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I even had nice hair back THEN!
Subject: Bravo

Dear CRf'nZ,

I was just reading your letters page. It freaks me out that all these people critisize you for capping on Nitro. Nitro sucks. Don't they realize thatyou do more to improve the product by critisizing it than Ryder ever did by loving every minute of it.I was under the impression peoploe came to wrestline to get real people's opinion of what went down. If they wanted the official company take on things, why not visit Ryder's site (does he still try to charge people for using it?) or the WCW main site? They'll provide a full supply of corporate-correct reviews (as seen thru the eyes of Tony Schiavone).

Last, it occurs to me that some may just write to you because they need something to do. I've heard that many fans get a warm, happy feeling when they critisize a professional "recapper". I'm told it makes them somehow feel superior.

For those cases, I direct their attention to Sean Shannon's ECW recaps. It's easy to critisize (his first 4-6 paragraphs aren't even about wrestling!! what a field day!). He blathers on about his horrible life, lame taste in music, and btw, he doesn't appear to even like wrestling, ECW, Sportsline, Wrestline, or any of you. You could spend hours speculatiing on Sean's sexual orientation. You could devote a whole week about If you're really lucky, he'll misquote one of your letters in his column, allowing you to start ripping him all over again! What fun!

George Paul

Subject: More!!

Dear Chrisopher,

Please have research more articles on KANE!!!! I love him so much!!!


More on WWF members also and more of the rock more of Austin

More of the undertaker and more of DX

More about Tori and Kane's affair

Thank you


I'm not so sure she's clear on the concept.

Subject: Question

Hey CRZ... If Sting and Liz do get together and decide they really like each other and get married... wouldn't that make her name Lizzie Borden? Weird, no?

Patrick Barker

Subject: Hyatte

Hey Big man,

Any idea if Hyatte was actually canned from Scoops? It seems like he may have been.


I don't believe it, myself. More likely another excuse for a vacation. He's so lazy! Anyway, anytime he wants to cut loose, I'll give him the space. Of course, there's probably a couple dozen sites that'd give him the space...I'm sure he could have made a ton of money for Rantsylvania if not for the fact that....oh, sorry. Too many "controversial" punchlines and if I were to use ANY of them, people might take UMBRAGE! And we can't have any more UMBRAGE tonight! Then again, we're just getting started with the Letters page...

Subject: Raw 11/29/99


Just finished your Raw report for Nov. 29 and I totally agree with your concluding statement about the finish(?) of the Stephanie/Test wedding angle - although it was a bit long in the execution, the payoff was worth it. My friend, another avid WWF fan, was just waiting for a huge letdown finish; in fact, he was totally expecting a horrible ending such as a Test heel turn or a DX run in. When it was all said and done, he says to me, "That was pretty damn cool". I have to hand it to the WWF and Vince - they needed a big time ending to this angle and with the help of an ever improving HHH, they got it. I'm just dying to see how many people stuck out the singing and the marching to get to the good stuff.

I read your reports every week - keep up the good work and the nasty sarcasm!

John Pestka
Austin, TX

Subject: Raw is Love Report

Hello Mr.CRZ

Usually I just read your reports and smile, but I noticed something that I felt I should point out:

That guy who accused you of being racist because you don't like the Rock is truely idiotic and his statement had no REAL basis.

It's almost as idiotic and w/o basis as accusing Russo of being a racist (or suggesting he may be) when HE was the one who pushed the Rock to the moon in the first place. =v)


Subject: A Letter For Your Column..


I was reading your 11/29 column and that guy who said you didn't like the Rock because you were racist. That made me think of something: has anyone noticed that all the minorities in wrestling, especially the WWF, are racist.

Think about it.

  • The Rock-arrogant, egotistical, obsessed with poontang
  • The Godfather-pimp
  • Mark Henry-obsessed with sex
  • Farooq-beer drinker, fights in bars, gambles
  • Fatu-big fat ass
  • Ivory-always willing to get her clothes ripped off
  • D'Lo Brown-umm, well, probably something...
Eh, think about that.

