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Our 2nd Anniversary

One Man's Obsession II



I really hadn't planned on repeating "One Man's Obsession" but events over the past several months just seemed to open themselves up to this curious compilation before you now. I think it offers an insight - one, quite simply, that you are unable to get (or perhaps need) without giving this page a looksee. And remember, folks...AOL Instant Messenger logs EVERYTHING...

It's important to note that all of these notes were unsolicited. Well, not IMPORTANT per se, but it helps to rationalise my frame of mind and general smartassery. ;-)

Also, note that every new timestamp means a new window had appeared - so if you see some close together, that means I closed the window, but it turns out the feller doing the writing on the other end wasn't quite done yet.

And finally, if you see an angry emoticon, that probably means I did a warn, a block, or a combination of the two.

Ready? OKAY! - CRZ

2.11.00 0027
LukeAJohnston: Did you get DSL?

15.11.00 1903
LukeAJohnston: CRZ...
LukeAJohnston: What was that WrestleManiacs comment about in your Raw report?

2.12.00 1818
LukeAJohnston: A question for you, if you'd be so kind.
LukeAJohnston: How long do I have to send in an RSPW ballot?
See Our Zed: For next year?
LukeAJohnston: For the current awards.
See Our Zed: You're too late if you're asking the question
LukeAJohnston: Ok.
LukeAJohnston: Will you be accepting ballots with hanging chads?

2.12.00 1832
LukeAJohnston: What do you think of Hyatte's comments about you and Scaia?
See Our Zed: Why would you ask me that?
LukeAJohnston: Because what he wrote seemed rather controversial, at least in my eyes. The stuff about money particularly. If you don't care to comment on it that's fine.
See Our Zed: Lots of people say lots of things about me.
LukeAJohnston: The average reader would think that Scaia is a bad guy for not paying you. Then again if you don't want to be paid, Scaia is being painted as a prick unfairly. I wonder if Hyatte asked you your opinion on it before he wrote about it.
See Our Zed: You're welcome to ask Hyatte what he said
LukeAJohnston: I know what he said.
See Our Zed: Then you don't need ME to tell you. :)
LukeAJohnston: I guess you misunderstood what I was talking about.

8.12.00 0616
LukeAJohnston: Who did that take off on the Emzee logo for your site?
See Our Zed: Emzee logo?
LukeAJohnston: Yes, Emzee logo.
LukeAJohnston: You don't want to get SUED, do you?
See Our Zed: It's a staggering coincidence.

9.12.00 2146
LukeAJohnston: Hey, CRZ...
See Our Zed: It's been twenty minutes and you STILL haven't finished that sentence.
LukeAJohnston: Sorry. Ignore me. I had a computer question and I got the answer while I was awaiting a reply to my enthralling opening line.

9.12.00 2216
LukeAJohnston: But I can be slow. It took me 8 hours to respond to an IM from Scott Christ yesterday.

10.12.00 0316
LukeAJohnston: og vcrz
LukeAJohnston: are u online
See Our Zed: You're drunk, aren't you
LukeAJohnston: oh crz
LukeAJohnston: crz oh crz, just where do u stand
LukeAJohnston: do you want to be on your own
LukeAJohnston: or ;langusih in wrestylie line land
LukeAJohnston: the choice is yors completely
LukeAJohnston: for us to pressure you would be unfair\
LukeAJohnston: but if i may interject one thing............
See Our Zed: I choose to block drunk, bad spelling, no capitals usin' AIM people before the punchline

31.1.01 2156
LukeAJohnston: Feeling better CRZ?

3.2.01 1357
LukeAJohnston: What time does XFL start??
See Our Zed: Sometime while I'm flying to San Diego, so who cares. Go visit
LukeAJohnston: Going to my hometown, eh?
LukeAJohnston: Business?
See Our Zed: As in "none of your?"
LukeAJohnston: Yikes. Ok...

7.2.01 2209
LukeAJohnston: Steve Schroeder mentioned he might want to start writing for you.
See Our Zed: You are a tattletale.
See Our Zed: JMShapyro:Tell Luke that Steve Schroeder mentioned that Luke was all for bashing CRZ
LukeAJohnston: I meant I don't have a problem with people on my site bashing people who write for other sites, such as yourself. I do have a problem with them bashing eachother.
LukeAJohnston: I personally have no reason to bash you.
See Our Zed: I'll try to work on that for ya, chief.
LukeAJohnston: Even though you did reject my poem that one time.

