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/24 January 2000





I GET LETTERS: Longtime reader Chris Fairbanks offers: What is wrong with all these people?

Don't they GET IT!? (tm)

I think Mae Young showing her breasts after that much hype is one of the funniest things the WWF's ever done. Everyone from the Observer to the Torch to Keith to your own recappers put this down, ignoring the fact that it's fucking hilarious.

oh well.

Hey, just 'cause it's FUNNY, don't make it RIGHT. I prove that at least four or five times a year! Will tonight be one of those times? Stick around and find out...

PICTURE OF THE WEEK: The suddenly ubiquitous (at least in this column) Kate Wrightson provides the following photo (58K JPEG) - if you thought Jamal Anderson was a copycat, check out this church!

QUICK QUOTE: WWFE 16 (+ 1 3/16 - make your own Austin 3/16 joke here)

TONIGHT: One on one - Kane and X-Pac: it's personal! The Hardy Boyz get a tag team title shot! The Game survived the Royal Rumble - will he survive tonight? Only ten more minutes of "Walker" stand between you and WWF RAW!

The "Walker" credits promo is for Halftime Heat - I hate to say it, but I stlil haven't seen any indication it's gonna be live on THIS coast, at least on the USA Network website. I guess I could have checked - well, maybe after I turn this one in and it's too late - yeah

You know, somebody should have had the courage to tell Chuck Norris he SHOULDN'T be singing his theme song




One World Leader Attitude - TV-14-DLV - WWF!

Closed Captionied logo - opening credits - if you stare right in the middle, you can see the screen wipe open up a teensy little bit a teensy bit early

FIREWORKS! SIGNS! PHILLY! WE ARE LIVE from the First Union Center in Philadelphia, PA one day removed from a damn good pay-per-view and tonight, on the USA Network and just maybe on TSN, RAW IS WAR!

STEPHANIE ONO & TREBLE H kick off tonight's interview - show! I meant show! I think. He's heavily bandaged - we are told he has stitches in his head, his leg, his ear (well, that's part of his head, but I getcha) Even given a phenomenal performance in the title match, the fans will still chant "asshole" - but maybe...just maybe...with just a touch more respect. Then again, maybe not. They're a fickle bunch. "Last night, at the Royal Rumble...Triple H ONCE AGAIN proved to the world that he is in fact The Game when he defeated Cactus Jack at his own game - a brutal, bloody, barbaric Street Fight. The World Wrestling Federation - [pause for "slut" chant] - the World Wrestling Federation championship should never have been defended in such a...demeaning matter, but Triple H, being the true fighting champion that he is sunk to Cactus Jack's lowest low, and rose to the occasion, to champion - YOUR Champion - The Game, Triple H!"

