorry if I wasted your time
Brandon Colvin

Looks like it's possible about Regal...but we'll have to wait for his injuries to heal. As for ;-)

Subject: RAW Booking Error

Hey CRZ,

I just wanted to chime in here with what I feel is a mistake Vinnie Mac made on Raw last night in regards to the booking of the main event match of Austin/HHH vs. Angle/Rock. If I remember correctly (and I should since I was there in person), on last weeks edition of RAW as Vince was preparing for the contract signing between HHH & Austin he stated that neither man could physically get invovled with the other "except in a match sanctioned by the World Wrestling Federation". Excuse me if I'm wrong, but since last night's main event was sanctioned by the WWF, wouldn't have made sense then for HHH and Austin to just start beating the shit out of one another without fear of violating the contract stipulation. Seems to me that Vince and the creative team either forgot about that little clause and they need to go back and rewatch that speech or they're hoping that we forgot about it. Unfortunately I no longer have last weeks show on tape, so perhaps if you do you check out what Vince said. Thanks.


I'm too lazy to go read my transcript again, but I'm pretty sure the gist is they'd have to be on opposite sides.

Subject: RAW is Ads

If they stick any more garbage (that is, non-wrestling oriented garbage) in WWF programming, by god I swear I'm going to quit watching the WWF. I *like* football (I even kept following the Raiders after they moved back to Oakland) but the relentless cross promotion of WWF New York, anything Chyna, the XFL and Tough Enough *plus* whatever new crap there is on UPN is just too damn much. Plus the TNN is pop stuff, which technically can't be blamed on the WWF but still is horrible. How much? I'm starting to watch WCW again. Who could possibly prefer two solid hours of mediocre wrestling peppered with mediocre skits over a sleekly produced 120-minute infomercial with the occasional good wrestling match? I don't know -- maybe someone who likes to watch *wrestling*?

And you talk about Stephanie Can't Act -- what about the horrible "The Rock Emotes" promos and skits the last couple of weeks? Christ, that thing between the Rock and Kurt Angle yesterday unnerved the shit out of me -- the Rock is such a bad actor that "intense" Rock sounds an awful lot like "flamin'" Rock -- no wonder Angle looked so disturbed. I'd cover my ass and run in the opposite direction if a mostly naked man stood two inches from me and mumbled soulfully about "wanting to make me happy" and "gettin' his."

Richard C. Kim

But...but he said "ME!" He said "ME!" That's *acting!* At any rate, I heartily suggest you buy a VCR and watch the shows on tape-delay.

Subject: Hey Chris...

Surprised that in your report, you didn't mention all the ads for Monkey Bone that they seem to be shilling as hard as White Girl Breakin. Keep up the good work.

Jon Muggleton

They have to be "Save the Last Dance" level annoying, really.

Subject: The Rock Says...*ME*?

The Rock said *me*, and no one seems to care. He said *me*, gosh darn it! He never says *me*! It's seriously been years since he said *me*!And it's not just that he said *me*, it's that he made a dramatic pause, took a deep breath, looked deep into Angle's eyes and said...*me*! I was shocked for the first time in countless months of watching Raw. *Me*. And the first thought that ran through my mind there anything that WCW could do that would make my jaw drop the way that did?

No one else seems to be with me on this one. You're my last hope, brotha.

Kris Diaz

Hmmm....maybe if I liked the Rock more, I'd have made a bigger deal out of it. I *did* note it, at least... ;-)

Subject: HHH Contract

I understand that wrestling reality is a suspension of reality, and you must assume certain things to make the story more entertaining, but I do have to point out that people claiming that HHH should not be suspended for 6 months because he did not sign his full name are simply incorrect for two reasons.

1. Contracts can be made orally. The Statute of Frauds only requires that contracts in six areas be reduced to writing. I'll spare you from reading about all 6 areas, but the most relevant one requires a writing for contracts where it will take more than one year to satisfy the terms of the contract.

2. In the event a contract is reduced to writing, at common law, a signature is (i) any mark that (ii) is intended to authenticate the document and the signer. A mark can be a full name or even the letter X. When HHH wrote H, a mark, on the contract, he authenticated the document and was bound by the terms.

You guys do a great job; I love Wrestleline.


Shouldn't you be out suing somebody?

Subject: "Kobashi DDT"

If the "Kobashi DDT" Bryan Adams kicked out of on Nitro was a double-arm DDT (a la Cactus Jack), then Hudson called it correctly - Kenta Kobashi called it that when he used it as his finisher a loooong time ago.