7.3.01 2024
LukeAJohnston: Mr. CRZ...
LukeAJohnston: Are you going to the Lucha show this weekend?
See Our Zed: The what now?
LukeAJohnston: Lucha show in San Fransisco on Saturday nite.
LukeAJohnston: You know Griff Sombke?
See Our Zed: NightclubD:Tell him you've never heard of me.
LukeAJohnston: ??

12.3.01 0033
LukeAJohnston: Hello.

12.3.01 0034
LukeAJohnston: WTF?
See Our Zed: ???
See Our Zed: I think AIM burped
See Our Zed: Did you get the link
See Our Zed: ?
LukeAJohnston: Are you hacking AIM?
See Our Zed: I never got any echoes of anything I sent - I got "send less text" messages instead
LukeAJohnston: I got the link. I'm heading over there now.
See Our Zed: (384K)
See Our Zed: Oh, duh, you got the link - sorry
LukeAJohnston: Previous message was not received by See Our Zed because of error: An error was reported in response to the message sent to See Our Zed. Error code: 2
See Our Zed: ???
See Our Zed: Hmm.
See Our Zed:
LukeAJohnston: Oh cool, I didn't know you went.
LukeAJohnston: Nice Blackman shirt. lol

15.3.01 0013
LukeAJohnston: A Mike Lano fan are ya?

18.3.01 1715
LukeAJohnston: Mr CRZ... are you present?
See Our Zed: Shh...Greed is on
LukeAJohnston: Yes, what an emotional night.
LukeAJohnston: What do you think of Mike Lano?
See Our Zed: I think Mike Lano has a weekly column in the Examiner
LukeAJohnston: I see... very interestng. [rubs chin]
LukeAJohnston: I just figure if you link to someone, you must like him.
See Our Zed: You know what happens when you assume?
LukeAJohnston: Yes. I make an ass of you and me.
LukeAJohnston: ::hangs head::

22.3.01 0035
LukeAJohnston: My Thursday update is posted.
LukeAJohnston: You can stop worrying now.

22.3.01 0036
LukeAJohnston: >:o
LukeAJohnston: CRZ!

22.3.01 0037
yyz Luke: You are an angry, angry man.

22.3.01 0039
yyz Luke: >:o

23.3.01 0143
LukeAJohnston: And hello to yeou
LukeAJohnston: CRZ oh CRZ
See Our Zed: Hi LukeAJohnston, I wasn't creative enough to think of something witty here. In fact, I probably AM here and am just ignoring you. Yup.
LukeAJohnston: NO!
LukeAJohnston: I'm honme nbow
LukeAJohnston: now
LukeAJohnston: >:o

25.3.01 2244
See Our Zed: Yep, that sure is a hyperlink. Yep.
LukeAJohnston: I'm not getting the regular page when I go there.
LukeAJohnston: Guess you are.
See Our Zed: I didn't check. Why would I care to visit that site?
LukeAJohnston: Because it's funny?
LukeAJohnston: Ever been there?
See Our Zed: Nope.
LukeAJohnston: Never??
See Our Zed: Not since it was first revealed, nope.
See Our Zed: Why would I?
LukeAJohnston: For the same reason you would go to the Onion's website. Or to see a funny movie. For entertainment.
LukeAJohnston: Ever go there?
See Our Zed: No, not really.
LukeAJohnston: >:o
LukeAJohnston: Where do you go?
See Our Zed: tOA, OSCS, my EZboard...that's about it
See Our Zed: Oh, and WrestleManiacs
LukeAJohnston: Is it a time issue?
See Our Zed:
LukeAJohnston: Lack of interest issue?
See Our Zed: I suppose
LukeAJohnston: But isn't wrestling a large interest/hobby for you?
See Our Zed: I fail to see the relation
LukeAJohnston: If I am interested in football, and I'm on the Internet a lot (or even work somewhere with Internet access) I'm going to go to a lot of football sites.
See Our Zed: Are you saying that is a wrestling site?
LukeAJohnston: No, but the Shooters is. And other than WL and toA and that OCSC or whatever, you said you don't really go to any other sites.
See Our Zed: I go to the Torch, too
See Our Zed: Forgot that one
LukeAJohnston: Ok, my point still stands.
LukeAJohnston: You can name one more site and the point will still be valid.
See Our Zed: What am I going to get from your site that I can't get from the combination of sites I've already mentioned?
LukeAJohnston: Well, I can answer that in one of two ways.
LukeAJohnston: First I can say that Shooters writers have a different style/different viewpoints.
See Our Zed: Counter: Guess I'm not interested in that style/those viewpoints
LukeAJohnston: Or I can get specific and say you can get I Didn't Say It, XFL reports, Closed Captions, parodies, etc.
See Our Zed: Counter: Those seem superfluous to me
LukeAJohnston: Those are fair answers. But I guess the conclusion I can draw is that you've at least checked the site out.
LukeAJohnston: And I know you go to Rantsylvania to read Scott Keith.
See Our Zed: You are incorrect.
LukeAJohnston: Or maybe you see him on WL.
LukeAJohnston: Do you read everything on Slash?
See Our Zed: Only the stuff I have to put up
LukeAJohnston: What does Slash offer that other sites do not?
See Our Zed:
See Our Zed: You'd have to ask the people who visit the site
LukeAJohnston: Ok.
See Our Zed: Hey, we go over a million hits this week.
LukeAJohnston: Are you serious?
See Our Zed: 994591
See Our Zed: We may have more - I haven't run the numbers in a while
LukeAJohnston: That's tremendous.
See Our Zed: Not bad for 20 months
LukeAJohnston: Oh wait...
LukeAJohnston: I thought you meant a million in just one week.
LukeAJohnston: Is that just for the main page or all links?
See Our Zed: Just the main page
LukeAJohnston: Why did you write for Emzee?
See Our Zed: For MONEY
LukeAJohnston: Oh, that's right, Botter promised you money?
See Our Zed: Or I did it for the hell of it. Who can remember after an entire year?
LukeAJohnston: Why Shootangle?
See Our Zed: They asked?
See Our Zed: Why is Luke so nosy?
LukeAJohnston: Just pure curiosity. I apologize if it comes off as nosy.