Evan, OH

Subject: Hate mail

Tell that moron that e-mailed you that the Rock isn't black. He has Samoan, American Indian, African American, and caucasian in his blood. So, following his logic, after you narrow it down, you're racist against everybody on earth but Albanians.


(muttering) Lousy Albanians...

Subject: Raw report

Just wondering, did you find yourself laughing your ass off at the HHH segment at the end last night? Even my girlfriend was cracking up and she hates HHH, which is fun for me. Your column makes me smile every week and I thank you for that.

Frank Carluccio



It's gotten to the point where you can't even be objective in your Nitro recaps. It's getting sickening. I thought that last night's Nitro was one of the best I've seen in a long time. Give some credit where credit is due. WWF Raw is getting stale, and you know it. Their lack of talent is really starting to show.

Todd in Colorado

Wow, that Las Vegas wedding video - man. Woo. MAN! WOTTA TWIST!

Subject: Re: CRZ's Nitro Recap 11/29

Tell me that this is some sort of mistimed April Fool's Day hoax.

Tell me that Russo didn't job out JUSHIN FREAKIN LIGER and the IWGP juniors belt in FIVE MINUTES via a tequila-bottle shot.

Tell me that they AT LEAST mentioned why the IWGP belt is suddenly being defended on Nitro (yeah, you know and I know that NJPW and WCW have a working relationship, but explain that to fans that are dim enough to actually cheer Sid).

Tell me that this is going to lead into Liger, Koji Kanemoto, Shinjiro Ohtani, and every other NJPW junior coming over next Monday and tearing the living shit out of the Powers That Be until they're the Powers That Were. With a grand finale of Shinya Hashimoto sitting on Russo's head until it leaks.

I mean, this makes Jerry Only in a cage match seem LOGICAL.

When I saw the first reference to this match, I just about screamed, because I didn't get to see either show last night (I watch it at a friend's house who has cable, and he was out hunting some sort of four-legged animal upstate or something), and I missed Jushin Liger on LIVE US CABLE TV for the first time in a long time. And then I read further and... oh... the room is spinning... my pills... my pills...

Fuck Russo. He could've left any number of people in there as sacrificial lambs for Juvi (who's not a TERRIBLE champ, but COME ON NOW, Liger should have torn his head off), but no, he can't be satisfied with fucking up the WCW lightweight belt, let's fuck up a belt from ANOTHER CONTINENT just because he can! Next week, the corpse of El Santo will be exhumed, unmasked, and then cremated in a clever bit where Hall shows Nash how to light a fart and misjudges the length of the resulting flame.

I'm locking myself in my room with my Toryumon tapes and I'm not coming out until the world makes sense again. Thank you.


Hey, Jeff, have you met Todd in Colorado? He says last night's Nitro was one of the best he's seen in a long time!

Subject: Trocap

Singh, who was previously known as Rhonda Singh before shacking up with Harvey Wippleman in the WWF as Bertha Faye, comes out to a variation on David Rose's "The Stripper," last heard for Sunny, of course.

Last heard for Torrie Wilson two weeks ago...

Rob Byder

I sit corrected.

Subject: Barb

But... "Barbara Bush" was the name of President George Bush's wife, so it's more of an extremely, extremely, totally lame double-entendre and attempt to be clever than an outright offensive name. Besides, in modern vernacular "bush" refers to pubic hair, whereas most of the slang terms you were using refer to the actual vulva or vaginal canal.

Ralph Vader

C'mon, how many pubic hair names do YOU know? Give me a LITTLE artistic license...

Subject: Raw is War from Staple Center ( extra info)

I attended Raw at the staple Center and I would like to mention a couple of things that people did not see on TV. First of all Porn Star Jasmine St. Claire was in attendance I talked to her for about a minute when security told me that they needed to take her to her seat . I thought she would be involved in a angle because she came out from the side of the Titantron were all the wwf staff enters and exits.

