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Hey, I'm still the Franchise, though, right?
Thanks to: Jim Gramze
Subject: The sign guy on Raw

Yo, just a shout out saying that I too thought the "WWF is Immoral" guy looked like SNL's Koechner. Nice to know someone out there thinks as crazily as I do.

James Moore

Subject: Spice

She was sorta looking like a wow girl tonight.

Mike Samuda

Aww, geez, it isn't enough that this guy has Torrie...he's gotta go for MY girl, too!

Subject: Don't fall for it, CRZ

It's fairly obvious that the Powers that Is are trying to bribe you into giving Nitro a good review in your recaps by featuring Spice in Britney Spears-ish school girl clothes. Don't fall into their trap like I di.. i... oh, Nitro is the best show ever!

Joel B

Subject: WCW's fate

CRZ, First, thanks for the attitude-laden recaps. They keep those of us neanderthals without cable (yes, we do exist) informed about how our favorite feds are doing.

Ben Miller just published a conversation he had w/ Vince Russo, and Russo was amazed that the "Oklahoma" character is not going over as well in WCW as it did in WWF. Russo misses one obvious point about a business as cutthroat as Pro Wrestling: if you make fun of your company, it's a funny paody, but if you make fun of the compeition, it's childish and immature. If an Iraqi version of SNL mocked Americans, we probably wouldn't be laughing too hard since Iraq is an enemy. When WCW mocks the WWF, the fans can only wonder if Eric Bischoff is hiding behind the PTB door, feeding lines to everyone.

I also had the opportunity to catch the webcast of Mayhem (thanks, EA), and was entertained by the content but totally disgusted by the commentary. The last week has featured Schivane calling something "a bad angle" (in my hometown, no less!) and Sunday's team fared no better. They commented on workrate, angles, and how good of a show the wrestlers put on. This is outright heresy in the industry. Pretty much the only way to care about a match or an angle is to suspend disbelief and pretend it's real. WCW's commentary team is doing a good job of doing exactly the opposite. Granted, I haven't heard WWF's team in a while, but I also haven't heard of JR or the King treating the match as a scripted show rather than an athletic contest.

I used to be a huge WCW mark. I'm still a monster Sting mark. But even though I was personally disgusted and insulted by UT's "crucifixion" of his opponents, WWF was putting on a better show. WCW has degraded very quickly under the Russo/Ferrara era, and if the trend continues it will become nothing more than a parody of the WWF in characters, angles, and gimmicks. And ECW will quickly rise to be the top rival to Vinnie.

Just a side note: My father + I used to go to the WCW events in Little Rock. The WWF never came, but that was just fine by us. WCW came in with zero jobbers. The main event was always a biggie in a prominent storyline. I've seen Sting beat Ric Flair (twice), Luger + Sting beat the Harlem Heat, Mankind as Cactus Jack, Rickey Steamboat, and the Rattlesnake back when he had hair. I've actually got a picture lying around of Austing relaxing in Barton Colliseum after his match, talking w/ his fellow wrestlers. We spent a total of 20 bucks to get in. Now it's 30 bucks a person, and although the lighting is better than the lone light over the ring at the fairgrounds, the content has degraded too much to be worth the money.

Thanks for your time, keep up the nice work.

Charles Enderlin, Jr.

Subject: WCW/Nitro/WALKING


Thought I'd let you know that everytime I watch Nitro now, and they show someone walking, in my head I see it in BIG letters...

"There's Sting and he's WALKING!"

"Oh, look, there's Benoit, bending over to tie his shoe, now he's WALKING!"

It just dawned on me last night that I was doing this, and it made me laugh to myself. Thought you'd get a kick out of knowing you're influencing my thoughts.

Vince Fahey

I have that effect on you - and you don't even realise it at first! Sneaky bastard, ain't I?

Subject: Kurt Angle--my favorite DJ

As a fellow Simpsons fan, I thought that you might appreciate a quick Albert Brooks reference. Brooks, on his classic 1970s album "Comedy Minus One" makes a list of the three most wretched figures in the world. First on the list are incuarable lepers. Second, disc jockeys. And third, of course, is curable lepers. Brooks says that disc jockeys have the unique (and singularly despicable) ability to turn everything they hear into a compliment.

Human, to DJ: "Hey, suck!"

DJ, in response: "Thank you. You're beautiful."

(Did I say a QUICK Albert Brooks reference?)

All of this is a roundabout way of discussing Kurt Angle and his new role in the WWF.

Personally, I really dig the guy. All the spitting he does is a bit much, but otherwise, I think he has real heel potential. But I wish that the WWF didn't set him up so quickly as the petulant bad guy. Rather, I think that he would have seemed that much more loathsome if he reacted to every taunt and boo as though he were being showered with praise.

If he just naturally assumed that "real Americans" would favor a decorated Olympian, a "real athlete" over a pimp or a vampire...

Now, to some extent, he is doing just that. But I think he would be even more over as a heel if he didn't act with surprise or horror at being booed. If, like the DJ (Finally he gets back to that damn reference), he always misinterpreted the situation to his favor. How repellent would that be? Skin-crawlingly good, if you ask me.

After all, look how well a similar routine has worked for Hulk Hogan for the last several years. The crowd boos him unmercifully, he reacts as though every word he utters and gesture he makes is brilliant and fresh. The crowd loathes him and boos even more. Oh, mean that wasn't part of his angle? Maybe that was a bad example then. Never mind.

At any rate, I think that Angle can be a biggie. Perhaps not Rock/Austin/Mankind big. But certainly Jeff Jarrett big. Upper mid-card, occasional-main-event-on RAW big. Maybe an IC belt in the future. I like what they're doing now. But I think they could have made him seem even more insufferable and arrogant. A different arrogance than they're going for with Jericho. Whereas Jericho knows he is a heel, Angle should not. He should be certain that he is loved, not just misunderstood.

Fan, to Angle: "Hey suck!"

Angle, in response: "Thank you. Your cheers truly warm my heart. I AM proud to be an American hero."

The boos would be deafening, thereby making his ignorance of the situation that much more wretched. Petulance in the face of hatred is pretty good. Complete misinterpretation of hatred is gold. Gold, I tells ya. I figure that Gangrel and Godfather will be speedbumps for him eventually anyway. But my way gets him there faster.

Ooohh...I hate him just writing this.

Hope to hear from you.

Andrew Curry

Wait a minute - that's usually how I respond to my hate mail! "Thanks! Keep reading!"

Subject: Rental Car Driver


I've been making the rounds these last few weeks since Survivor Series, reading all the recaps and ideas about who the Rental Car Driver will turn out to be. I've heard The Big Show, The Rock, Mr. Ass, HHH, Vince and several other possibilities. Because of Stone Cold's injury I'm pretty sure the WWF is scrambling to find a new finish to this story, but I'm surprised I haven't heard Mankind's name mentioned yet on any of these websites.

On my cable TV service I get a TV-Guide service that gives a snippet of what's going to happen on the show, usually just a 1-line statement. The past two RAW's have been: "Mankind's Shocking Revelation!" (11/15), "Stone Cold Steve Austin" (11/22, 1st hour), and "Mankind's Armageddon Shocker" (11/22, 2nd hour). I think what was supposed to happen would have gone something like this: Mankind runs over Austin, prompting the mysterious "Who hit Stone Cold?" debate and getting the police in for both 11/15 RAW and 11/18 Smackdown! Mick doesn't fret these things because . . . he's in Las Vegas! Can't be questioned there, can he? On 11/22 Austin is scheduled to return and does, whooping ass and taking numbers as he searches for the bad guy. Finally, to close the 11/22 show Mankind reveals himself as the culprit-in-hiding, turning on Stone Cold and setting up the double main event for Armageddon.

Of course, Austin's injury makes this all moot. Mankind's sudden absence makes no sense whatsoever and since Austin isn't coming back anytime soon they go ahead and reform Rock & Sock, pushing aside the hinted heel-turn Mick had been running toward with Rock the weeks leading up to Survivor Series.

This makes even more sense since TV-Guide listings have to be sent in weeks in advance to make publishing runs occur on-time, meaning they wouldn't have been able to change the 11/15 and 11/22 snippets even with Stone Cold's injury.

Knowing the WWF they'll probably end this stupidly now, with something like The Big Show having been the driver, setting up his heel turn before WM2000 main event vs. The Rock. No set-up whatsoever.

All of this is just guessing, of course . . . I'm just surprised that nobody else has mentioned all this stuff. Usually somebody checks those TV Guide listings and reports on it . . .

Brian Pitt

MiCasa likes to stick to DirecTV blurbs, so as to remind us that he has a dish and I don't. ;-)

Subject: Charlie?

I am trying to figure out why Russo/Powers to/that Be is referred to as "Charlie".

What's the deal?


I have a feeling I'm gonna get one of these a week if I don't consistently add somewhere "from 'Charlie's Angels.'" Oh well...

Subject: Edge's entrance

Hey, something I noticed in RAW and maybe you didn't. When Edge slid into the ring, he slid practically right up to Lillian Garcia's feet. Since he does that move staring up and grinning, I swear he looked right up her dress. Lillian was in the process of announcing him... "Eh... Edge!" Her voice cracked, either out of astonishment or maybe she was trying to keep from laughing. But then, the chicks love Edge, right? So maybe she was flattered...?

Alex Beckers

Subject: Latest Nitro report


Work of fuckin' beauty! Splicing in Russo's quotes from Samuda's interview really put some things in perspective and show exactly how lame this whole PTB angle is... very nice job.

Vince Fahey

Subject: Re: Nitro Report

Just wanted to point out how bad Schiavone must be when I find that even someone playing a caricature of JR does more to get me into a match than the "serious" announcer. I don't like the Oklahoma bits but he still gets more 'believable' emotion into a match than Schiavone!