"Cactus Jack...I'm not out here to put you over...not by a long shot...but pal, you gotta be the most sadistic freak I've ever stepped into the ring with in my life. You brought it all to Madison Square Gadren - barbed wire, sharp metallic objects - every trick you had, you brought it to the Royal Rumble - and while I might have left a lot of things in Madison Square Garden - I left a piece of my leg, I left pints of my blood all over New York City...the one thing that I did NOT leave was the World Wrestling Federation championship - because as sadistic as you are, I was that much more sadistic; as bad as you are, I was that much badder! Cactus Jack, last night, Madison Square Garden, the Royal Rumble...I went to a level I never went to in my life...and I liked it. And I stayed the man, I stayed The Game, I stayed the World Wrestling Federation champion. But I couldn't help but notice last night - as I rolled out of the hospital in New York City - I couldn't help but notice Cactus Jack rolling INTO the hospital in New York City, and it looked like you were gonna be there a whole hell of a lot longer than I I wouldn't expect to see Cactus Jack here tonight. Now...Anaheim, California - April the 2nd - ten weeks from now - Wrestle..Mania 2000!" ["Rock E" chant] "Yeah, the Rock versus The Game. One on one - for the greatest prize in the World Wrestling Federation that there is. Rock, you've got ten weeks. Get your ass in the best possible shape you can be in, because I will be at the top of my game, and we will battle, and I WILL leave Anaheim...the man..." WELL IT'S A BIG SHOW interrupting proceedings with his zany music and cool pyro - walking all the way down the aisle, entering the ring, and going nose-to-nose with the champion - and then taking a step back and asking for a microphone. "You know, you've never given me a rematch. And you know why? Because if I were you, I wouldn't want to face me again either. 'Cause we all know, and you know, I don't like you. And we ALL know what happens to people I don't like. Now I'm out here because a crime has been committed. Last night at the Royal Rumble, I was ROBBED. Listen...I'm a nice guy. I am a nice guy - and I DON'T LIE. But last night at the Royal Rumble, yes, I did go over the top when I had Rocky on my shoulders, and everybody sittin' in Madison Square Garden last night, and all the fans watching on pay-per-view...SAW ROCKY'S FEET HIT THE GROUND FIRST. So in all actuality, I did win the Royal Rumble...but I was robbed. So what I've come out here, is I need to ask you - I need a favour. Yeah, I need a favour from you. If I can prove to you and to Stephanie and to all these fans beyond the shadow of a doubt, pure proof on film that Rocky's feet did hit the mat first, you grant me a one-on-one match with the Rock - the People's Champion. And the winner gets to go on to WrestleMania and face you, and there, I'll get my rematch." "Show me the proof and it's yours." LA ROCA can't let this go without getting HIS mug on camera so out he comes. I'll type it before he says it and save some time - "Finally, the Rock has come back to Philadelphia!" Show quivering in anger - I guess. "Triple H, the Rock says this - seeing as he just won the Royal Rumble, it officially makes your days as a WWF Champion - numbered. Translation, at WrestleMania, the Rock is just gon' kick your monkey ass." Rock whips the fans into another chant with a look. "Now, onto you. Seven feet, five hundred pounds of whinin' bitchin' moanin' (sobs) 'Oh the Rock's feet touched the ground first - well the Rock says it doesn't MATTER if the Rock's feet touched the ground first! The Rock says this, it doesn't matter




if the Rock's feet touched the ground, it doesn't matter where the Rock's feet touched, the ground, the mat, or straight up your big fat candyass! [another respectful pause] This ain't the NFL - there is no instant replay - the only thing that matters RIGHT NOW is the Rock has won the Royal Rumble, the Rock is going to WrestleMania, and the Rock stands before you, and you, and even you - the People's Champion." "You know, Show, seems that uh, you and I seem to have a little common problem. To be that jackass up there with the big ego - seems to be a common thorn in our sides. So I'll tell ya what - tonight - you and I - we're gonna team up - and we're gonna get in the ring...against the Rock - and a partner of your choosing. That is, if - you can go in the back and find one of those - what do you call 'em, Rock, jabrones? - that you like to put down so much. If you can get one of those jabrones to pal up with you, be your friend, and tag with you, then you got yourself a deal. If not, if one of those jabrones WON'T tag with you - then you and I - we're gonna have ourselves a little handicap match with the Rock." "Well, the Rock says this - if there is someone in the back who wants to team with the Rock, then that's fine...the Rock doesn't need it, the Rock doesn't want it. The Rock says this, against you and you, two on one against the Great One means this, is one way or the other, come hell or high water, bet your candyasses you will smell what the Rock is cookin'." Before we see a handshake between Show and Triple H, we cut to the graphics.

Tonight, Kane vs. X-Pac! Tag team titles on the line when the Outlaws take on the Hardy Boys! Not to mention the big main event!

Backstage, Crash Holly eggs on Hardcore Holly, telling him if it weren't for Chyna, he'd be the intercontinental champion tonight. They're standing outside a door conveniently labeled "WOMEN'S DRESSING ROOM" - Crash tells his cousin maybe he doesn't have the sac to go in there and get Chyna - he DOES go in and screams erupt. Chyna emerges with a finger in the chest for Holly. She WILL get respect from Holly - respect for her and respect for the other women in the WWF. Holly tells us he's the Big Shot, and Chyna laughs it off - Holly hauls off and decks her (wow!) and suddenly Chris Jericho FLIES into the picture wailing away on Holly. The refs & officials break it up. We see Crash laughin' at him, so Hardcore decks him one and stomps away as we go out.

Royal Rumble clips in letterbox-and-extremely-red-o-vision - the encore presentation is tomorrow night! If you missed it, hey - why not think about popping for the replay?

Let Us Take You Back to Moments Ago where Holly decked Chyna, Jericho came to her aid, and NOW we learn that Holly's been challenged as Jericho has offered him a title shot!

