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These shades cost me FIVE BUCKS!!

Subject: smackdown

how come smackdown is not on in Cedar Rapids, Iowa? LET ME KNOW PLEASE. There are major WWF fans here. thanks

Robert Gates

Yeah, I told them not to air it there. Sorry about that!

Subject: hey man

did you hear, stone cold on howard stern from the VMA awards last night.. it aired this morning.. he's with Debra, apparently they are serious too

John Zukowski


Subject: The wonders of post production

I was at SmackDown in Albany on Tuesday and it's amazing to see the differences between the tapings and the finished product. The time between the end of the Y2J countdown and the music and the pyro starting up was like 10 minutes as they lowered the cage, Jericho checked it out to make sure it was sturdy, and then finally got in. Shamrock just had to stand there the whole time anxiously looking up throught the time tunnel. I only wish I had ringside seats so I could yell things at him for 10 minutes and see if I could get him to laugh or break character.

The main event took damn near a half hour to get through as the Rock and Mankind were shovelling dirt on TBS for like 5 minutes before the Undertaker got his breath back and SLOOOWWLY made his way back to the grave for the save. Then TBS and Mankind went off-stage for another 5 minutes to catch their breaths while Rock and UT slammed each other around under the Adviltron. Then it was Rock and UT's turn to rest as they went backstage for a while after TBS came out and tossed Mankind into the grave (which was way more incredible to see in person, he bounced a good 6 inches when he hit that dirt). Then TBS shovelled for another 5 minutes until we finally got the shot of UT and Rock backstage and it pretty much went along with what you saw afterwards, but Austin rammed the ambulance at least two more times than he did on the show. You could tell they were trying to get it from every possible angle so they could pick the best ones later on. I also think that the "Austin" chant they played when the Ambulance backed out was from earlier in the night because most of the people were streaming for the exits as soon as they declared UT and TBS the winners, too bad because after that was the best 20 minutes of the night with Austin coming back out after the attack with the big rig and swilling some beer and using Shane for stunnermania.

Your eyes did not deceive you with the Heat banner you spotted. They filmed some Heat matches earlier in the night, and when they made the switch to the SmackDown banner they missed that one side. Somehow they never got to that side of the ring until the title match, but right after the cameras left the ring from that match some guy who's probably out of a job now, had to switch it over to the SmackDown! banner, oops. I was just surprised thet didn't try to digitally replace it in the broadcast, but I guess that would have been too much effort for such a minor gaffe.

Oh well, thought I would pass this on and I now know that I never want to go to a sitcom taping. The breaks really killed the heat and there were a few times on the TV show that I could tell they had inserted a crowd track (I guess Goldberg's not the only one to do it). During the almost 20 minute break between the Shamrock angle and the main event Earl Hebner kept the fans entertained by making pantomime gestures about a gentleman at ringside's drinking habits and weight, (he was making fun of a fat drunk redneck who must have been a plant). He got a good pop for it though that whacky old ref.

Timothy Cullings

Subject: Nash news flash

During his retirement, Poochie was traveling to his home planet(in a black hummer), an accident occured and the white hummer was destoryed, with its passengers killed, and due to Biscoff's ousting, new executive vice president Krusty the Clown will present a sworn affidavit promising that Poochie will never return.


Subject: RE: ya missed it

all three members of the Mean Street Posse lost their casts at the exact same time...i never knew a neck, leg and arm heal at the exact same time...

David Cohen

Yeah, see, the thing about that is...HEY! That Ivory sure is a spunky chick, ain't she?

Subject: Question

First things first, I absolutely LOVE your write ups of the RAWs and (especially) Nitro's and anything else you put out. They ALWAYS have me laughing. But I gotta question for you..history question...could you tell me what year and which PPV the Mankind vs. UT Hell in a Cell match was?? I'm getting different dates from everybody! Thanx a bunch! Cant wait to hear what you think about this weeks Big 2 shows!! Looking forward to it!

LinZee Moe

Yeah, it was KotR '98.

Subject: Raw

Hey did you notice that D'von dudley's partner was a confederate bandana??? d'von is black or african american to be poltically correct and his partner being White and wear a confederate bandana seems wierd to me.

Dan Maloney

Did you really just ask about political correctness while talking about PRO WRESTLING?

Subject: did you catch the hum-vee on Raw

Always love your columns. Did you happen to catch the hum-vee in the parking lot on Raw. It was early in the show. Wonder if it was on purpose?


Subject: WCW Nitro

Fitting Tony Shitvano stated "this is what WCW is all about" when we expect Sting vs Benoit for World Title and get Steiner vs Benoit for TV title. Shitvano even state's it's a "big win" for Benoit after the match is over. Now that's cute. Benoit went from US Champ, to #1 contender for World Title, to TV Champ in less then 24 hours. Different day, same old story. Hey you think Bret Hart will blame his sister Diana and/or Vince McMahon for Lex Lugar's "stiff" baseball bat shot tonight? Have a great one, maybe you can take Shitvano's job. It's obvious he's got to go.


Subject: Hey

Ya know what I realized? The gimmick of Crash Holly and Hardcore Holly imitates dogs. The fox terrier dogs... they weigh about 15 lbs, but think they can match up to any size dog there is. Just proving the WWF is going to the dogs... think about all the dog references :)


Woof woof woof. Woof woof woof woof woof. WOOF! Woof woof woof WOOF woof.