Second after Raw went of the air Triple H and DX came out and said they wanted the Bride and then The Rock came out and started brawling with Triple H and DX and then every wrestle that was in the wedding including Test and Shane attacked Triple H and Dx and they took the fight to the back.

JJ Hernandez

Subject: bias

Here's one former reader who's tired of your anti-WCW rants. Even when WCW has moved to the more juvenile smut-oriented themes of WWF, you still don't like WCW.

WWF has 3 major stars: Austin, Undertaker, and the Rock....with a few lesser stars such as Jericho, Mick Foley, etc. And soon Austin and Mick will be gone. Most of the rest of the WWF wrestlers are either behemoths who can't move or tiny suckers who look like emaciated cousins of the Brooklyn Brawler in the ring. (Watch out for Kurt Angle ( sp?) though!)

WCW has been the principal home in recent years to a plethora of stars: Sting, Hart, Flair, DDP, Goldberg, Hall, Nash, Hogan (he'll be back), Piper, Macho Man, the Steiners, and lesser stars such as Benoit, Sid, Buff, Luger, Hennig, Kidman, etc. There is no talent comparison in terms of entertainment value.


Then why is the WWF more *entertaining* to me?!?

Subject: you funny

You know, I don't usually read your RAW reports. I watch RAW, so rereading it is often a chore. I broke with tradition for two reasons,

1) I wanted to see what I missed. For some reason, every time they flipped to the batchelorette party, I kept leaving the room for unspecified periods of time.

2) I wanted to see if I was referenced again. (lol)

So this is what prompted me to write:
Does anyone even detect a HINT of chemistry between Terri Hatcher and Howie Long? Or did the director just want to sleep with both of them and offer them the gig?

I've seen these commercials more than a dozen times and something always bothered me. Now I know. Thank you.

The problem is not the chemistry between the two, its the writing. Howie is best known as a terrorizing football playing bad-ass (and part time roughneck beer slinger). Teri is best known for her work as Lois Lane, the perrenial victim. Our sensibilities scream for Teri in peril to be rescued by Howie the huge. When we get Teri the smart-ass bitch vs. Howie the lovable scamp, we rebel.

Imagine Vince sending the Rock out in feathers and a headdress instead of having him sniff himself (oh wait, he did that). Or like having Bret try to return a title belt he feels he didn't really deserve/earn (oh wait, they did that too). Or like having DX leading thousands of people in their chants, and then magically revert to heels as soon as their opponent is introduced (now, that would be dumb). Or like Bob Holly claiming he's a "super" heavyweight (wait, I like that angle).

You get my point.

George Paul

Subject: Raw Report

You say:

At Armageddon, Kurt Angle takes on Steve Blackman in a "WWF rewards CRZ for his years of loyalty" match - I say this because no one could POSSIBLY care about this matchup but me - but I'LL go ga-ga for it.

I say:

I was seriously considering skipping Armageddon until I heard about this match. This should be great!!!!!! The only two guys I can honestly enjoy watching on this show anymore!

By the way, the Big Show sliced up his arm in the main event at the Sacramento house show on Saturday night. Bossman tossed him into the UNFORGIVING steel stairs and Show came up bloody. It bled for a long time and it bled a LOT. I guess that is why he needed such ridiculous padding on Raw.

Ben Arp
DJ and RPM Director
Weds. 6-8pm Pacific Time
KDVS 90.3 FM

Subject: The Rock

Call me crazy but isn't the Rock half white/half-Samoan? I don't remember ever seeing a black samoan. But ya know....that doesn't really matter because your a bastard!!! Um...yeah.


Subject: Idiocy

If you didn't come out of this last segment reminded of just WHY you watch this show, I guess you'll just have to write me with accusations of bias - as far as I'm concerned, you'll be wrong, but hey - maybe you'll feel better.