27.3.01 1552
LukeAJohnston: Booker T slips on a banana peel as Scott Steiner vomits.
See Our Zed: I ain't around, LukeAJohnston.
LukeAJohnston: How do you do that personalized auto response?

27.3.01 2012
LukeAJohnston: Did you listen to my Jeff Gaylord clips/
LukeAJohnston: ?
LukeAJohnston: Will you link them on Slash?
See Our Zed: What?
See Our Zed: Do you understand that I don't visit your site? So you should know whether I've listened to your Jeff Gaylord clips...
LukeAJohnston: Ok. I guess I should rephrase the question, CRZ. Will you listen?
LukeAJohnston: Jeez...
See Our Zed: Maybe dunno

31.3.01 0212
LukeAJohnston: CA"
LukeAJohnston: CRTZ

31.3.01 1014
LukeAJohnston: Sorry about that last night.
See Our Zed: I'm sleeping! Over in that room without the computer!
LukeAJohnston: I know not what I do.
LukeAJohnston: You have a room without a computer! I don't!

31.3.01 1910
LukeAJohnston: CRZ, how did you know the identity or visitor 1,000,000.
LukeAJohnston: *of
See Our Zed: I reprinted the log - then the guy emailed me
LukeAJohnston: Ok

31.3.01 2347
LukeAJohnston: Did it seem like I was trying to pick a fight with Ryder or something?

3.4.01 0114
LukeAJohnston: New Lano link~!
See Our Zed: Read by thousands, but they don't write themselves...

3.4.01 0853
LukeAJohnston: Thank you for linking to Lano every week. That guy is a wonder.
See Our Zed: Your obsession with Lano is unhealthy and I request you cease sharing it with me
LukeAJohnston: No prob.

5.4.01 0052
LukeAJohnston: Did you download the Maxx Payne movie?
See Our Zed: I give up. What are you talking about and it better not involve your website which I haven't visited?
LukeAJohnston: Maxx Payne (Man Mountain Rock) made a movie during his final weeks in WWF. He has a trailer for it on his site. Was wondering if you downloaded it.
LukeAJohnston: Because I just did and there is no video. Just audio.
See Our Zed: Please call tech support
LukeAJohnston: Thanks.

10.4.01 2035
LukeAJohnston: Scott Keith on right now.
See Our Zed: So.....?
LukeAJohnston: Just thought you might want to listen.
LukeAJohnston: But then again, how stupid of me!
See Our Zed: Now you're getting it!