Subject: Clicking Channels


I think I need to see a psychologist. Have you ever heard of Phantom RAW Syndrome. I taped the main event of Nitro so I wouldn't have to switch away from the last 10 minutes of RAW. At 11:15 p.m. (Eastern) started watching the tape. From the time Michael Buffer introduced Sting and Lex as weighing in at a combined "828 and 1/2 pounds" to Hogan forgetting he was a face and raking Sting in the eyes, I found myself unconsciously hitting the "last channel" button on my remote. But the channel wouldn't change! It was a tape? Do you think somebody can help me?

Christopher Cheavers

Woof woof! WOOF woof woof woof woof. Hope this helps!

Subject: cheez-it party mix

I think I figured out why your "This match is the pretzels" line never really "got over," so to speak. Some people happen to LIKE the pretzels. I, for one, find them to be a welcome diversion from the monotonous cheesiness of the Cheez-Its and the shuffles and such. So stop knocking the pretzels, you Cheez-It mark!

Mike Arnold


Subject: Nitro

If Ric is booking, look out! The immediate difference I can see is the longer, better-written promos, seriously diminished use of catch-phrases, except for Hogan, and a return to having the singles belts correlate to some sort of pecking order amongst the talent. Plus I give them a lot of credit for trying to make sense of Sting's history in the video montage, but nothing works better than Sting remembering Flair screwing him over. Besides, God knows that shattered patella around 87-88 did more to wreck his career than anything else. Whatever, it's all working for me. Can you say Berlyn vs. Benoit feud? If Benoit can carry Sid to a decent match, he and Wright should do fine, and I bet that's where they are headed.

Tony Dela Cruz

I keep hoping he'll feud with Disco Inferno for some reason...

Subject: HHH

Hey CRZ- hope everything is going well. My question is this? Why is Austin arrested for attempted assault on HHH for trying to ram a semi into the ambulance HHH is in, but HHH can go around and accost the entire WWF roster with a sledgehammer with no chance of retribution?

Brian Daly

There's a perfectly logical explanation for that, and it is - hey, anybody seen Madusa lately?

Subject: heel turn and xpac

do you know when DX will be back together? (im thinking WM 2000) and when Xpac turns heel?

i think the prefect chance (for at least Xpacs heel turn ) would be at unforgiven. during the 6man main event Xpac should interefere to screw Kane out of the title and to help HHH keep it.

what do you think about that?


I'm not sure I care - I was never big on DX. But when (not if) it DOES happen, there'll be MONEY to be made!

Subject: Godfather line

"roll up a fattie for Pimp Daddy" means, basically, roll up a joint for the Godfather..kinda goes with his "light it up one time" line


I knew this, you know.

Subject: nitro

Who the hell is this Galatea doing the Nitro report? It's HORRIBLE! No detail, no correct naming of moves and incredibly stupid opinions. So what's going on? I know I'm not the only person writing to you about this, but PLEASE tell me this is not a permanent thing.


WrestleLine has ALWAYS had two Nitro and RAW reports. Mostly it's an insurance policy because they think that when (not if) I run out on them, they'll still have reports. This week more people noticed than normal because for some reason the WL folks took a DAMN FUCKING LONG time to get it posted, especially since the RAW report went pretty much right up. Anyway, check the byline - if it says "Christopher Robin Zimmerman," it's me. If it says "Galatea," you shouldn't write me and bitch about "my" report. And of course, you can always write for super much fun....

Subject: You Got Letters

Here's one now!

Think you may have come down too hard on Nitro last night; it at least showed some signs of consistency (the hobgoblin of small minds, in case you're keeping track); honestly, the worst moments came only courtesy of three performers: Sid (duh), Rick Steiner (duh) and Buff Bagwell (duh). Sid, of course, is at least mitigated by booking, and hopefully this whole schmozz will end at Halloween Havoc and we can see matches end once in a while. Rick Steiner, however, needs to be fired as soon as possible. He's been showing a disturbing trend in his latest matches, assuming he's the one calling spots, of allowing his opponents no offense, no matter what the match outcome; his win over Saturn on Sunday and his loss to Benoit were basically the same match with different results. I don't even know why they continue to try to cram him near the top of the card... sigh. As for Bagwell - go to the WWF. Please. You'll be happier, I'll be happier. Too bad he ruined any cred Wright's new gimmick would have by only jobbing to the Outside Interference. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. The rest of the show was fairly good though, and it looks like maybe the Revolution jobbing on PPV was just to throw everybody off track or something, as they even got a promo!

K. Thor Jensen

Subject: Observations

In the Unforgiven ads, do they say that Magic: the Gathering is the "Ultimate battle of twits"??

Am I the only one who thinks Steve Black Man's music sounds suspiciously like the "Macarena"?

Maybe the Godfather was talking about Mizark Henry when he said something about "rolling up a fattie"...

Look, wrestling brings up enough disturbing images without you making me think about Luna and Gangrel frenching...ugh.

Boy, this corporate partnership thing you got with Wrestleline has made you soft. Or maybe you're just trying to sweet-talk the McMahons into giving you a deal on the IPO. Because you didn't savage Linda for her abysmal mike work, nor did you take Vinnie Mac to task for "breaking his word" and showing up on TV, "on Austin's side", no less.

Keep up the good work.

Fred World Order

What a curious name. Are your parents Mr. and Mrs. Order? Why "World" for a middle name? I mean really.

Subject: RAW/Nitro Comments

I agree with you 100% about the Silver King-Smiley match. If only they put Smiley and La Parka as a tag team, they'd have a team more over than Harlem Heat, the First Family, and the Rednecks combined.