This...THIS is the guy who blasts the WCW for doing what WWF has been doing all along, which is no wrestling and all talking, then PRAISES a long, dull, IDIOTIC segment that would never happen in a billion years. Everyone on Wrestlemaniacs said "The only way the wedding will suck Is if Desperation X interrupts it. Gee, guess what. But I guess it was pretty good! Vince is a GENIUS!!! This is the same guy who blasts WCW for not explaining how a cmaeraman got into Ric Flair's limo (it's TV, shitbrain!) but believes that a Vegas wedding chapel would do a marriage between a PASSED out girl and a guy who's in a BIG hurry. So all I have to do is get someone REALLY drunk, wait till they pass out, and I can get legally wed, is that right? And how exactly is that license official when Steph never signed it in presence of any witnesses?

I don't accuse CRZ of, I accuse CRZ of idiocy.

I was a WWF fan. But that was before Shane and Big Bossman were elevated to the main event instead of Chris Jericho. Yeah, and Vinnie Mac is SOLELY responsible for the WWF's success. Riiiight.


But do you FEEL better?

Subject: Blackman/Angle

Are you kidding?

I stand proudly by you in my heartfelt happieness to see the Blackman/Angle. Kurt Angle rules the world (plus I once wrestled against him in high school... well not him, but the team he was on .. I was a heavyweight and he was a lot smaller then..but that does not sound as good as saying I wrestled against him now does it.). And, I strongly agree that Blackmans old music was the greatest in modern wrestling history (Jerichos is great as well...both him and his music). Did you know that Blackmans music was originally used as the themem music for the Badd Blood PPV? Well now you do. In any event..I can't wait

Way to keep the faith with these two great wrestlers.

Ken Sines

Subject: RACIST!? VOUS?


As a black man, I want to apologize to you for the brain dead nincompoop who called you a racist simply because you made fun of the Rock. He's up there with the tissue-skinned losers who want to ban Huckleberry Finn as a racist book and complain every time Tiger Woods isn't on the front page of the sports section. I, for one, wish Rock would get out of the "Rock & Sock" rut and learn a few new catchphrases too. Imbeciles like that are what you have to deal with, sometimes. FWTW I think you're the funniest Monday Night recapper out there and at least you don't print people's E-Mail addresses.

Jerome Wilson
Greenbelt, MD

Well, if you REALLY want me to print your email address, I probably would. ;-)

Subject: WCW


I think a big FUCK YOU is in order for Hall and Nash for throwing out the TV Title...or should it be directed at Russo and Ferrara?


Hell, let's play it safe - FUCK YOU, WCW!


Hey Chris I dont mind some of the angles but this s getting ridiculous. The WWFs ratings are still ahead of Nitros but a couple more weeks of this garbage and we are realy going to have a race on our hands. On the other hand I guess that it will open up some interesting angles and probablly make people forget about Austin for little while I guess. Oh by the way the Rock will be bigger than Austin. His style transcends wresting even more than Austins because more women think that he is funnier and better looking. THANK YOU.

windor oliver Oliver

Did you see the ratings this week, by the way? I'm just saying...

Subject: Raw is War Report


I've been reading your reports for a while now, and I really enjoy your stinging commentary and how you don't allow the reader to lose sight of the big picture, by not falling all over people like Austin, the Rock, etc. who I enjoy by the way, but it's great for someone to challenge the masses and complain about the two most over guys in the biz. I'm totally with you on Oklahoma as well by the way. But the main reason I wrote is to say you were exactly right about the end to Raw last night. It was a nice way to tie up all this crap with the wedding and so forth. Let's hope we don't see Test and/or Stephanie going through counseling sessions anytime soon, but dammit, just because I just said that we probably will. Finally, anyone that would quote the A-Team is ok in my book. lol Take it easy and keep up the good work.


Subject: replies to Nitro report

A familiar theme starts up and out walks HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN with 2x4 in hand. He's got their snake right here - America - the land of the free and the home of the brave. Umm, what? He's gonna shove that 2x4 where the sun don't shine, tough guy! Hooooo! Duggan breaks it over Saturn (that or it's a piece of foam) and rushes the ring. Asya DARES Duggan to hit her - before he does - Malenko grabs it and as they tussle over it, you can actually see the piece of "wood" TWIST. That's pretty feeble, there. Malenko at least decides the flagpole would like a little more painful. Then they plant the flag in Duggan's nether regions and strike a memorable pose. Here's CHRIS BENOIT sprinting to the ring and clearing it out. HE'S GOT THE FOAM!

