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/21 February 2000





QUICK QUOTE: WWFE 11 5/8 (- 5/16)

TONIGHT: Another wild night at the GeorgiaDome and it's TAG TEAM MAYHEM! Chris Jericho and Chyna take on Kurt Angle and the British Bulldog! Edge & Christian and the Hardyz in an 8-man with the tag team champions - and the #1 Contenders?!? We're six days away from No Way Out and here's a graphic of Triple H and Stephanie for good measure! Won't you PLEASE stay tuned?




One World Leader Attitude - WWF! TV-14-DLV

It's - A BUS! And it's - PEOPLE BEING LOADED INTO THE BUS! And...well, go read the SmackDown recap - I'm not here to report on what's ALREADY I? HE BROKE A BOARD!!

Here's - ANOTHER BUS! Again, it's labeled "DX EXPRESS" but this time it's a bright fire truck red bus. I guess the neon green bus was already booked. Anyway, the driver (I guess) and DX get out. Triple H asks the driver to be ready, 'cause you never know when somebody's gonna wanna take a ride on that DX Express...

Opening credits ...and closed captioned symbol

BOOM! BOOM! SHWEEEEEOOOOOOOO goes the pyro as 28,614 rise as one - WE ARE LIVE from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA on Washington's Birthday (observed) 2K because tonight - RAW - IS - ...well, you know. Hey, it's a TSN night! Hooray!

Here's a really long entrance for D-GENERATION X - apparently, their music has been retooled again, just a bit. Steph works the crowd a bit, then hands the mic over to Triple H, who has just enough time to insult the crowd once before LA ROCA interrupts proceedings to make HIS entrance. Staying underneath the EntertainmentTron and showing off his brand new shirt, Rock soaks in the chant. "Finally, the Rock HAS COME BACK to Atlanta!" H: "Whoopity-doo!" Rock says there's a pattern here - every week he comes out and runs his mouth. Here's his imitation of Triple H for the people: "Tonigh-tuh...I am the Ga-muh...and in this very Ri-nguhhh...for the next twenty minute-suhhhh...I'm going to be talk-inguhhh..and saying absolutely NOTHINGUHHH..." Or was that his James Brown impersonation? Rock *continues* to talk loud and say nothing, threatening to unleash the People's Vomit on him. Triple H compliments Rock on his "beautiful pajama top" and then calls his "no-talent ass" on his use of catchphrases designed to make us heartily chortle. H says it's gonna be a DX night, 'cause he's saying so - and see as there's four of them and one of him - but he's cut short by CACTUS JACK, making HIS entrance. Jack says he was stranded in the middle of the road last Thursday night, but he wasn't stranded long, due to all his experience hitchhiking (and the fact that unlike Triple H, America DOESN'T hate his guts), a trucker named Big Earl gave him a ride in exchange for some Hell in the Cell stories. Jack promises to head up to the very top of the cage and fly off on top of Triple H. Wouldn't you know it, Jack and Big Earl just HAPPENED to drive by and see KANE & PAUL BEARER, so they picked THEM up to. Well NOW I can say it's the World Entrance Federation, right? Jack: "Hey, Triple H




I got to admit - a big six-man tag team sounds like a lotta fun, but why don't we do this? Why don't we give the people of Atlanta, Georgia (HE SAID THE HOME TOWN!) just a little taste of what they can expect to see tonight, In That Very Ring." Well it's a Pier Seven Brawl..oops, I meant to say WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW, who comes out with the chair of STEEL and proceeds to take out Kane (WHACK!) and the Rock (WHACK!). H gives Jack a Pedigree. Ross asks just what six-man was Jack talking about? Well, I guess we'll find out after the refs and officials clear out the ring...and after this brief word!

No Way Out promo features the Big Show and the Rock - and is NEXT! (that is to say, in about 105 minutes)

Moments Ago - Three paragraphs ago - given the two angles we get of Show's chairshot on the Rock - well, actually, they both suck. Hey Rock, we can see your hand blocking it!