Bill Barnwell

Hey, I like 'em too, but let's not go overboard...

Subject: hey

Heya, I don't know if you watched nitro last night. (i didn't either I recorded it and watched it today, but in the ending segment, when bret hart gets hit with the baseball bat by luger, i was watching it, and notice that the fucking bat bent... so i rewound it and played it back a few times on slow, and both times the bat got swung at someone, it fucking bent, like it was that really heavy rubber shit. (even though it was a wicked hit on hart and he did actually appear to be legit hurt.)

Just thought it was dumb.


Yeah, but you have to watch it in SUPER slo-mo, so that makes it a pretty good shot as far as I'm concerned. Besides, even watching it frame by frame, it STILL connects - and looks pretty damn painful. No, there are a lot of things to bitch about, but that bat shot isn't one of them.

Subject: It must take a while to write Frick so many times...

I just noticed that they still haven't put up your Nitro report on Wrestleline. The Raw report came up don't think it had anything to do with poor ol' Silver King and Normie Smilin'?

I know it's gotta be a bitch to have to watch Nitro, all the way through....all the way through... But I'll be damned if you don't go to that evasive "next level" when they fuck up as bad as they have.

You're fightin' the good fight, keep it up.

Jose Mochove

Wouldn't it be great if the show was so good my reports TOTALLY sucked?

Subject: hogan is dead weight

CRZ let me first just say that I thoroughly enjoy reading your reports every tuesday. I share many of your views on WCW and the way they do things. As you can probably tell by the subject of my e-mail I can not stand Hogan. It is just a theory here but I believe the only reason that Hogan is working with Bret Hart right now is to look like more of a face. I mean who would boo the partner of the guy who's brother died a couple of months ago. What makes Hogan such a moron is the fact that he can't see or simply refuses to see that he is killing any heat that Hart might receive simply because he sucks ass.

I also dig Sting as a heel. I mean let's face it, he is barely drawing any "heel" heat, and it was a good move to have him punk out Flair to give him credibility as a heel. However, nobody is going to jeer Sting for an extended period of time. I myself am a huge Sting mark and I love it that he is a "heel". Although Sting is certainly past his prime I think this turn could rejuvenate Sting's character a little bit. WCW should just give up the good guy vs. bad guy crap. Sting is supposed to be a heel and the crowd cheers? Sounds similar to what happened to a few guys in the WWF.

To close things up I just want to add a few things. FLAIR is the man, no doubt. Benoit vs. Sting is something I would really like to see but I think it would only work with the world title on the line. Guerrero vs. Saturn was great but I really hope that the stand off at the end is not foreshadowing of a gang war, unless of course Konnan is absolutely humiliated and beat like an unwanted step child. Keep up the good work.

Stephen Moses

Subject: Nitro

Glad you corrected the earlier Nitro recap which had DDP using the "bat" I have super slow motion vcr frame by frame the bat was rubber when Lex goes to pick it up off the mat it bends then when he hit Bret the bat bounces off his face bending again he did take a shot directly more to the side of the face you gotta admit they are getting better Flair back clean wins Buff losing (great)should of done the jobatppv less people watching hey Buff who crying more you or Steiner later

Matt Boston

Hey, it wasn't me! It was Galatea! Leave me alone!

Subject: roll them bones.....

Tell me that you really don't know he was talking about smoking a joint.....sort of along the same lines as X-Pac's "Ass is Grass Shirt" and Road Dogg's "Roll that Dog a Bone". That's why X-Pac dumped Kane- the joint kept getting stuck in his mask causing him to bogart it.

Tell you didn't get a little worked up when Vincent K. hit the ring with his snarls. Followed by Stone Cold. The crowd was hot as shit for that whole scene, while over in WCW for the main event all you could hear were crickets and snoring. That should put to rest where both companies are right there.

So they trade the US title for the Television one...I guess that next beniot will win the nonexistent WCW Women's title. What a crock. They better take it of Sid before Goldberg wipes the mat with his ass. If you hand the US title back to Goldberg he'll treat it like it wasn't Kosher and throw it away.

I think that the Ultimate Warrior is still drawing a WCW paycheck by writing that god-awful shit that Sid is spewing. What the hell is he talking about?

John King


Subject: Buffer

Didn't Buffer say Sting and Luger combined to weigh 872 and one half pounds. What the fuck?

Brendan McGovern

I missed that and really wish I hadn't. I think I need to have a "what will CRZ miss this week and get a couple hundred emails about?" weekly pool or something. Of course, THIS week it was more WrestleLine blunders than me missing Buffer's weight announcement...but what of next week?

Last night I watched nitro for the first time in a while its easier to read an update than waste my time. But I thought I would give it an hour from 8-9 well I tried but when tony said what's flair doing hear he's not on the production schedule and then 2 minutes later mean gene is telling sting to leave because the time is allocated to ric flair. Tony didn't need to add his usual comments but he did .Ok its a stupid point but sometimes its the little things, like hogan calling out sting and flair.

Anyway I'm done venting and will continue to read your updates and try to watch again soon.


It's always the little things, though - isn't it?

Subject: Hogan and Hart tag teaming

Remember the PPV in June 1998?? That was Hogan/Hart vs Piper/Savage.