Russo took a lot of grief over that on WCW Live after the show. He promises that Hacksaw's going to be using REAL WOOD from now on. BTW, one of the listeners suggested a Scott Hall/Benoit LADDER match at Starcade. He booked it on the spot!

The other Misfits cuff the door closed to keep Williams away. Hey, lookit the production assistant giving hand cues to Tony!

Russo sounded pissed when the nights production goofs were brought up.

Just to assuage your fear Russo implied that the Liger angle has a good payoff before he goes back to Japan.

Arthur Kimes

Is it so wrong of me to not believe Russo for now?

Subject: re: monday recaps

Hey CRZ,

Keep up the great work on the recaps. I don't know why people say you're biased - you tell it like it is. To me, telling the truth is anything but biased.

2 quick comments:

When Fyre and Storm had their food fight on Nitro, I noticed that Storm had been drinking Mountain Dew instead of Surge. Now it makes a lot more sense why the Nitro Girls are fighting! Or maybe not.

After HHH said, "...I know that you can only have one question on your mind...DAD," well, the only question *I* had was what does Chyna seem to think of Hunter's marriage?

Mike Piaker

Subject: your a rasist

Every week you have to talk shit about the Rock.Your obviously just pissed that a black athlete has become one of the biggest superstars the WWF has ever seen. It just eats you up inside, doesn't it. I'm sure if you had it your way, every black wrestler would be nothing more than a stereotyped mid-carder like the Godfather. Your a f*cking racist Zimmerman.

Geez you got some smart readers there....

The Rock is half-black, and half Polynesian, with Polynesian skin colouring and features. So while part of his heritage is black, the Dwayne himself is Polynesian. (American Samoa)

Like my Friend, his mother is Maouri, his father caucasian. But again, the Ara himself has Polynesian features and is about 6'5". He might be half-white, but the Ara is also Polynesian


John Roda

Subject: Raw is Luv

Out of curiosity, when George bush was in office- did you take umbrage with Barbara?

I thought Raw's ending was ok- but I still think it could have used something....

In my view- if Chyna had beat up Helmsley for marrying Steph instead of her (this is more of a jaded fans view), that would have been entertaining.

Or if Undertaker had suddenly returned to remind everyone that he already married Stephanie, that would have been cool. As it is- Steph is on the verge of marriage three at her age- she sure gets a lot of action, it MUST be because she's the boss' daughter- she's too average looking to attract THAT many guys. I think most fans dig her because she's viewed as attainable.


To her credit, she's also kinda cute - oh and REALLY REALLY RICH.


Dear CRZ I read your reports as soon as i see them on this site cause they r so damn funny. What do you think the WWF will do with Taz?

Michael Bowers

I don't know...but keep reading this page!

Subject: Scotty 2 Hotty

Scotty 2 Hotty with a Snake and a karate chop.

Its called the Worm but you knew that right? yeah...


You know, now that I think about it, we called it the Centipede in Jr. High, but what the heck did WE know? It's not like I hung out with the Breakdancers ALL the time...

Subject: Your article

I just wanted to tell you that I really loved the wedding segment. I was totally caught off guard and it just reinforced why I watch WWF all the time. It may get slow once in awhile but they always come through.


And I thought I was the only one who thought this! ;-)

Subject:'re quoted.

A very brief background....

My name's Ted Beaumont. I've been a wrestling fan since the days of "The Grand Wizard"

Have been reading your reviews for a couple of months now.

I have a copy of the Philadelphia "Inky" from Sunday (11/28).
You're quoted AND mentioned by name as well as the Wrestlecom website.

