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One day reign?!  Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Thanks to: Jim Gramze
We start with the email I alluded to on Monday night and couldn't be bothered to find until now. It's from almost a week ago...

Subject: Phony Cop

He wrestles under the name of Mandrake for the Global Wrestling Alliance. Since last Mondays Raw and Thursdays Smackdown He now works under the name Officer Mandrake. He Is finishing up a 20 Show tour with the GWA. He is one of six wrestlers in past year that have come out of Bodyslammers Pro Wrestling Gym. That have either signed a WWF training contract or are currently negotiating. He was trained by Elvis Elliot. Elvis was trained by Al Snow & D-Lo Brown. Officer Mandrake & Alan Babcock have heat with WWF superstar Visera as they have been touring the Hartland Region.

Jack Scott
Bodyslammers Pro Wrestling Gym

Subject: your last colum

you just hate wcw what they will dont matter to you. you want to see him out of bus. or maybe not who will you write then, hall and nash i could not stop laughing the godfather mark henry not even close this was one of the funniest thing in along time now c'moon say wcw finnaly did something funny

thx C Hollender

Ummm, which part was funny again?

Subject: Re: your last colum

the part of hall nash the whole night and their match with the girls there funny as hell the best mic workers in the bus. thx c. hollender

Aaaaaah-ha. "Funny as hell." Check.

Subject: Another Pre-emptive comment

Last night I watched RAW on tape and Nitro "live" (the 2nd showing). Even with the advantage RAW had in that I could fast-forward through the commercials and dull stuff, Nitro was more interesting. It may have been like watching a train wreck at times, but I was literally on the edge of my seat through most of Nitro!
Looking forward to your recap so I'll know what to think <g>.

Arthur Kimes

Subject: Hey there what's up???

Dear Chris,

So I'm watching Raw, and Bossman starts smashing The Big Show's watch, and for a brief moment, the mike Bossman just put down appears to me to be a Rubik's Cube (sic?).

Suddenly, I'm sent on this fifteen nanosecond journey through my imagination:

Ray Traylor buys his first cube...

Ray can't seem to put that sucker down...

Ray starts hurting people's heirlooms and such as a 'reality angle', because he himself can't go without his Rubik's Cube...

I seriously expected to be able to watch prior Bossman footage and ALWAYS see a Rubik's Cube in his possession.

Then I realized it was just a mike. Needless to say, I was disappointed in the extreme!!!!!!

If you don't mind me rambling on about the events of my life to you now:

Hey I'm obsessed with TWO women now. I've been obsessed with my best-friend in the entire universe in this life and all others past or future (not that a linear time stream actually exists as such...)... Now I'm obsessed with this British girl at work, and it's driving me insane. When I become obsessed (which has only gone full blown on me twice in this life for now...), things can get pretty out of hand... Fortunately, I have my experiences with my beautiful best-friend Sarah I Love her very much and that gives me the edge in dealing with the British girl I Love her very much by the way. I Love them both. I'd Love to give them both all of my money, because money just isn't important to me, but friendship with good looking and incredibly intelligent women who are rich is!!!!!! Apparently.

Take care of yourself man,


Do OTHER recappers get letters like this?

Subject: Shit

I just saw the SINGLE most shittiest thing ever on WCW. Worse than, dare I say, Bischoff giving away taped RAW results, and worse than that whole Sting - Hummer thing. I just saw Perry Saturn use the word Jabroni! To top that off Eddy did a great no-sell when David Flair tapped him with the crowbar. Russo may be over on the other side now, but it will still suck until they get some real talent, someone who can work the stick.

Gabe in Cleveland


Subject: RAW

I know you haven't seen Raw tonight yet, but you should call the Rock-Austin team the Brow and Brew connection. It'll be funny. Ha ha.


Subject: BCS Rankings

Splain something to me: Who exactly is seeding this tournament where Norman Smiley meets Bam Bam Bigelow in the first round and Goldberg meets Bret Hart? Not exactly an NCAA bracket there.

And if the new creative team is running the show, why exactly was Sting looking for J.J. in the opening sequence?

I thought Russo's whole mantra was an attention to detail.

Christopher Cheavers

On the plus side, though, we should find out by the end of the tourney just who raised the briefcase in that ladder match...

Subject: Hunter's game

HHH's constant references to himself as being "the game" and your recent joke about that game being Clue made me think that he ONLY game HHH could be is... Hungry Hungry Hippos(HHH...get it? ouch...)