Chris Bird

I noted it more to make fun of Hudson than to say he was wrong. I usually do that *every* time he calls a "Kobashi DDT."

Subject: How can those We Got Pop....

Um...waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait those guys had Giants jerseys and jackets on...and that's the Meadowlands! Are they tailgating an empty stadium waiting for the NY/NJ Hitmen? The hell?

Please CRZ explain!


Tom Carroll told me they taped at the Meadowlands during the Giants' playoff games.

Subject: bitch

hey you fucking fag why you dissin Rey mysterio its not raymond stero shit dont even make senze so what if he got his butt kicked he always does and wins though you just a fucking hater hes IS THE BEST DAMN CRUISERWEIGHT ever.

usama azam

Easy, easy. I *like* Misterio. Perhaps if you'd read my reports for a while, you'd know this already.

Subject: Re: bitch

well sorrybut the way you where talking it just didnt seem like that.

usama azam

Yikes. I'm lucky you don't like Steve Austin as much!

Subject: Nitro Report

To answer last two lines in one word: NO!


Subject: Scott Steiner and cruiserweight squashes.

Usually I don't comment on these things, in fact, this is the first time, probably because I don't know everything.

However, the cruiserweight squashing may not be as bad as you think it is. It's not the best idea, that I agree with, but there is precedent. I'm not sure if this counts as a defense of this, but I do think it was not as bad as everyone makes it look out to be.

I regularly remember Vader beating up two to three jobbers-JTTS level wrestlers weekly when he was in WCW pre-Hogan.

While all 4 of those in the rang are at least decent. (Kaz and Knoble being among the better ones WCW has, Yang being green, and Karagis mediocre), what they are doing with Scott Steiner now is no different to me then what Vader was doing back in the early 90's.

Of course, the question now is does Scott Steiner deserve the Vader treatment? He's not as good a worker as Vader was, but he's carryable to good and is the most charasmatic guy they've got currently working the main events. (IMO of course, and I'm not counting the injured ones) They're definitely giving him the Vader-like push though, and he has run with it. (with Booker T being able to do a decent impersonation of Sting for the feud when he gets back hopefully)

My only fear about these squash matches is it makes it harder for the cruiserweights to "graduate" to a higher position in the guard- though most cruisers cannot do that due to their offense. Was sad to see Knoble in there especially- I thought, and still think, he would have the best chance of the lot due to the fact his offense looks the most credible, and he speaks English. I've never seen him cut a promo though.

Also whenever a cruiser wrestles a heavy in Japan, don't they usually get squashed?

BTW I agree with your assessment of RIck Steiner, but he isn't useless. I mean, I enjoyed the first Steiner-Douglas match a good deal, and he had a very good match with Tank Abbott on Thunder last year. At least they got him away from that bulldog though.

Actually I do think you missed a rip on Nash. Didn't Nash when they did the 1st "new NWO" and they punked out Konnan, didn't Nash say Konnan was nothing or something to that effect?

Jeff Jarlett

Subject: 2/5 RAW

"And you know what's funny? You know what's really gonna make you happy? There's not a damn thing you can do about it. Do you understand the Rock? Do you understand...*me?*"

you were the only recapper that even mentioned this point. i guess no one else thinks this is a huge thing. has the rock, other than screwing up, EVER referred to himself in first person since he went GQ? i can't think of any. combining that with the whipping off of the glasses before he gave the line . . . you gotta wonder if they're turning him heel or something. angle's look after that speech sold it *just* right. :)

good recap. sorry about your kings last night.

Ben Rodgers

Isn't it interesting how the WWF can cause so much notice over just a single word? Is *anybody* else doing this these days?

Subject: Thank you!


Goddamn, man, you did a great thing at the end of your WOW Unleashed onsite recap. I really enjoyed the heck out of the pay per view, but then the way it was mercilessly slammed by the internet left me baffled and rather angry. Keith was ridiculously negative and totally unfair in his rant. Not even acknowledging the hard work that went into the matches, the very good work by all the girls, and the terrific work in the splash match, hardcore match, and cage match was insulting to the WOW girls and to us fans who really appreciated how genuine talented the WOW girls are. Thanks for putting Keith in his place and for eloquently and precisely communicating what I and I'm sure a lot of others who saw the show were thinking and feeling. It really was a very good show for a brand new promotion of neophyte female wrestlers, most of whom had never set foot in a wrestling ring a year ago.

