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I Get Letters


First a few letters from back in September that have been sitting here WAITING for a new letters column...

Subject: HHH

You ever notice how when Triple H is cutting a promo, he ends the last word of the sentence with "uh".

"Austin, I am the game-uh!!!"

"......when it was all finished, I proved to the world that they weren't even in my league-uh!!!!

"I don't know what you're thinking about, lady. Have you flipped your lid-uh?"

Or maybe its just me..... Anyway, excellent columns, man. Take it easy.


Subject: Clown guy

That dude that hates clowns is right...Clowns suck ass!


Now I'm trying to remember why I saved this letter...oh well...

Subject: Netcop V. Attitude

Apparently Scott Keith, "definitely enjoyed [Thunder] more than SmackDown! this week." This little blurb coming out of nowhere at the end of his report puzzled me by its suddenness. So I rearranged the letters and discovered they could spell out any of the following phrases:

"I definitely enjoy cheap heat more than being respected as someone who knows wrestling."

"I definitely enjoy gravitating to the unpopular point of view if it gets me attention."

"I definitely enjoy calling viewpoints opposite my own uninformed or unintelligent."

"I definitely enjoy feeling like the noble voice of reason by simply being contrary."

BTW, if you read his Anarchy Rulz Rant backwards, it says "I buried Paul... E."

Christopher Cheavers

Now to more recent letters...

Subject: hi

I have come to save your recaps!!!! Even though it doesn't matter what I think, you should start to refer to the Connecticut Blueblood as Cripple H. Why? Because every time I watch him wrestle I feel as though I must be disabled due to the fact I am thoroughly not sports entertained. Plus he hits people with sledgehammers and stuff.

Cya Dave

I'll take that under advisement. I have a feeling if I tried "Cripple H." I'd get a lot of letters...I can't remember if that's good or bad, though...?


LONG LIVE VINCE RUSSO!!! He has written a great show to watch, I'll admit the first hour had its slow parts, but the fact that NORMAN SMILEY was placed in the final hour in a HARDCORE match makes me wish Russo stays on for a long time!!! NORMAN SMILEY is the second most electrifying man in wrestling, and boy did he prove it on NITRO!!! He brought the crowd to their feet, he made them laugh, he made me laugh and cry, and he won the first HARDCORE match in a long time in WCW!!!! NORMAN is receiving a push (i hope!!!) and he will make it work. I see BIG things for NORMAN SMILEY in the near future!!! LONG LIVE NORMAN SMILEY!!!


Dude...he made you CRY?

Subject: Hey Chris..

I was just checking out your CD list Neat page. Anyhoo, getting on the topic of wrestling, on the Oct. 18 Nitro, with Nash and Hall drinking NyQuil™, perhaps that was an inside reference to Denis Leary and his comedy CD "No Cure For Cancer". If you haven't heard the CD, well, you suck. Kidding, you should listen. Maybe it's a coincidence, maybe not. P.S. Back to music, I didn't see the Genesis Archives Box Set on your list. You're missing some good stuff.


So much music, so little time? Wait, are you talking about THAT Genesis?

Subject: Nitro

Hey, have you noticed that since the Russo/Ferriera have gone to WCW, there are a lot more wrestlers WALKING on that show.... :)

Nick Sideratos

Subject: (no subject)

Let me guess you used to be tormented at school by either Mexicans or thugs


Hmmm...why? If I have, it must be blocked from my memory...

Subject: The "new" Nitro

The one thing I thought the entire show: "How many damned times are they going to mention Russo and Ferrera's name?" I think these two are riding an ego trip of immense proportions. And I think it will blow up in their faces. And they realize it, since they're begging for Nitro to be shortened to two hours. Think they realize that they don't have enough "ideas" to fill three hours? I dunno....I was starting to like Nitro for the long matches...but it seems like those are a fond memory...and I'll have to get used to RAW is NITRO!