Gene Holman

I KNOW I should say something clever in response to this...but I'm tapped.

Subject: an identity FYI

Dear Chris,

The woman with the extremely over-ripe "watermelons" in the "Outsiders' skit was former (?) porn star "Minka", a mega-implant strutter from Las Vegas. Word is her implants have a pressure valve system that allows her to expand/reduce her, ummm, "attributes" to whatever size is required. Last night requirements from Russo-Ferrara must have read "Maximum Load, please."

Incidentally, Minka gets (minimum) $100,000 per appearance, so ol' Ted Turner must have paid her quite well for her lil' skit with Hall & Nash.

"(WCW's) looking for numbers - they got 'em!"

- attributed to Tony Schiavone, he of the new suit and matching power tie and haircut.

Bill Barnwell did a great "ECW on TNN" column. Can't wait to see how he does on Sandman's return.

All the best!

EC Ostermeyer

It's funny how MANY people could spot Minka - oh, did I say "funny?" I meant "troubling."

Subject: about nitro

Isn't the expression supposed to be "powers THAT be" rather than "powers TO be"?

It's the little things...

Steve Blahitka
Back East Productions

Maybe they want to trademark the phrase?

Subject: poppa pump

what is the status of scott steiner?

James Keen

Still in bad shape, from what I've heard...

Subject: Fever Dream Ramblings

A group that includes at least two(that I'm sure of) latino wresters is called "Filthy Animals" and their gimmick is to steal from people? And no one at the Time Warner PC police staff jumped all over that one??? What's next, Harlem Heat stealing hubcaps and robbing liquor stores???

WCW has completely flubbed Goldbergs push as an unstoppable monster. When he loses, it should be clean, to shcok the marks and give Goldy a little more to prove. Instead he gets screwed in a finish that does nothing for him or Hart.

Whats the deal with Ed and Vince getting mentioned on the air so much??? I see a Vince McMahon scenario coming up. If this leads to Ferrara/Russo/Berlyn Bodyguard vs Any Three WCW workers at a PPV, I'm gonna gargle groceries...

I am actually learning some newfound respect for HHH...not for ring work or anything(I still think his offense blows) but for his obvious willingness to get real heel heat. In the days where heels are just "too cool" or (try to be)funny, I salute him for at least trying to get over as an unlikable jerk. Of course now that DX is back together again, (again!) I may have to change that judgement.

While on the subject of HHH, whats with Chyna getting the IC belt anyways? I don't care if the champ is a woman, but at least let it be woman who can actually, y'know...wrestle. Chyna has even less of an arsenal than HHH, unless you count groin shots, sloppy ddts and weak forearm shots as offense. What makes this even more depressing is I see Jericho jobbing to her at Survivor Series. Maybe he should start referring to himself as Y2JTTS...

Attitude for the Dreamcast had better improvedon the lame tag team option from the PSX version. I have NEVER been able to tag my partner, and get squashed every time!

In closing, I still love yer recaps...they are some of the funniest stuff on the net. I always laugh out loud when I read Big show match recaps(Well it's a big power slam...) Thanks! : O)

Gene Holman

PS Don't remember where I read this, but I found out you're a Mac user...If you don't mind the curiousity, what kinda system ya got?(I use a pathetically outdated Performa 6116, but am saving for one of them newgfangled iMacs) Later...

Hungry Hungry Hippos! HAAAAAAAAhahahahahahahahahahaha

I use a Power Mac G3, by the way. Got it when I had my high-speed line put in back in Jan '98. Before then, I had a REEEEEEEEALLY SLOW Power Mac 5200. I s'pose if all goes well, at the beginning of the year I'll upgrade to one of those colourful G4 servers...even though all I do on it is telnet to UNIX boxes and run Eudora to clear out the mail...oh and run Netscape. On second thought, maybe I'll stick with this one...years from now, everyone will be jealous that I still have a "platinum" desktop model!! (Or maybe not...)

Subject: Goldberg

Jeeeeez!!! Could WCW have screwed this up any worse?!?! Probably the most marketable champion WCW has, and they manage to strip him of one belt and screw-job him out of the other....all in one Nitro!!!

And is Kimberly the hottest or what? I wanna see more pics of her from Monday nite!! That dress was incredible!!!!

Ron Nail

Subject: Philthy Aminals Homie Videos

With that hand-held footage of the Animals dumping the Nature Boy in the woods somewhere post-Havoc on Nitro, I'm stunned that they didn't dump him in a creek or something, so they coulda called it the "Flair Ditch Project".