Paul Rudy

Subject: Your Nitro Reports

I have been watching wrestling for many years and i have never had the good fortune to read truth full reports on something that is not real. Your reporting is very honest and I hope that the twits that send you e mail running you down learn that the wcw has better talent in the wrestling end of the business but as for acting and entertainment they hired the wrong people from wwf. If wcw is to survive they will need vince k not the dimwits they have now. wcw was always the wrestling show until they hired hogan and the follows. Wwf will allways be better until WcW returns to its roots and gets out of the total enteraniment business and mixes a good show with wrestling as thier main background foundation.

Thank you for the accurate reports that save me the time of watching a bad show the WCW is putting out right now.

Brian Wilson

Subject: Nitro...

I don't get this... WCW is making fun of JR for being so enthusiastic. Isn't that exactly what the commentators should be? Nah, I rather see this:

Tony: Here comes... Sting... Yes. Sting... is in the... ring.
Bobby: Oh boy.

Just thought I'd say that 'cos I'm bored.


Subject: Nitro Reports

Hey Im totally with you on your Nitro reports. I've about had it as much as you.


Subject: An apology and some comments


First off, I wrote you a letter similar to one of those "I've read you forever and now your too biased against WCW so I'm never reading again because you suck up the wrestleline joint!" letters. Ok, maybe I'll keep reading but I still thought last weeks recap sucked. Anyways, no hard feeling and I'm sorry if I offended ya. (Judging from the other letters you printed mine was tame in comparison.)

Food for thought.....

1. Sid Vicious errrr....Psycho Sid.....whatever.......I like what Russo is doing with this guy. Limit his mike times......make him a bad ass who can't be cleanly beaten (Very smart, look at the size of this guy). I, like you, have hated the ground Sid walked on for just as long as you. He's been boring, he's talked to much, he's no-sold way too many moves, but under Russo he is impressive! You know what else, I bow at the alter of ANYONE who powerbombs Rick Steiner through a stage. That ROCKED THE HOUSE!

2. Torrie Wilson...not Kane's girlfriend! hehe....Hey, can you name a better female T&A specimen on Wrestling TV today?

3.'s my biggest point....WCW sucked the Wazoo for a VERY, VERY, VERY long time. I like WCW because I've been watching Nitro since Lex Luger showed up for the first show. The day Eric Bischoff put his ego ahead of the company was the day that WCW went into the proverbial shit can. Now, Bischoff's gone, Hogan's gone, Savage gone, Flair gone (WOOOOO!). They'll probably all return in some form or another but not as main-eventers. THIS IS GOOD! THIS IS AN IMPROVEMENT IN ITSELF! Russo is improving the product. It's watchable, its fresh, and its interesting. Could you say that other than Tag-Team wrestling the WWF is fresh? I think not. Granted, some of the stuff Russo and Ferrerra are doing isn't all that good but it doesn't take up the entire show. Plus, they're simply trying to see what works and what doesn't. Overall, on a scale of 10 stars I'd give them an 8. I'm actually excited at 8 o'clock on Mondays again.

Take it easy,

Subject: Nitro Recap *****

Man, and I thought last week's recap was good! You channelled all your surface anger at Nitro last week, and very well too. This week, you used your anger, but filtered it through your sense of irony, leading to a tour-de-force recap. The concept of throwing Vince Russo's BS right back in his face, by juxtaposing them just-so with the crap that occurred on Nitro. Well done. I had to stifle my laughter while I was reading it, and for that, I thank you.


I'm amazed that people like Matt can read my stuff and understand it, while other people (let's call them COMPLETE MORONS) accuse me of terrible, TERRIBLE BIAS when all I do is report what happened, followed with Vince Russo's own words. Hello? I can't help it if YOU get angry about it.

Subject: Great Idea

As exciting as a Big Show - Viscera match would be, with McMahon booking that'll probably main Wrestlemania.

On WCW's side, let's take a person who gets more heel heat than anyone else in the business, has just faced our top face draw in a feud that we could keep going since none of the matches have ended decisively , and oh I don't know, TURN HIM FACE!!!!!!!!!

one thing about me, that I've said a million times, is that all storylines start with logic



Subject: Nitro reports

Hi Zimmer

Count me as one of the silent millions who reads your reports every week and enjoys them. Your Nitro report this week may have been evn better than last week's. Very clever use of quotes from Russo. Just one thing- you missed some opportunities to reuse the one about Jarrett being in only one of sixteen segments. That interview was funnier (in an ironic way) than anything on Nitro.

Keep up the good work.

Jaime Martell

Subject: column

Again, an excellent column. I think you should continue the wcw bashing until well...don't ever stop. They absolutely suck. I watched the replay last night, and I can honestly say that the Home Shopping Network is more exciting. I know you've hit on this before, but I'll say it again: WCW's characters are not intriguing. When I watch the WWF, I WANT to see what the Rock is gonna say. I WANT to be there for the opening so I can see a good promo being cut (like Holly last night), basically the WWF guys ARE FUN TO WATCH! WCW bores the absolute hell out of me. They have their own personalities. I don't have a problem with WCW doing sex stuff, or the JR parody. The problem is it's not funny at all. I just don't laugh, period. And, Vince Russo is a huge bag of shit.
Keep up the good work.

Chad Peterson

I think YOUR BIAST!!!!

Subject: The man who threw the book in the trash was... (READ IT, IT'S RIGHT!!)

Al Snow! Think about it... there was another guy in the bathroom (who wasn't the Rock) upon whom Mick mistakenly bestowed the book in question. Al Snow comes back to Mick with "the Rock's book," telling him that he had found it in the garbage. His intent, then, is to get Mick to hate the Rock, while making Mick like him (remember when Snow brought Mankind the replacement Socko against Val Venis?). This goes along with Snow's sympathy push, breaks up an angle that got way too old way too fast, and sets up feuds between Mick and Al, and the Rock and Al.

Oh, I like your work, but you really don't need to get so self-righteous over this JR thing. The only reason his mouth was turned up was to draw attention away from the fact that HE DOESN'T LOOK A THING LIKE JR!!! I'll admit that it's gotten old of late, (read: the second time) but I really laughed my ass off at "STICK!!! STICK!!!" "PINATA!!! PINATA!!!" It's really just a question of getting Dr. Death over, and they seem to have done that (and get rid of some of those pesky luchadores...) in the process. You say you're not stupid enough to bet on wrestling? Well, just how stupid does one have to be to make an emotional investment into one of VINCE RUSSO'S angles? You're only THAT stupid... Gee, he doesn't thrive on offensiveness and controversy, does he? Much like you don't thrive on dry-witted sarcasm! Much like I don't thrive on dry-witted sarcasm! Anyway, post-ranting, I really enjoy your work and check it out weekly. Just fucking relax! It's an ANGLE! And a DULL ANGLE, at that!!

Jason Ford

At the risk of repeating myself, it wasn't/isn't the Ross impersonation *by itself* that worked me into such a lather. As for the Snow theory, I can buy that...but we'll have to see if they can tie it all together as it's pretty convulted as it stands now...

Subject: another wwf biased view

Well, CRZ, I know how much you like to receive e-mails about your wrestling opinions so I'm writing this to you. I've written to you a few times already, and in every e-mail, I've disagreed with how you treat the wcw product. Although in today's nitro report you retorted to all the e-mails you've received about your "hatred" towards wcw, you failed to give us wrestling fans, never mind wcw fans, your reasons for doing the nitro report when it's clearly obvious that you don't like wcw and don't intend on liking wcw. Hell, you even encouraged people last week to not order the Mayhem pay-per view. How the hell is wcw going to improve when there are people not willing to give them a shot and even go far as to tell people not to watch their product?! Just like Vince Russo said, the wwf fans have a double standard. Jim Ross is parodied in the wwf and it's considered a hilarious segment. The same spoof, with the same people involved, happens in wcw, and it's a tasteless, stupid segment. Come on, give me a break! And I can't believe how you avoided to criticize what was a terrible WWF RAW last night, while happily bashing a Nitro show that at least featured a nine minute WRESTLING match with JEFF JARETT AND BRET HART!!! OH, and if you say, "BUT IT HAD A SCREWJOB," then let me tell you this, "THE WWF DOES THE SAME FUC*IN' THINGS!!!" Look, you don't have to like wcw, but then WHY THE HELL ARE YOU DOING NITRO REPORTS!!!!!!!!!! STOP DOING THEM!! PLEASE!!! JUST DO THE WWF REPORTS!!! IT NOT ONLY HELPS YOU, BUT ALSO EVERYONE ELSE WHO READS THESE REPORTS. DO US THIS FAVOR, PLEASE!!! Of course, this is my opinion but I would like to see what you have to say about this. And if you do respond, please do it in the professional manner that I know you can do. Thanks for your time.


I'll give a MILLION dollars to anybody who can prove that I raved about how hilarious that Ross parody in WWF was. Hell, while you're at it, PLEASE provide some concrete evidence that I was all over Russo & Ferrara's asses when they were in the WWF. I never even mentioned the NAMES until they jumped, so it seems like it'd be damn hard to put words in my mouth and keep a straight face about it. But you gotta love some people for trying. "I DISTINCTLY remember you wishing you could have sex with Vince Russo!!!!!!!!!!11!!!1!!"

Subject: just wondering

Do you think the reason the Nitro crowd chants USA is to remind the people at home that RAW is on the other channel?


Makes as much sense as anything else.





Mean Machine

A guy named "Mean Machine" is telling me I need to get laid. I need a moment to process this...

Subject: Nitro Recap

Hi Chris

That was easily your best recap I have read since reading your work for the last year now. I thought Russo was full of crap too after reading his interview on Wrestline. You did a great job mixing his quotes with the ring action. The part about Oklahoma was the best. I don't see anything funny about the skit, and since I don't know JR personally how do I know if he takes himself so seriously or not? Some things are just to inside for any of us fans to care about.