Jeremy Poursine

Yeah, but the longer the matches, the fewer ideas you need...

Subject: First Family Music

It's a rip off from the Scorpions "the Zoo".

Emmanuel Papadimitriou

If only I listened to as much metal as people THINK I do, I would actually KNOW this....anyway, you got the "first person of millions to tell me" award for the week!

Subject: (no subject)

I havent read your Nitro recap yet but I read the crackhead Nitro report at Ransylvanias site and I hope you acknowledge the fact that it was a kick ass nitro.


Why do people write me before they read the recaps?
Why do people write me more than once in an hour?

Subject: (no subject)

You have to be a Mexican hater when you see to talented guys when belts and hate them for it. I'd like to see how much talent your fat nerdy ass has in the ring. Uh hold on I already seen Yokozuna and Tugboat. I hate racist fools like you


Hey, my ass isn't THAT fat! It is nerdy, though. You know, if you're gonna write me three times, at least try to make sense in ONE of them. Is that too hard?

Subject: "TEAM OBAKE"


This is Colin from ...

I was reading your Nitro report, and you had a line that said: "hey, Goldberg's got words on his trunks! "TEAM OBAKE?" Shrug"

Obake is a fighting school, and it's operated by Goldberg and Timothy Catalfo, who is also Goldberg's personal trainer, and a shoot fighter.


Colin Vassallo
Wrestling-Online Network

Thanks, Colin. Here's a hyperlink. Everyone click on it when you're done with the letters!

Subject: nitro thought

Well the whole Kimberly angle really made no sense to would have had like DDP been at the hotel to ambush flair, but...

Though I must say she looked hotter than she has in some time...

I did notice when she was talking to David that ....the room was bit colder than normal......I wonder if Russo gave Kim some ice before the scene.....


Hotter...or colder? The mind REELS!

Subject: Obake

Just in case you were wondering, Obake is Goldberg's shootfighting training facility. Well, actually, it's his trainer's place. Supposedly, the trainer (who's name is two feet from me in WCW Magazine, but I can't be bothered to look it up), was named "Obake" by Yuji Nagata. Obake means "Monster Spirit" in Japanese. Your;) welcome.

Jamey Litton

Thanks, Jamey - have you met Colin? He's from he beat you to it.

Subject: reason? Must i have a reason?

Listen, buddy i don't know WHO you think you are...

but nobody makes fun of the deceased...NOBODY!

That Owen Hart crack a while back sucked, man
And you suck, too.

And the music you "listen" to sucks too...

I mean *underworld*???

I had the ungrateful chance to hear their Beaucoup Fish CD, and I rated it a 2 out of 10.


you wanna hear REAL music...
Check out some of MY local talent...

my personal favorite MOIST

i hear Mercedes 5 & Dime is coming in the US in January...

how about you buy it when it comes...


Expand your musical listening along with your vocabulary
You won't regret it.

From one internet junkie to another... and yes, I've heard of USENET.

Name Withheld

WOW, you've sure shown ME! I'm gonna go learn some new words RIGHT NOW! But I feel I should point out that I haven't made fun of any dead people for....several weeks, I think??

Anyway, Underworld kicked ASS at Coachella - I had no problems passing up Beck to see them. I would have rather seen both, but that's how they scheduled it...

Subject: you finally leave nitro alone.....

.....even though it was one of the worst nitros in a while. a few weeks ago you would just insult everything thing that happened on nitro but since we get some t&a, you finally think nitro is good. i wont bother reading your raw column but i hope you didnt dis it (and treat it like you did with nitro in the past).


What the hell are you smoking? I don't think you bothered reading my Nitro report, either!