THAT SLUT CHYNA (with her - ahem - bazooka) and CHRIS MONDAY JERICHO v. OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST, CELEBRATED REAL ATHLETE, AMERICAN HERO & THE FIFTH BEATLE KURT ANGLE & BRITISH BULLDOG - So if we don't treat her like a women, don't treat her like a man, what DO we treat her like? Some kinda cyborg? Here's the cover of the new "Raw" Magazine - hey, they changed the logo! Is NOTHING sacred? Anyway, Chyna shows cleavage or something, okay. Jericho might say a few words if we're lucky: "All right Atlanta, welcome to RAW is JERICHO! And I now that all of you Jerichoholics are ready for a Rock and Roll party tonight! And who better to host this little shindig than your party hosts, the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 100th ...wonder of the world Chyna (what, did he forget?) and of course, yours truly, Y2J, the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollaaaaaaaaaaaah..." Angle has a few words as well: "I would just like to say, if I may (and I don't want any of you to take this the wrong way) but not one good thing has happened in this town since Your Olympic Champion won this Olympic Gold Medal back in 1996. It's true, it's true. Since then, Atlanta has gone from cheering Olympic heroes to cheering punks and foul-mouthed hooligans and bad apples - oh yes, bad apples like John Rocker, and Isaiah - and you know who I'm talking about - Isaiah Ryder. Not to mention foul-mouthed hooligans like yours truly, Y2J. Now, before we get started, I would just like to explain myself for last Thursday night's actions at SmackDown! for hitting Chyna with my prestigious European Championship belt. Now, I was told by reliable sources - and this is true, because I am a man of integrity and I would not lie - I was told by reliable sources that Chyna was going to steal my belt and sell it - oh yeah, hock it, for money so that she could buy even more..." - and here he makes the "ba-zoom" pantomime - "plastic surgery. Oh no, not this belt, oh no. That's not gonna happen. So tonight, my good friend Davey Boy, my European friend and your European Champion are going to give Y2J and Chyna a beating they will NEVER, EEEEEEEEEEVER forge--" and Jericho is over to prevent this blatant plagarism. Sure you can dis Atlanta, Chyna, but you NEVER steal a man's catchphrase! Into the ring we go, Jericho in control. Angle tags out. Quick hiptoss, gutshot, double underhook into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2. Tag to Chyna - into the ropes, double shoulderblock - elbow, elbow, into the corner, Bulldog puts up the boot. On the second rope, but he lands on a Golota. Tag to Jericho, but Bulldog puts him up and over the top rope to the floor, where Angle is over to work on him. Back in the ring, Bulldog tags out. Right hand in the gut by Angle, right, in the corner, right, right, into the opposite corner, Jericho sidesteps the charge and tries a bulldog - Angle apparently unaware as he lands on his side. Into the ropes, reversed, Angle's dropkick misses - lionsault! 1, 2, Bulldog breaks it up - Chyna is in and handily managing the Bulldog. Jericho putting Angle in the corner for Chyna's pointless gymnastics back elbow - oops, sorry, that just slipped out - Chyna kicks Angle out of the ring as Bulldog comes back in to surprise Jericho - set up for the running powerslam but Jericho slips out and shoves Bulldog into the corner sternum first. When Bulldog comes out, Jericho hits a gutshot, double leg takedown, and the Walls of Jericho. However, referee "Blind" Jim Korderas is a little busy with the goings-on outside the ring. Angle takes out Chyna with a lariat, then grabs the Intercontinental title belt and WAFFLES Jericho with it. One Olympic slam and one un-distracted ref later, Angle has pinned the champ. (2:48)

Too Cool watches Rikishi Phatu getting taped up - they suggest that perhaps he shouldn't go with Guerrero tonight as he's in no condition, but he doesn't want to hear any of it.



Moments Ago, two paragraphs ago. This time I notice Bulldog throwing a shot Chyna's way to prevent her breaking up the pinfall.