Al Snow says it's time to take this tag team to a new level. He offers a cape to Steve Blackman - "this'll be perfect - you've already got the personality of a dead guy." There's a funny wig. See, he'd be Count Dracula and the team would be named "Head Count" - Blackman removes the cape and wig in (almost) emotional fashion before Snow can pass him the phony fangs and delivers his line: "What - is wrong - with you." Snow offers him a cheese round - "Head Cheese." "Hold it, hold it - look - if you think I'm going out there and having people callin' me Head Cheese, you're completely nuts." "Look, we'll be over in Wisconsin!" "I don't give a damn about Wisconsin - look, it's real simple here - you're Al Snow and I'm Steve Blackman, the Lethal Weapon." "(snore) - oh, I'm sorry, were you saying something - I was faling asleep at the name of that team. Wait - I got one more." Snow holds up a box of "Hungry Hungry Hippos" and offers "Head Games." Blackman gives us his best "I'm very exasperated" look and walks off. "That's not a no!"

EDGE (you think you show him) & CHRISTIAN v. AL SNOW (with Head) & STEVE BLACKMAN (with Riggs & Murtaugh) - Let Us Take You Back to several clips of Edge's travails with many women. Separate entrances for Head Cheese - err, sorry, Steve. Edge and Snow start. Al goes behind and hits a single leg. Edge kicks Snow to the ground - both men back up. Off the ropes, over, hiptoss by Edge, dropkick by Edge, armdrag takeover, Al reverses into a nice chickenwing suplex, and a clothesline. Tag to Blackman. Atomic drop from Edge catches him off guard - tag to Christian. Rather sizable "head cheese" chant. Arm wringer, reveresd, side headlock, off the ropes, shoulderblock, elbowdrop misses. Blackman ducks a clothesline, Christian jumps a legsweep, into the corner, mokey flip out fails, elbowdrop misses AGAIN, Christian tosses him out. Ross with the inside joke "he's got five or six years unaccounted for..." Christian with a springboard plancha from the corner to the floor. As he puts Blackman on the apron, Snow is over to attack from behind. Edge comes over and now all four men brawl on the outside. Blackman drops Christian's face on the STEEL steps from the apron - yow. Back in the ring as the Double Feature shows us that once again - Blackman stomping away - nice snap suplex. Another "head cheese" chant - Blackman politely asking the fans to stop chanting, and when they don't, he gives Snow a talking to. Ross proclaims Blackman "not very gimmick-friendly." Scoop - and a slam. Vaderbomb catches the boots. Christian makes the tag - Edge with a Blackman-esque shoulderblock on Blackman - well, that doesn't seem right! - Shot for Snow as well - we miss the next move looking at Snow. Blind tag as Blackman comes off the ropes, Edge up and over, kicks to Edge, Snow on the top rope as Blackman hits a backbreaker - Snow in with his version of Too Cool's Veg-O-Matic! Christian in the ring and he and Blackman are going at it. Before Snow can follow that up, referee "Blind" Teddy Long calls him off, rings the bell (ref stop 3:34) and calls for the EMT's.



BALD VENIS comes out in street clothes to check on Edge, who isn't moving. The crowd breathes a sigh of relief as B.B. comes out, signifying that this is one of those "work" injuries that only requires the *pretend* EMT - oh GOOD LORD she's giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Well, that hardly seems necessary - nonetheless, it seemed to do the trick - here's a replay as everybody slowly walks back up the ramp - and Al Snow's music plays.

Chris Jericho - IS - WALKING!

"WrestleMania 2000" by THQ ad - no "Santa in the bathroom" clip this time, though

WWF SmackDown! is coming to San Jose...oops, this ad gets cut off. Maybe they sold out ALREADY?

When we come back, the Hollys are WALKING! Crash decides he doesn't really want to accompany his cousin tonight - in fact, he just may go find a new tag team partner tonight!