Subject: New Nitro

I don't get you. All this time, you have taken every opportunity to bash WCW, and praise the WWF, much like everyone else at Wrestleline/Wrestlemaniacs . Then, when Russo/Ferrara come in, spice it up a little, you complain that there's not enough wrestling?! And why exactly is it you've liked the WWF product so much in the last year? Clue me in. Remind me, because it sure ain't the rasslin'. Besides, the little good wrestling there was on WCW last night was still better than RAW's attempts at a more traditional approach. Either be satisfied with both products or don't complain when, in reality, there is nothing you'd be satisfied with. You're playing both sides of the fence in my view. It's just plain hypocritical to say, "Where did the wrestling go in WCW?", when it's people like you who pushed that type of product away from popularity in the first place. It's people like you who make the REAL, ACTUAL, IN-RING wrestling fans look like stupid fools for being so old school and out-of-date. Those people, the ones who still find a 15-20 minute match between Malenko and Benoit, are the types who should be mad at the NEW WCW. Not "wrestling" fans like you, who need a thirst for T&A to be quenched, or to see some BS artist like the Crock spew forth with some catchphrases in order to be entertained. Either accept it as something you're into, or stop trying to be a WWF mark.

So, in light of what I just said, I couldn't tell really if you liked the first Russo/Ferrara WCW or not. I'm not saying that sarcastically, I really couldn't tell. I loved it, and think the Filthy Animals make an awesome heel stable. I can't beleive four guys so over as faces could so quickly turn, and do it so convincingly. I practically felt sorry for David Flair at one point, and I thought I'd never utter those words. And to have them mug Ric was a subtle move I don't think most picked up on as "gimmicky". That could be their schtick-- to do stuff like that. It's almost like one of those small time pick-pocke street gangs that lurk in airport terminals. A fresh idea. Good move, in my opinion.

I also thought the Buff thing was down right clever. As a hardcore fan, I know what they're trying to do and I liked it. Jeff Jarrett thing was cool, and I can't beleive Buff was willing to take a guitar shot so well.

Heck, seeing Kim bend forward in a corset was enough to satisfy me.



Ummm...where WERE all these people when I was praising the good, LONG matches on Nitro? And when I was trashing the God-awful storylines playing out on RAW? Did I just IMAGINE that? Are those WOW guys rewriting my reports when I'm not looking? Jee-zus.

Subject: raw thoughts

Is it me, or does gangrel in real life look like the gangrel sweating action figure?

I rather liked the Xena/little xena thing that Chyna and Kitty had going...I could see a profitable WWF video out of this:-)

The Venis "Snow is Mankind's gopher" thing pointed to me something that would be really cool..a Hardcore faction of the King, Prince, and Jester (Mick, Al, and Dancin' Stevie) ...of course they need a worthwhile hardcore division...that does not include the Bossman (hmmm..4 Hells in the Cells...2 concidered classics...2 concidered duds...Bossman was in both duds...hmmmm).


See, if you're gonna write me twice, be like SCAVENGER, and use your noodle and stuff. It ain't hard!

Subject: RAW -austin


First, thanks for the wonderful job you do every week - it is most appreciated by all.

Second, just wanted to throw an idea by you. If WWF has been looking to make Austin into a bit more of a heel, then why not reveal that he discarded Mankind's book? I thought it was going to play out that way last night - JR said just once that it was possible that Rocky didn't throw it out, and since bot hMankind and Rock are over big I think it would cause some to turn on Austin. Also, Austin has the motive since of the outcome at No Mercy. I think the WWF let something really good slip by.


John Romano

This is pretty good foresight. When you put it that way, I wouldn't be surprised if this IS how they go. I think the convenient thing about this angle is it could go either way right now the way they've been guarding their hints...

Subject: WWF IPO quote

Thought you might like this... funny to see stock analysts using wrestling lingo, even if they get things just a little bit mixed up...

Marthamania ran wild on Wall Street today as Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
(MSO:NYSE) began trading, laying the smack down on another IPO, the World
Wrestling Federation (WWFE:Nasdaq). In head-to-head competition, Martha told
the WWF to "shut its mouth and know its role," jumping 21 1/2, or 119%,
after pricing at 18 on 7.2 million shares. That leap topped WWF's rise of 7
15/16, or 47%, which priced at 17 on 10 million shares.