While I'm writing, I've got a question.
I watched both Nitro & Raw Monday night.
Are Russo & Ferrara doing a TOTAL send-up of the stuff they did in the WWF? They're copying almost everything they wrote

Examples -

  • Women wrestling men (Does that mean Midnight gets a boob job?)
  • Oklahoma/J.R.
  • Women mud/gravy wrestling
  • Boiler Room matches

    What's next? Evan & Madusa get married on Nitro?
    It seems they're treading a very fine line.

    Congrats and keep up the good work.


    Subject: (no subject)

    what happend after that?!?!?!?!?

    Kesha Teranishi

    After WHAT?

    Subject: comment about RAW IS WAR wedding

    I just wanted to comment about those 2 singers who sang that wedding song for Stephanie and Test. That's the same song that was played at Summerslam 1991 for Randy Savage's and Elizabeth's wedding. Except the WWF had made a video tribute to Savage and Elizabeth with that song played right before the wedding ceremony. (and jus for the record, the version from 1991 was a lot better)

    But hey, it's the thought that counts and i thought everything about that wedding turned out to be great...and i must say that this is the most shocking angle to come about in wrestling in quite some time.


    I feel bad - I saw SummerSlam '91 LIVE and don't remember that song, even though everyone else apparently does. Oh well...

    Subject: Nitro 11/29/99

    no obscenities? no vulgarity? c'mon crz i was expecting the same kind that came out of my mouth when i witness liger lose.....i hate russo......bastard!!! one point notice with him gone we get to see a lil more of TAKA and Kaientai on TV. Thank God my boy is back on tv....TAKA is the future baby!!!


    Didja notice that their entrance video still seems to have more Mens Teoh, Dick Togo and Yamaguchi-san than Taka Michinoku and Funaki?

    Subject: Angle and Blackman at Armageddon

    Don't ever doubt the existence of other people who thnk Blackman and/or Angle are the bomb. They fn OWN. When and if they lock horns it'll be the main event calibre material but the inbred hicks in the stand won't appreciate it. And I totally agree with you about Blackman's loss of his original kickass theme being his biggest downfall at the moment.


    I can dream, right?
    Ashraf Suleman

    I think that's a LITTLE optimistic - and coming from me, that's saying something!


    Pratfall my left nut. Liz flat out busted her ass last night, and if it wasn't so goddamn funny, I'd feel real sorry for her. That shit looked painful. She's got my vote for bump of the night.


    I agree!

    Subject: RAW 11/29/99...


    J.P. Bjornsson

    Wow - you've convinced ME!

    Subject: Russo

    You know how you place Russo quotes into your Nitro Report next to things which would seem to indicate a slight bit of hypocricy, or maybe a bit of memory loss (e.g. those comments about Mexican and Japanese wrestlers in the report of the Liger/Juvi match). Well, why don't you do the same thing for Raw, because virtually everything I see on Raw, either Vincent or JR!JR!JR! has made a contradictory comment about it. You remember the gang rape skit a few weeks back. I could swear Vince said they'd never do that. Now they've backed down to the PTC and they are changing to PG, I guess those good old days will only be available on TNT. WWF: We don't say a**, we say butt or "you know what"!

    Your friend,


    Subject: Re Russo

    "and I don't want to sound like a big bigot or a racist or anything like that, but I'm an American ... if I'm watching wrestling here in America, I don't give a shit about a Japanese guy. I don't give a shit about a Mexican guy. I'm from America, and that's what I want to see."

    My god why make the bloody statement then. You know I have to agree with him however, as an American I am sickened each time they put Bret Hart or one of those canadians on.

    Thanks for the great recaps CRZ.


    Subject: Rakishi

    Why the hell is Rakishi or fatu or whatever hanging out with too cool? Could it be because Fatu had a "rapper/gansta" gimmick a while back before he disappeared? And why the hell is he basically a combo of Earthquake/Yokozuna....only a lot smaller..

    Anyway, Too Cool is too damn funny. I laughed my ass off the whole time they were out there. Brian Christopher is hilarious when he tries to "bust a move"...