HARDCORE HOLLY v. CHRIS MONDAY JERICHO for the Intercontinental Championship - Jericho rushes the ring without the standard mic time and it's on. Rolling around, exchanging punches, and referee "Blind" Jack Doan has absolutely NO control. Listen to that "Y2J" chant! Into the corner, boot up, clothesline, Jericho pounding on him, oh yeah, THAT SLUT CHYNA is out as well. Off the ropes, Holly ducks, slaps and chops are traded (woooo!), Holly with a kick, off the ropes, reversed, gutshot, off the ropes with a bulldog, Jericho covers - 2. Jericho burying the knee in the gut, Holly punching back, trading 'em again. In the corner, out of the corner, off the ropes, Holly going for a powerbomb - and hitting it! 1, 2, no! Holly off the rope with an elbow drop. Off the ropes again - Chyna holds onto the ankle - Holly kicks her away. For an encore, he goes outside and throws ANOTHER kick on her! A superkick, even! And now he's got a chair - and he appears to have forgotten all about this match. Jericho over to stop him, grabbing the chair, striking, head to the STEEL steps, back in the ring (and also the chair), but Holly turns the tide again. Back and forth we go now, off the ropes, reversed again, there's the Best Dropkick in the Business. Jericho falls backward against the ropes - and ties himself up. Holly ready to take advantage of the open shot - but Chyna is in the ring. As Doan gets Holly away from Jericho so he can free him, Chyna takes down Holly with a gutshot, and Pedigree on the chair. Jericho with a Lionsault - and a 1, 2, 3. (3:44) What's going on between Chyna and Jericho? Chyna takes the belt from the ref - and then hands it to Jericho, raising his hand. It almost looks like we're about to see Jericho raise Chyna's hand, but we cut to...

MICHAEL KING COLE stands with the Hardy Boyz - tonight, they have a tag team title shot - are they 100% following last night's match? Jeff: "Last night was brutal - but now it's time to forget about the pain - and think about the titles." Matt: "Matt and Jeff Hardy are all about defying the odds. We did it last night, and we'll do it again tonight for the tag team titles." The Dudley Boyz interrupt the proceedings. D-Von: "Hardy Boyz! You know what you punks did to me and my brother? You kept us up all night last night thinking about what you did to us at the Royal Rumble. You've done something that nobody's done before, and that's beat us at our own game - by puttin' people through table, such as the Dudley Boyz. Huh, as far as I'm concerned, you've taken the Dudley Boyz to the extreme!" Buh-Buh Ray: "What me and my brother D-Von has never, ever been done before, and it will probably never happen again - but after the Rumble, we'd like to shake your hand, and show you the proper respect." "Respect back." Hey, that's pretty cool. But...they don't let go. "Remember this, punks - if by some reason you DO beat the Outlaws tonight for those WWF tag team titles, the Dudley Boyz get the first shot at 'em." "You got it." "And Hardyz, just in case you both need a little help, don't be afraid to call us." Wow.

Halftime Heat is this Sunday! When? WHEN?



"The WWF would like to remind you that our superstars are trained athletes, so none of their moves or stunts should be tried at home by unskilled individuals - this message is from the WWF." Is it just me or are kids a lot stupider than when *I* was a kid? presents WWF No Way Out - coming to a PPV channel near you in February!

TOO COOL v. CRASH HOLLY (with Scale Holly) & ? - the EntertainmentTron video is now a Too Cool/Rikishi Phatu entrance video, even as we don't see him out with Too Cool now. Lawler asks if the scale will be his partner. Nope, Crash Holly's partner, defying logic on several different levels, is...VISSSSSCERA. Crash and Sexay start - off the ropes, leapfrog, point to the head, gutshot, Sexay lifts him up and lets him drop. DDT. Sexay busts a move while Vis takes in - going up, going down hard. Sexay tries a sunset flip, nope, but the big butt drop misses. Scotty tagged in, right, right, right, off the ropes, reversed, duck, Crash puts a knee between the shoulder blades, Viscera got him in the Samoan Drop position, Crash jumping up top, slipping, and flipping into the ring. I THINK that was unintentional...Viscera goes ahead and hits the Samoan Drop. Crash takes Scotty off the ropes, reversed, up and over, nice huracanrana for 2. Tag to Viscera, open shot, into the corner, avalanche splash misses. Scotty kicking away on the kidneys, climbing onto the shoulders and punching away - Viscera spins him around and drops him in a powerbomb. Off the ropes - but the fat ass splash misses. Sexay tagged in - punches in bunches - Holly in - Holly down with a powerbomb. Viscera takes advantage of the distraction to put him in a choke - Scotty in and dropkicking him, Sexay with a dropkick, double dropkick takes him down. Double bulldog. Must be time for the Wurm karate chop. Now setting up Holly for THEIR Veg-o-matic. Goggles are on - and there's the big leg. Viscera calmly walks over and drops a leg of his own. Grand Master covered - 1, 2, 3. (3:22) Crash jumps into Holly's arms - I don't think we've seen the last of this team. You know, I didn't mind this too much...the FIRST time I saw it, when it was Hardcore and the Big Show.