Jamie Shepherd

Subject: Preach on, brother

In this week's wicked Nitro report, you wrote:
Only one more week of the Search for the New Nitro Girl - I think maybe they should have a search for the OLD Nitro Girls...

Amen. I miss my homiez.

Kendall Matthews

Subject: russo

with all the russo/ferrera hoopla,nitro still sucked.if picasso used paint by numbers it would still be paint by numbers


You're BIASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subject: Recaps

Hi Chris

I feel for you now bud. Now that Nitro is just like Raw you gonna have to recap a lot more segments.

I appreciate it though!


Short segments are easier to recap for me than matches,, more opportunities for SNIDE REMARKS!!

Subject: RAW's whereabouts

You may not know this, or even care, but last night's Raw was at the Value City Arena in the Schottenstein Center of Ohio State University of Columbus, OH.

Why did they not mention Cowlumbus at all? Well, a few years ago, Cowlumbus was trying to build an arena to get a major league sport (the Columbus Blue Jackets start in the NHL next year! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!). At about the same time, OSU got the funding to build their own arena to replace St. John's Arena, which was dedicated by St. John himself. When the voters of the city refused to pay for the arena, the city leaders decided to ask if they could use The Schott while waiting for the city's own place. OSU said, politely but firmly, "No." There has been bad blood between the city and the campus ever since.

The strange thing about this is, the city NEEDS OSU. If it weren't for the Buckeyes home games, in both football and basketball, Cowlumbus' economy would go down the same crapper as their radio stations. People there would have nothing to talk about. Every night on the news, no matter what else is going on, the Buckeyes are the top story during sports. Two years ago, the Columbus Clippers (NY Yankees AAA team) won their league championship, but the top news that evening was the football team's preparation for Northwestern. If OSU moved their football stadium out of the city, people would move away and find a house right next to the new stadium. OSU does not need Cowlumbus, but Cowtownlumbus needs the school.

Ron Gamble

So the WWF is taking OSU's side? Interesting. They need OSU too!

Subject: Spelling


No bigee, but it's Lindros, not Lindross.

Mike Mousseau

That's it - I sentence you to Worldwide recapping as punishment! Oh, wait...

Subject: the narcissist

Hey CRZ,

You forgot to mention that during that inane interview with Lex Luther he was pulling his lines off that teleprompter. He is such an idiot he can remember simple lines for a five-minute interview.


Subject: the word TENT

Dude the phrase pitching a tent is sometimes said as slang for getting a boner, as the visual of this would explain. Thats probably why the bleeped it out on Nitro.

John F. Bishop

NO!! Are you SERIOUS?! I am SHOCKED!! Shocked, that is, that the censor actually KNEW that.

Subject: Irony

Isn't it ironic that 1 year ago you made fun of Bob Holly because we never see him and he was at that party. It was actually funny. And now one year later, he is over enough to be a tag team champion. Now if that isn't irony, I don't know what is.


Usually, there's one or two weird coincidences between the "One Year Ago" reports and the current ones. I encourage everyone to visit [slash] wrestling Mondays to find out what happened then - and may be repeated that night! Oops, I just shilled my site. Sorry.

Subject: I'm bored

Just to add to things you didn't really want to know...The name of the venue for the 18 October RAW was The Value City Arena at The Jerome Schottenstein Center. This is probably why Ross and Schiavone (who was there earlier in the year) never say it. Either that, or they know what Value City and Schottenstein's are.

If you know what the names Value City and Schottenstein's connote then it is kind of funny. Not really.

Jacen Shoemaker

Did you just leave me hanging?