Oh yes, Hogan fought Bret Hart on a Nitro last year also. It ended up with Sting taking his place later on (about 10 minutes later). Then Hart turned on Sting which led to the PPV match at Halloween Havoc in 1998. Yes, The Warrior ruined WCW and I've yet to see the ratings rise. I also stopped writing my wonderful WCW SERCRET HIDEOUT with the Sting pix to get in when the Warrior came in.


The only PPV *I* remember in June 1998 is KING OF THE RING! HELL IN A CELL! YEAH BABY!

I think I'm the last man on earth to remember STING'S SECRET HIDEOUT. You rule, Mr. X! :)

Subject: Question for you

Did Luger actually nail Hart with the bat? Since I usually tape Nitro, so I can ffwd through all of the garbage, and watch it later I looked at it in slow motion several times and it looked like he did crack him with it. It wouldnt suprise me since Luger is such a dumbass. Maybe you can look into this. If he did hit Brett, I would love to have been backstage to see Hart confront Luger about it. Thanks.

Jeff Kern

MiCasa says Hart wasn't hurt, and that's good enough for me!

Subject: Monday Reports

I was going to say I was amazed you noticed the hummer and all, but I'm really not. I also thought it was cool when Jarrett put Lilian in the figure four. The crowd liked it, too. Hopefully, the injury to her leg doesn't keep out more than, you know, well forever.

What the Hell is WCW thinking? They are putting tickets on sale Saturday for Nitro here in KC when the show is less than THREE weeks away (October 4) That is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard. You'd think they could at least give a month's advance on the tickets. Oh, well. I'm not going. They couldn't pay me to go.


Yeah, but if you go, you can bring a COOL SIGN!

Subject: Hogan/Hart

ALSO teamed against Piper/Savage at a PPV.


Here's another thing I probably should have said, judging by all the mails I got on it...

Subject: Nation Re-formation!

With the Godfather, Henry bit, I began thinking about the impact of a regrouping of the Nation of Domination some time down the line!!!

Think about it- Godfather's over. D-Lo's gettin up there. The Acolytes are somewhat over on the Farooq aspect of things. Rocky, well, nuff said.

This could be a great heel turn for everybody some time down the line. Leave Henry out of it. They could punk him into joining, like DX did to Neidhart. They'd be an unstoppable juggernaut - a force to be reckon'd with! All have been champions in recent months. Imagine the four of them in the ring together, starting of RAW. They'd be over as face/heels in no time!

No leader this time. That'd lead to too much confusion with Farooq being the founder, and Rocky being Mega over.

Would this hurt Rocky's popularity? Not if the cards are played right. Like I said, a heel turn for La Roca (eventually) would require some crazy antics to bail his butt outtadare! At one point have Rock as World Champ, Godfather as IC, D-Lo Euro, etc. All we need is BUTCH REED!! DOOM!! Come on, they'e even got Peanuthead!

Let me know what you think.

Jonah Rivera

I totally dig this! Plus we can hear that COOL music again!

I was trying to figure out who I should email my thoughts to, so I picked the most sardonic sumbytch(I mean that in a good way!) I notice that sometimes WWF has to put character development, in the midcarder ranks, on the backburner. I think this takes away because it cools down some of the angles. I realize this occurs because of a shortage of time so I have a few ideas to create more time in the two hours of RAW, instead of diluting the hell out of the product by making it three hours(not that any wrestling program would do that.)

1. Allow HHH to just have a sofa ringside. This will cut off two minutes of his entrance giving an extra twenty to the show.

2. Let Viscera have a golf cart. If Casey Martin can get one Viscera deserves no less. (Let him use it during matches as well.)

3. Hire the same person ECW had to help Dudley's speech impediment. (that guy did wonders) and if that doesn't work....

4. Let him sing promos because that helps Mel Tillis

5. Whenever Bossman, Acolytes, Blackman, Dr. Death, Bart Gunn and others wrestle bring them into the ring during commercial break because I for one cannot distinguish each one's music.

6. Combine the recaps to be The Slam of the Week that Rescued Somebody. I think that could add another forty minutes per show.

P.S.- Just curious but which of the following is said more on Raw, the = word *ss or the phrase Is This On?

Brian McDuff

God DAMN that's funny. "Is this on?" HAAAAAhahahahahahahahahaha...

Subject: RAW strap match

How come when Finkel introduced D-Von, he said it was a strap match. But when D-Von got the mic, he challenged Faarooq to a strap match, and the announcers acted like it was supposed to be a normal match until the challenge? For a second, I thought I was watching WCW, where just because a match is announced, they still have to have an interview where the challenge is set, and accepted by the opponent, and then the announcers act shocked the match is going to happen. I hope this doesn't become a trend.


Hmmm....that's a VERY good point - but - didn't you just write me already?

Subject: you

are you this much of an idiot that you managed to put the nitro report on both the nitro and raw links. do you work for turner? this is the kind of stuff they fuck up on.

Wayne Moran

Yes, I AM this much of an idiot. I put my fate in the hands of the able-bodied WrestleLine HTML code producers. COMPLAIN TO THEM!!

Subject: Raw report

I tried reading your Raw report, but the link keeps taking me back to the Nitro report. Are you on the take from WCW? Just kidding.

Additionally, I just wanted to thank you for your reports. I find them entertaining and certainly unbiased (HA!). It's a good way to relax and have some fun

Shakir Mohamed


Subject: Help!


As the most powerful Monday night reporter on the Internet, you have the ability to make things happen. That's why I'm coming to you with this vital task.