It's fascinating that for a group of people who are crucified by the media and by people they know for being so devoted to something like wrestling, they turn around and Phil Musnick something like WOW, which is at worst a baby promotion still taking its steps and learning how to walk, and at best light years beyond what was expected of it when it debuted.

Yes, there were problems with the show with production and some of the booking, but damn it, the effort was there and the girls and the promotion delivered when it counted, both in the matches and in the storytelling.

I loved the shit eating grin on McLane's face during the Jeannie Buss skit. I loved the Bronco Billie ranch forclosure angle. I loved Selina's heel turn at the end and how she was whacking Terri Gold with the belt all the way up the aisle. I loved Caged Heat's post match celebration. Of course, I loved Lana's antics. And I loved the splash match. Wendi Wheels looked hotter in the tank top and jeans, I thought, than she does in the open coveralls, but that's just me. The sheer lunacy of Josh Milton brings a young man named Foley to mind and that's a high compliment (well, sort of.) I envy you for being there live, brother. I wish I were there.

Sadly, the passing of the PPV marked the end of my regular WOW watching as there is yet no carrier in Boston. I'll be rabidly awaiting your recaps for updates on the show. And I'll be sending you some dough in the very near future, both for the first episodes, and oh, in about six weeks for the shows I'm going to miss.

Thanks again for keeping it real,

OUR so-called SPORT

Subject: Thank You!

CRZ, I have been preaching to the masses about how great WOW is and hardly *anyone* will give the show a chance! Why? I think people on "da net" have gotten it stuck in their heads that joshi puroresu is the *only* women's wrestling, but also because they go in expecting WWF/WCW quality shows. WOW has its own quality IMHO and it works for them. I thoroughly enjoy the show and I was very disappointed that my dish service wasn't carrying the PPV (a friend is hooking me up with a videotape though - better late than never). In short, thank you for debunking Scott Keith's Rant on WOW Unleashed. I usually value Scott's *opinion* but when he admitted going into the show that he had no previous knowledge of WOW, I wasn't expecting much. As for me, I'll be watching WOW week in and week out (and praying that Dish Network picks up the next PPV).

Best Regards,
Chad R. Dupree

Subject: Keith stanks...


Just wanted to say that yer right on the money about Keith's trashing of this show. Any dude who would rather watch Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit slap each other's pecs, than a couple of hot chics has ...well, I'll be nice and call 'em "issues". WOW is fun, period. I watch wrestling for fun, not for some technical four star clinic. If it's not fun...I won't watch it.

E. Stragand

Subject: Your review of the WOW event

Mr. Zimmerman:

Thanks for writing this. I usually enjoy and sometimes agree with Keith, but I definitely agree with you that he was way too ultra-harsh with this show. There was a lot of effort on the part of the girls, who ALL seemed hungry to impress people with this, their first effort. Lee and Bobby were hilarious, they make a good team. I could do without McClane, but oh well, all promoters have to make themselves part of the product nowadays, I guess.

Also, in my opinion, why can't they have some of the slightly corny gimmicks they have? It's fun. I think some of the fun of wrestling in the "Big Three" has been loss because of this need to push towards realism. Part of the reason those of us who are older fans have stuck around is because of that stuff, ya know? (That's why I enjoy, but that's another topic.)

And the workrate on the show WAS surprisingly good. Sure, there were a few cringes here and there, but for the most part I was impressed. I'm old enough to remember the days of GLOW (which I also enjoyed), but this product is miles ahead of that (which as I recall was mostly hair-pulling and that cliched stuff). I will agree that they need to vary the match flows a little, because as Mr. Keith did point out, the cross-body block from the top was used an interminable amount of times.

But still, for $20, I will definitely say it was more entertaining than some of the "Big Three" PPV's from last year. I'll definitely be getting the next one, and I'm jealous you got to attend and meet some of those lovely ladies. (Yes, I'll admit, the "male horndog" aspect of the show is not lost on me either. :) ) I'm also jealous you actually get the syndie, we don't get it here yet in the Grand Rapids, MI, area. Hopefully somebody will pick it up late night on the weekends or something... it can't be any worse than what's on now.

Until then, I'll be reading your reviews! Keep up the good work!

Brent G. Alles

Subject: Bosworth on XFL

If you do watch that game pay attention to Bosworth's commentary. He's out of control! (in a good way).

Here are some quotes.