Subject: nitro

Just wanted to waste your time by telling you how much I love your recaps! They're really the only ones I read anymore. And I really love the comical names you come up with, the best of course being the "Nitro Grrrls"!!! They should officially change it to that, with the grrrls claiming they no longer want to be merely eye candy, etc etc. They can shave their heads and start wearing Anti-Flag jackets while they're at it, too. Then again, that would probably just be TOO ridiculous. An unattractive Nitro Girls really have no place on my television screen. Shows why they hired Russo and Ferrera and NOT me!

Vanilla Ice gets played during the main event promo at No Mercy - they're going to sign him, I'm telling you!! If not, they should.....


Somebody wrote me a letter taking me to task for using the term "grrl" because it was incongruous. That caused me to replace ALL instances of the term from then on. I'd tell you who it was, but he asked me to never make mention of the fact that we had an email discussion - then went public with the fact that we'd had an email discussion. Oops, I think I just gave it away (to about four people).

Subject: RAW from Ohio State

Just FYI, the probable reason why they didn't ever name the building is because nobody really knows what it's called -- the inside part is the "Value City Arena" and the actual building part seems to be the Jerome Schottenstein center. I think they have some sort of OSU hall of fame inside, so that could be why they feel the need to distinguish themselves.

I was there last night, and haven't watched the tape -- we had no idea the Rock said "Ohio State" instead of "Columbus."

Andrew R. Tomlinson
Department of Political Science
The Ohio State University

The thing is, I actually HAVE the name written down from earlier shows done there...I was just too lazy to look it up and cut'n'paste. Must have been a down week for me.

Subject: Hugh Morrus song

Huhg Morrus's song is a total and complete ripoff of "The Zoo" by Bruce Dickinson, made on the ECW CD for Bam Bam who left shortly after it came out. ECW still uses it all the time.


Subject: Nitro

yeah Sting's new song is a remixed version of Metallica's bad ass (IMODO of course) song named "Seek and Destroy" Also I think the song you are talking about, The First Family theme, is the song "The Zoo" by the Scorpions. Also, can you tell me why the hell does WCW do remixes of rock songs for entrance musics instead of making some themes of their own?




Subject: THE NEW WCW


Well, after months of having fairly shitty Nitros with one decent show a month maybe, I am hoping that this is the beginning of a new era. While not everything was great about the show, this was a huge leap in terms of serving up a semi-intelligent storyline to wrestling fans. This is, however, only one show but I like the changes already. WCW, this past week, has proven to me that you can have a smart storyline without a lot of sex (well less anyway) and swearing, not that I mind it.

My favorite match was the Hard-core match between Smiley and Horace. For some reason, I always felt sorry for Norman since he was originally banned from "the big wiggle." It seemed that was just trying to do something to get himself over, which WCW hates unless it is them providing the push. This week's match featuring Smiley in a hard-core match and crying like a pussy because he had to take some hard bumps was just about the funniest thing I have seen in a WCW show. I hope WCW wakes up and notices that the crowd reacts to a "working" storyline. Norman Smiley's hard-core angle is worth keeping for at least a few more weeks. The rest of the show was pretty good too with Jarrett's return, Buff's job, and Flair's mugging all making the show worth abandoning the remote for. Well, maybe not totally but close.

Overall, I agree with you that this a step in the right direction but it won't happen overnight.

Keep up the good work.


Subject: Suggestion

I think you should call the filthy animals the breezy animals from now on due to the fact that no one but konnan knows what a breezy is. just a suggestion now go make your cheddar


I sounds so DIRTY.

Subject: SCSA = Forrest Gump?

You wrote in your RAW recap:

Unfortunately, before Rock gets to say " cooking," the sound of breaking glass brings STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN to the ring. He's carrying a mic of his own. I'm guessing tonight he'll say "that's all I got to say about that.

Am I the only one who thinks of Forrest Gump everytime SCSA says "that's all I got to say about that?" That was Forrest's line from the movie when he was done rambling incoherently about something. And while it may be appropriate that SCSA uses it when he's done rambling incoherently about something, it just doesn't bring up the bad guy image for me when he says it.

