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Subject: re: Smackdown recap.

You were right, Holly(Holy?)wood Records did indeed tank, AAAAAAAAAAAND I'm wondering how many people caught the part where you sneaked in the, "how come Coach gets to flirt with Molly while I'm waiting for Taker and Kane to fuck me up?" part. Yaaaaaaaay f-bomba! Silly Wrestleline, not allowing that sort of thing, and here's hoping for many more uses thereof. Or this could have sounded like a new plateau of juvenile jackassery. Huzzah! And you get letters.


Never before has a "fuck" meant so much to so many. ;-)

Subject: Hey! Didja happen to notice......

I was reading your terrific (as usual) Smackdown report at Wrestleline, when I noticed that something was missing.....and it got me to thinking. I was wondering if I was the only one who noticed Rhyno just toss the Hardcore Title onto a pile of old boxes and walk off with E&C, without a care in the world? Crazy shit man. Was this meant to be seen? Will the WWF keep this in continuity? Weird. Just some shit that I was wondering about....


I missed this, but I seem to recall he had it on Monday. (He did, didn't he? My mind is going.)

Subject: Big Show

I just thought of a great nickname you could use for the Big Show. You could call him King Kong Big Show, because he dresses like King Kong Bundy and is big, slow, and stupid. What do you think?

Josh Coran

Damn, everybody hates the Big Show now. Also, that nickname isn't "great." I'm sorry to be blunt about it.

Subject: Info

Hello, I am a student moving to State College, Pennsylvania. It is right on the campus of Penn State University. I have a dream of making it big one day in the wrestling world. I would like to know if yuo know of any indy leagues, wrestling schools, or a ring where I can go and practice near teh Penn State Area, I would really appreciate if you could help me out and see if you know of any. Thank you.


Let's see. I'm in California...Penn State is a hair over 2700 miles from Sunnyvale. Yeah, I know ALL ABOUT that area. I'll get RIGHT back to you on that.

Subject: Kane...

Why doesn't Kane just set his opponents on fire? Would this be a legal maneuver? A submission move, perhaps? I think even SCSA would submit if he noticed his leg was ablaze. Also, didn't UT and Kane have a match at one time where the ring was surrounded by flames, and the winner was the first man to set his opponent on fire? Why didn't Kane just set UT on fire by touch? Sometimes, wrestling is soooo confusing. All the people I know who have the power of pyrokinesis would have taken advantage of the situation. "Vince, how about you book me to win the title tonight? Otherwise I reduce you to ash."

Jack Bartram

Maybe he can only do it one show per year, so he saves it for really SPECIAL occasions.

Subject: Can't read your website

The "added 22.4.1" section has jst the right combination of light purple on royal blue that I can't read the links :)


Please adjust your monitor (or pray for a quick Kings exit). ;-)

Subject: about your recaps

Hello, I'm a college student and a huge wrestling fan (as are most of us, heh), and I have a paper due for my Television Analysis class and I chose Smackdown as my show which the paper will be based on. Well we have to dedicate a part of the paper to analyzing one or two episodes of the show, and well sadly I don't have access to my tape collection so I don't have any old episodes I could watch and analyze.

However, I am a regular visitor to this site, and I know you give great recaps of the show, and was wondering if possible if you could e-mail me some of your old Smackdown recaps (preferably from like one or two of the really important shows, and actually anything that has a huge emphasis on Austin vs McMahon is even better, for what I'm going to be doing with this paper). This would be a GREAT help to me, and if it isn't too much trouble I'd really appreciate it if you could help me out. Thank you very much for your time.


If you werREALLY regular visitor, you'd know that I have an archive at, but above and beyond that I don't have the time to do your research for you. Good luck!

Subject: Is Shawn McMahon ever going to have Monday Night Nitro on Television.

David Strauch

Who is Shawn McMahon? Also, your message was empty.