(early in the game)
announcer: (something about one team being confident.) they were cocky all week
bosworth: yeah, they're full of cock (!)

(right after the quick kick)
(sideline man asks xtreme player why he blew the coverage. xtreme player admits he ran downfield too soon).
announcer: He took responsibility, unlike you.
bosworth: I was MR. Responsibility.
(then, as they're going to commericial and boz thinks the mike is off).
Kiss My Ass.

Bos said something else I thought was funny/outrageous but I forget what it was now. I think it was after the on-field interview with the demon receiver right after he made his 2nd fumble.

Arthur Kimes

Subject: WOW


Nice to see you take Scott Keith to task for being an elitist jerk (well that's what I think anyway). I saw the PPV and agree with your review. It was an entertaining show. I hardly ever watch the syndie since it airs at 2:00am Saturday night, but I have read your recapps and got it mostly on your recommendation.

I am glad I did.

Dave Hanna

Subject: WOW PPV

Dude I totally agree with you about the WOW PPV. I watched it and I really enjoyed it, especially the hair match, splash match, and title match. The alleged Netcop's ratings for the matches seemed as though they were being compared against Kobashi/Misawa matches. Fact is, as you pointed out, this show was aimed towards a certain type of audience, and someone in a position of influence such as Scott Keith should not rip into a show just because it's not "their type of show," so to speak. I personally felt that the show was made that much better by the amount of effort the ladies put into their matches, and the way it showed in their performance, in an ECW-type way.

Elliot Smilowitz

Subject: Hey


I just read your recap covering the WOW show. And let me say, if I'm ever back in the San Jose area I will buy you the beverage of your choice for the way you laid Keith out. Our "wrestling PPV" crew got together to watch the cards, and didn't know what to expect. I've never watched the syndicated programming but saw a picture of Heather Steele and decided it was "must see tv." Anyway, I think you're right in your assesment of their product for the most part. A little variety in their exchanges would be nice. But the one thing about the show that I loved (yes, even more than the super cheesey back in the 80s vignettes and characters) was that the matches got better and better (or more dramatic) as the show progressed. That's the way it's supposed to be. Keep up the good work.


Subject: Finish this sentence

Bob Ryder is to WCW, as CRZ is to ---.

WOW, that was a shill job the likes I've never seen before. That's alright your still my favorite recapper.


Never let it be said that EVERYBODY agrees with me. ;-)

Subject: Nitro

I care deeply - Well, not relly


Subject: WOW Pay-Per-View


I Just read your piece on the WOW PPV and thanks for confirming that I'm not crazy. I sent a letter to the Torch website immediately after watching WOW Unleashed saying how much I liked the thing and have been cringing the last few days after watching every other wrestling net writer call it abysmal. This was my first exposure to the promotion and I still liked it. I thought it was fun old school stuff and pretty good for a fledging promotion. It amazed me that everyone could trash this so unmercifully on one hand and be supportive of that Pop Warner level football mess Vince McMahon perpetrated last week on the other. Why couldn't anybody else figure out that all those early matches were meant to showcase their roster for the benefit of newcomers like me? The show was certainly more fun than the stuff the Big Two put out on TV these days that often seems to be filler between PPVs. I do wonder from the hostile tone of some pieces if some writers just have an inborn prejudice against women wrestling at all or if they can't appreciate anything more complicated than an ECW-style catfight. There is a lot of potential in WOW and I'm hoping what they do on the next PPV is even better.

Jerome Wilson
Greenbelt, MD

Subject: RE: Your WOW review...

You are a GOD. Bless you (and Scaia) for speaking out amidst this sea of crap hurlers.

Even more than the rest of his remarks, I remember Scott Keith's comments on Slam Dunk most. I mean, when you blather about them insulting your intelligence by telling you she's 6'3"... but she actually IS 6'3"...

I wasn't overly familiar with his past work, but holy shit did he make himself out as an ignorant asshole smark there. Does he happen to be the source for that little voice in your head? ;-)

Enough of that, though. Let us instead bask in the image of two paragons of journalistic integrity... by comparison with Scott Keith, anyhow...


Is it true that Hammerin' Heather Steele took that picture? Golly, she IS really short - check out that camera angle! We must TOWER over her!

Subject: stone cold and triple h observation

Wouldn't it had been okay for them to go at eachother because vince said they can only get physical if its in a sanctioned match, which their tag match was.....

Martin Boynton

Again, I think they have to actually be on opposite sides...Vince's reference to H's missed swing on SmackDown! seems to confirm that theory...