The other bit about the interview too I laughed at was how he said he looks for the internet for feedback. When asked about the negative reaction to the "Powers That Be" angle, he says the internet has it all wrong. That we just don't get so to speak. I think you did a good job showing how stupid and inane this angle is.

I liked last weeks Nitro recap too.

Keep it up!
Dave Hanna

Subject: Slipped one past 'em

Hey!! You beat the censors!!!!! Allright!!!! God it looks so right to have the real word in there. I get so tired of reading "frick" and "f*ck" and "clusterf*ck" It's so lame. We all know what you mean anyways, so why can't those anti-freedom-of-speech bastards who edit the wrestleline reports just let you say it!!

Great report, as usual. Those idiots that think you 'mark-out" for the WWF should get their heads out of their asses.

Keep it up!!!!


Why do people read the WrestleLine versions when the ones are up sooner and contain more "fucks?" Must be that we need more WORD OF MOUTH!!

Subject: dubbayaceedubbaya


for the first time in a while i attempted to watch the wcw product on monday night. perhaps my timing was just "good" as i entered on the creative control v. konnan/kidman match, but this was some of THE WORST television production i have ever seen. this is the kind of stuff you should be learning in introductory cable access classes. i saw maybe 1.5 seconds of the plot development going on backstage, which was apparently pretty important since it cost the champs the match. then we get a long shot of the jumbo tron and an extended closeup of kidman watching the proceedings. follow this up with some tantalizing closeups of the outside of the ropes and the back of a head, and there's the heart of your match rendered completely incomprehensible by the "crack" staff at wcw, or is it "staff on crack?" i know that television is supposed to be primarily a visual medium, but when you can't hear OR see anything that's going on, why even try? do i really want to know...?


Subject: (no subject)



"Request a transfer?" Do people think this is like a REAL job?

Subject: Congratulations

Mayhem would have been great except somebody had the brilliant idea to insert a giant clusterfuck in the main event when it was TOTALLY unnecessary.

Way to go! Slide stuff by them censors! Whoo!


Somebody tell Scott Keith I got one through - that's the kind of thing that's IMPORTANT to some people

Subject: Nitro thoughts

Well I have to say that over the months I have really taken to your reports weather I agree or not you still crack me up. What was really funny about this weeks report was that I had read that Russo interview an hour or so before your recap. So all the excerpts from the interview were just priceless.

Down in Texas i do get Galavision and watch Luche Libre when my girlfriend isn't wanting to do something which is rare. Other than that just wanted to say keep up the good work and to hell with all the oversensative fans that can't appreciate your column. They know your going to rag on most of the show so they can just go to for a less entertaining (more biased perhaps?) recap of Nitro.


Scott Kerr

Subject: rasslin (what else)

I think critics like Phil Mushnick are too hard on The Godfather, after all he's just a guy who likes to:

  • have sex with multiple women
  • prostitute those same women to paying men for sex
  • smoke marijuana
  • let common folk know that pimping whores is not easy (It must be much easier to be a policeman, fireman, mailman, steel worker etc.)
Come on guys the audience is "ONLY" 25% kids under 12. I wonder how many kids went to bed dreaming of Terry Runnels' flesh colored bra, or how many adults for that matter. Am I being too much of a tight ass with the WWF, what's your opinion of the content? I like the WWF as a 25 year old male, but I cringe when I see 10 year old kids at ringside seeing this stuff. Just wondering.

Jeremy Nunes

Subject: question about mark madden

people are saying mark put something about you. do you know what he put about you? im sure hes pissed about you since you both work (or write, whichever the two) for wrestleline but hes a wcw shill so im sure hes mad at you. if you can tell me id be grateful


Yeah, I think they must have been pulled - either because they were so absurd as to be libelous (unlikely) or because they were getting me good heat and directing the focus away from Mark Madden (possible) - really, I can't believe it'd be that big a deal - I *don't* care what others say about me in other fora as most people are smart enough to decide if there's merit in the comments or not. It's kinda like me giving as broad a cross-section of my email as I can - what good is it if you only read positive feedback? Or only hatemail? Most of you are smart enough to form your own opinion, so why not give you as much information as possible?

As for message boards, others have been asking me if we could have something like that for the [slash]. I'm not really into it, but what do you think? Would you be interested in interacting with other readers and columnists of this site? Or are you ALREADY wasting enough time online? :)

Subject: Your nitro report


I could sit here at my desk here at work and proceed to get into a verbal spat with concerning your Nitro reports...but I won't (whew!!! long, rambling sentence). I respect your opinion and find your commentaries to be pretty comical. But c''s pretty clear that you hold some sort of grudge against the WCW. Why, I won't even begin to speculate. We could go back and forth at WCW's recent rendition of good 'ol JR; and we could talk about the WWF's bit concerning Ted Turner. It does go both ways, my friend.

You could also add that if I didn't like your reports, go read it at some other wrestle "news" site (I use that term loosely). Anyway, what's my point? Jeez, I don't know. I do think you should create your reports with a bit more objectivity.

Thanks for reading,
Todd in Colorado

I'm not a journalist - need I remind you? Anyway, the WWF's bit about Ted Turner was what, four or five years ago? If you INSIST on making these comparisons, can't you AT LEAST do a little better with finding a RECENT example?

Subject: Thank you!

I just got done reading your recaps, and I have to say that you are dead on about both WCW and the WWF. I especially enjoyed reading Mr. Russo's own comments about how he plans to run WCW. If he finds any of that stuff funny and/or logical, he must be operating under a delusion of massive proportions.

Why couldn't he just place the emphasis on the conflict in the ring, or between Characters!?! Why put himself into the mix unless he really is trying to get himself over? It's obvious that no one in the crowd knew what was going on during the show (i.e. the USA chant during the "FlagOnDaPole" match). If is so damn logical, why can't I figure out what the hell is going on? If I can figure out the at huge complexities of "Who's the face?" and "Who's the heel?" on RAW, why can't I while watching Nitro?

Keep up the good work, because you are making me laugh real hard each Tuesday and Friday. Intentionally laugh, mind you (unlike Tony S.).

Patrick Hamilton

Subject: Fit Finlay

The Russo quotes were the funniest damn things I've ever seen. You rock. And about Fit Finlay, I love the guy when he just brawls, but I hate how he's booked. They have him punch and do face rakes...incredibly boring. I mean, remember that tag team tournament they had early this year? Every damn match was the same with him and Taylor. They'd take over with power stuff, all the while, Finlay screaming "Come on (Opponent on apron)". The faces would make a come back, then Finlay would grab the chair. Hopefully Charlie knows how to use this guy right.

Matt Plunk

Monday was a step in the right direction, for sure. Oops, that almost sounds like praise of the bookers! Better WATCH that!

Subject: Undertaker??

Im sure you have the scoop..where the hell is the Undertaker?? Life gjust doesn't make sense without him. PS RAW sucked last nite


Should be back....soon....

Subject: in case you didn't know..

i write letters..

y'know, i've seen the wwf bastardize sumo wrestling before. a huge samoan who comes from japan? yeah, that's likely. then, they don't even wear the traditional ring attire. and this latest one.. ugh. rikishi fatu. how clever.. he's FATu. GET IT? oh, i bet they laughed for hours at that creative meeting. anyways, they're probably gonna stick with rikishi because in japanese, it's what sumo wrestlers are. i think ol' jr's just uncultured and all.. i'd hate to hear how be pronounces 'karaoke.' in any case, top notch job as always. and man, in the event this gets printed, i'd like to tell all those uneducated sounding naysayers to frickin chill. my god.. don't you people know what a spell checker is!? and christ, if you don't like it, there are nitro and raw recaps all over the internet. i'm sure it breaks crz's heart that 'ur nevr cuming 2 resleline evr agen.' if not.. oh, well.

- y'see.. it's cause he's FAT. hahahaa.. eh.

That IS my favourite line of Lord Alfred Hayes, though..."see, that fat one is Samu, and the other one's FAT-U!" Anyway, they spelled it "Rakishi" on HeAT even while spelling it "RIKISHI" in his OvalTron video - we'll just have to wait and see how that spelling "evolves."


I just had to write and tell you to keep up the Russo asides. I liked the sport better when there were less Melrose Place storylines and more 20-minute matches. I know I'm in the minority, but I occasionally even watch the luche libre from Mexico on Galavision for the wrestling content (besides, I can't understand what the storylines are in Spanish anyway).

I like wrestling. I like seeing two men tell a story in the ring, not have the action be a 3-minute filler between the stories going on backstage. I can think of one time that story won me over and not the wrestling -- The NWO. It was novel and original (and Russo had nothing to do with it, BTW), but they turned people off because booking overtook the wrestling. I mean how many times was I going to watch a match knowing that a screw job was mandatory after 5 minutes?

I grew up in a WWF-only TV market, and admittedly have a soft-spot for the WWF. When they were in the basement during the early 90s and dreaming up ridiculous angles, I still watched because they still had guys who worked hard in the ring. Y'know what? Russo made me turn. Even after the NWO, Piper, Warrior, and others tried my patience, I still would tune in to WCW for Malenko, Benoit, Kidman, Flair, and the luchadores. Now Russo has me wondering if a steady diet of ECW is the way to go.

I'm really not convinced that Russo's "crash TV" crap did turn the ratings in the WWF. I recall Austin/McMahon being the overall story arc for 1998 and, if I remember correctly, it started when Vinny Mac took lemons and made some damn good lemonade. I wonder if Russo had thought of the feud if it would have played out in two segments a week in between PPVs? I mean look, off the top of my head, he's already wrapped up feuds between Sid/Goldberg, Animals/Revolution, Buff/Jarrett and Berlyn/Vampiro. Each of these could have had some nice twists and turns to produce quality matches for 3 or 4 months. I'm thinking that Russo disbanded all those teams and stables, just to have more variables for his Random Feud Generator.