TOO COOL v. HEAD CHEESE - apparently, that Phatu/Guerrero match is no DQ, too! Huh. We go backstage to see Al Snow say that if Blackman dances, he'll be as over as Too Cool. Snow produces some yellow-tinted glasses for Blackman. "They're yellow! The colour of cheese!" He then brings out a boombox and plays "Da Dip." Snow dances, Blackman doesn't. "Steve, you're not dipping!" Blackman takes his bashin' batons and demolishes the radio. Now they're out with Head and No Cheese - they get the jump on Too Cool, but end up in separate corners, and the momentum shifts a double whip ends in Hotty's duck and Sexay's flying forearm smash hitting Snow. Double clothesline to take Blackman to the outside. Elbow/pose/elbow combo for Snow. Hotty with a bulldog on Snow. Can it be time for the Wurm? Hoo hoo hoo. Sexay busting a move, Blackman in from behind to surprise him, kicked into Snow, who holds him up for a kick from Blackman. Hotty breaks up the count. Backbreaker. We look backstage to see The Four watching a monitor. Snow holds Sexay for Blackman - open shot. Nice double snap suplex. Blackman with the martial arts moves, a backbreaker, and a plea to the crowd to please stop chanting "Head Cheese." Kick, kick, into the opposite corner, Sexay puts up a superkick. Blackman tries to charge, but Sexay goes down with a drop toehold that takes Blackman's head into the bottom turnbuckle. Crowd working the "American Males" clap - hot tag to Hotty! Snow comes in and we pinball between the two men for a while. Sexay takes Snow up and over to the floor while Blackman whips Taylor and hits a tilt-a-whirl sidewalk slam. Snow taking Sexay into the STEEL steps. Snow exhorting his partner..."I am NOT doing that!" but Snow is persistent. BLACKMAN ATTEMPTING TO BREAKDANCE! WHITE MAN'S MOONWALK! Well, that's given Hotty enough recovery time to strike Blackman from behind, shove him into Snow on the apron, then roll him up and hit a sweet bridge for the pinfall. (3:11) Blackman gives Snow what for.

Backstage, D'Lo Brown and Godfather inspect the merchandise - yes, friends, the ladies are WALKING!

WWF: The Music (Volume 4) ad

What's that? You've always wanted to see the Atlanta skyline at night? Well, here's a piece of it! No, that's not Elton John's apartment - that's over THERE.

THA GODFATHA & D'LO BROWN (with two dozen - no, make that ONE dozen ho's) v. DEAN MALENKO & PERRY SATURN - I am SHOCKED to see referee "Blind" Jack Doan standing in the ring as it's time once again for this spiel I seem to have heard before... As Malenko & Saturn make their entrance, we learn that tonight after RAW (or, if you're in California, NOW) at you can chat with the (ugh) Radicals, the Rock and Tazz. They probably won't cyber, though. This Sunday at No Way Out, a big six-man between Malenko, Saturn and Benoit against Too Cool and Rikishi Phatu. Saturn hammering on Brown to start. Into the opposite corner, whip, Saturn up, Brown catches him, then drops him face first. Off the ropes, back body drop. Dropkick. "You suck!" Into the rope,



Saturn ducks, ducks again, tries a hip toss, Brown tries a hiptoss, Saturn hits an overhead belly-to-belly and tags. Malenko is in and goes down with a hiptoss (sorta) from Brown. Right, off the ropes, no Malenko holds on, gutshot, Brown tries a backdrop but Malenko hits a Sunset flip instead - 2 count. Tag to Godfather, into the rope, slam from the Godfather, splash by Brown, superfluous twist legdrop from Godfather in rapid succession, Saturn in, Saturn down with a right hand from Godfather. Malenko into the corner, and it's time once again - NO! Saturn heads him off from the adjacent corner with a tremendous chop block! Malenko stomping away as Saturn tries to crawl back to his corner. Into the ropes, heel kick by Malenko for 2. Double Feature of Saturn's Ho Train derailment. Into the corner is reversed, but Malenko puts the boots up - then runs into a powerslam. Both men down, now Brown tagged in. Duck, right, right, into the ropes, heel kick by Brown - Saturn in, Saturn down with a powerbomb. Scoop and a slam on Malenko, standing flourish legdrop for 2. Right, into the ropes, but the dropkick is caught - Malenko trying to put on the cloverleaf but Godfather is in with a kick - Saturn on top - there's a Savage elbowdrop. He wasn't the legal man, but he'll get the pin. (3:40) Dig that replay.