Subject: Guess what's next week?

It's the Westminster Dog Show.

Will Vince go out of his way to take years of pent-up frustration out of being bumped for the dog show to skewer it the way he's torched (pardon the pun) the Anti_XFL members of the media?

Just something I thought of while reading this week's tv guide.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Subject: SoCal and Mapquest

Dude. Try getting to Brentwood from San Diego and use mapquest to get you there. Go ahead. I dares ya! It is near comical.

Peter Fonte

Subject: Where do Nitro get their script writers?


Just a thought but the last two weeks now wrestlers have been cutting promo's straight out of the film Tombstone, the one with Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer. Last week we had Dusty Rhodes saying "Hey, you guys wanna fight - well, you got one comin' and it's comin' tonight." Then this week you had DDP saying "I'm your huckleberry"

So next week I think Nitro will feature Gunfight at the OK?

Keep up the good work
Pete D.

Subject: Your WOW recap header...


First off... actual press credentials and you can't get the gumption to do an interview. Man, to be in your shoes... of course, I would have gotten kicked out of there with the non-kayfabe questions I would have asked, but hey...

Good point you made about people knocking the PPV when they haven't even seen the show, ever...

But that 'taller on TV' thing... I remember, it was a couple years back now, when I saw Fozzy play here locally... I met Chris Jericho, and man, he was SMALL. Now I know it's because I'm out of shape instead of muscular, but I was taller than he was by a good bit, and bigger to the point where I saw him and said 'wow, I could take him easy...'

This was in the period where he was leaving WCW... and he did a full tope suicida stage dive during his set... and I was thinking... 'what a dumbass.' He wasn't caught very well either and kinda klunked to the floor, too... what a way to risk the career.

Jim Raggi
Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Subject: hey Chris

I'm telling you, Elix Skipper is the next Benoit. Just remember you heard it from me first!

Keep up the great work.


*That* was an unexpected opinion.

Subject: Nitro does suck

It is sad to see what WCW has done to you. It is clearly obvious that WCW has wounded your spirit for wrestling. I've read your Nitro report from about the point when Nitro was starting to suck until now. You don't even care anymore. I can't blame you. If WCW has something good worth developing they always screw it up. I was really excited about the whole New Blood/Millionaires Club story,Sting vs. Vampiro and most recently Lance Storm and the cruiserweights. WCW ended up screwing it all up. So I know you get alot of hate letters because of you open criticism of WCW. And the last few weeks it looked like wcw was really trying hard to put on good shows. I was able to tolerate Buff and Luger's weak attempt to reek of awesomeness and Rick Stiener's recent push. I was willing to wait for Booker T, Goldberg and Sting to return and continue to hope for something interesting to be done with Storm, Awesome, Kanyon and other talented wrestlers. But after the 3!3!times of a bogus mystery wrestler blowoffs that sucked I give up. Rather than hope for good things to happen I am resolved to accept that the worst will happen in the near future with WCW. Firstoff all the WCW fans are saying just wait till the big guns come back. Another big Sting return that goes nowwhere. The worst thing that could happen, which doesn't seem to crazy is a Hogan return.

I will keep watching becuase of those guys besides Animal, DogFace Stiener, Totally Buff, The Cat and Kevin Nash. I tried to be interested in them but they tried even harder to bore me with their horrible matches and awful interviews. They could at least spread out the crappy wrestlers throughout the card rather then put them all together in the most important spot. Large heel factions don't work. (Ie. NWO and New Blood)They take away the focus from Stiener and Jarrett. They don't need sidekicks that suck. If there are WCW fans who do like the current WCW then they deserve eachother. my rant was long enough and at times incoherent but it was also theraputic.Later.

Sam Aguayo

I actually get very little mail AT ALL about WCW these days...and more and more it looks like they're going to end up going out not with a bang...but with a whimper.

Subject: Great Great Review

Dear CRZ,

I am a weekly reader of your work for the Big 2. I was, and still am a religious mop-up reader and was tuned in to your work my Mr. Hyatte (see, he is good for something :) ) and his good-natured rips on your "WALKING" reviews. Your work has been incredibly solid and fun to read, but I am not really into writing recappers letters for whatever reason, be it laziness or the fact that there is never really anything *that* controversial or different to take a stand on. But I wholeheartedly agree with both your review of the WOW PPV and the rationale you gave for the way you handled it.