Chris, part of me wants wrestling to fall. Let the media start sneering at it again, let the ratings drop out, let there only be a couple of hours on TV a week, let PPVs be more seldom and special, let me become a closet fan again - never letting a girlfriend know I watch until months into the relationship, let only the die-hard fans keep it breathing and demand wrestling to be, well, wrestling again.

So, keep showing people that Russo isn't the Wizard, he's just a lucky guy behind the curtain that wants the recognition that Austin or Rocky has, and feels he deserves. He isn't the WCW's savior, he's just a surfer on the current wrestling wave of success.

Otherwise I'm going to have to learn Spanish.

Name Withheld

P.S. Not that you would, but if you use any of my comments please withhold my name -- I work for a Time/Warner company - thanks.

You know, part of ME has the same feeling about wanting wrestling to fail. Of course, that's the sort of thing that makes people write columns about me...

Subject: reply to Raw report

Here's a look at the arriving DX limo - here's a look at Vince in his car - oh good God - he's RAMMING them! There's another smash-'em-up from Vince.

Am I the only one who notices that Vince has a car with no airbags?

Arthur Kimes

Hmmm...well, not anymore!

Subject: Nitro Report for Monday, November 22, 1999

Very funny with the quotes from Vince Russo sprinkled throughout the recap. Another thing, VERY true with the fact that the Powers that be (I'm only saying it once, I'm not Tony "I like to make fun of JR" Schiavone) will decrease the wrestling because if the wrestling sells, they're outta here. People who say you are a WWF mark are very misinformed, if I was in your place (please?), I would be criticizing WCW too. Their product is getting closer to the WWF, not just in copying everything they do, but in making fun of the other organization when they're behind (remember the WWF's "wrassilin" thing when WCW took Hogan, Savage and others). You are a great recapper and your recaps are funny and informative (think I kissed enough butt?).


Subject: nitro sucks

With the way nitro has been going, why haven't any of the "reporters" at Wrestleline speculated that the "powers that be" may still be under contract to Vince McMahon and Titan Sports? I do have to admit that Russo and Ferrara have outdone Vince McMahon the past few weeks. Vince has pulled out all the stops to make sure that WWF television sucks as much as possible the past few weeks by giving himself 50% of the on camera time, letting his annoying spaz of a son jump around screaming incoherently every week on camera, Stephanie and Test............. With Austin, Undertaker, HBK etc. out, possibly for good, they have a chance to get some new talent in the main event. What do they come up with? THE BIG BOSSMAN? Chris Jericho comes out for three minute segments fifteen minutes into the show and the Big Bossman and Prince Albert are involved in the main event. Chris Jericho is one of the best heels there has ever been and you put him against Chyna instead of the Rock. In spite of all this and more, the writers of nitro have managed to do a much better job, in fact a restaurant quality job, of sucking. Everyone knows that it is funny to cruelly mock the disabilities of others. WCW can't even get that right. I can't imagine that anyone at WCW thinks that this JR parody is funny. JR could probably do a funnier parody of himself. The Big Bossman could do a funnier parody of JR. Lillian Garcia could do a better job. The problem is not that they're doing a parody of JR, aside from the fact that it's pathetic and it's free advertising for the competition, the problem is that the parody sucks and isn't the least bit funny.


Subject: (no subject)

Good job this week. This was a big improvement over last week's hyjinks. I know that you hate the whole Jim Ross parody thing, but Doctor Death is pretty cool. I liked him in the WWF and I think the fans like his power and vast array of moves. As long as he doesn't hurt anyone else, he can be a good asset. I hate to say it but I hated the Nitro Girl segment because they didn't get naked enough and it was very sloppy. I think you will agree with me that it is time to bring out the mud pit! I thought Hacksaw was actually pretty funny last night. He is showing a lot of personality and I know he is a good guy because he is from my hometown (Glens Falls, NY). Sid as face might work if he doesn't try to suck up the crowd like he did last night. Just get in the ring and kick some ass. The Maestro is not that bad, they are trying to get him exposure in a subtle way, and with "Symphony" by his side he could get over, and from what I saw from him in the ring, he is not as bad as many people say he is, he seems to have a lot of spring in his step. I also thought the Juvi thing was pretty good too. Just some thoughts. Thanks for reading and keep up the good work.


Subject: come on be fair

hey man i love your recaps after the monday shows there funny as hell, but if your gonna trash one promotion for things it does at least be fair and do the same to the other i mean, i hate schiavone as much as the next guy, and a "neck-vice" is probably the dumbest thing i've ever heard but you didn't even mention jim ross' exaggeration of HHH's fall of the stage " he said ,and i qoute "it must be 16 - 20 feet to the floor!" whoa!, it almost looks like he's asking for oklahoma to make fun of his announcing. love the columns, but if your gonna take shots at shcaivone for screwing up be fair and don't let ross slide.



Did Ross REALLY say that? Oof. I can't believe I missed that. You're totally right.

Subject: HEY!!!

Hello Chris.
. It's not the company, you object to--it's the content. Keep writing--I'll keep reading/

That is exactly how I feel, too. I just got done reading your latest report were you had a lot of your email posted. What I dont understand is why do some of these people get SOOO offended by you bashing Nitro(when it deserves it)? Dear Bastard? Please! I think there the ones that need help. I bet you get a kick out of those. Anyway, I love reading your reports because when something does suck, you usually speak what Im feeling, and it gets read by a lot of people. Often something will terriblely suck, and I'll be thinking "man, I cant wait to hear what CRZ will say about this." Frankly, I find you very entertaining. Well, must get going. If I ever make it infront of an ECW camera(im going to their school) I'll secrectly plant a CRZ sign in the crowd! HA!


Subject: a fan of yours

NOT Alright I've had enough of your egotistical cynical holier-than-thou attitude! I missed Nitro because I passed out and couldn't tape it so I read your review since it comes on before that Hyatte's one (which btw is much more of an asshole than you) so I'm reading this for results (detailed at that) and you do a good job of resulting it.....nice details here and there..but then you sneak in those damn quotes from Russo's chat like you are some clever wrestling social commentator and OOOOOOOOOH we're supposed to see the errs of the crashTV ways due to your insightful commentary and subtle hints. I just have to say HOLY SHIT MAN CAN'T YOU JUST ENJOY A WRESTLING PROGRAM FOR ONCE without bringing in the cynicism and bias against WCW. Just be a fan for once and try to enjoy the show!!! Be a mark!! It's fun!!!!! Thank you :)

NaYcHaBoY --> aka the Ficke

Gee, you're reading an awful lot into a neutral juxtaposition.


Man,you are such a fucking idiot!! I don't know if WCW recap is just a job you are forced to do or what but since you seem to hate WCW so much why not let someone do the recap that wouldn't be so biased?? I mean Nitro on 11/22 was head and shoulders above Raw(not in ratings but show vs. show) and I watched both and "Raw Is Weak" and Nitro was kicking ass all night, and if you don't admit that than it just proves that you are a fucking WWf shill. Keep in mind that the most important thing in journalism is being objective and unbiased. I understand that most of the internet is pro-WWF and ECW but shitfire at least you could do an unbiased recap instead of adding your own stupid and pointless wisecracks whether the show is good,bad or otherwise. Or you could just get a job with 'Good ol' JR' over at and share some Mr.Mac Man stories over a cup of 'Good ol'JR's' BBQ sauce and kiss the WWF's asses all you want 'till the cows come YEEEFUCKIN'HAAAAA!!!!!

Donnie R Short

There's that word again - "journalism" - GIVE ME A FUCKIN' BREAK. And I'm pretty sure wouldn't want to pay me more than the job I've already got, so don't worry about me getting a job on JR's floor...although...aren't they looking to expand their new media department? Hmmm, maybe they could USE a good sysadmin....naah.

Subject: Thank you.

Thank you for printing my letter in your Nitro recap. I get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside that you must get when people talk about you on other sites! You want to know the honest truth about why I don't like the Oklahoma and Dr. Death skits? My ex-girlfriend goes to the University of Oklahoma man! Hearing them say "boomer sooner" and hearing the fight song was too much man! It was too much. That mixed feeling of saddness and anger... I don't need that from Nitro. I want to laugh and cheer, not feel depressed!

And as crazy as that sounds, that's the truth.

Geoff Smith

Subject: Nitro Re-cap 11/23

Ahem..I am speechless! That was indeed one damn hilarious re-cap and thank you..THANK YOU! for savin me 3 hrs of my life i would have never seen again! I no longer flip between RAW and Nitro, although RAW has been weak lately. Those who are quck to call you a WWF mark should realize that you are not holding a grudge but rather pointing out the truth. Their show sucks, like WWF sucked a few years back. Keep up the uproarious re-caps, you should have a tv show for this so you can have video and critique it then. It would certainly be better than half the crap on tv now!


Subject: a question

i noticed that you have alot of rumors and stuff on wrestleine and i was wondering if i knew if shawn michaels was ever going to return to the wwf and if so when ?



I don't do the "rumors and stuff" portion of WrestleLine, so I'm probably not the right person to ask...