The Outlaws tell the Dudleys to follow their lead. Buh-Buh Ray tells them to watch and learn - "keep up with US." I sense dissension!

Local SmackDown! spot

"Don't try this at home - please leave the danger to us" new PSA - woof

Chef Boyardee Overstuffed Raviolis, Starburst hard candies, and the WWF ShopZone bring you RAW is WAR!

EDGE (you blink you owe him) & CHRISTIAN and HARDY BOYZ v. THOSE DAMN DUDLEYZ and NEW AGE OUTLAWS - if Herb were sitting with us right now, he'd ask us who booked this match - and why. Not only are the champions and their Sunday opponents teaming up, but the OTHER four-man squadron is composed of future opponents - for the NEXT shot at the titles. And the best part is, I can't argue that point - *I* have no idea why it was booked either - or who would have done it! Before the match, why not sing along with the Outlaws? Well, Christian is in the ring, and as Gunn is ready to say "And of course..." and then he WHOMPS on him with THE STICK! Head to the buckle, right, right, right, dueling arm wringers, a smattering of chain wrestling - just a smattering - Ass hits a belly-to-back suplex. Up for the powerbomb, but Christian punches away to get out of it. Side headlock, Dogg in, Christian gets HIM in a head scissors at the same time! Dogg slips out, Christian spins around and hits a Slop Drop, conveniently ducking a clothesline attempt. Dropkick for the Dogg. The ring empties of Outlaws. D-Von is tagged in, and he runs into a drop toehold. Tag to Matt, off the ropes, double hiplock, 2 count. D-Von fires back with a right. Matt slips the scoop slam attempt and comes off with a gutshot, then a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Jeff tagged in, all fours assisted heel kick. Buh-Buh Ray comes in - duck, double gutshot, double suplex coming up. AND NOW THE SHIRTS ARE OFF! Jeff choking D-Von with his. Into the opposite corner is reversed, Jeff over the rope and onto the apron. Right blocked, Jeff hits one, then leaps up to the top rope for...well, we don't know, Dogg shoves him the wrong way to the floor. Yow! Ass whipping Jeff into a boost from Dogg, landing face-first (or hand-first) onto the barricade! Here's a Double Feature of the long way to the floor, and the barricade meeting. D-Von holds Hardy for the tag to the Dogg when we come back to live action. Left, right, off the ropes with the wiggly wobbly woogly kneedrop. All the good guys distract referee "Blind" Earl Hebner, and Mr. Ass comes in to stomp on him. Rear chinlock by Ass. Right hand for good measure. Hardy firing back



with rights. Ass takes him into the ropes hard, Hardy slides under and destroys the cameraman on his way down (back into the commentary table). Back in the ring, 1, 2, no. Here's a Double Feature from the fallen man's camera (geez, take advantage of the guy when he's down!). Back in the ring, Buh Buh Ray is working over Jeff, chop, back body drop off the ropes. Cheap shot for Matt and Matt, Edge & Christian all try to get in - but somehow all get held back by Hebner. Anyway, the Outlaws hold the legs so D-Von can headbutt his graun. Cover - 1, 2, no! Right hand from D-Von, in the corner, right, into the opposite corner, boots up, Hardy off the second rope - into a big right hand. Tag to Buh-Buh Ray. Off the ropes, duck, kick from Hardy, trying a 'rana - nope, powerbomb from Dudley. Right hand, head to the buckle, tag to Dogg, another Double Feature of the powerbomb as we see Dogg distract Hebner so the other three men can work over Jeff. Tag to Ass - they try a doubleteam...well, I don't know WHAT that could have been except for a means to get Hardy up and over and on his feet. Double clothesline ducked, double backdrop is countered into a double DDT! Both Outlaws and Jeff Hardy are all down. Five arms reach in to get the tag. Ass holding onto Hardy - but Hardy lunges and tags Edge! Spear for the Road Dogg! Shot for each Dudley, spear for Ass - 1, 2, Buh-Buh Ray flies in to brea it up. Well now you better bar that door, Kate, it's a Pier Eight brawl in here. Both Dudleys dumped over, meanwhile Ass jackhammers Edge. Matt Hardy with a top turnbuckle moonsault onto the Dudleys! Christian springing off with a plancha - but hitting Matt! Meanwhile, in the ring, Ass hits his Fame'Asser but D-Von pulls Dogg out of the ring to take a swipe at HIM. Ass over, Buh-Buh Ray in with a chair for Ass - WHACK! Jeff hits a senton bomb and covers - 1, 2, he's pulled off COMPLETELY, Hebner counts 3 anyway. (8:15) Oh, give me a BREAK. Don't get SO sloppy that you screw the whole thing with the ending. Ahhhh!! For an encore, they go ahead and give us a replay. SHEESH. That ending...REALLY blew chunks. How stupid is the audience expected to be?