    What do I have to do to become a wrestling journalist/writer for a large site like Wrestleline or scoops? I know way too much old school stuff from the WWF and wish i could get a job talkin bout my favorite past-time...

    Chris Little

    Just bombard them with submissions until they buckle under - that's what Scott Keith does! ;-)

    Subject: you racist you! ha!

    wow, man someone better get that guy that wrote you the racist email to the local looney bin. this guy may be the next unabomber or grand dragon! the man himself is probably a racist but feels guilty because its christmas! dude is probably the way man enjoy reading your columns.... your hood is in the mail mister duke, you running for president now?? hahha later man...tell that guy to lighten up before he strokes out

    William Barnes

    As a white man, I'm OFFENDED to read your suggestion that that guy is white! OFFENDED!

    Subject: A bit of analysis

    Is there some relation between people who write moronic emails spouting accusations about someone being a racist, gay-basher, or whatever and their inability to get "YOUR" and "YOU'RE" right? Jesus that drives me crazy. I wonder if you're/your feeling the same.


    ...just like the people who are convinced that Kane's girlfriend is named "Torrie" and the chick hanging with the Filthy Animals is named "Tori."

    Subject: black?

    since when is the rock black? i thought he was of islander descent. i feel pretty foolish asking that question, but it surprised me when you didn't correct that guy who wrote in about you being a racist.

    Joe Pilsbury

    1. Does it matter? Really?
    2. Some people are beyond help and a correction wouldn't do any good. It's not worth expending the energy. However, it's a hoot to reproduce their words at the top of the column so we can all learn from them. Or something.

    Subject: Kurt Angle

    How good is he! Is he ever gonna get real popular and contend for the IC or the WWF title?


    This guy's a keeper. People ALREADY love to hate him. His stint in the feeder feds did him a WORLD of good, and hopefully this system can work for other folks as well.

    Subject: Raw is Jericho

    Dear CRZ,

    I don't know if you've noticed this, but this past Monday's Raw is the second time Jericho's brought out his own mic. If you take a close look at it, it does say, "Raw is Jericho." I love this guy.

    Keep up the good work


    Subject: Raw, Monday the 30th of November

    I first want to say, that you have a extremely cool web site, and I as a wrestling fan want to thank you personally for the information that you provide on a daily bases.

    Now for Monday night, Triple "H" is truly an A@#hole. Now I realize everything is for ratings and to get you to watch the next show to find out what is going on, but damn being a s&*thead shouldn't be part of the plot. Now Stephanie and Test is a okay angle, if it is for real, but what Triple "H" did is truly low even for him. You can plainly see that Steph is knock out and by him trying something as stupid as going to Vegas and get married is simply stupid. Next, how will Vince deal with Triple "H" being his son-in-law. I felt cheated, because I watched the event and I thought Steph was looking really happy and I feel that the lady deserved and enjoyable evening.

    I would like any additional links to other cool site that you use for your research, and if you have the sites to any of the major wrestling publication, I would high appreciate their addresses.

    Thank you for the time and have a nice day.


    I'm guessing he's not talking about [slash] wrestling here...oh well.

    Subject: Who are they?

    I'll plead total ignorance, but who are the guys wresting under the name creative control? Nice game Monday night by the way. Was that Jerry Rice and Steve Young in the wheel chairs on the sidelines?


    Joseph Sommers

    Skull & 8-Ball/the Grimm Twins/Jacob & Eli Blu/Ron & Don Harris/the Bruise Brothers/probably I'm forgetting some other ones...

    I can't gloat about the Packers when the Rams are least, Joe won't let me forget that we still have a bet for better record...of course, after so many years of winning the bet, I don't mind giving one back. But, hell, a nice slide and the Rams could end up 9-7 and the Pack could go 11-5....naaaaaah.