Subject: wcw nitro @wwf raw

yo; why the hell do you have to trash wcw; torrie wilson; kimberly page? what the heell is your broblem; you wwf mark? what the wwf paying you to trash wcw ? also another thing DONT EVER call torrie wilson a slut again dude or you will answer to mebecause i am not some kid who takes that kindly! torrie is my friend and i dont freaking like it. who is paying you to trash torrie; kim wcw ? vince? why dont you get a real joband stop from trashing (bashing) wcw? i will never go to your own site because you will trash wcw all the time anyway? also why dont you say something about debra showing her breasts? no you only say something about beautiful torrie and kimberly thats all dude? only because debra and the rest of the wwf females are all no good hoes like the godfathers ? i personaly dont like anyone (female) in wwf because they are all silicone bimbos.; not like the natural bodies f wcw women ( torrie ; kimberly) bye from a real fan of wcw; jeff

I'm pretty sure I didn't call her a slut this week - in fact, LAST week - here's the quote: "KIDMAN & EDDIE GUERRERO come out and cover up Torrie - what the hell is THAT about? NOW they're worried about Torrie being a slut?" Ooh, alert the media!! By the way, Debra wasn't on RAW Monday, and didn't show her breasts. That MIGHT be why I didn't say anything about her. Duh.

Subject: Nitro Tidbits..

Gotta love your comments on the Nitro Report. Whether people think you're a WWF mark or not, I think you're entitled to your own damn opinions, even if I don't agree with some of them. Its what the USA is all about.

Anyways, I loved the little "Russo References" from that interview that was done by somebody at Wrestleline. For some reason, I love sarcastic remarks, and your report mixed in with Russo's comments didn't even need to be added to. They spoke for themselves. The angle of Hacksaw Jim Duggan on the piano, coupled with the Russo Remark, said it beautifully. How in the hell if that storyline supposed to "push" Duggan? How is Henning's angle going to "push" him? To get right down to the matter, I'm getting sick of wrestling as a whole. Its turning into more of a soap opera, or what is currently labeled as "sports entertainment". Its just a garbage term for a sports soap opera. When is wrestling going to show more wrestling? I dont mind the behind the scenes storylines, but don't have them every frickin 2 minutes of a show. It seems that there is a 1:2 minute storyline to wrestling Ratio. 6 minutes wrestling, 3 minutes of a "back in the locker room conversation" or "back in the back room confrontation". BORING. "What's he going to do? Where is he going? What? he's WALKING? WHERE TO? COULD HE BE LOOKING FOR STONE COLD?" Shit, both shows are starting to suck. Hart just wins the title, and he gets used shitty right away. HHH is getting to be a bore, The Big Show is becoming more of, in your terms, "WELL, ITS A BIG SNORE." The Vinny Mac storylines are getting to be dead in the water too. I think the two federations are trying to have a hidden contest to see which one can put on the dumbest show and get the most ratings off of it. Looks like the WWF's winning that one, but WCW's sure catching up quick. If this shit don't change quick, I'm gonna be begging for Bischoff's return, and I must say I hated his "music & wrestling" gig A LOT. New World Order return? no, but maybe something close to it. Wrestling needs a shot of some good old fashioned ass-kicking groupies who don't trot around sluts for attention, they get attention from their actions, not their valets. There's too much T&A in wrestling. T& very well be its downfall. Just think about it.....

The Rickshaw Man

Subject: WCW SUCKS!!!!!!!!


You are one funny bastard! Here I am in my office sneaking in a look at your Raw & Nitro results and I am pissing myself laughing (especially at Gerald #1 and Gerald #2). Keep up the great work. I have been checking in on your recaps since you were at wrestlemaniacs and you never fail to please. I am in Australia and we get Raw & Nitro delayed for a week, so I have to check in all the time to get your recaps of the shows. I have always been a WWF follower, but am a wrestling fan, and watch both, though only Nitro sporadically. I can keep up to date with all the goings on via wrestleline and enjoy it!

One other point, I did notice in your Nitro recap 11/22 you mentioned Derrick May ruling Detroit. My friends and I are torn between Derrick May Detroit house master, and Derrick Carter, Chicago house master, for New Years Eve celebrations. I know you like your music, so I guess you know what Im talking about. We need some direction! Both are playing in Oz for the Millennium. May in Melbourne Carter in Sydney. We are in Sydney, and it will ROCK but May in Melbourne sounds good!@#$ WHAT WILL WE DO????????

Ben Pearce
Sydney, Australia...

I haven't seen Carter, but May was AWESOME when he spun at Coachella. Atkins was pretty good too! That doesn't help, does it? :) I'd go for May, but I like the Detroit sound a bit more than the Chicago sound. But not much! Good luck! Hey, you're the first to welcome in the millennium, ain'tcha?

Subject: Comments

How about I start with you mother fucking biased son of a bitch. Oh but that is what you want. You get more heat being the proWWF then you would if you just called what you saw. I mean when something really sucks on kind of point it out. However on Nitro you pretty much think everything sucks. I think your Nitro Highlight was Fit Finlay coming out.....which was cool, they made it sound like he would never walk again, but some of the rest of the show was pretty good or at least entertaining. Which you gotta admit if you like Raw it is just for the entertainment, it aint the wrestling. Bottom line this week Raw SUCKED EGGS...Nitro was pretty decent. You keep doing what you are doing, you are not a WWF shill, just a guy looking for the cheap heat, being so biased people like me who never email anyone have to speak up. I am actually part of your plan... speaking up getting you attention and that is what helps you keep your job....Way to go!


Thanks for reading - and writing! You know, sometimes I think people send me hatemail just to see if they can make the beginning of a report...

Subject: had to comment on sumthin'

What is with Geoff Smith and his old school wrestler e-mail? Talk about a WWF mark, Jehrico and Paul Wight wishes they we're back in WCW? If that was true, why did they leave in the first place? Sure Dr.Death wrestled in ALL JAPAN, so does Vader and Bart Gunn. He was also in ECW and WWF. Why is Geoff trying to put Williams over? I've seen him wrestle in Japan Pro, and when I saw him appear on NITRO my stomach churned. Oh great! Another aged-24-inch-python-I'm-so-macho-because-I'm-old-as-crap wrestler in WCW (Isn't Russo and Ferrara trying to eliminate the old guys). No offense against his experience, but aren't you a bit tired of slow, all power, no finesse or originality wrestlers. What I'm saying is this: this is the young high-flyers time. Whenever I talk to my friends about wrestling, we never mention about a wrestler over 45 years old unless he is a legend like Hogan or Ultimate Warrior. We talk about the speed and ability of the young high-flyers all the time, and the younger heavyweights. Sorry to dissapoint Geoff but, NO ONE GIVES A CRAP ABOUT DR.DEATH!! His letter mainly got to me because I'm gonna be a pro wrestler myself, but I can't seem to gain an extra pound if my life depended on it! So I'm gonna be a high-flyer myself! (Don't worry, my matches won't suck!)

Who want's to see the Nitro Girls (at least try to) wrestle once a week, and give up the dancing! Well that's my fantasy anyway. Oh yeah, I want this to be in your next recap so I have to make this seem like hatemail. Here goes..............Russo and Ferrara are good writers, you suck.......I'm done.

Pamela Brown

Hey Pam, I think Geoff's letter was A JOKE.

Subject: Nitro Report (Ha!)

Hey, it's good ole Paul Wolfstien again. It seems that you don't know a good show if you thought that Nitro was bad the past couple of weeks. It's been a pretty solid show overall, with a good pay-per-view. Oh, wait, that's right RAW ruled, right? Well, actually, it's stunk, for the PAST FEW WEEKS! And, without "Stone Cold" Steve Austin around as a face or heel. WWF is in trouble. They bring BACK the RnS connection ... please, give me a break. Hey, I bet your loving RAW, because it probably won the ratings, right. Well, either way, I REALLY hope Wrestleline hires a new WCW writer, hey I'LL do it, as I did for Oh, by the way, they're huge message board is KILLING you. Just wanted to let you know ...

Take it easy,


Hey, I'm making Paul famous! He's a bigshot on MARKMADDEN.COM!!

Subject: Pushes, WCW, etc.

In your recaps, when you point out how Chavo and Duggan are being wasted, I think you are missing the point. Call me gullible, but I happen to believe Russo when he says that the PTB angle is just to get the talent over. What those two are getting is a push, however meager. It can be argued that any time a wrestler gets on TV, it is a push. But I believe that these little vignettes are just to establish motivation or background, so they will have a side to take in the PTB angle. The angle is just a transitionary one, a way to sort of string everything together, such as the Corporation (though that wasn't a transition angle) in the WWF. At least the Dynamic Duo didn't drop every angle, and just start everything over, which they could of done. Last night, they took Piper, told him to make fun of them, gave him an angle, and power to accomplish some things. Like him or not, RRP is good on the mic, and that's where they've placed him - not in the ring. And if you don't think the old Scot is over, you weren't listening to the crowd during the segment. Or how about Curt Hennig? He was languishing as a babyface, when it's obvious he's far better as heel. So he got a heel turn, and a good part in the biggest angle in the promotion. Do you really think they're going to have Chavo, one of the few luchadores in the company who is relatively over and speaks perfect English, continue to sell Amway for much longer? As for Duggan, well, they'll probably use him for more than a janitor, though I'd rather see him retire. I do agree with you on the fact that the luchadores could get over on their wrestling alone, though. However, the writers want all the wrestlers to be able to talk, and are at loss on what to do with the Mexicans.

Patrick Murray

If wrestling gets over, we don't need scriptwriters.

Subject: "I Get Letters" feedback, or people are idiots


Your a wwf mark. It so obvious.I aint coming to wresteline anymore because your biased.Why visit a biased site.Your such a wwf mark.Raw was great so was survivor seris.....

I weep for the quality of education in this country. What human who speaks our language can even CONCEIVE this drivel as being grammatically correct? If you want to write a letter to CRZ, PLEASE use a spellcheck! Keep up the great work, Chris!