Hey, you know that Farm Club thing is next...

Would you like a free "No Way Out" T-shirt? Well, just mail a cable bill to that address there and then bash yourself in the head!

ACOLYTES and SEXUAL CHOCKLIT v. HOLLYS & VISSSSSSCERA (with Scale Holly, RAW credits [ten minutes late!] and TV-14-DLV ratings box) - Let Us Take You Back to SmackDown! where lots of stuff involving these six guys happened. This would be a Pier SIX brawl - man, we've been up and down that harbour tonight, haven't we? Let's pick it up from Viscera's BELLY-to-belly on Bradshaw. Crash tagged in as the "Elroy" chant starts up. Fallaway slam by Bradshaw. Tag to Faarooq, general pounding, off the ropes, Crash holds up and tags in Hardcore - into a powerslam for 2. Oh well. Hardcore reverses a whip and hits the Best Dropkick in the Business, but Faarooq recovers and hits a lariat. Tag to Henry. Clubbin' blow, whip into the ropes, reversed, Crash with a shot from behind, Hardcore clotheslines him down, stomps, and tags in Viscera. Viscera having his way with Henry in the corner, double sledge blows, into the opposite corner, fat ass splash, and Vis says it's over. The splash hits an empty pool, though, tag to Crash, tag to Bradshaw, down goes Crash. On the top turnbuckle - Bradshaw up as well - belly-to-back superplex! Cover - 1, 2, Hardcore breaks it up - well now all six men are getting involved. Crash manages a Golota on Henry, but ends up getting a double powerbomb for his troubles. Faarooq covers - he's not the legal man, but who the hell cares? 1, 2, 3. (3:17) Well now here comes MAE YOUNG to stomp on Crash (har har) - only to turn around to eat a clothesline from Hardcore Holly (now THAT'S funny!)



and, for an encore, a fat ass splash from Viscera! (WOW!) Referee "Blind" Teddy Long is a little late to bring some order to the ring. Viscera's music plays as the EMT's come out. Here's a replay of the TERRIBLE, TRAGIC abuse that Young is being subjected to. Henry is told to let the medical folk do their work...

Local SmackDown! spot, again

Moments Ago - two paragraphs ago - BOOM! We are asked to observe the expressions on Hardcore and Viscera's faces as they perform their moves. Yep - it's confirmed - it's funny!

Moolah is loaded into the ambulance. Henry follows along and Fabulous Moolah is already inside, waiting.

CHRIS BENOIT v. TEST - Let Us Take You Back to Last Week where Benoit pinned the Rock. Oh, hey, Test is back - and he's fighting mad! He rushes the ring and wails away on Benoit, who revereses positions and chops and kicks away. Test holds onto the top rope and refuses to get whipped, so Benoit chops him some more. Dragging him to the centre - dragon screw leg whip! Benoit kicks, off the ropes is reversed, Test with a kick, and a powerbomb. 1, 2, no. Right, we see Saturn and Malenko watching on the monitor again, hmmm where's - well, who knows. Off the ropes, duck, Benoit goes behind and hits a German suplex - holding on for another one - Test blocks the third, Benoit with a forearm to the back of the head. Test puts him in the corner, there's an atomic drop. We see EDDIE GUERRERO sneak out as Benoit blocks the pumphandle. Chop! Chop! Chop! Into the opposite corner, Test cuts off the whip and DOES get the pumphandle - Benoit tries to stay on the mat but goes up - Guerrero on the apron, pawing at Benoit's leg - Benoit slips out, Test over, Benoit ducks, Guerrero hits him with the lead pipe, referee "Blind" Jack Doan apparently completely oblivious to all this as Benoit puts him down with a belly-to-back suplex. Swandive headbutt seals the deal. 1, 2, 3. (2:30) Eddie likes it.