    Subject: You are Wrong

    That was the worst pay off to any angle...EVER. Bad acting, bad payoff, just BAD. And to think you actually liked it. What are you...a new fan to the "sport" or someting? Now at times the whole in love thing was cute, but even my wife who also watches day time soaps thought that the whole wedding was really cheezy. At least have Test do the DX turn. Have the camera cut back and see Test with a big smile on his face, pop both Vince and Shane get out of the ring go up with DX reveal a DX jersey with his name on it under his tux, and have all the members giving the DX sign as you end the program...all that segment "reminded" me of is how a bad ending can kill a bad story.

    Kurt V.

    As a new fan to the "sport" (or someting) I am always thankful to the helpful readers like Kurt.

    Subject: (no subject)

    I like your article about last week's RAW. Nitro is light years away from this kind of Sports Entertainment excellence.

    Derek Mitchell

    Subject: That Guy

    That guy who wrote in said you're a racist for not liking the Rock, a black athlete, is technically wrong. The Rock is half Samoan (his mom) and half African (his dad), so you are not liking a biracial athlete, like Tiger Woods.

    The Insane Luchadore

    p.s. I don't like the Rock either. He has few wrestling skills, and hasn't been as funny lately (he seems like a broken record).

    I didn't like Tiger Woods until that one commercial where he's keeping the golf ball in the air with his club and then WHACK! That was cool.

    Subject: The Ref on Raw

    That ref was Taz right? Cause of how short and thick he was, and he was wearing gloves to hide how tan he is...thats what I hope anyways.


    Now THIS is an idea!


    I was disappointed with the ending of Raw this past Monday. Triple H could've done a lot better than that.

    Steven Frye

    Subject: Your Sew Biast

    Ewe arr sutch a WWWF marc it iznt evan funnie... Ewe nevr gott layed in hie skool didd ewe?

    Whoa, better stop, reading too many of your letters gets in your brain... :) If I could have mis-spelled 'a' or 'it' credibly, I would have. It seems you get a mix of feedback from reasonably sensible people (like myself), and those damn monkeys Mr. Burns has working for him ("It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times? What is this?") Actually those monkeys are probably smarter than those writers. Is this the byproduct of phonics? A generation that can't spell? Argh. Enough on that.

    Good recaps, my comment is not on the shows (tho' nice ending to Raw is Luuuvvvv), but a question:

    Do you use a macro/replace function to put all those names in? i.e. do you type JJ in your summary, then replace all JJ's with JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET, or do you actually type that crap out every time? Ugh, doing it just once just now was bad enough. I guess La Roca, Bret Clarke, Treble H &c. would become second nature after a while, and you do have to change the # of ho's with the GF, but JJ is the one that's always mystified me. THROUGH HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE IT'S KANE and THEMONSTERMENG also strike me as onerous to type each time.

    Oh, one more thing re: Barbara Bush, Patty Pussy, &c. You forgot Betty Beaver and Carlie Clam. I'm sure other readers will have more suggestions. 'Snookie Snatch' - LMAO.

    A pleasure as always,


    I've been typing in JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET since '93, so it really is second nature to me...

    "Daisy Dugout."

    Nice Nitro report. I am saddened, though, that you didn't mention anything about Chavo's resemblance to ECW's Joey Styles. That was the first thing I noticed when I was (painfully) watching bits and pieces of Nitro.


    Subject: ref on raw

    The ref on RAW was obviously Stephanie McMahon, I SAW BREASTS under that baggy shirt. It was really obvious, I dont know why anyone else hasnt noticed this when it was TEST's match!


    Hmmm...that's almost as good as Taz! But I didn't really see breasts...maybe I needed to look harder, though...that would also explain the gloves...oh my.

    Subject: Stuff

    From last week's Nitro report...forget to do this last week...

    Derrick May still rules it

    Derrick May had like ONE good season and then disappeared into the void that is that are the promising Cubs outfielders...Jerome Walton, Dwight Smith, Karl TUFFY Rhodes, Ozzie Timmions, Scott Bullett...I could go on...

    - so does Juan Atkins

    Oh, wait, never mind...

    The Cubs Fan

    You're pretty cool, TCF.

    SEE YA!

    Christopher Robin Zimmerman
    [slash] wrestling

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