The rumor mill is buzzing with stories about the Nitro Girls possibly being off television for the rest of the year. I'm a simple man. I don't ask for much. All I want is to pick up my paycheck every week and watch the Nitro Girls on Monday nights. Everything else is gravy.

If this one guilty pleasure is taken away from me, I don't know what I'll do. So I'm asking you, the great CRZ, to help spread the word that we, as fans, have to do whatever it takes to SAVE THE NITRO GIRLS at ALL COSTS!!! Write letters, make phone calls, whatever, but we all need to make our voices heard.

An unemployed Nitro Girl is a sad, sad thing.

Thanks for listening,

This rumour has totally eluded me. I can't say I care either way, really. Hey, think of all the money they could save!!

Subject: wrestling


Was is just me or did it look like Bret Clarke got drilled in the face with that bat??? Are they using the Styrofoam bats or did luger f*ck up and drill him.



Subject: WCW report on Wrestle-line

I just got through reading your Nitro column on wrestle-line and have to let you know that I'm really happy to see that someone has the same opinions that I share. It was truly halariuos. Please keep up the excellent work !!!!!!!

Thanks for making my Day !!!! Brian McDonald

Poor guy - he has NO IDEA I run this other site...

Subject: Anaheim's finest

You got that right!

I watched the Monday Night RAW from the pond and just about laughed my ass off. As a jailer working in Anaheim's city jail, I always look forward to WWF events. We always get at least one or two good arrests from those events (usually alcohol related).

I also like to see if I can spot any of our patrol officers working a taping at the Pond. But I gotta tell you, those "cops" that arrested Austin were not Anaheim P.D. I don't know who they were. They were probably Titan employees dressed up to look like cops. At first, they looked like they might have been, but the patches on the sleeves looked more like private security and definitely not A.P.D. And those "police cars"--PLEASE!

I was, however, amused when I showed up for my graveyard shift Monday night and two of my co-workers told me that people had actually stopped by the jail to see if SCSA was in custody. I love being a wrestling fan. Keep up the great work!!!

Sean Guarino-APD

Thanks for lending your unique perspective! Speaking of those rent-a-cops...

Subject: Looking for a photo

Hey, I was one of the cops with Triple H at the Pond (09-13-99)

I was the big white guy with the shaved head. I stood next to Chyna at the top of the ramp when H was telling stone he had the warrant for his arrest. Im looking for photos of that night. I have lots of video with me in it but no photos.

If you know were I could go on the net to find any please let me know.

I dont know much about WWF but I lucked out and met ManKind, Miss Kitty and the King last week and was asked if I wanted to do the show.

Thanks John

Can anybody provide a vidcap for John? Let me know and I'll put you in touch.

Subject: Jimmy Baron

I live in Atlanta and Jimmy Baron is a morning radio personality for 99x (Barnes, Fram, and Jimmy). They play alternative music and he is known as the funny dumb guy, so you can figure why he would be such a hot commodity for WCW. Maybe he'll take Bischoff's spot.

Derek Doss

I wish *I* were a funny dumb guy on the radio who got to talk to hot chicks in 1-800-CALL-ATT promos. Well, actually, no I don't...

Subject: Nitro and Raw


When Michael Buffer announced Sting and Luger did he say "at a combined weight of 875 pounds"? Me and my friends looked at each other.

On Raw, when Austin was "arrested", I remember Michael Cole telling us on Superstars that unknown to Austin, Shane had taken HHH out of the ambulance before Austin rammed it with the white humm.... er semi. I guess that explains how he got out of jail so easily. They should have put a black ragtop on the semi for shits and giggles.

Just some things we saw.

Thanks, and your Raw report is linked to the Nitro report!
Ross Ferraro

Subject: Triple H theme song

I was wondering do you know what the opening lyrics are for Triple H's new theme song??? I just need the opening lyrics but ifyou know the whole thing that would be great... PLEASE E-MAIL ME BACK


"Is this on?"



Just want to say I dig your reports (Even the ones about the crappy WCW) And the Japanese written on the back of the Revolution's t-shirts means "Revolution". something about Flair wouldve been more funny though. Thanks


Subject: fattie

roll a fattie mean roll a joint. (now the wwf is promoting drugs as well as beating up on girls)

Matthew Borchert

What's a joint, though? Your lingo escapes me!

Subject: Your Reports for 9/13

Hey, I loved what you did for the Nitro report this week. You were absolutely right about Nitro. I saw Benoit/Malenko and said to myself, my God, it could be WCW's time!! They could finally be listening to the fans!! Yet, to my dismay the idiots did it again. They ruined the whole show. Nice Job anyway, I was saying the same thing when Sid came out and interefered, is it just me, or does Sid seem like a little bitch?

Well whatevers, I'm out


Your Nitro report isn't worth it anymore. You had me hooked about 6 months ago. But now, the way you mark for the WWF and run down a promotion that I've followed for years in Crockett NWA/Turner WCW, gets on my nerves. You have a right to your opinion. I've got a right to choose which Monday Night Report I read. You've got some humorous lines, but the anti-WCW bit is old. I'll go back to Earl Oliver at Solie's Vintage Wrestling.


PS. Have you ever had anything good to say about WCW?

Oops, lost another one. Good thing they WRITE TO LET ME KNOW.