The Rock, Cactus Jack, Kane and Paul Bearer all kinda stand around. - yeah

And now, the WWF Free-for-all, brought to you by - from last Thursday's SmackDown!, Rikishi Phatu's ankle is taken apart, followed by Eddie Guerrero's victory via forfeit.

RIKISHI PHATU v. EDDIE GUERRERO in a "no DQ" match - Phatu comes out with a "reinforced crutch" as we see the rest of the (ugh) Radicals watching on the monitor. Those guys need some chairs! Ross says the attendance is now over 30,000. "Rikishi - you're not looking - *Too Cool*, ese! What happened? Joo get hurt? What'd you do? Put too much WEIGHT on it? Then again, that's hard not to do. I know, you hurt it two-stepping! Better yet, I know what happened - you hurt it doing da bump! And I'm not talking about your ass dimples! Now what a minute, sweet cheeks, don't go anywhere..." he's in the ring. "Since this is a 'no disqualification' match, and your ultimate goal in life is



to be on 'Dance Fever,' I'm going to show you a new step, and belive me brother, it's a killer!" Guerrero turns his back (oops) to put down the mic, but turns around to get the full force of the crutch on his injured shoulder. Phatu (apparently not limping now) dragging Guerrero over to the corner and putting the injured arm over his chest. Banzai Splash! 1, 2, 3! (:23) Here comes BENOIT, MALENKO & SATURN to make it three on one - but now TOO COOL is out with some more crutches. Everybody gets a faceful of crutch, and Saturn gets a Rikishi Driver as well. I smell a gimmick for their six-man Sunday...well, maybe not. Phatu is ready to leave the ring, but I have a funny feeling that just MAYBE he can be coaxed back in the ring. NOW IS THE TIME ON SPROCKETS WHEN WE DANCE!

No Way Out promo highlights Triple H and Cactus Jack - and

Here's a look at that bus - which hasn't been used...yet

MICHAEL KING COLE interviews Cactus Jack from the locker room, who once again promises to be standing on top of the cage to drop that elbow onto Triple H. If he's got to show up to WrestleMania with the use of a walker...he will. Geez, but I don't like it when he talks like that.

Tazz is taping up...

...while Big Bossman is WALKING! I wonder who's fighting after the break?

What was I saying about

Backstage, Triple H, X-Pac and Big Show examine the baggage compartment of the bus. I guess those three are in tonight's main event... presents No Way Out - THIS SUNDAY!

TAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ v. BIG BOSSMAN - Tazz with a drop toehold, mounting him and mauling him. Bossman rolls outside, Tazz goes out after him. right, right, Bossman back with a right, face rake, knee to the face, pound, right, over to grab the top half of the STEEL steps - Tazz ducks the toss.



Back into the ring we go. Four rights from the Bossman, opposite corner whip, splash, right hand, whip into the first corner, Tazz comes out with a lariat - off the ropes with an axehandle. Motioning to the crowd, and locking in the Tazzmission. Bossman reaching for his nightstick...getting it...and trying to get Tazz in the head with it. Referee "Blind" Teddy Long manages to notice this and calls for the bell (DQ 1:26) Tazz refuses to release the hold - PRINCE ALBERT IN A CAN comes out and breaks it up for him. Albert hits his Super Orange Pekoe on Tazz and then he and Bossman both loom over Tazz, barking.

One more look at the bus

Mankind's out of ravioli! How will his need be fed?

WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW and TREBLE H & X-PAC (with Stephanie Ono & Tori) v. KANE (with Paul Beara) and CACTUS JACK and LA ROCA - I think Show needed a mullet, although this current look he's got is a lot better than that Buff cut. Kane and Jack go ahead and rush the ring so they can all be brawling before Rock's music hits. Rock immediately goes after the Show with rights, the clotheslining him to the outside. All six men are outside, and paired up according to Sunday matchups. Rock has the bell - whoops, to Show's cranium. Jack has a chair...but there's nobody to us it on. Now to some semblance of order - Kane and Triple H in the ring. Into the opposite corner, following up with a clothesline. Back to the first one, elbow up from H. Firing away with rights. Kane holds onto the whip attempt, puts him in the sidewalk slam position, spins, and hits it. Here's a shot for X-Pac, and one for the Show. H wanders over to Jack to get a shot from him. Tag to the Rock. You know how it goes- right, right, right, right, right, into the opposite corner, clothesline coming out. Into the corner is reversed, gutshot by H, going for the Pedigree already, nope. Double leg takedown, catapulting him into the corner, side Russian legsweep! 1, 2, no! Hmm, looks like somebody got on his case about all that punching....Cactus Jack wants the tag, he'll get it. Right, right, right, bite, bite, bite, the Itchy and Scratchy show! Off the ropes, H with a facecrusher. Tag to X-Pac. Double leg by Cactus, bashing his head into the mat. Off the ropes, Jack with a flying forearm. Headbutt. Dancing? Dunno. Baseball slide dropkick by Jack and he follows him outside. X-Pac hits a spinning heel kick and another kick. Whip into the barricade is reversed - and X-Pac collides with Triple H! Big Show is over to shift the momentum. As Show works over Mankind, the crowd chants for the Rock. Back in the ring. H is kicking away. Now with the blatant choke. Tag to the Show. Open kick. Right, Show taunting the Rock, open-handed slap to Jack, into the opposite corner, Jack ducks, right hand to the back, climbing ON the back, Show decides to go with the sidewalk slam for him. Off the ropes, but the elbow misses! Who's up first? Jack is - back into a tag for the Rock! Clothesline! Clothesline! Off the ropes, duck, Rock hits him in the back of the head and he goes down! Now Triple H and X-Pac are in - Rock puts H, then X-Pac out with rights (only H's is kissed, though) - back to the Big Show - double leg takedown! Rock says it's time for the most electrifying...



but H pulls the top rope and he goes outside (ha! I LOVE when that thing doesn't hit!) Rock put into the STEEL steps. Back into the ring and the waiting choke of the Big Show. Dropping the knee several times. Tag to Triple H. Vertical suplex. 1, 2, nope. H going up to the top - H is RIC FLAIR! Naturally, Rock is over to toss him back into the centre of the ring. Referee "Blind" Earl Hebner puts on the count and gets to 7 before Rock tags in Cactus Jack. He's all over H - X-Pac tries to come in but Jack clotheslines him. Show is in - Jack kicks him in the jimmy. Gutshot for Triple H, double underhook DDT - 1, 2, X-Pac saves it. Jack punches X-Pac, then goes outside to punish him some more. X-Pac into the STEEL steps. Jack finds a fire extinguisher but Show puts him down before he can use it. But before he can chokeslam him, Kane comes off the top rope with his flying clothesline! X-Pac in, Kane grabs him by the hair and tosses him over the top rope, then follows. Rock takes Big Show out with one right , and while these four brawl on the outside, we look INside to see Triple H waffle Jack with the fire extinguisher - then cover for the 1, 2, 3. (8:56) We take a Double Feature. Then we look over at the tech area where Rock and Big Show are still brawling - all sorts of people run over and the brawl continues. But what about the BUS? Jack uses a trashcan on Triple H - then turns around to take an UGLY shot from Stephanie with the lid! Jack turns around and no-sells it - but H comes to and gets him from behind before anything can come of it. The DX'ers take off - and the camera follows them out. Jack is following. Out to the bus...Whoa, Jack SKEWERS the windshield with a large metal pipe on wheels! The bus quickly pulls out and drives away as we look back at Jack - Bangbang! Bring up the credits and SEE YA!

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