Let's Take a Special Video Look at the saga of Kane & X-Pac. They were the best of friends - until they weren't.

Will the final chapter be written tonight? Kane and Tori - ARE - WALKING!!!!!!

WWF SmackDown! is coming ot San Jose LIV--oops, cut it off once again. Maybe the check to AT&T Cable bounced?

Here's a live look at WWF New York!

Live from inside WWF New York, JONATHAN COACHMAN stands amongst the People. He doesn't get mobbed tonight, at least.

THROUGH HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE IT'S KANE (with Tori) v. X-PAC - it's almost enough to make you wonder whether or not they'll bring up the holiday Tori spent with "perfect gentleman" X-Pac. Not yet...although Lawler DOES bring up Kane's illegal elimination yesterday in the Rumble matchup at the hands of X-Pac. Whoa Nellie, they brought up the holiday too! All this continuity will be the death of me! Into the corner, X-Pac squirts out and quickly hits his patented trifecta of kicks - Kane with a clothesline to come back. In the corner, deliberate punches, elbows, and so on. Hiptosses him across the ring. Kick, uppercut, into the opposite corner



, boot up, but X-Pac runs into a powerslam. Blatant choke by Kane, followed by an intimidation on referee "Blind" Jim Korderas. X-Pac comes back with a spinning heel kick. X-Pac with a crotch chop and the "cunning linguist" pantomime - Now that's not very perfect gentlemanly! Kane over to take X-Pac outside the ring, and right into the cameraman. As Kane demolishes X-Pac on the outside, let's check the double feature of this spinning heel kick - oof. Head to the barricade - X-Pac shrugs off the shoulder and pushes him into the STEEL steps. X-Pac in the ring, where Tori had earlier sought refuge. Grabbing her by the ass - then PLANTING one on her. Tori screams and comes in to check on her. X-Pac is in with a chair and WHACK right to the back of Kane's head. Well, that chairshot is good enough for a (DQ 2:56) For some reason, X-Pac's music plays, although I'm almost POSITIVE *he* was the one to be disqualified. Tori is reduced to incoherency...which actually isn't all that different from--oh, sorry.

"WrestleMania 2000" by THQ ad #2

Halftime Heat is SUNDAY!

And now the Slam of the Week, brought to you by "WrestleMania 2000" for the N64 by THQ - from last night's PPV, Jeff Hardy's sentonbomb through the table (and D-Von Dudley).

Stephanie wants to be sure Hunter is okay to compete tonight, but as they try to have this private moment (well, with the cameraman) but Kane & Tori break in - they want to know where X-Pac is...but he's already left.