11.4.01 1135
LukeAJohnston: ". (I can get you this show [and RAW] if you REALLY NEED it and want to slip me some cash - CRZ) "
LukeAJohnston: How much.
See Our Zed: For you? A MILLION dollars
LukeAJohnston: Aw come on. Do you have the PPV version?
See Our Zed: Yeah - I don't think there's some other version?
LukeAJohnston: Home video.
See Our Zed: They'll NEVER put that out on home video
See Our Zed: $15 for Heat + PPV + RAW
LukeAJohnston: What!?
LukeAJohnston: I am a poor college student.
See Our Zed: I am playing a very small violin for you
See Our Zed: Postage is included!
LukeAJohnston: How about a trade.
See Our Zed: Maybe you can trade with one of the other people who have already said they'd like to buy a copy
LukeAJohnston: Do you have WCW All Nighter #2? I can send you that.
See Our Zed: Yes I have WCW All Night #2
See Our Zed: And #1 was better
LukeAJohnston: I've got a Memphis late 70s/early 80s tape you might be interested in.
LukeAJohnston: Interested?
See Our Zed: Nope
LukeAJohnston: You interested in trading for anything?
See Our Zed: Not at this time, no
See Our Zed: I thought I made this clear earlier but apparently I'm speaking in riddles again
LukeAJohnston: You know me. I have a thick head.
LukeAJohnston: Those shows are original copies?
See Our Zed: Yup
LukeAJohnston: Ok, perhaps some time down the line I will call on you. Thank you for your time.
See Our Zed: 'night

12.4.01 1957
See Our Zed: AIM thinks I'm on your chat, but I have no window for it. I'm off to watch SmackDown! anyway
LukeAJohnston: Weird/

13.4.01 2346
See Our Zed: WOW! The Fortune City LOGO! WOW!
LukeAJohnston: Reload.
See Our Zed: I KNEW I should have just warned you instead
LukeAJohnston: You don't like that?

13.4.01 2351
LukeAJohnston: Is that Tazz on the right?
LukeAJohnston: Use that on slash!
See Our Zed: Don't you have a site that would actually take your suggestions?
LukeAJohnston: Use it on my own site?

15.4.01 2113
LukeAJohnston: Do you anything about making animated .gifs?

16.4.01 1106
LukeAJohnston: What up with that American flag?
LukeAJohnston: Just feeling patriotic?

21.4.01 1905
LukeAJohnston: CRZ - No Lano link this week?
LukeAJohnston: Problem?

26.4.01 1512
LukeAJohnston: Did you see the DVDVR pictures?
LukeAJohnston: Gimme a break.
LukeAJohnston: You did that just to piss me off, right?
See Our Zed: Everything I do revolves around YOU
LukeAJohnston: The Rock In Car Accident?
LukeAJohnston: That's weak.
See Our Zed: You didn't complain about my "The Rock wins two world heavyweight championships" link
LukeAJohnston: I didn't see it.
See Our Zed: Is that like I didn't say it?
LukeAJohnston: I'll have to remember to mention this in my update tomorrow....
LukeAJohnston: You'll be getting a big "thumbs down."
See Our Zed: You take NOTES?
See Our Zed: Oh MAN
See Our Zed: I gotta cut and paste this chat somewhere RIGHT NOW
See Our Zed: Gotta go, Pokemon is on - bye
LukeAJohnston: >:o

27.4.01 1135
LukeAJohnston: Good thing I made a note yesterday!

27.4.01 1136
LukeFromArcata: >:o

27.4.01 1302
LukeAJohnston: Hey, do you know where UPW is based?

28.4.01 1432
LukeAJohnston: So you have a "feud" going on with Papa Smark or something?
LukeAJohnston: I'm a bit out of it.
See Our Zed: That's something of an understatement.
See Our Zed: As for Scott, he hasn't told me anything about it.
LukeAJohnston: Nice talking to you too mr Zimmerman!
LukeAJohnston: About what?
See Our Zed: Do you even read what you send to me?
See Our Zed: LukeAJohnston:So you have a "feud" going on with Papa Smark or something?
LukeAJohnston: You just hate me, don't you?
LukeAJohnston: So is Scaia bringing OO back?
See Our Zed: I don't hate you.
See Our Zed: Why don't you ask Scaia?
LukeAJohnston: I never see him. You are her now, he is not.
LukeAJohnston: * you are here
See Our Zed: But after I block you, it'll be LIKE I'm not here
LukeAJohnston: You are not her.
LukeAJohnston: Good point.
LukeAJohnston: Am I annoying you?

28.4.01 1438
LukeAJohnston: I would like to know, because if I am I will stop IM'ing you.
See Our Zed: I have decided to watch television instead of talking to you. Cheers!
LukeAJohnston: Except when I am drunk of course. Have fun!

29.4.01 1810
LukeAJohnston: What do you use to keep track of hits on your site?

1.5.01 2106
LukeFromHumboldt: You blocked me. >:o

12.5.01 1439
LukeAJohnston: Your link to the Lano column doesn't seem to work. Any idea what's wrong?
See Our Zed: I ain't around, LukeAJohnston.
See Our Zed: Good God almighty - would you PLEASE do your OWN research for ONCE?