Subject: fast-food

Holy cow, a TRIPLE Ultimate Cheeseburger at Jack in the Box? I need me some new arteries!

grrrr . . . being out in Virginia sucks sometimes. no JITB chains in the area. i miss the HUGE burgers that they put out. they still have the death-by-bacon-and-beef thing? i forget what it's called.


Was it the Colossus? Maybe Rob will write and tell me - I'm drawing a blank. Hey, check out the BURGER WITH ITS OWN PRESS RELEASE:


my phx suns will roll you

Wesley Mosher

What did *I* do to them? By the way, is that your REAL name?

Subject: Pepsi Arena, Pepsi Center...

Chris -

Not to ever throw cold water on your hard work... but on the most recent raw recap, you mentioned that it was live from the Pepsi Arena in Denver. Actually, that's the Pepsi Center - the Pepsi Arena is in Albany, New York, which is another stop on the WWF caravan.

Why did this larry-and-darryl-and-darryl situation occur? Originally the Pepsi Arena in Albany was the Knickerbocker Arena (named after an old newspaper in Albany that no longer exists). When the stadium authority needed to raise some quick cash, they sold the naming rights to Pepsi. It took us locals a couple of years to get used to it, so when we heard Pepsi had also purchased the naming rights to the new Denver arena, we were concerned - until we learned that would be the Pepsi Center.

Thank god the WWF hasn't gotten into purchasing naming rights for buildings. I just could not imagine attending a concert at the "Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth" Fieldhouse.

Other than that, keep up the fine work.

Chuck in Albany

Hey, I called it the Pepsi Center TWICE and the Pepsi Arena only ONCE - and THAT was during the pre-show hype and I THINK you can EXCUSE me because I got it RIGHT *DURING* the show. TWICE.

This is a bit like the hundred or so people who wrote to tell me Big Show did NOT say "goobers" because they didn't bother to read down to my long, long bit about what he may or may not have said a few segments later. Sometimes, you have to read the whole thing and hold off on firing off that angry letter "correcting" me.

You're excused, though, Chuck, because your letter was entertaining. "Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth" Fieldhouse. C'mon, that'd RULE.

Subject: RAW RECAP

WWFEDGECHRISTIAN.COM and THE NEW MAN (with Stephanie Can't Act & Castrol Motor Oily presents Backlash! & WWF: The Music [Volume 5] CD cover) and STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN v. AD BREAK - pay attention to these entrances, folks. There can be no doubt who the #1 man in the WWF is right now - and you can't help but wonder how the #2 guy feels about that...

I know HHH has the cooler entrance of the two, but which were you referring to as #1, HHH or Stone Cold?


I always present the matches in order of entrance, so up there you can see that Triple H entered BEFORE Steve Austin. And, as we all know, whoever gets the last entrance MUST be THE MAN (of the hour, at least). Of course, you could spoil that argument by saying "but last week on RAW, Jeff Hardy came out second!" to which I'd reply "but he was the champ last week" to which you'd reply "okay, so what's wrong with having the WWF champ enter after the IC champ?" and I'd say "shhhh, you're getting away from the clever point I wanted to make. Confused?

Subject: Raw report

Hey, it's about time to update the opening credits roll call again, some new faces since the last time I recall ya doing it.

Also you wrote: "Sorry, I meant to say 'GORE! GORE! GORE!' I'll work on that."

He lost, get over it, liberal. And get a haircut you hippie!

Also also: "Taker and Kane were pretty shaken up (shook up?)"

What's wrong with "shaken"? Can you imagine bond ordering a drink "Shook, not stirred"?

Also also also (this one actually serious): "At this point, I should probably sigh...but man, it sure seems like things have been moving tonight."

You really got into last night's show? It was the first time in a long time I'd have *nothing* good to say about the show a'tall.


In order: I only did a credits roll call for Thunder, it was a takeoff on Heyman's call of Rhyno's signature spot, while I have long hair I am *still* a registered Libertarian, here I'm making the "the joke went over your head" hand motion again, and after a quick glance around the Web it appears that I may have been the ONLY person to be entertained by Monday's show. We'll see what Rick says about it; maybe HE'LL save me from standing alone.