Dave Mitchell

Subject: great column, one question

Hi there, I enjoy your column.

I have a question though, If Miss Kitty is a now a smaller version of Chyna, shouldn't she be called her Taiwan? (maybe Tywan?)

Keep up the good work.

Norm Barnard

Now I *KNOW* I've read that line somewhere else already...

Subject: WWF

Hey Robin. I just wanted to let you know that you have been doing a great job with the website. I also wanted to ask you a question. If you were in charge of the WWF, which wrestlers would you get rid of?


I actually don't have a problem with anybody in the WWF except the non-wrestlers who seem to keep wrestling. (Yes, even Viscera & Mideon - those guys don't get a fair break from the Internet folk - MODO) I *would* get Chyna the hell out of the heavyweight division, though...

Subject: yoooowwwwww-oooooohh!

you're absolutely right. nothing COULD ever be as big as captain eo, baby.

dustin diaz

Subject: Names Comments

Those 13 ho's were like the Ho Army.

Oh, and why not call the Filthy Animals the No Money Soldiers? That's figure it out.


Saturn was wearing an "FTW" shirt last night in his Filthy Animals beatdown and during the Benoit/Malenko segment; FTW is, of course, Taz's clothing company. There's an ECW logo on the back of the shirt, which was on camera a few times.

Bill Barnwell

This attention to detail will make you the premiere ECW on TNN recapper in NO time!

Subject: Just a comment...

I don't know what everyone is bitching about...your recaps are the only reason Wrestleline is bookmarked on my browser...You are the fucking BEST.

Btw...I don't know if you missed it, or just didn't care, but I found it funny that on Monday night, Saturn was wearing a TAZ "FTW" t-shirt during several segments...hehe.


I actually DID see it, but never worked it into the report. If I'd seen the ECW logo like Bill did, I'm sure I would've tried a little harder...

Subject: WWF monday night raw in providence

Hey you had some great stuff but what you missed I saw. After the show went off the air DX stayed out and told providence was a bunch of pussies and that if anyone had the balls to get in th ring they would kick their ass. One fan jumped the gate and ran to the ring just to be tackled by the cops. Then HHH started to fight with someone else in the front row and the cops aressted that guy too. everyone of DX had left but Road dogg and he kept taunting the crowd till vince came out and pulled him into the back. Just some stuff I thought you might like too know


This jibes with Michaelangelo's report as well...

Subject: a minor note

The move you tagged 'BELLY TO BACK SUPERPLEX' during the Benoit/Malenko match is actually 'TOP ROPE BACKDROP DRIVER'..


A thousand apologies, videogame player.

Subject: Wrestleline

I just want to tell you that your website is the BOMB!!!! Especially when you do results because you pick on people and it be really funny!!! Keep the good work going.


This guy thinks I do EVERYTHING on WrestleLine. I think I'm offended!

Subject: WrestleLine brothers

Mike S. mentioned in his update that "Rick and Scott" had a full review of Havoc. This made me think: Has the eerie parallel between Scaia and Keith and the Steiner Brothers gone so far unnoticed?

You've got the innocuous, personable Rick who seems to have taken too many shots of scotch or too many blows to the head. Then you've got Scott, whose ego and/or arms seem to get more swollen every day -- on an inverse curve to their talent.

Christopher Cheavers (again)

Does that make me Sting or Luger? And is Samuda Buff Bagwell?

Subject: Nitro Suprise

The Asian With the Big Boobs on Nitro as Minka Asian Big Boob Porn star. (I'm sure you've had tons of e-mails from people about this.... and giving away a little TOOO MUCH about their perversuions huh?)

Also I thought Tony Schiavone's suit was real nice. But you know the Prverb: Put a Peice of Shit in a Suit and you Really Fuck up the Suit/

Ben Blanding

Subject: RAW

As a black female, I loved the Farooq/Bradshaw angle last night. The rednecks were colorful and the ass-kicking was sweet. I loved the revival of DX for however long it lasts (now we just need Shawn back-notice how no one even mentions his name anymore??). So long Moolah Mae!! Here's hoping they will "just say NO" next time an idiot has this idea. Who listens to JR anyway? He's so busy sucking the peanuts out of SCSA's s**t (homemade M & M's, I call 'em) that he can barely string two words together if Rattlesnake isn't one of them. I seriously lust after Stone Cold, don't get me wrong, but enough is too much already. Here's to the Rock taking it all at Survivor Series!