Subject: Flair - Sting

OK, is it just me or did Flair leave as a heel? Weren't we all hating Flair when he left? Are we to love him now just because he has graced us with his presence? What makes me really mad is to see Sting walking away from anybody. Especially when it is two on two and he is carrying a belt, and Lugar is armed with the bat. Yet there they were running away from Hogan and Hart (both unarmed). Why does heel have to be the same as coward? Sting turns and gains a yellow streak up his back. The crowd still loves him, let him be bad ass for crying out loud! They should have pounded Hogan and Hart into the ground. Then let Sid run in and help, then have Goldberg come in and clean house! We are all dying to see Goldberg get ahold of Sid. Maybe we would get lucky and Sid would suffer a career ending injury in the process (yeah and maybe I will win the lottery tonight)


Ummm....gosh, I can't remember BACK that far!

Subject: Wrestling

I think your play by play work is the bomb!! I usually just read the Nitro one, because I watch Raw instead, but when I do check out the Raw on it is exactly what happen. The same words spoken that night. Since I can't get Smack Down here at Happy Valley (Penn State), I read your reports!!! Anyway, keep up the good work!!


Subject: this blows

I check this site on tues and wed to see your report and they give me 2 nitro reports.

Christ they at least could have given me 2 reports on the better show.


You DID tell THEM, right?

Subject: shill

You sound like a shill for mcmahon! You know why? It doesn't matter why! Idiot sting & Luger was a shell game. Why don't you dog wwf for stealing the jericho bits or the bubba ray stutter bit. Your are the greatest shill there ever was, is, or will be!!!!!!!!!


God damn, why hasn't the WWF sent me some CHEQUES yet? For crying out loud!

Subject: hart/hogan

well your memory serves you well on those nitro pairings of baldy/the greatest ever. but not to mention to skeevone but they also tag teamed together in a double main event at the Great American Bash 98 against savage/piper. SOmetimes when the brain and shillvonne are there, they aren't.


I feel the same way about me. Sometimes when I'm here, I'm not....wait, what does that MEAN?

Subject: Re: 14-Sep-99 Nitro Report

Hey CRZ I know it must be frustrating and all to write about WCW, (I hate the crap most of the time too!), But remember the great job you do of writing about it and the entertainment you create for your fans. You usually take what they couldn't make "entertaining" and manage to make it entertainment will your writing skills CRZ.

Fuck 'em for their own stupidity, it will only cost them the most in the end!! But you just keep on remember the people who enjoy your honest reports that you give. Once again I "Comment" you for a job well done!! Thanks again!!


Dale aka ..."Atlas7"

P.S. - Was Hart hurt, (That you know of?), with that bat shot? (Sure looked like he was hit with some impact.) Thanks again, laterzzzz

Subject: WrestleLine, those Capitalist Bastards.


Actually, I wrote you some email years ago, and I think my dad wrote you a few times, but you probably don't remember, so let me start by saying you're the greatest Monday Night recapper on the net. Or as Konnan would probably say: "You 'da man, let me toss' yo salad 'cuz you bowdy bowdy and rowdy rowdy!" or something like that.

Anyway, wow, I don't know why i'm writing this email. I guess because I hate the capitalist bastards at Wrestleline and the fact the Mike and Rick sold out by moving WrestleManiacs over there. Oh, and that Galatea person (it's a woman, right? i'm going to refer to her as she even if it's a man, baby!) she really pisses me off. Acting like the Queen of Nitro reports, and not even understanding the difference between a good show and a bad show. But was really upsets me is those bastards at Wrestleline post her frickin' reports even though you're putting out far better reports each and every week. It's like when Bobby Heenan brought Lex Luger into the WWF to fight Curt Hennig as Mr. Perfect and pretty much said: "This man i'm bringing in, to compare him to Mr. Perfect is like comparing Ice Cream to Horse Manure."

Scott Keith seems to be a pretty cool guy too, but it's like he's ripping off you almost. And you know, I wish I could come up with something better than a wrestling analogy, but it's all I can think of right now. Vince McMahon once said: "Chris Jericho could be the next Shawn Michaels." So you're the proven main-eventer, while Scott Keith was held back by WrestleLine, but now that he's with the Capitalists who let him shine, he may become a main-eventer. Anyway, that's my opinion on this stuff.

Lastly, some suggestions. Do you think you could put the total bell-to-bell time back at the bottom of your reports? I really liked that. Next, try and kill the Capitalist Bastard Wrestleline censor, i'll help, it'll be fun... and finally, how about put hidden messages into your reports to undermine the Wrestleline web-site.

That's all. If you want to reply, cool, if not, well, I think i'm a little messed up write now as I write this anyways, so I take no offense. At first I was thinking "hey, I should email CRZ, he's a cool guy." Then it changed to "hey, I should email CRZ to tell him how I feel and to bash those Capitalist Wrestleline Bastards." So take it as you will. Thanks again for reading.

Matt Weinberg - "The last evolution, revolution, everlution!"

College Student extrodinare at DePaul University.

This reminds me of something I told somebody else earlier today..."Nitro - if it's 2/3 shit and 1/3 ice cream, what do YOU think it's gonna taste like?" My problem is that I can't just have the ice cream, I gotta watch the whole three hours without the aid of the fast forward. It's a sacrifice, but it's a pretty sweet gig, too....sometimes...

Subject: Sid must Die

Alright, i'm guessing you get a couple of these mails a day....but what the hell.

I'm writing you because we both have something in common, hell with millions (and the millions) of other fans out there. WE HATE SID. What the fuck is that blonde piece of shit doing? Why is wcw so fuckin stupid? I'll tell you why...and you probably know what i'm gonna say.