Just an observation, and it might just be me.

Andy Becker

I ALWAYS think this, actually. I've even used this joke twice in RAW recaps.

Subject: More fan mail for you

While I enjoy your recaps, I think maybe you're becoming even a bit too cynical for my tastes, which is saying a lot. I'm not sure you even notice when things actually go right, and you tend to fail to take the good with the bad. For example, you complained, justifiably so, that the Acolytes should not have the same music as Viscera and Mideon for several weeks. Now they finally get a new theme, and you don't even acknowledge it, as if pointing out that something GOOD had happened is too much to ask. And what about Nitro... this coming from a huge WWF fan, I thought Nitro was a great show that made a ton of improvements. Granted, you're entitled to your opinion, but I think you have to admit that at least it was different from the same old, same old crap that show has been churning out for the past year or so. All I'm saying is that while noticing the bad can be amusing, not even acknowledging the good makes you sound just mean-spirited.

Charles L.

But I DID make mention of the new music for the Acolytes! And let me just say that "great" falls FAR short of my description of Monday's Nitro...sorry, that's just how it is for poor old cynical me. And don't get me wrong, I AM cynical. VERY VERY CYNICAL. Part of my charm, that.

Subject: wwf review

Hello Chris,

Just dropping a line to let you know I think your doing a very fine job recapping Raw. It is very readable work, whether or not you saw the show.

Keep up the great work!

Alex D. The Undertaker Fan

Subject: Your Shitty Nitro Report

Hey Douche Bag,

I want to congratulate you on one of the most retarded wrestling reports i've ever read. When I go to Wresteline I want to know what happened while I was flipping back and forth I don't go to Wrestleine to hear your gay ass little nicknames for the wrestlers. And I sure as hell don't go there to read about what the fucking commercials were. Some of the other reporters put their own crappy little jokes in and I can deal with that but you take the prize for being the lamest reporter on the net. You wrote about how wrestling fans are stupid cause some kid forgot the ' in you're well i'd rather talk about wrestling with a stupid fan like that than some geek like you. Don't quit your day job.

Sean Hatch

He forgot the "e," too. Forgotten apostrophes I can handle, but I HAVE to draw a line SOMEWHERE, Sean.

Subject: nitro report

you forgot to mention the lame overalls that buff was wearing during his first interview. dudes in overalls? I smell a Godwin.


Did Eddie Guerrero ever find his wallet???

Ianjamin Jakob Wajand

He found *Flair's* if that helps...

i see your a west coaster and you use the word ....err so that means you must be a fellow clone.....out.



Subject: metallica soundbyte

fyi, the soundbyte (this is)sting and flexy lexy are using is "seek and destroy" off of their first album. amusing and appropriate.


I heard somewhere that it was a special live version available on the (upcoming? Out already?) WCW CD. Is that right? Does anybody care?

Subject: Jeff Jarrett's role

What is the potential storyline for Double J? I don't think having him come out and hitting Buff with the guitar was the right angle. Russo/Ferrera have created great storys for Double J in a prior life but putting him up against Buff doesn't make any sense. Double J is still US champ material but is Buff. I feel Jarrett will get lost in the shuffle again and get frustrated. He'll probably have gold by the end of the year if not early next year. I feel there is favoritism towards Jarrett right now with the new creative team but even they will have to focus on the bigger fish. I feel sorry WCW they are going to let a great talent fall by the waistside,again. To me that makes them lose credibility as a top organization.

Great recap. You captured some stuff that I missed while using the remote to flip back to the WWF.