Tasha N. Williams

Subject: Raw

Not that you care but the guy in the "bah" was the Narragansett arm wrestling champion. A cool town with lots of beaches and hotties.


Someday I'll see it for myself! I hear Hyatte needs a roommate...

Subject: WCW




Subject: your not the only one

that hall nash segment was f*cking lame. im 12 years old and can get free porn. at least someone agrees with me. on the other hand, everyone who called wcw live thought it was pretty stupid (except ex wwf marks). later


Man, I wish *I'D* had such readily-available access to porn when I was 12. All I had was ":20 Minute Workout." AND IT HAUNTS ME TO THIS VERY DAY.

Subject: FUBU

I'm glad you made the FUBU reference. I'm black and I don't wear that crap but atleast I know it means For Us By Us. Sad when white guys try to be cool. WCW might as well do the "Three Count" stable.

Also, Val Venis seems to be getting the same kind of push that Mr. Ass(hole) recieved a couple months back. The push might work on Val for two reasons. First, he has some personality and Billy ...well when the best you can come up with is "Suck it" for past year, you are not loaded with personality. Secondly, while both guys admire their own anatomy, Billy comes off as a sissy with a G-string and body glitter. Val acts a little more manly. When you think about it hopw many times have you seen Billy with a woman not named Chyna.

Now that DX is back together is the Nation that far behind?


Billy seems to do a lot of humping of Lilian Garcia - but that could just be for show... as for the Nation, I'd be down with that. Oh oh - can I say I'm "down with" something?

Subject: just a tip from your uncle earl

you shoul've let everyone know that to get a glimpse of Minka in the buff they should check out for a freebie
call me crazy but her juggs look bigger in a t shirt than when she's nude....go figure.


Subject: fubu?

First of all, thanks for posting my letter. I've already received a several letters complementing my "column."

Have you noticed that both Nash and Konnan were wearing Fubu 05 jerseys? To top it off, Konnan seems to be on troubled waters with los animales sucios?

Just a thought.


Subject: raw report

Hey, did you see that guy in the corner with the hat, dressed like one of the Blues Brothers but with coke-bottle glasses instead of sunglasses? That was Chris.

You're telling me that Hyatte leaves his house? Especially on a Monday?



Are you telling me he DOESN'T? You're not STALKING the lad, are you?

Subject: Nitro too Confusing

First, I've been a long time fan of your column! Anyways, I know it's definately obvious of the new changes in WCW. Some are happy w/ the new "edgier" show and some are displeased and think they're just trying to carbon copy Raw. But what about those out there left thinking "uh??"? This week's Nitro seemed to fly by so fast, I have no clue what really happened! It's one thing to try to move the show along, but you can't do it by throwing random events out there w/ no build up and no rhyme or reason whatsoever. The Outsiders still doing the same old teenager antics?? Come on they are 40!! They're having more of a mid-life crisis than Macho Man. Speaking of, couldn't they have made his return a bit more dramatic or special? Sid with The Outsiders?? Tell me who are the babyfaces and who are the heels??? And even though it's only been 2 weeks, I'm already sick of hearing about the "Powers to be"! How many people in the crowd and at home actually know what the hell they're talking about anyways?? And out of that number, how many actually care??? The only one's that do is that small percentage that read Wrestline everyday and we all stopped caring after the story broke. Sure we all tuned in to see last week's Nitro but give it a month and see how many are still talking about Russo and Ferrara's fancy new jobs.....

Anyways, I don't think this new "let's throw something out there w/ a mix of T&A and cursing then see what happens" is gonna work in the long run. Mcmahon knows how to make viewers actually care about the storylines. He knows how to dragout storylines and pull the viewer in and make them care. That's where there will always be a difference between the 2 companies. Russo and Ferrara didn't make the WWF. The WWF was there LONG before they showed up and will be there for many more years to come. Mcmahon made the WWF what it is today and will be the deciding factor when it comes right down to it. He knows when he sees talent and snatches it right up. Think about it, how many mid-carders have made it big after leaving the WWF??? Jarrett is the only one that comes to mind but it's just like he picked up where he left off from No Mercy.

just my opinion......Rock on brotha!!


I think we're REALLY finding out just how much of an impact Vince had/has on the overall product - interesting, no?

Subject: (no subject)

No lenghty interveiws from Rock, Austin, or McMahon, but we still got to hear HHH's music 59,083,458,034 (that's 59 billion 83 million four hundred fifty-eight thousand thirty-four) times, and that my friend is why I didn't suffer withdraw!!!