NEW AGE OUTLAWS (with RAW Credits & TV-14-DLV ratings box) v. HARDY BOYZ (with Nipples) for the tag team championship - the champs enter first because they have a shtick and the challengers don't. The bleep guy misses "shiznit" but manages to obliterate "doggystyle" - oh well. Hey, where's Taz tonight, anyway? don't think HE'D be the mystery partner....nah. Lest we forget, the Hardys have had managed to have defeat snatched from the jaws of victory on several occasions in contests with the Outlaws over the past month or so. The Outlaws rush the challengers and it's on. Jeff dumped out of the ring, Dogg takes his place in the corner. Ass removes Matt's shirt and reveals that the ribs are taped up. Head to the buckle. Ass going for the ribs as we spy the DUDLEY BOYZ come out. Into the corner, big splash. Buh-Buh Ray says they need a table - and they go under the ring searchin' for dat plundah. A table is set up outside the ring, and the Dudleys take their seats. Dig that crazy "ECW" chant from the Philly faithful. Back in the ring, Ass has Matt in the jackhammer. Ass with words for the Dudleys ("fat bastard," mostly), tag to Dogg, open kick to the ribs. Dogg crotch-chops and brings him Jeff in, distracting referee "Blind" Mike Chioda while Dogg stomps all over the ribs. Tag to Ass. Punching away on the taped bits. Matt drops down and punches back, they're trading blows, now Ass blatantly choking him. Tag out. Kick to the ribs, another one, head to the buckle, into the opposite corner, Matt collapses in the corner. Tag to Ass, double Irish whip into the corner, Ass on all fours - they're going to steal their move! But Matt puts up the boots and kicks Dogg in midair. And there's a spinning Diamond Crusher on Ass. Both men reaching for the tag - only problem is Dogg's got nobody to tag in HIS corner. Hot tag to Jeff! He's a house on fire! Now all four in, Dogg out, another Diamond Cutter on Dogg by Matt - sentonbomb - it's over! 1, 2...the Dudleys pull Chioda out of the ring! They've been screwed again! Dogg rolls out while "those damn Dudley brothers!" work over Jeff, culminating in a 3D. Matt back in to help - and there's a 3D for him as well. Buh-Buh Ray goes outside and brings in the table. "ECW! ECW! ECW!" Terri gets in the ring - now that CAN'T be a good idea. D-Von grabs her by the hair! "You want some?" He's ready to punch her out! But Buh-Buh stops his brother. "Why would you puncher her in the face...



when you can put her through a table?" "Testify!" Buh-Buh Ray on the second rope - SUPERBOMB!!!!! The bell FINALLY rings (DQ? No contest? Call it 6:22, although it ended a couple minutes earlier) Terri didn't go through the table - Dudley's butt did - but still, she folded up pretty good there. The refs, officials and EMT's are out. Replays show even friendlier angles of the non-impact - don't get me wrong, we probably don't want her taking that kind of bump in the first place. To her credit, Terri doesn't move a muscle - and stares straight ahead. Buh-Buh Ray is doing a pretty good starejob himself.

When we come back, Terri has been immobilised with the collar and loaded on a stretcher. "Moments Ago" replay as Ross asks us to check Terri's face just before the move for fear. The Hardys are back up and on either side of the gurney...

KURT ANGLE is out. "You know - that's a shame. That kind of stuff should not happen. That's bad. But let me tell you something that's REALLY bad. Last night, at the Royal Rumble, your Olympic hero experienced something that he has never in his life experienced before. No, it was not defeat; not by any means. It was something much worse." We cut back and forth between the stretcher's journey and Angle. "It has to do with honour - you see, I have documents - documents, and written letters from wrestling officials, not to mention the International Olympic Committee, and even doctors that state that last night was an illegal hold by my so-called unnamed opponent - it was. Now, it is to my understanding that it's not really his fault. [We see the stretcher being loaded into an ambulance] I mean, he appears to be some sort of street thug that, perhaps, was not brought up the right way, and, in turn, lacks integrity - one of my three I's. So all I wanted to do tonight is clear the air, and say that no apologies are needed for last night, and to also say to all of you not to worry, because your Olympic hero's undefeated streak is still intact. The EntertainmentTron turns orange...the music plays...and out comes TAZZ. Angle tries to explain that it was an illegal hold, but before he can finish the sentence, Tazz rushes at him - Angle ducks and puts him in a waistlock. Tazz turns it around and puts on the choke. Angle desperately tries to break the hold but he keeps it clamped on. "ECW! ECW! ECW!" Angle goes limp as the refs come out. Play his music again! He never said a word...still, that extra Z on the end is a *little* annoying...c'mon, he's Taz. You know it, I know it...ahhh nuts

"WrestleMania 2000" ad - again

During the Break, Terri was loaded on an ambulance - hmm, I thought that was actually more of a "Moments Ago" clip but let's not mince words (or graphics)

Four new "TV Guide" covers this week - the Rock, Triple H, Mankind, and Chyna showcase "Presidential SmackDown!"

The Rock paces a bit. Michael King Cole, who should know better, attempts to ask him who his partner is - Rock says he's his own best wait, he didn't say that. But the gist is he didn't find anybody. Not that he's worried - he can take 'em both by himself.