12.5.01 1803

15.5.01 2225
LukeAJohnston: Hey. May I talk to you, or would you rather I not?
See Our Zed: Probably not, but let's see what you want to ask first
LukeAJohnston: Excellent. Do you watch Leno?
See Our Zed: nope
LukeAJohnston: Well, you may want to watch this Monday, as a Johnston family member will be appearing on the show.
LukeAJohnston: You can cut the suspense with a knife.
See Our Zed: Forgive me, but that's not a very compelling reason.
LukeAJohnston: Damn you. This is our 15 seconds of fame.
LukeAJohnston: One more thing... You wanna buy a TV?
LukeAJohnston: Thanks, nice talking to ya.

18.5.01 0149
LukeAJohnston: Hello CRZ.

27.5.01 1142
LukeAJohnston: Hey, CRZ.
LukeAJohnston: Why haven't you posted the headline on your site, "Hart to appear on Raw" yet?

31.5.01 1311
LukeAJohnston: Hey.
LukeAJohnston: Did you talk to Lano at the SFLL show?
See Our Zed: I heard he got kicked out but I'm not supposed to talk about it
LukeAJohnston: No shit?
See Our Zed: Mmm hmmm
LukeAJohnston: Why aren't you supposed to talk about it?
See Our Zed: It was a private email
LukeAJohnston: From Lano?
See Our Zed: No
LukeAJohnston: From who?
LukeAJohnston: You there?
See Our Zed: I'm ignoring you because you keep asking me questions I'm not going to answer
LukeAJohnston: Is there a reason you act so annoyed when I talk to you?
LukeAJohnston: If you're not going to give me anymore info, fine, I'll stop asking.
LukeAJohnston: But I will say it's not much of a surprise that he got kicked out. He's a complete nut from what I hear.

31.5.01 2231
LukeAJohnston: Question for you...
LukeAJohnston: If I were to mention in my update tomorrow that Mike Lano got kicked out of the SFLL show and not mention your name, would that be a problem?
See Our Zed: It would only be a problem if you don't mind me never telling you anything ever again
LukeAJohnston: Well I would mind that. I like being told things. This is why I'm running it by you first.
LukeAJohnston: So I take it you don't want me to mention anything. No problem.
LukeAJohnston: Are you done speaking to me tonight?
See Our Zed: What?
LukeAJohnston: Sigh
LukeAJohnston: Am I just asking a simple question.... would you rather me not mention the Lano thing?
See Our Zed: I would rather I hadn't ever told you about it in the first place, but I'm a sucker
LukeAJohnston: It's not like you gave details or anything.
See Our Zed: Yeah, lucky me for catching myself in time
LukeAJohnston: But since whoever told you about it told you not to mention it....
LukeAJohnston: I didn't know how big a deal it would be if I mentioned it in my update
LukeAJohnston: The guy who told you probably doesn't even read my site.
See Our Zed: Is that a straight line?
LukeAJohnston: As opposed to crooked?
LukeAJohnston: Yes.
See Our Zed: Okay, I'm blocking you now. Goodbye.
LukeAJohnston: Ok, did I do something to piss you off a while back? It sure seems like it, and there is no better way to find out than by asking you directly.

31.5.01 2248
LukeFromHumboldt: How mature of you. I can't even get a straight answer from you.

1.6.01 1921
LukeAJohnston: So ya quit Wrestleline?

26.6.01 1128
LukeAJohnston: You.
See Our Zed: Gee, that's a stupid way to let me know you're back
LukeAJohnston: I know you missed me.
LukeAJohnston: Did you see my vacation pics?
See Our Zed: Do you THINK I saw your vacation pics?
LukeAJohnston: Nope. Dumb question by me.
LukeAJohnston: Now, how did you know I was gone if you don't visit my site?
See Our Zed: You haven't been on AIM for months?
See Our Zed: You haven't bothered me for months?
See Our Zed: I've enjoyed a blissful, non-Luke-IM'ing me existence?
See Our Zed: Is it possible?
LukeAJohnston: Anything is possible.

27.6.01 1604
LukeAJohnston: How dare you post a column called My Two Centz.

2.7.01 1558
LukeAJohnston: Question for ya...
LukeAJohnston: Would you provide a link on Slash to something that will be posted on Shooters within the next few days?

3.7.01 1151
LukeAJohnston: Are you present?

Looks like some computer crashes may have eaten some of those logs above. With any luck, Luke will post HIS version AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

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