Subject: Did I miss something??

Did I see it wrong or what, but last week on smackdown before the Undertaker/Kane -Edge/Christian/Rhino match, when E/C/R were walking backstage to the ring, Rhino set his hardcore title down on a box. This would open new possibilitys of him forgetting he has the title and leaving it somewhere only to someone pick it up and have to win it back each week.


Are you Vic with a different name?

Subject: Larry King and.....


Do you ever remember when Jim Ross used to refer to Paul Heyman(or Paul E Dangerously) in 1990s WCW as Cy Sperling? Cy was the president of the Hair Club for Men. Mind you, with the amount of times Ross alluded to it, I wouldn't be surprised if they were a sponsor.......

Andrew McCarthy BSc
Network Support Advisor
South East Essex College

I wasn't watching WCW back then, I guess. Check out "the Sy Sperling story" at

Subject: (no subject)

Hey CRZ,
What happened to your Kings on Sunday?
They are going down to the Suns.
By the way the Lakers won their first game, and they are on their way to a repeat.


So are you a Suns fan or a Lakers fan? Or do you like to write to strangers and gloat about how their team lost a game? And, if by some miracle the Kings DO advance, will you write me again to let me know you're wrong? Hey, *I* never said we were going ALL THE WAY! even though that'd be pretty cool. But I'm also trying to remain realistic here.

Subject: why must you play favorites, sir?

shame on you for not calling the chyron people onto the carpet! Lillian Garcia managed to NOT identify Edge & Christian as tag team champions during last night's main event, but the chyron certainly did. Perhaps some day, they'll both be right at the same time.

Chris Eckert

Well, I missed the chyron, plain and simple. Besides, it's more FUN to poke fun at Lilian (or poke her - but we take what we can get around here).

Subject: Re: Is Shane McMahon ever going to have Monday night nitro on

Television. Shane McMahon owns WCW Wrestling now.

David Strauch

Ohhh....SHANE! Well, I think Monday Nitro is dead. Saturday Nitro, on the other hand........?

Subject: about angle

Do you know if Angle was injured in Monday's match? The reason I ask is this: During the match, Jericho propelled Angle over the rope and onto the floor, and as Jericho followed after him, I noticed that Jericho seemed to be checking on Angle, who appeared to be writhing in agony. Jericho was kneeling down over him.

And then, almost immediately the match ended. Then Jericho got into the ring and was whispering something in the ref's ear. I replayed it a few times. Instead of wailing on Angle as he lay on the floor, he appeared to be showing concern for his well-being. I thought it was unusual. Did you notice it? If Angle was injured, I haven't read about it anywhere.

On another note, while reading your Raw recap, I had to laugh at your reference to Brett Somers. She was on Match Game, and that show was always a guilty pleasure when I was growing up. Man, she was a hag.

I enjoy your reports.


I missed that, but it *might* explain why such a hyped match only went two minutes. Nobody there live reported any medical help for Angle, though - at least during my quick surfing earlier today. I guess we'll find out at SmackDown!

But man, don't you EVER dis Brett Somers - that's my GIRL.

Subject: (no subject)

I really do not like your raw reviews at all. I started reading them just a week ago, because of the tragedy that happened at IGN Wrestling. I don't think any of your jokes are funny, and I really don't care that you saw a Jack In The Box commercial. You also stated that you have not seen the WWF hyping upcoming shows in Years? Well, that's funny because every weekend on Superstars and LiveWire they show that same exact thing. If you could take a lesson from how IGN Wrestling used to review WWF shows.


Please find another source of show reports. I'll never change, and I'll NEVER make you happy, and I don't feeling like counting on you to come around.

Let me add, however, that of IGN and CRZ, one is still producing wrestling content today. Now granted, that may not say much...but it says SOMETHING.


Christopher Robin Zimmerman
[slash] wrestling

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