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/4 September 2000





QUICK QUOTES: Markets closed on Labor Day - so here's Friday's price: WWFE 21 3/4 (+ 1 1/2)

If I haven't answered your email, it's 'cause I haven't had 'Net access for ... holy cow, ELEVEN days? SBC SUCKS! So, I'm sorry. If it makes you feel any better, I had lots of fun NOT on the computer for my three-day weekend. That and...geez, WHY would it make you feel any better? I'm starting to WORRY about you...write me again and I'll write back. Probably.




One World Leader Attitude - TV-14-DLV - WWF!

Last Thursday, Triple H got up close and personal with the law enforcement officers as a complaint of spousal abuse was called in against him. Stephanie, never one to say "no," stood in Angle's corner in the main event at Commissioner Foley's order...and eventually took a DDT from Chyna for her troubles. What's the fallout from all this? Find out...NEXT!

Close captioned - opening credits

PYRO AWAY - WE ARE LIVE (well, one hour of tape delay on the Pacific side) from WWF New York...and the Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY - Happy Labor Day 2000! FOUR (count 'em) huge main events await, sayeth JR, including a tag team title challenge for Rock & Undertaker - and an IC shot for Kurt Angle! Also, a tag team table match 'twixt the Dudleyz and Acolytes - AND another #1 Contender's match between Benoit and Kane...but first...

THE NEW MAN & STEPHANIE ONO are out...together. Stephanie is wearing her "cow" print top - and I think I can see her udders! "You know, in my career in the World Wrestling Federation, I've done some pretty terrible things - hell, I've done some pretty heinous things, and you know what? For the most part, I'm pretty damn proud of all of 'em. You see, but the one thing I've never done - I've never hidden who I am - I've never hidden what I do - when I've done something, and it's come time for payback, I've been the one standing tall. I took what I had coming - I never had a problem with it - you see, I can accept that. ["Slut!"] Now there are a few things that I can't accept - that is one of 'em - the other...the other thing I cannot accept is what happened to me Thursday night. ["Ass Hole!"] Believe me, I am every single thing that you say I am! I cannot accept what happened to me Thursday night, because Thursday on SmackDown! I should have been standing in the middle of This Very Ring. I should have been doing what I do better than any other person on this planet! I shoulda been proving to the world once again that I am the Game. I shoulda been proving to the world that I am That Damn Good! But instead, Thursday night, I sat in some hole in the wall North Carolina police department getting questioned over and over for hours on end about whether or not I purposefully hit my beautiful wife. On Thursday night I sat in that police department while my wife was forced to go to the ring with Kurt Angle and stand ringside, only to later be pummeled and beaten by Chyna In This Very Ring!" Hug. "And that, to me, is unacceptible. Now, I am not leaving this ring tonight until I get some answers - you see, I don't know who made that phone call to the police. I don't know who filed that report, but tonight I'm gonna find out. I will sit right here until that person stands up and gets what they have coming to them, so stand up, because it's time for payback." Here comes... COMMISSIONER McFOLEY? Did he do it? "Triple H, what happened to you on Thursday night was indeed serious business, and as commissioner of the WWF, I fully intend to get to the bottom of it and find out who the culprit truly is. Because what happened to you on Thursday not only ruined your evening, it ruined my SmackDown! main event. Now, in trying to figure out find out who might have just cause to harm Triple H, I was able to narrow the field down to..right about 357 people. But then I did some more thinking, and I thought maybe the culprit isn't a culprit at all - maybe it is a culpritess! (looks at Steph) After all, Stephanie, I've seen the gleam in your eye when Kurt Angle is around - and what better way to get rid of the jealous husband problem than to get rid of the jealous husband himself?" "Mick, you have some nerve! You have no idea the trauma I went through Thursday night when my husband...when my husband was being carried away to the police, and I had nothing to do with it - nothing!" "Okay, okay, wait, Steph, Steph Steph Steph, I get your point, I get your point, because, to tell you the truth, having Triple H incarcerated would have required a cold, calculated and clever plan, and that seems to put you out of the running right away. And besides, I think we both know who the culprit is, and I think we know that he's standing right In This Very Ring - isn't that right...*Triple H?*" "Foley, I know I've hit you in the head a thousand times - I know you're a little lost up there - but even *I* couldn't have done that much damage to your brain. Why would I call the police on myself?" "'Why would I want to call the police on myself?' A legitimate troubled query...or exactly the type of question you'd want us to ask? What better way than to pull at the heartstrings of your star-crossed wife? What better way to evoke sympahy from all of us? What better way, Triple H--" " prove to the world that you are the biggest jackass on the face of God's green earth? What, you don't think that I see through you? You don't think I see what you're doing? You're tryin' to turn this around on me? You're tryin' to make it seem like I was the one that called the police on myself? I saw that tape, Foley - I watched you run out to the police car. I watched you force my wife to accompany Kurt Angle to the ring instead of going to the police department where she should have been to defend me. Now, what I see standing before me, Foley, is not the roly-poly, happy-go-lucky, rotund little guy that all these people love so much...what I see is a miserable, twisted, manipulative guy that just wants to ruin my marriage at all costs because he's bitter and jealous over the fact that I ended his sorry-ass career!" "You raise quite a few legitimate points there, Triple H, but I happen to know that I'm not the culprit, because, first off, as the WWF Commissioner I carry diplomatic immunity, and second of all, I happen to know for a fact that I wouldn't do that type of thing! So...if it wasn't you, Triple H, and it wasn't you, Stephanie, and it wasn't me, there seems to be that there's only one likely candidate...Kurt Angle, come on down!" KING KURT ANGLE comes out