THAA GODFATHAA & D'LOO BROWNN (with ten ?- no, five ho's)



v. ACOLYTESS - Godfather mixes it up a bit by asking if there are any playaz in the house instead of pimps. WHEN NATION MEMBERS COLLIDE! Godfather and Bradshaw start, in the camera, referee "Yup" Tim White tries to force the break, but it'll come naturally, just wait it out, man. Knee from Bradshaw, trading punches, kick from Bradshaw, off the ropes, shoulderblock from Godfather, Bradshaw back up, kick, off the ropes, reversed, duck, superkick avoided, big boot from Bradshaw. Head to the buckle. Into the opposite corner, follow clothesline. Into the opposite corner, Godfather puts a boot up - clothesline, off the ropes, spin in place, legdrop. Tag to Brown, punching away. Whip is reversed, big boot by Bradshaw, tag to Faarooq. Open shot, right hand, off the ropes, duck, side kick by Brown. Standing flourished legdrop - hooked the leg, but only 2. Off the ropes, reversed, spinebuster by Faarooq. Head to Bradshaw's boot, Faarooq working him over, tagging Bradshaw, off the ropes, double shoulderblock, elbowdrop by Bradshaw. "Odd couple" is the catchphrase tonight - Snow & Blackman, Viscera & Crash, Jericho & Chyna...did Ross just say Blackman and Snow needed lithium? --the hell? Brown manages a powerbomb off the ropes and tries to make the hot tag. ANd now he does! Faarooq knocked down twice, Bradshaw taken to the floor, bodyslam of Faarooq, "martial arts kick," and it's time once again for the Ho Train splash. 1, 2, Bradshaw breaks it from the floor. Brown in - blind tag off the ropes, Faarooq holds onto the ropes while Bradshaw comes at him from the criss-corss side - clothesline from Hell! - Brown dutifully flips two or three times. 1, 2, 3. Acolytes win. (3:45) AS the Acolytes check out the ho's...

The women of the WWF are standing around - we'll see them - NEXT!

And we'll see Halftime Heat - SUNDAY!

"Smokin' weed is kinda like playin' hockey without your gear..." Yeah, that *definitely* explains why so many people do it, and why we shouldn't.

Furthermore, my coolness is not on trail here.

Mankind invades Manhattan! That's not blood; it's tomato sauce!

Once again, let's go to Jonathan Coachman at WWF New York - the fans think Allen Iverson might be a good partner for the Rock - and they're disgusted with the Dudley Boyz. Yup. Hey, thanks for THAT - it was really productive. These segments are pretty pointless... unless... you think they'll help get people to go to the restaurant on Mondays??

WWF RAW is WAR is brought to you by Chef Boyardee Overstuffed Raviolis, Skittles, and WWF: The Music (Volume 4 - available at Circuit City) - now that's a meal!

JERRYY LAWLERR stands in the ring to introduce the participants in last night's Miss Royal Rumble 2000 contest - tonight we will present the crowning. ERNESTT MILLERR, JACQUELINEE, BB.BB., IVORYY, LUNAA TUNESS, and accompanied by FABULOUSS MOOLAHH is MAEE YOUNGG. Terri, as you might imagine, can't make it at this time. Hey, did you notice that Kat and Chyna haven't been together all night? This isn't accomplishing much but it IS killing a lot of time with entrances. Crowd gives Young a "mixed reaction" (mostly boos). Lawler presents a crown and a bouquet - Lawler says at least these flowers aren't wilted like her...well, you know. Young says at least hers are real, not like theirs. Kat says she knows she couldn't be talking about her - must be talking about...Jacqueline. Jacqueline points to Ivory, words are exchanged and the next thing you know clothes are flying and all we need is Joey Styles to yell out "CATFIGHT! CATFIGHT!" as the five non-senior citizens create a fracas. Anyway, B.B.'s top must have come off pretty well, 'cause she quickly floats out of the shot and then leaves the ring and runs up the ramp before we can check her out. Most everyone else sticks around as the REFSS && OFFICIALSS come out and tell us how they love their jobs.



When it calms down a bit, Young is presented with the trophy - a golden chest (with tassles!). But that's not all - she knows we all came out tonight to see HER come out - and she intends to deliver. EVERYONE in the ring is giving the "nonononono" hand signals and head shakes but Young can't be stopped once that pelvis starts thrusting. Fortunately for us, SEXUALL CHOCKLITT MIZARKK HENRYY makes a more timely intervention on this night...and almost snuffs her out by covering her mouth with his jacket - oops. Ahhh, let's just pretend it never happened and move on, all right?