#1 Sid must die...
Benoit and Malenko are two athletes that can put on a damn good show. BUT SEE WCW DOESN'T THINK SO, SO THEY LET THE CURLY FAGGOT RUN IN AND FUCK THINGS UP! Sid runs in, hell he can't even run....does his cheasy powerbomb and leaves. Does the carnage end there, NO he has to fuck up damn good luchadore matches and especially a match with NORMAN SMILEY. NOrman is the fuckin man, let the man do his big wiggle, but wcw let's that blonde moron run around with a US belt and interrupts matches. Sid needs to take a running blender to the nuts cause quite frankly a beat down won't do. Sid needs to be taken off TV and out of wrestling for GOOD. Sid never wrestled a good was always someone carrying him...Shawn Michaels did and even now, Benoit carried Sid. Sid should go back to that inbred family he came from and drink himself silly! or better yet why don't you have that blonde faggot be involved in other angle? I mean he'd fit in perfectly with Lenny and Lodi. Sid would be the "perfect" companion of those 2. Oh hell, if he does a run-in, why don't the other 2 wrestlers gang up on him and beat teh shit outta sid...that would be funny as shit to see that curly blonde faggot run down and get his ass handed to him 5 times in a row. Why on earth did Sid come back to wcw? I mean Wcw was pretty crappy as it is...with the exception of the filthy animals and the dead pool, harlem heat, benoit, malenko, and some luchadore matches, nitro resembled something i crapped out. Then you gotta add sid to the picture? WHy? If you got crap on tv, why do you bring in other crap? Sid is one dumb motherfucker and i swear to god if he doesn't get off wcw tv, wcw will NEVER---EVER win a ratings battle again.

#2 Hogan must die
Man, its bad enough that Sid's running around, but now we gotta deal with old fart. hogan thinks he's cool simply because he's back in the red n yellow...well honestly, no one thinks your cool Hogan, you'd be cool if you retired already. Man, we you announced your retirement, it was the happiest day of my life...but then you came back to the ring, things just go down hill from there. You can't even do your leg drop like you used to so doesnt that tell you something? hmm maybe that you are too fuckin old and you should die already.

#3 Give Hart the belt
Bret Hart is the best champ for wcw right now. If anyone will carry the company over Raw, its hart. Hart can deliver kick ass interviews and even back it up in the ring. But see WCW is panzy wrestling, so they won't let hart take the bump n bruises like the ones he got in the WWF. Hart-Goldberg would be a kick ass match, i thought it was the funniest thing when he knocked out Goldberg prior to his "quitting." Well Goldberg is gettin to me, and based on what madden says, he's the #1 man...WHY? Just because the 6-moves and your done freak can have the belt? Goldberg is getting Oldberg and its take the excellence of execution get his damn belt back.

#4 Let Kidman, Malenko, Benoit, Saturn, Douglas, Eddy, Chavo, and Vampiro receive decent pushes...
Man, Raven said that the "big ten" would always get the push...well the names above are the REAL big 8...these 8 put on the fn show on nitro...i'm tired of watchin hogan tag up with someone everynight...he can barely wrestle in a singles match, a tag match is just horrific. Sting and Luger are the Lenny and Lodi from back in the day, you know something's up there, (not literally). IF anything put all those fuckers into mid card status with the exception of goldberg and hart.....but the rest must go. Sting is cool sometimes, but he's just more a dumbass when he's acting like a heel. And luger, man he was born a couple fries short of a happy meal. Wcw is just one big roster filled with pathetic, useless, over-aged fuckers, with the exception of the luchadores and the big 8. Well give the little guy a push, and maybe ratings would pop again. Wcw is never going to win with Sting or Hogan with the belt. HHH is a young guy, wwf understands that fact that the younger guys will lead them into the future...wcw wants to hang onto the the old farts..they need to hire new talent, get rid of teh "family viewing" and PUT THOSE NITRO GIRLS IN THONGS ALREADY!

Thanks for you time,


Subject: Transcribing SID!!'s interviews ...

Chris, i sincerely want to thank you for transcribing Sid's interview. I know i am in the minority, but I enjoy Sid's rants soo much. They are priceless works of comedy. They are the only reason i still watch WCW. Sometimes, i am laughing too hard to hear what he has to say, so by you transcribing them ... it helps me miss what he has to say.


Adam Wendt


Subject: WCW's memory

31 August 1998, in fact, is when Hogan and Hart teamed up against Sting & Luger. Hogan and Hart started arguing and got counted out in 11:19. Then the Warrior ... well, it went downhill from there. By the way, Hogan and Hart ALSO teamed up again a few weeks later against Sting and the Warrior. I only say all this because I'm a LITTLE bit tired of "I don't remember Hogan and Hart ever teaming before! These four men have NEVER been in the same ring before!

I remember being pissed off the first time they said it during sting & luger, because last year the FRICKIN PPV main event was hogan & hart vs. piper and savage ... fricking idiots

Adam "They call me Dragon" Queler

I heard that somewhere...

Subject: Mamma Jamma?

Hey, Chris,

Do you suppose "Mamma Jamma" means mammary jammer?


Yeah...I'm gonna say "no"

Subject: (no subject)

Call DDP Trailor Trash Paige


I'll consider it - MOSCUM

Subject: just in case...

What does "roll a fattie for Pimp Daddy" mean?

I'm going to hope this is more of your trademark tongue-in-cheek comedy...but in the event it's not. A 'fattie' is, a blunt, or an overly large joint.