Subject: Positive ID on the guys that got their asses kicked in the bar on raw

Thought you'd like to know that every last person that got their ass kicked in that bar on Raw Wrestles for a shitty local rhode Island Wrestling Promotion that shows the same stuff for 4 months then air stuff that 2 years old again.

The guy in the coner is(was) the guy that runs it.

Why'd you call him chris? Just wondering.

Shameless plug for me
Extreme Fuckin Wrestling (BMW used to be the name)
Liked your review yes I live in Rhode Island

John Weston

I called him Chris, but I guess I was mistaken. Oh well. Hey John, could you hold any MORE belts in that federation? Also, your pic of Britney Spears is tagged "EMW" so please fix it.

Subject: Fyre

Fyre is hot, I had never seen her up close until Monday, she might even edge out Chae as hottest Nitro girl.


And by "hottest," you mean "has the biggest breasts," right?

Subject: raw in providence

I was at the show and some pretty interesting things took place after it went off the air. Everyone was throwing bottles at DX and the road dogg called all of providence pussies for throwing bottles. Gunn and HHH almost got into it with some fans at ringside and both sides had to be held back by security. As they walked back up the ramp, road dogg did some more taunting. More bottles were thrown. When they got to the very top of the ramp vince came out. He was pissed at Road Dogg for starting things up like that. He yelled at road dogg a little and then went back behind the curtain. Thought you should know


Another confirmation of Michaelangelo's report...

Subject: Just for the record

The Arm wrestler in "The Friendly Tap" was the Narragansett (Nah-ruh-gan-set) Champion. Although, I have never heard of Narragansett having some kind of arm-wrestling title before...why not Providence or Warwick?



Hey, speak of the devil. Well, there are two possible reasons - one, that he really IS the Narragansett Champion; or two, that there ISN'T a Narragansett Champion and thus nobody to take umbrage when he claims such. Whereas claiming to be the Providence or Warwick champion might make some REAL champions angry... By the way, with no regular column this week, it's up to ME to proclaim the Acolytes segment "Good."

Subject: question

So. When are Tony and Bobby going to be issued their cowboy hat (Tony) and crown (Bobby)? If you are gonna imitate WWF,get the gear too. Geez. When Torrie is going to be called Debra (McMichaels)??? She's trotting out the 'puppies' too,so why not give her the 'title'. The there's WCW's Degeneration X,aka "Filthy Animals"(who thought of that name?). Point? I never thought I'd see the sleaze of WWF ooze over into WCW but here is comes,slowly but surely. 'Nuff said.


What do you mean, "slowly?"

Subject: Your Nitro Report

Hey, hey, Christopher Robin: (Where's Pooh?)

I've tried to hate you but your Nitro and Raw reports are too damn thorough (we even get recaps of some of the commercials, after all!) for me to COMPLETELY hate you. I DO, however, need to remind you of one thing: In accusing Russo and Ferrara of ripping off Raw you're really accusing Russo and Ferrara of ripping themselves off, as they came up with the greater percentage of the stuff you see on Raw nowadays. Like a fan on a chat line so effectively put it: Accusing Vince and Ed of ripping off Raw is like accusing the guy who wrote The Empire Strikes Back of ripping off Star Wars. It's their schtick, so they have every justifiable right in the world to keep using THEIR schtick. If anything, Raw has to adopt a new presentation so that they won't be ripping off Vince and Ed anymore.

Still, all things considered, you're not a bad reporter...for an obvious WWF mark.

Rex Rothchild

Pooh was last sighted over at WrestleMorons about six months ago. We'll send out a search party in another three months.

As for me "accusing Russo and Ferrara of ripping off RAW," I'm not sure I've actually DONE that. It's more of a mourning of the loss of the small amount of things about Nitro that I really, really liked.

Subject: Do you HATE wrestling?

Dude, I'm not implying that a guy can't have some good old-fashioned, sarcastic fun with this great "sport", but your endless litany of smart-assed mockery makes you look as though you really despise wrestling. You're more worried about taking the piss out of it than you are of telling anybody what happened. It's no wonder internet fans are spat upon by the wrestling fan in general. After reading your Nitro and Raw reports, I can't blame 'em. I'll never, E-E-E-E-ver read your pap again.

The scary thing was this came from the EXACT SAME email account as the "Rex Rothchild" letter. Man, pick an attitude and stick with it!

Subject: Who was the Macho Man talking about?

Hey Chris, who was the Macho Man refering to when he talked about a person who would set records, win belts, and so on? Is it someone new or just someone getting a makeover?