Royal Rumble encore ad

"WrestleMania 2000" ad #4 - and hopefully the last one for tonight. Sheesh! This is getting as annoying as "the Dialing Dragon!"

Halftime Heat - don'cha DARE forget it! Err, when is it again? Oh yeah - SUNDAY!

Here's an exterior of the First Union Center.

Triple H and the Big Show exchange a few yuks at the Rock's expense. Tonight, they say, they'll finish their problem once and for all - now THERE'S a handshake we definitely see.

Earlier Today, DROZZ met with the WWF superstars at the arena. He's strapped into a chair and not looking real mobile - I think we all hope for his continued success and recovery.

TESTT v. BIGG BOSSMANN in a nontitle match - boot, right, right, right, off the ropes, big boot, off the ropes with a right that was supposed to take Test outside, except he didn't get the elevation, so he just rolls under the bottom rope instead. Now a Test-alike (complete with nose protector) is out - hey, it's STEVIEE RICHARDSS! Guess he's healed up, and it's good to see him back. Even if it DID completely ruin this match (DQ :24). Richards wants a handshake from Test - Test offers his LEFT hand - when Richards grabs it, Test puts him in a punmphandle slam. Nightstick grabbed, off the top rope with the elbow (and not the nightstick, oh well). Wow, we're really low on time!

The Rock - is ......

I hope "The Beach" loses more money than "Heaven's Gate" because, yet again, it's another ad I'm SO SO TIRED OF - even as they keep showing that one chick's ass over and over


Earlier Tonight, Buh-Buh Ray Dudley put Terri through a table. Grrrrrrrievous!

From the hospital, Michael King Cole tells us that the EMT's were checking for a possible concussion - but other than that, he doesn't really have much of anything new to report, as they still don't have any update on her condition - broken back? Neck? We'll probably learn on Thursday (wink wink).




SHOWW - I guess the obvious pick would be for Foley to show up at the last minute, right? Well, as this match starts, it IS a Handicap match. Only five minutes left, I reckon - maybe it WILL be a squash. Whoops, check that. Of course - the only other man we haven't seen all night - RIKISHII PHATUU makes his way to the ring, walks up the steps, and takes his place in the Rock's corner. Rock and Show in the ring, big headbutt...into the corner, big kicks, into the corner, another headbutt takes the Rock down. Elbow to the back of the head, another, scoop - and a slam. Off the ropes, well it's a big miss with the elbowdrop. Rock blocks a punch and lets loose. Show reverses a whip and powerslams the Rock. Tag to H. Right hand. Head to the buckle. Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, stomp, stomp, I think I lost count. Yep, two more stomps, okay. Right hand. Off the ropes, reversed, knee in the gut, DDT. Cover - Big Show breaks it up. Apparently that was a tag. Elbow, open-handed slap by the Show. Into the corner, misses. Phatu tagged in - punches in bunches, into the corner, fat ass splash, superkick - Triple H with a shot off the ropes, Phatu turns around and levels him with a chop. Show hits a sidewalk slam when he turns back around. Show working on him with devastating headbutts to his own hand. Tag to the Game - kick, kick, stomp, blatant choke, referee "Blind" Earl Hebner pulls him off. Rikishi coming back - reversed off the ropes, facebuster by Triple H, off the ropes, but he falls into a Samoan Drop. Both men tag - Rock all over the Show with rights. Gutshot, DDT, spinebuster for H, Rock Bottom for Show - nope, a Golota by H breaks that up. Headbutt by Show - the OUTLAWSS are out and on Rikishi (DQ 4:16) while the Show puts his knee in the Rock's jimmy. STEEL chair work being done by the Outlaws, while a second chair is provided by Stephanie for her husband. Hebner's lights put out. But before something can be done with that - here's CACTUSS JACKK "running" to the ring - oh man, that guy needs to take A LOT of time off - with a 2x4. Rock manages to turn the tide before Jack hits the ring, but who's counting. 2x4 shots aplenty. Now Rock and Jack clotheslining Show over the top rope with the board. Play his music! Phatu, Jack and Rock stand in the ring. H thinks about running atht them again - Rock WHACKS him with the chair as the credits come up - and at seven after, we're out.

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