Sean McIver

Subject: (no subject)

Hey asshole, I hope this isn't your full-time job. If I remember correctly a few months ago you had your head up those same two scriptwriters asses. I believe the WCW product is getting better and I believe your column blows ass. I have an idea, why don't you change someones name to something different. Damn that is a fucking riot. By the way I know Tony Schiavonne is a bad annoucer, but I don't need you to jam it down my fucking throat. The WCW does still have some problems, but if the Big Bossman, Ray Traylor, Big Bubba, or whatever that fat fucks name is, if he is the top heel in any organzation they are in trouble. That guy sucks and the WWF should know that by now. Bottom line: Why don't you either start being funny with these reports, give solid information, or shut your damn trap. Anyway it goes I don't care, but it is nice to get my hat thrown in the ring. Thank you, fuck you, and goodbye

Scott Weeks

PS- Putting Vince Russo's comments in your update...............That's not funny either. Damn, you must have a sad life. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!

Well, let's see:

  • Please prove my head was up the scriptwriters' asses
  • Changing names to something different is something I did SEVEN YEARS AGO when I started and I'm not gonna change now
  • I didn't say much of anything about Schiavone's announcing THIS week
  • Big Bossman isn't the top heel in the WWF
  • Not only am I funny, I give solid information
  • Please stop reading

    Thank you, come again!


    Sure, I'm more a mark for the WWF than WCW, but Monday's raw kinda bit the nuts. Speaking of nuts, WCW finally let Jarrett say "slapnuts", furthermore, during that Nytro Grrls debacle, Tony Shythead correctly identified a snapmare. I guess all the film study paid off. He also correctly identified a quadricep later on. He's outta control. By and large, I hate to say it, but the rednecks took the bluebloods this week. Now if someone would just run over Flexxy, all would be allright. I TOTALLY share your sentiment concerning Fit Finley's return. He is a tough bastard without deny. Have a good week.

    DJ Lindsay

    Subject: Keep telling it like it is CRZ!


    Oye hombre... what's up and how's everything goin'? Hopefully Excellent-With-A-Capital-X, as it is for me. I always read your columns, and enjoy them. If some other assholes would loosen up, they'd like the humor in life... or the vague attempt. If you ARE a mark for the WWF, or if you aren't... I don't give a damn. However, the WWF IS SUPERIOR to WheelChairWrestling. Their four biggest stars made their marks in the WWF. I don't WATCH WCW, but I get the points made. Hulk Hogan... woooo... hello Bill Buckner in the '86 World Series. Bret Hart? Jeff Jarrett? And what's that 4th asshole's name? B... B... Boner?!? Butt-Head!?! Bone-oit! That's it! Hmm... wonder what makes me forget his name. Oh yeah... he's in WCW. Ha. Once people get over the stupid "PTB" thing, they'll park their asses in front of Raw and Smackdown. It's not like Rusto and Figaro are making that much of a difference... AWAY from the WWF. No wonder. I never heard of them... 'til they left. Good riddance.

    Always himself,

    Justin James Bartz
    "New Age Rebel-Romeo"

    Subject: Just give up

    Reading your Nitro report, you mention Russo quotes like a million times and try real hard to emphasise the shortcomings of the show (which weren't many) and downplay the good points. Meanwhile, your Raw report is total "I love Vince so much I cream my pants every time I see him". Not one criticism, not one mention of the fact the show was pretty crap, not one mention of any storyline inconsistency or WTF! moment. Hell, not one mention of Good Ol' JR (did you know it's a greater sin to make fun of this man than it is to burn the Bible?) making jackass comments or going crazy when someone is simply WALKING! Obviously, you're WWF obsession is so overpowering, you don't even realise which is the better show. You talk about not wanting to put yourself over, yet all you use the Nitro report for is to vent your raging anger at WCW for daring to compete with your beloved WWF. The more you try to make out Raw is better than Nitro, when it's becoming more obvious by the week that Nitro is now the better show, and might I add a lot more funnier (am I the only one who's noticed how much less funnier The Rock's been since his scriptwriters headed south?), the more you show yourself to be the biased jackass that you are. My suggestion, and please give me a straight reply on this, is that you stick to your beloved Raw reports, and someone who is biased towards WCW can do the Nitro reports. That seems fair. Afterall, with wrestline being affiliated to WOW, and WCW allowing their talent to give interviews to WOW whilst WWFE have a total ban on WOW, it would make more sense for WWFLine to start giving a bit more fair press to the organisation that's genereally more supportive of it. So how about it, if someone else takes over your Nitro reports, you don't have to spend three hours watching this show you hate so much, which is written by two guys you were a big mark for up until a couple of months ago (don't deny it, because if you weren't then you wouldn't have written all those highly positive Raw reports in 1998 and most of this year which were shows that were scripted by the PTB) but now they work for the evil WCW (backed by a billion-dollar media mogul no less, who lives to destroy that honest, decent family man up in Greenwich trying to run an honest, decent family business that has never, e-e-e-ever tried to run anybody else out of business, OH NO!) and miraculously, they're the two biggest jackasses that ever lived all of a sudden!

    Listen, I'm being serious here. Eject your greasy-hair covered head out of one VKM's ass for one moment and read very carefully what I've written above. Think about it if you were, say, objective. Then accept that whilst we may not agree about many things, we can agree you hate WCW. You hate watching it and frankly, the three+ hours you spend watching it and reporting it would be better spent writing love letters to every member of the McMahon family (admit it, you fantasise about having a sex orgy with all the McMahons, don't you!). So, in that case, you should hand your letter of resignation to the wrestline committee, telling them you won't write Nitro reports, and will make way for a similarly totally biased WCW lemming to write Nitro reports. Then, finally, wrestleline can be taken seriously as a non-baised site. Afterall, at you've got Ryder the WCW shill, and you have Scherer who's more inclined towards the Whiff. Please resign, CRZ, I'm begging you. Stick to Raw reports and let someone else write the Nitro reports.



    I love how the very SENTENCE after "I'm being serious," he busts out "head up Vince's ass." PLEASE tell me where I say "I love Vince so much I cream my pants every time I see him." Geez, you really want me to take you seriously, don't you? FOR THE LAST TIME, I *don't* fantasize about sex with the McMahons - I fantasize about THE WOMEN OF :20 MINUTE WORKOUT. DAMMIT.

    Subject: Ha!

    Well first off i'm let me just say you are easily the funniest guy on this website and i thought you probably needed something good in your mail considering some of the shit i have seen in your nitro and raw reports when you post letters sent to you so just keep up the good work and fight the power{s that be}

    Cynthia F Lane


    I loved your last Nitro recap. Your excellent use of Russo's quotes shows everybody what a jack ass he made of himself in the Ben Miller/Mike Samuda interview. Keep up the great work!

    Michael DeAngelis

    Subject: A point of WWF continuity...

    In your (as always excellent) recap for the 11/22/99 RAW IS SUSHI, you state:

    MICHAEL KING COLE attempts to interview the Rock. Rock ain't letting on who his mystery partner is - I suppose it doesn't matter who his mystery partner is. Anyway, Mankind and Al Snow walk by and LET THE HIJINKS BEGIN! The only thing we get out of this segment is that Rock claims he never threw his copy of "Have a Nice Day" in the trash. Umm, well, who did?

    It seems to me that the obvious candidate for throwing the Rock's inscribed copy of HAVE A NICE DAY into the trash was ol' Val Venis, who was simply trying to get under Mankind's skin in their then-hot feud.

    Of course, really, this will probably never be explained, but then again, the visible effects of the much-ballyhoo'ed shift of creative personell shift from WWF to WCW has shown us all that Russo & Ferrara were the source of the much-maligned 'WWF ATTITUDE', and not of the compelling and well-planned out storylines that, more than the bouncing breasts and potty-humor and symbolifictions, has helped the WWF regain preeminince in Sports Entertainment (tm).

    The biggest problem WCW has had is that they have ALWAYS (since the implosion of Crockett Promitions) defined themselves against the WWF, and not bothered to try and stake out their own identity. During the Bischoff era, this was implied (simply by having old WWF stars like Nash, Hall, Hogan, Savage, Hart et al around), whereas the PTB have simply abandoned all subtlety and made WCW into the Bizzaro WWF, where everything looks almost the same but just doesn't work quite the way you'd expect.

    The biggest shame of the 'WCW resurrection' is that they're going to end allowing Hogan & Company to recycle the nWo yet again, and that just ain't gonna do it for me.

    Keep the faith, brother, and just remember: WHERE'S POOCHIE?


    Subject: You get letters

    Hey CRZ,

    Hows it going ? I have not written in a long time, I'm sure you missed me :) I see from the letters you put at the top of the Nitro recap that you are once again (still ?) pissing people off.... cool. Joe Haldeman said it best - If your not pissing someone off, your doing something wrong. You know, I want to like WCW so badly. I think they have, by far, the best talent roster of any wrestling organization, but, they suck. They have no idea what to do with the talent they have. Therefore, they must be made fun of. Well, they should be made fun of anyway and so should the WWF. I love wrestling, I have since I was a kid but I stopped taking it seriously when I turned 13, 23 years ago (do the math, i'm 36). It is entertainment to me and nothing more, and to enhance it I am blessed with CRZ's recaps every Tuesday. In my humble opinion, yours are the best recaps anywhere, I laughed my ass of again this week, keep up the good work. I really look forward to reading them every week.

    Joe Ritner

    Subject: Just a suggestion...

    I was watching the Outsiders match on tape last night, and I was laughing watching Nash beacuse for some reason I kept thinking about that one report you did where you were depicting Nash as actually having a know calling his moves "crisp framing elbows" and stuff like that...sooner or later you have to do that again..that was hilarious! It also has practical application beacuse it actually puts some fun in his matches...

    Keep up the good work!

    Kevin Hurley

    That was some good stuff. If you've missed it, it was the Nash/Sid main event for the 5 July Nitro. You're right, I need to bust that out again someday...

    Subject: Nitro Recap

    Please stop doing the nitro report if you do not enjoy watching WCW. I try to read a report on what happened Monday Night and I get an idiots ramblings about how stupid WCW is. If you don't like watching WCW Monday Nitro then have someone else do it. - Mike Joyce

    Why do these idiots continue to email you?