as we wonder...what about Joe? "This is absolutely ridiculous, Mick! I mean, I feel like Richard Jewell, the man who was wrongly accused of setting off a pipe bomb at the Olympics - the very Olympics where I won these prestigious medals, by the way - it's true, it's true. And you're right, Mick, I didn't like how Hunter brutally hit my good friend Stephanie, but I wouldn't call the cops! I mean, I am a man of integrity! And if you're lookin' for a suspect, what about the one person that wants to see Stephanie and Triple H break up more than anyone? I'm talking about Chyna....oh yeah, oh yeah, it's true. I mean, think about it, Mick. Triple H and Chyna, they have a lot in common...think about it, Mick. They both obviously still have the hots for each other, we all know that - you saw it Thursday on SmackDown! They both will do whatever they have to, to get what they want - and after watching Chyna on SmackDown! DT my good friend Stephanie - what a disgrace, I might add - they both obviously have no problem in physically abusing Stephanie. And that is true. So, if you're looking for a suspect, I think your suspect is backstage right now - and her name is Chyna." "Kurt, you stupid little piece o'..." "Wait wait wait - Triple H - Triple H - after all, we are investigating all the potential suspects, and because I happen to know that Chyna's back there looking at me right now, I'm going to invite her out here to explain her actions. Chyna, come on out." "Latino Heat" fires up and THAT SLUT CHYNA comes out without bazooka. "Now, Mick, I know you have a job to do, and I also know - heh - well, okay, I thoroughly enjoyed ramming Stephanie's head into the mat on SmackDown! - but wait a minute! I had nothing to do with calling the police. And furthermore, there's nothing going on between me and Triple H...I mean, I am with Eddie Guerrero." "Eddie Guerrero, now wait a second, wait a second. Eddie Guerrero, the very man who lost last week to Triple H? Eddie Guerrero, the very man who stood tonight to lose once again, right in front of Mamacita? Come to think of it, who had more cause than to eliminate Triple H from the picture than Latino Heat himself? So, Eddie Guerrero, why don't you come out here?" "That's an excellent point, Mick. You're right. I believe that. It might have been Eddie. It probably was!" "Hey, shut up, Kurt! Eddie Guerrero, come on out." And now EDDIE GUERRERO is out. "Whatchoo talkin' about, ese? You know, if you think that I wanted Triple H outta the picture, well you couldn't be more wrong, man. If anything, I wanted to prove to Mamacita and the whole world that I could kick that homie's butt right in the middle of the ring. So Commissioner Foley, I think you got the wrong guy, ese!" "Hmmm...yo quiero, Eddie. We seem to have all the potential suspects out here...but nobody is willing to admit their guilt. Now I may be your commissioner, but I am still only one man, and why should only one man make that decision when we have fifteen thousand fans right Lexington, Kentucky! (thumbs up) So why don't we play a little game right now, why don't we all decide if maybe, just maybe it could be...the meddling wife, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley?" Foley holds his hand over Stephanie's head - smattering of reaction. "Could it be the jealous husband Triple H?" H slaps away Foley's hand as a slightly more subdued reaction hits. "Could it be three-time WWF Champion and hardcore legend Mick Foley?" Nobody buys that. Foley steps outside the ring and runs up the ramp. "Or...could it be the woman who drove Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley's head into the canvas? Could it be Chyna?" Foley puts a hand over Chyna's rack - she repositions it above her head. Crowd doesn't go for that either. "That leaves only two - could it be her Latin lover - Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero?" "Naaah!" "We're down to one - only one - integrity - intensity - intelligence - Lexington, Kentucky..." "Hold it! Before you continue, I just want to wish everyone out there a happy and healthy Labor Day. It's true, it's t-- it's true!" "Quit kissin' their ass, Angle!" "That - that's a nice point, but who here thinks maybe, just maybe, it might be Olympic Champion Kurt Angle?" Big reaction. "Oh ho, oh, you are in big, big trouble now, mister. You're coming back with me, and we are gonna speak to the authorities." But before they make it up the ramp, TEST & TRISH STRATUS - THE FITNESS MODEL come out. "Mick, before you do anything drastic, I got a confession I gotta make. Actually, to tell the truth it's a confession I've been wantin' to make for a long, long time. To be specific, November 29th, 1999. You remember that date...don't you, Triple H? 'cause I know I do. It was supposed to be the greatest moment of my life! I was supposed to get married - I was supposed to get money, I was supposed to get power, and I was supposed to watch my career skyrocket to the top! But that didn't happen, did it, Triple H? No...because it was you who took Stephanie right from underneath my nose. And it was YOU who got the money, YOU who got the powe, and YOU who watched your career skyrocket to the top while I sit back and let it happen. Triple H, you have no idea how long I've waited for this moment - you have no idea the smile that came across my face when I watched the cops take you out of that building last only regret - they didn't send YOUR sorry ass to jail! You think last Thursday was the worst night of your life - well last November was the worst night of, I took it upon myself to make a little phone call to the cops." "Wait wait wait, wait a second - so you called the cops - you're the culprit? Then it seems like there's only one thing to do - and that is we are going to make a one on one matchup in Lexington, Kentucky!" "Well, that's just fine--" "...pitting you, Test, against that man, the WWF Champion Triple H!" "Well, that's just fine, because Triple H, paybacks and your wife have a lot in common - they're both a (bleep)!" H leaves the ring to come after Test...but *Angle* waffles him from behind as he passes him! Test and Angle both work over H until Foley and the REFS break them up. They play Foley's music one more time as Stephanie runs up to check on her husband...and now we've got FIVE main events! You know, I'm starting to think they'll call ANY old match a main event tonight...