My question was...if you were the Godfather, so recently after surgery would you allow yourself to be spanked? I mean, come on...he had ass surgery! I don't knwo about you, but if I ever have to have surgery performed on my ass (god forbid, knock on wood, etc, etc, ad nauseum)...I"m sure as hell not letting anyone slap at it.

Keep up the good work


That is a very disturbing thing to recall.

Subject: WCW Nitro Report for 9/13/99

Hey CRZ,

I am surprised that this WCW storyline slip got by you in your last report (but how can I expect you to keep up with all of them?). On the September 13 Nitro, Sting said that he has been waiting patiently for ten years - for he and Luger to run with the ball. Does he not remember that he won control of WCW (the Presidency) on the July 19 Nitro in Rockford? He could not have had better control of "the ball" then at that time, could he? Sting could have done anything he wanted as President (he didn't do much), and we were informed on the August 9 Nitro in Boise that he had given control back to WCW. If he needed the Heavyweight Title to run with the ball, then he has dropped that ball quite a few times in the past when he was champion. This certainly does not seem consistent to me (but how often is there consistency in WCW storylines anyway).


Shit, that is an AWESOME recollection. STING WAS THE FUCKING **PRESIDENT** OF WCW!!!! I'll bet Herb Kunze remembers that - hey, anybody been able to find TWC-Online lately?

Subject: A couple of thoughts...


A couple of random thoughts regarding this week's reports:

  • Remember when Benoit and Malenko did an almost double-pin spot after a double jumping neckbreaker spot during their match? Both got their shoulders up just in time to beat the three count... and then our boy Tony says that they both just narrowly avoided being counted out! I wasn't sure if you missed that or not...

  • On Raw, Joey Abs performed what you termed a very ugly fisherman suplex... which may or may not be true. Ross did call it a fisherman suplex, but I've also seen a move referred to as a "blizzard suplex" which looked a LOT like what Joey did there... a hook-leg suplex, but the guy being bridged ends up more in a skewed position rather than lining up nicely like a PerfectPlex. So he either did a crappy PerfectPlex or a perfect blizzard suplex...

    Great job as always... you know, if Bischoff is truly out of a job at WCW, this week's Nitro might prove that he was a lot less to blame for their excessive crappitude than we might have thought... of course, if he shows up three weeks from now with Nash and Hall as the New Outsiders, I fear for my TV's life... ^_^

    Steven Kinne aka Mamono Hunter Stevie [INFJ]

    This one seems legit...finally? Although, if Bischoff WERE to come back, you KNOW everybody would be talking about it...

    Subject: Another useless observation...

    You know what the most telling thing with the Nielsen ratings are (if you place any value on them)? I think there's something being said when the "hot finish" to the last QH with Luger/Sting vs. Hart/Hogan only bangs out 0.1 more viewership that West Hollywood Blondes vs. ICP and 0.1 less than Goldberg ranting, interrupting Jerry Flynn vs. Prince Iuekea. Heck, it even looks like more people tuned in to hear Michael Buffer's intro than stuck around to watch the match. That's pretty damn sad.

    Phil Francis

    Oh, but they don't PAY ATTENTION to the RATINGS.....(snarky snicker)

    Subject: WWF Raw

    Chris was it just me or did you hear Ken Shamrock telling Mr. Hughes to quit kicking him in his head or he would whip his ass!!!??? After saying so, Mr. Hughes did quit. Is Shamrock a prima donna who doesn't want to take a hit or is Mr Hughes so bad that he can't pull a punch?

    David Anthony

    I didn't hear that, but that don't mean it DIDN'T happen...

    Subject: What the hell

    Why waste sixteen pages on this crap. Whatever happened to a crowd favorite getting beat and everybody goes home pissed ready to watch again to see if they win. In the 80's Ric flair would come to KC beat Harley Race and we were all just begging for more. That is why all wrestling sucks so bad now. There is nothing wrong with the bad guy winning. They are all wanting to be over so bad they are losing their luster. When Harley Race lost we all loved him even more. Somebody needs to remind these guys of that. If Triple H pins Austin that gives us more reason to watch the next week because Austin will defiantly beat him. I always thought getting thrown over the top rope was a DQ. That is how flair would keep his belt for weeks. These bookers need to watch some old tapes and realize it is okay for the favorites to lose. WCW just sucks. I can see were everybody's ego is killing this organization. Nobody wants to watch ten matches of DQ's and outside interference. That would be like watching football every week and it ends in a tie. That would suck and this sucks.


    Subject: raw report on OO

    Excellent report, but you left out the funniest detail in the entire two hours. Did you notice that just before Test and Shane took off in hot pursuit, Shane got in the SUV, started it, started to put it into gear, and then looked over and realized that Test was locked out!!!! Maybe I'm just weird, but that's comedy.


    It's the little things!!

    Subject: Nitro

    Greetings. Did no one else pick up on Buffer saying that Sting and Luger weighed a combined 800 POUNDS? That must be a pretty heavy metal plate in Luger's arm (or a pretty fat ass!).


    Yeah, no one else picked up on it - oh wait...just me, actually...

    Subject: referee

    CRZ- The ref who you didn't know on Raw's name is Chad Patten.

    Greg Parks

    Yeah! Thanks!

    Subject: Raw Recap

    Anybody want to come through for me and provide the name of the new ref?

    His name is Chad Austin. Kevin Kelly said so on one of the syndicated programs a couple of weeks ago.

    Jon Streich

    Aw I don't know WHAT to believe!

    SEE YA!

    Christopher Robin Zimmerman
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