    If they haven;t figured out what the Wrestlemaniacs recaps are going to be like by now, then there really is something wrong with them.

    I mean, there's no shortage of un-smartarse recaps out there on the net, and we all know that you and Scott Keith are going to take the piss out of the shows and slam what you don't like because they're review-style recaps.

    ah, who knows? they just like the sound of their own whinging.

    So, yeah, like, get fucked you WWF kiss-ass. The Vinnie Russo Show is, like, the best. I have name-brand-loyalty, which is why Jericho now sucks ass.

    and so on..



    Subject: WTF??

    Dear Mr. CRZ,

    Just another one of your faithfuls who rarely has the balls to write in. As always, I enjoyed your recaps.

    Ya know, the fickleness of the sheet writers (you excluded obviously) never ceases to amaze me. WCW puts on a half decent show for once and now all of a sudden Vince Russo is the messiah, while Mr. McMahon is the devil-in-a-three-piece who puts on a show with all the excitement of watching grass grow. While they may be entitled to their opinions, frankly I find that their logic has more holes in it than Perry Saturn. "Who is in the limo?", "who is Goldberg's partner?", "HOLY SHIT its Piper!!", "Meng is bending the bars!!" etc etc...When WCW was doing these types of storylines a scant year ago with the Big Sexy Ratings Killer at the helm, the almighty internet smarks felt it was beneath them, an insult to their intelligence, something that Bischoff should have been (and was) hanged for endorsing that crap. Now that Russo has the mighty pen, that makes these SAME-OLD BORING REHASHED storylines interesting again. What in the HELL are these people thinking? Pick a side of the fence and STAY WITH IT folks. These guys are switching sides more often than Luger and his 200 face-heel turns. When WCW was killing Raw in the Monday Night wars way back when, everybody was praying for the WWF to rise from the dead. Now that McMahon has done just that and is dominating the ratings, Vince F**king Russo is their Lord and Savior and can do no wrong. I would hope that whatever drugs the folks at Wrestleline are on, that they could share some of them with me. "Objective reporting" hairy ass.

    Sorry for the rant

    A fellow "WWF mark" since 1985...

    Subject: About one of the letters you were sent

    I think people like Mr. "Name Withheld" need to use a little thing called a spell check. People call you a 12 year old? Did this guy learn basic grammar and spelling? "Bossman theirs a top star". Is this even a complete thought? It sure isn't a complete sentence. Apparently all those people that e-mailed you saying you are a "biased mark" and "you suck" and "yada yada yada" fell that they can shove their opinions down your throat but you aren't allowed to speak your mind. As for the guy who stared off with "Dear Bastard" the words of the great James "Milkman" Mielke (, that guy can "go scratch"! I think you do a great job. Your commentary is entertaining, and personally I don't care if you don't like WCW. As long as you stay entertaining, that is all that matters. May you live forever!

    Dennis Chars
    On-line Lead Designer

    Subject: six months

    If you are still around in six months to see WCW once again become a top notch wrestling outfit , then your employer is dumber than Eric Bishoff. Your continued bias and contempt of the improving WCW product is doing a disservice for your readers and your employer. You should step down and let someone who isn't partial to either WCW or WWF give people a fair review of each show without all the "jabs" and innuendoes that have become so obvious to the wrestline readers. Soloist who is this "my employer?" Again I have to point out that NO ONE else bothers to recap Nitro for WrestleLine...and what will they do if I ever leave?

    Subject: Various thoughts...

    First - have a nice holiday weekend. Your recaps are still the best on the net, no matter what anybody else says.

    OK - now on to rasslin'.

    I too read the Russo interview. Some of the things he said seemed a little contradictory, but others made sense. I haven't see the Oklahoma character yet - I must be on RAW at that moment ;-) - but I don't agree with everyone saying that it is in bad taste. If it's OK to do it on RAW, it's OK to do it on Nitro. Now, the issue of whether or not it's funny is a different story. From what I've read it isn't very funny. That to me would be the killer to the character, rather than the taste issue.

    One thing that everybody seems to overlook is this - as far as the ratings issue, Nitro does have some catch up work to do, but they won't get anywhere until they win a single quarter hour first. As soon as that happens, then I think Nitro will begin to focus on whatever storyline was happening in that quarter hour and really push that. Then, others will follow. But this week I started to see all the "Powers that be" stuff start to come together. The wrestlers are getting fed up with it, and the PTB are being set up as the major heels (as was Vince for a while). It's starting to come together, and I think it will work out. It's just taking some time.

    Nash and Hall are much better faces than heels. However, they are suffering from DX syndrome. They need to realize they are heels and stop playing to the crowd and be willing to accept some boos. Nash has actually seemed a little more energized in his actual wrestling the last couple weeks. I think the time off helped. But I think they should drop the drunk acting (if it is an act), and the smarminess as well. They need to be pushed as a couple of major bad-a$$ heels. I don't have any suggestions to offer on that, though.

    Overall, Nitro kept my attention much more this week. Bret as the champ was the right move to make. He has needed to be there for a while. I think that will bring some - I don't know - prestige back to the belt. Remember - make the belt the focus, not the gang mentality. However, if what I've been reading about Hogan, Flair and the other geriatrics forming a "Tradition" group is true, I'm just thinking that there will be a nWo thing all over again. Might be OK - as long as it doesn't run too long.

    I don't mind losing the luchadores too much. I don't remember where I read it (might have been a letter in your write-up), but their matches were just all high-flying spots. No psychology to it. It just came across as "let's hit one spot after another" and looked TOO choreographed. Now, guys like Eddie G., Kidman and the like will be fine because they can do more than just fly around. They know how to work a match properly (in my opinion).

    Anyway - I think Nitro is coming along. I'm not saying it was the be all end all of shows, but it was better this week than in a long time. They're doing all the things RAW did for over a year, it's just that right now they still don't do it as well so it comes across as they are just copying RAW (well, in a sense they are).

    Keep up the good work and have a great Thanksgiving.

    Dale C.

    Subject: Raw comments

    MY GOD!!! A Was, Not Was reference!! I felt compelled to crack open the "What up dog?" CD after reading your "I'm in jail" quote.

    Not much I needed to say, except that I wanted to thank you for your intensely sarcastic reviews. It's nice to know that I haven't cornered the market on vitriolic attacks on slack-jawed, mouth-breathing weasels who use 'z' to end every word and feel that their promotion can do no wrong. Just a question, though. Are you as amazed as I am that Russo and McMahon could have EVER been in the same room at the same time? Russo apparently feels that everything he spews out (or has ever spewed -- is that even a word? --forth) is solid gold, while McMahon has apparently decided that only he is capable of running things in the WWF, from the front office to booking to headlining. What next, gaffing? Should we expect to see his name as Cameraman #2? My guess is that the PPV that follows Armageddon will be renamed McMahonBowl...McMahon will be WWF champ by then and he will face the evil McMahon in the main event. The McMahon Boyz will be tag champs and will be faced by the McMahon and McMahon connection. And of course, McMahon will be doing color commentary.

    Sorry, had to vent,
    Bill Bridges

    Subject: Raw thoughts

    Well I finally got around to watching raw last night a la vcr. I always enjoy Jericho but the match was way to short. I've heard alot of rumors about everyone is unhappy with his stiff style. Did you notice when he pushed that one ho into the Godfather? he shoved her ass pretty hard. Just an observation. Also I am really starting to like Kurt Angle with his true athlete gimmick and funny music. This guy seemed really comfortable on the stick. You know I like vinnie mac as much as the next guy but what is happening here? 1/2 the show was about vince getting arrested then he pops up at the end? Is vince trying to get himself over here or what?

    Do you remember when wcw started to lose ratings to wwf? If i remember correctly , and correct me if I am wrong, wcw started to rest on their laurels, nwo (dx?) was around making life hell for everyone, Bischoff was doing everything he could to get himself over, and the competition (wwf) started to get more focused and aggressive. Maybe it is just me and I am not predicting anything all I am saying is the similarities are very close and shoe may be on the other foot. Although wcw has a long way to go I do think they are at least starting to make an effort and what we see now it 10 times better than what we saw at around the time of say "Road Wild". But of course like the omni-knowing entity Russo always says All storylines start with logic HA HA HA!

    Have a good Holiday CRZ

    Scott Kerr

    Subject: WrestleLine


    So they can put up this fancy-schmancy Java layer ad that literally makes your column appear to be on fire, but they can't correct a typo in the title of your column?

    (No, I'm not trying to get you to quit.)

    Kevin Podsiadlik

    You don't like RAW ID WAR? IT'D THE BEDT DHOW!!

    Subject: Bravo

    I haven't written to you in a long while, but after reading today's column, I thought I should again.

    First, let's get the perfunctory praising out of the way. You are the MAN. The hamandeggers that call you a WWF mark should read you RAW columns. I think you do a fair job of analyzing both promotions and reporting the stupidity of what you see.

    The monkeys that tell you not to write columns if you don't like what you're seeing are "settlers". They settle for whatever they're fed. I blame them for that long period of time when Nitro led Raw in the ratings. The length of Nitro's dominanace shows how much crap these slapnutz can eat before finally turing away from the table (timely Thanksgiving metaphor used to inspire holiday feelings).

    I'm 35 yrs. old and have been a fan all my life. As much as like wrestling, I've always complained about it. Both fedrations mis-use talented wrestlers, create juvenile storylines and reduce the amount of actual ring action. Both feds have made a "clean win" as rare as the regular squash matches we used to get on TV. Some of this is good while most of it sucks.

    My point is, you do a fair job of pointing out the really dumb shit both feds feed us. The fact that WCW has been feeding us more shit recently does not mean you are biased, simply observant.