Brock Freeze

The Hummer driver.

Subject: happy kevin nash

hey, just as a suggestion, from now on, maybe you should just refer to kevin nash as "kevin nash wears fubu". although poochie still gets a snicker out of me.
that concert sounded pretty neat btw.

Drunk M. Onkey

Poochie is retired - I don't think he's holding the book anymore. Hmmm....KEVIN NASH WEARS FUBU...hmmmmm....

Subject: Comment

Hmm, Douglas, Malenko, and Saturn...that's three...if we were to add one to that, it'd be four...hmmm...four...IV....I wonder...

Or if we left it as it is, it'd be a "Triple Threat"....hmm...

BTW, "Flaming Hot Doritos" are the best chips I've ever had in my life. Seriously. I cannot do anything but speak the wonder of these chips. Tell your readers.

Adam Engel

The Doritos must have gone straight to your brain - you haven't accounted for Asya!

Subject: Raw Report

I just have to say that I really enjoyed your Raw Report. You have a very comical way of relaying the action without disrespecting it. You description of the Roaddogg's offense (left, left, dance...wiggily wobbly woogly kneedrop) nearly put me on the floor. Keep up the good work.


It's readers like THIS that make me glad I'm still a living, breathing, vital cog in the WrestleLine machine. Or something.

Subject: I hate Subject Lines

Hey, check out

A friend captured it.. I thought it was great, because of the fact that Austin is staring right at the sign, and his pose is kinda... strange.

Anyway, is another pic of the sign, but it't not anywhere near as funny.

Greg Goodnight
OP - EFNet #wrestlingzone
Webmaster, The Rant Archives


CRZ, I am disappointed that you did not make fun at Tony saying,"He (Sid0 kept coming and comin until he couldnt come anymore." Or was it Too easy for you!!??? I KNEW you were going to say something about that line!!! ehehhe


Some things are too easy. Why be PREDICTABLE?

Subject: "spinning heel kick"

I had the, um, 'pleasure' of seeing Viscera wrestle on Heat or Metel some time recently where I witnessed his spinning heel kick and thought it is unique enough to warrent it's own name. How about rolling cow kick. I've always enjoyed the running jokes in your commentaries especially when they are about those who run at a walking pace (Viscera), and thought I might be able to contribute.


I'm still partial to "Alleged Spinning Heel Kick," myself. "Rolling cow kick" sounds more like a Mideon move...

Subject: Bret Hart

a new video from a rap group called the Rascalz and Bret Hart is in the video. he stands in the ring trying to bounce with the music and he's waving his hand in the air trying to be hip hop.. its one of the most painful things i've ever witnessed in my entire life. its embarrassing, its not even funny, he just made a fool of himself.

try to find it somewhere... its worth a look - if you dare.

(cue Ted DiBiase laugh)

Some Stranger

I'll bet an enterprising surfer could probably find a link to the video somewhere on the Web....not me, though. I crapped out. But I must admit I only made a tepid search ( and that was it). Hey wait, doesn't have a story about Hart's video? Didn't I link to it on the front page? I'd go look but I have another three letters on this page...

Subject: Nash and a Nude


Here's a link to a picture of Poochie the Rockin' Diesel and the woman from Monday's Nitro.

Great work on the recaps. You're the king.


Hey! So when I said that Nash would be at the Exotic Erotic Ball - why - I was BREAKING NEWS! Somebody tell Rick and Mike for me!! They'll have to double my salary! So we got Minka and Maya Divine...I hate to ask, but can somebody tell me the third one before Hyatte beats me to it?

Subject: wwf raw report

I was reading your raw report and I see you call CHYNA a SLUT and think it was wong for you to call CHYNA a SLUT because CHYNA is no SLUT and she the hottes woman in wrestling world



Subject: hey! U might find this interesting, or not

The "bad cop" who told the big show his dad was dead, when he wasn't, has been sighted. It's a thing called the "Nightmare in Painesville" , Ohio. It is a haunted house, along with that they have a video arcade and a wrestling show. It's a bunch of small time wrestlers, seems like a minor league for wrestling. Supposedly this cop went to the school, and he was there entertaining for a show. Also the school is supposedly owned by Al Snow. I can find out the name of the school and stuff if you want. E mail me if you are going to put this on, or if you found this interesting at all.


Well, you're about a week later than the FIRST guy, but why the hell not. Makes a nice bookend, don't you think?


Christopher Robin Zimmerman
[slash] wrestling


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