Ricardo Carrera

Subject: a new indy in Philadelphia

There is a new wrestling federation in Philadelphia. It is called the I.W.F. Infinity Wrestling Federation. The I.W.F. ran from May to August at the Holmesburg Boys club and now is going to be running at the West Philadelphia High School. Their next show is scheduled to be the 30th of this month and I will send in results. The show starts at 2 p.m. and the doors open at 1. Their website is: it will have the directions on there. Also the IWF has reached a television agreement on Greater Media Cable System for saturday nights from 12:30-1:30 a.m. on channel 74. That will begin in November.

Thanks for reading this,

M. Julian Bradley

Subject: Just a note...

I know I haven't done or said much since Fall Brawl, but I'll be ready to go with Halloween Havoc. Just in case you were wondering or anything. ;-)

Chris Jones

I was only a LITTLE curious. ;-)

Subject: REPORTS

I have been reading your Raw/Nitro Reports for some time now and week by week they are becoming less "entertaining". Why don't you let the WWF stick to the "entertainment" part of the business and you give reports that would be much shorter if you didn't give your "one track minded opinion" of every situation that happens on Raw/Nitro. I hit the Wrestlemaniacs sites at least twice a day. I am not taking away your credibility but come on man opinions are like assholes, once you see the same asshole week by week, you get tired of it. Just like your Raw/Nitro Report. I have every report you have ever done and it is the same thing every week. If it's so easy for you to crack on everyone all the time why haven't you tried to get in the ring and "entertain" or better yet try to referee a match since you are so fond of the refs. ha ha. In dummy terms, cut your opinions out and give the people what they really want!!!!!

Kevin Ellis

Subject: 19 Oct Nitro

Well, I can say I was really waiting for this writeup, given it being the debut of Russo and Ferraro. It's weird when you know what's going to happen due to the change, and then waiting to see a writer provide his take on it!

My only comment on the the whole thing is that the only thing Flair musta done with Kimberly was the 14-time spankin' because it was only about 3 min later when he's walking backstage looking for the kid. Even if the hotel was on top of the arena, I doubt if he'd have time to do much else (if that much), and get back downstairs (Space Mountain musta been closed) to be shown wandering around back. (Yeah, I know I'm a mark, but that's half the fun. whooo!)


Subject: Sting's Entrance Music

I just wanted to say that Stinger's entrance music is a mangled but still cool version of "Seek & Destroy" by Metallica. This is why Sting still, and always will, kick ASS.

Dave in NY

Subject: (no subject)

Chris you are the MAN!!
I read all your smackdown reports!!I live in England and can't get UPN!So your reports are the only things that keep me up to date with wwf info!Thanks again and I look foward to read your next report


Sean Parker (lifetime wwf fan)

I'm big in Britain - right, Bill? Ummm...Bill? Hey Richard, where'd Bill go?

Subject: 10/18 RAW

Here's an exterior shot of ... wherever we are. WHY is it such a mystery? Who can know.

I think that they were afraid to try and pronounce "Shottenstein Center" too quickly (pronounced "Shot-en-steen").

(His first name must have been "Froadrick"...)

Actually, to be completely accurate, it's the Value City Arena at the Jerome Shottenstein Center...

(ya' gotta love product endorsement and wealthy alumni...)

Robert Biggs

There's that joke that everybody but me knows again! Damnation!

Subject: question

What the hell was Nitro about? Or was i watchin WWF-Lite? I am a WWF fan for sure but, uh..its still on USA right? The only thing that i would turn into Nitro would be Flair and the Outsiders but otherwise they lack personalities and i dont care to hear bout Russo and Ferrara as part of the storyline. Thats just ego driven, just like Bishoff and you could say the same thing bout McMahon but Vince made it work! Are we supposed to hate those guys cause they are holdin Buff back? Oh boy, what a talent Buff is! I can dance better than him and i have no rhythm! Thanks


That's a good point. How IS the audience supposed to feel about Russo and Ferrara? Should they care at all? You get the impression that they SHOULD....but.....well I'll have to think about that one.


Christopher Robin Zimmerman
[slash] wrestling


29 September's Mail

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