Unlike you, I had never seen the WOW television program. I honestly just ordered the PPV as a Bobby Henna mark who wanted to see whether the Brain was just a victim of diminishing skills or whether WCW had shackled him -- for what it is worth, I have decided the latter was the case as he seemed enthused about the new work and did good color work despite definitely being unfamiliar with the product. But I was genuinely entertained by this PPV more than any WCW or WWF PPV of recent memory. I remember Hyatte saying that the Internet had ruined wrestling -- taken the fun out of watching it because the Big 2 were pandering to smarts, and also because the product was ceasing to be the focus, but rather the analysis of what politics produced the choices made by the bookers became what I was taking most notice of. I even had been dumb enough to read Thunder (yes I watch weekly) and Smackdown taping spoilers.

The WOW pay per view was the TV Event of recent memory that was truest to the professional wrestling I grew up with in the late 0s and 80s. The characters and the CREATED storylines were once again the focus. There simply hadn't been enough talk about the workers' behind the stage lives to ruin that purity yet. I enjoyed the PPV because for the first time in a while I didn't really have to suspend disbelief -- I didn't know any alternate reality than what I saw. I didn't know who was getting squashed to sell a legit injury, or who was in and out favor with those who posses the grail of *stroke*.

It's like this: When Nash was booked into the main event last Monday, and Rick Steiner snagged Magnum T.A,'s belt, and Scott Steiner wrestled three times, all that sensory input was being translated into the language of the Internet mark -- "Oh Uncle Eric is back, looks like Nash may be booking this crap, etc." But with WOW, I had no thoughts along those lines, and was really psyched about it. I have no idea if Ice Cold is in or out of favor and if she will be able to come back from her trip to Mills Lane's barber and claim revenge. That freedom to allow myself to be entertained was priceless, and certainly was more than worth the purchase price of the PPV.

At the same time, I was also reasonable about expectations oof the athletes involved and was quite content to judge the work I saw by the fact that 1) the performers were women, 2) they were all relative newcomers to the sport and 3) the company was just getting off it's feet. By approaching it this way, I really was giving most matches really positive review. I enjoyed every match, some obviously stood out more than others, because there was nothing that wreaked of being lazy, or inane within the context. I realized that this fed was refreshingly committed to kayfabe and so the Disciplinarian's purchase of Brandi's farm was delightful to me. And as far as the wrasslin itself, why bash Jungle Grrl for not hitting that splash like Snuka did off the cave at MSG. The advertising never said that the greatest athletes in the world were competing . . . WOW never said this is where the big girls play. Sure there were some lousy production inccidents by any standard, but that is not what all these negative, elitist reviews are being fueled by.

Rather, Keith Scott and his ilk reviewed this PPV in a truly stupid manner. In the context of mainstream sports, this would be like watching American Legion Ball and writing up all the reason that the World Series was better. Anyone who picked up the paper wouldn't even understand what inane editor Okayed that approach. So I think you are right on the money with this review, and am happy for you. Because by remembering the context, you allowed yourself to enjoy it. And in a way, the big 2 could take a lesson from WOW in remembering why pro wrestling used to be a lot more fun. I hope WOW succeeds and I really hope WOW decides to hold tight to Kayfabe.

There is room for all sorts of entertainment in the biz. And for one, I am glad I once again have the opportunity to really have a federation that I get to follow ONLY on TV, and not online. Keep up your great work man. I envy your job, and would love to swap gigs with you if you ever want to come be a lawyer in New York. I'll just turn my case files over to you and give you my office key. Just a suggestion if you ever need a break. Maybe I might try and peddle a kayfabe recap of the Monday Night Shows to some site. It might be fun to see what the product actually looks like again as a fan and evaluate it with all disbelief suspended. Anyway, thanks for listening, or rather reading, to this point in my ramblings, if you got here, and enjoy yourself. Best of health and really best of luck in all your endeavors. You bring a lot of smiles and laughs into a lot of peoples' weeks. And that is not a trivial career, by any standard at all.

Very Truly Yours,
Justin Killian
New York, NY

Subject: stephaie mcmahon

doe sstephaie or did stephanie ever wear glasses on tv? does she wear them in real life? do u have any pics with her wearing them if she does? thnka please respond


Whoa, now THAT'S a fetish! I wish I could help you because this seems REALLY important to you....but I just don't know.

Subject: Smackdown

Must...have...Smackdown recap


Geez, you'll probably be wanting an "I Get Letters" page next...


Christopher Robin Zimmerman
[slash] wrestling

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