    Last, you did a great thing mingling the Russo interview with your re-cap. When I first read his interview, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. When a guy goes out and says, "I'm just a writer. I'm not going to be involved in the storylines." and then writes himself into every storyline, well, somebody has to say something. Thank God for you (my last thanksgiving reference). If nothing else, I bet ole vince will be a little less generous in giving lengthy interviews in the future.

    George Paul

    Subject: PTC


    What's up mo-fo! Please print this letter as it is a rant on those fuckboys @ PTC.

    Here we go:

    Well another censorship group is at it again. Remember the P.M.R.C? It was Tipper Gore's brainchild to ban Heavy Metal, Rap, Rock or any other type of music she deemed offensive. It didn't work.

    Now we have the PTC who has convinced the army not to run adds on Smackdown anymore because it hypes violence, sex, etc. That's logical as we all know the army does NOT condone violence of any kind. Killing in the name of your country is not violence it is PATRIOTIC!(Extreme f'n sarcasm) Let's wipe out these women and children and burn their village down. We'll be heroes!

    That's how I feel about the military. You can kill as long as we (the gov) say it's OK otherwise it's a crime.

    As for Coke they are a part of Corporate America anyway and one would expect them to break easily under pressure. We wouldn't want someone to drink Coke after sex or while beating someone's ass now would we. The goddamn product is named after cocaine! What a concept!

    This PTC is so unrealistic. It's probably a bucnh of old, white men and women who are pissed because networks don't air 'I Love Lucy' or 'Donna Reed'. This is the 90s going into the Millennium. We're not living in a fantasy world where everone and everything is nice. get over it. This is reality. People are murdered, hooked on crack. rob, steal, riot. Hell I'd rather my kid watch WWF than the news!

    Then you have shows that have graphic content about everything from sex, violence, Satanism/witchcraft, and no one targets these show? (I have nothing against any TV show just making a point how ignorant PTC is)

    The WWF and wrestling is a target. You just know that WCW is next after their new creative direction becomes more popular with mainstream fans. We might as well start practicing Communism because that is what these groups are trying to push. You can watch this but not that. FUCK THAT! Let's BAN CENSORSHIP and idiot groups like the PTC!...It should be renamed the PTCCK Parents That Can't Control Kids because obviously these people have a problem with their own kids! Can anyone say boycott? Start with Wal Mart and Coke. no big losses there anyway. Can't boycott the military though since they are paying people a bonus to join since they are short on personnel. Maybe Americans would rather watch wrestling instead of killing people!

    Sorry for the extended rant but I have to vent my frustration. So how do you feel about PTC Mr.CRZ?

    Michael Mack

    Subject: "OK"

    Hey Cris,

    The OK spoof on JR is funny as #ell. I know the palsy thing is wrong, but hearing words like "slobbernocker" and Dr. Death over and over again had me laughing my as% off. I can't believe you don't find it a little funny.


    Okay, it's a little funny.

    Subject: This is as original as your last 3 Nitro Recaps......

    Christopher Robin, your Nitro recaps smell like Pooh.....

    Told ya it was original. Your such a WWF kiss ass!!

    Kelley D Huff

    And *you're* a good speller!!

    Subject: Guess...

    Hey CRZ. Just wanted to appauld your effort on the last few Nitro reports. Why? Because any self-respecting wrestling fan knows the last few Nitro's have been hard to watch, much less recap. I couldn't even bring myself to recap last week, what with the "Piñata on a pole" match debacle. Regardless, this week's report was trés chic, what with the quotes from Russo in there. Kinda puts the whole show into perspective. Have to agree with you, thinking those PTB are writing to please themselves.

    Quick question: was it just me, or did it seem like Malenko was reading his interview from a cue card? If so, why not put the card over the interviewers shoulder (or behind the camera), so it at least LOOKS like he's not reading a cue card? Or would that be too easy?

    So I could have swore I read that the final goal of the PTB angle is to have a wrestler (gasp!) end up being one of them, presumably so they can blow off all of these feuds. One can only wonder who (no, not him) will end up being that wrestler. I'm thinking You Know Who, but that's just scary.

    One last thing: you know how we got to see Russo's arm this week? Maybe he was inspired by old Inspector Gadget cartoons. We never saw C.L.A.W. (I don't think) and he was a bad, bad guy.

    Tom Cruz
    Tom's Workrate Reports

    Subject: Why we cheer the evil!

    HEy you WwFF fuckkidg MARKK - whoops that's a weak attempt on my part to fit in with the cool kids that write you without the benefit of a damn spell checker. If you are using Outlook Express then set the damn thing to automatically check spelling you bunch of...jeez where is all this rage coming from? Probably something my parents did to me when I was a child. Where's Oprah?

    Anywho, I think the reason we tend to cheer the badguys (Jericho in the Survivor Series match for instance) is that in today's age fans are smart enough to cheer those that entertain us. Back in the good old days of 1985 we tended to cheer for Windham and Rotundo, Tito Santana and Hogan whether they entertained us or not (although to be honest Randy Savage was always my favorite especially when he was a bad guy. I also think the Savage character getting over by being a bad ass foreshadowed Austin but that's another story.) With the advent of crash tv we are much more likely to cheer the actual spot that took place than the performers themselves (witness e-c-dub! chants after particularly brutal spots.)

    As for some interesting cheering and booing going on at the Mayhem pay-per-view by my fellow Canadians, I think Henning has always been a respected performer as Mr. Perfect and Canada is WWF country. I think fans were just happy to see Mr. Perfect after a long absence. Former WWF stars all probably enjoyed a better reception in Canada as a whole because we grew up watching them live with the WWF while WCW has never ventured up North. It was like welcoming old friends.

    As for why Canadians booed Goldberg I guess they were voicing your so often expressed sentiments - Fuck you WCW.

    Keep up the good work,

    Craig Letawsky
    KBS Radio,
    Creston, BC.,

    Subject: PTC

    I'm sorry, did I just hear you saying we should tolerate the PTC (practically endorsing them if you ask me) in your Raw report? Just understand that they are not practicing free speech, they are promoting censorship. If you can accept and tolerate someone else telling you what you can and can't watch on TV, that's fine but I can't. Rights and freedoms only go as far as the point where they start infringing on other peoples' rights and freedoms.

    You are right though, we shouldn't bother writing to the Army, they've already pulled their sponsership of Smackdown, some harmless expression of free speech.


    I don't endorse the PTC's opinions, but I'm not gonna quash their right to publicly look like asses. GOD BLESS AMERICA!


    Chris: I want to commend you for your Nitro stance. As a fossil in the cyberspace world,(40 yrs old), I go way back watching wrestling. I think that younger fans have been led to believe that Crash TV is the way to go. But when see a 30 minute Hart-Benoit match, you will see what you have been missing. Also, God forbid, but the best wrestling being put on for my money is ECW. Both the WWF and WWC have gone so much into the sports entertainment motiff that they have gone way over the top. Most of the "acting" in the skits seems to come from the Don Muracco Thespian School. Anyway, I never thought I'd say this but it is getting to the point where I am almost look forward to the reviews more than the actual shows. Rock on!!

    Steve Kelly

    Subject: chris jones column

    yo; why the hell do you and chris jones have to trash wcw; torrie wilson; kimberly page ? i read your and his column on mayhem and know something it really sucks !!! what is your problem with wcw anyway? vince paying you two to write this crap? you guys really suck. right now after i get done with you two; i am writing torrie and kim a e-mail to read your sick columns dude you stupid wwf mark bye jerk


    Hey, don't dis Jones. He kicks ass! But please feel free to ask Torrie and Kim to read my sick columns - maybe they'll FALL IN LUV with me.

    Subject: Your Man Tony

    Last week, or the week before, you went bullistic over our man Tony S. on Nitro when he baldly stated that Kevin Nash's retirement thing was a bad angle. You could not believe he said that and ranted over other things he said. Now don't get me wrong, I hate Tony and think he sucks as an announcer. But I do want to point out that the New York Times did a story about Russo and Nitro and they showed a part of the Nitro script in the article, which showed that the line about Nash's retirement being a bad angle was totally scripted for Tony to say.

    Just thought you would like to know that some of his stupidity is written for him.

    Thad Hall

    I wish I'd seen this - but it wasn't on the Web version...anybody got a hard copy of the Times I could borrow?

    Subject: Nitro

    Either actually report about the show, or stop writing them, give the job to someone else


    Why don't people bother WrestleLine instead of writing me?

    Subject: this week's nitro report


    I just wanted to say DAMN!! I read the Vince Russo interview and then your Nitro report and I almost peed myself laughing! That was a fricken great bang-up report! Man, you should be paid for these gems!

    Ron Tupas

    Why don't people bother WrestleLine instead of writing me? ;-)

    Subject: enough already

    OK I maybe a little out of it living all the way out in Hawaii but you contradict yourself too much. On nitro you bitch and bitch and bitch about how you hate run-ins and DQ's because of them. But when you write Raws report, you never say one bad thing about the millions ......and millions of run-ins and messed up endings and plain ole fucked up matches that start out good.

    I also hate run-ins and lame endings but come on, at least be consistent and not just a total WWF kiss-ass. Give credit were credit is due and also give shit were shit is due. If Nitro sucked then great bitch about it. But if Raw sucked then say how Raw sucked too, don't just write like nothing was wrong. Just be fucking consistent.

    Thanks ... loves wrestling in Maui.

    Subject: From EG2

    Got to give CZR credit for having to watch Nitro every week! You would think by this point he would have to seek psychological help. Gee, I'm glad to see the TV Parent Council isn't writing letters to WCW. Even they know that there kids aren't watching Nitro or Thunder.


    Yeah, that CZR guy RULES.

    SEE YA!

    Christopher Robin Zimmerman
    [slash] wrestling

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