The Rock is WALKING! He's teaming up with the Undertaker later tonight, so don't go to bed just yet!

Yikes - twenty-five minutes down. Why do I feel several one and two minute segments coming up tonight?

Moments Ago - yeah, let's blow some MORE show time rehashing that opening segment - another angle of Angle attacking Triple H from behind - where'd Eddie and Chyna go during all this, anyway?

And now LA ROCA is out. Is this one of those nights where NOBODY wrestles? When they said "four main events," did they REALLY mean four interviews? Ohhh...he's just gonna provide guest commentary for the next main event - err, match...but not before taking Foley to task for forgetting who the WWF Champ was in the previous segment.

CHRIS BENOIT (with Let Us Take You Back) v. WELL IT'S KANE in a #1 Contender's match - Thursday, they tried to name a #1 Contender, but Kane interfered in Benoit's match with the Undertaker, so to punish him...they put HIM in the slot tonight. Umm, yeah. Hey, it'd be *cynical* of me to just assume an Undertaker run-in here, right?



Kane's pyro doesn't go off when he signals - an insidious mindgame...or hilarious blooper? Ross doesn't mention it, which makes it A SHOOT. Benoit decides this'd be a good chance to attack from behind, and does so. Right, right, kick, Kane right, Benoit kick, Kane right, Benoit kick, Kane right, knee, elbow, elbow, elbow, into the ropes, Benoit ducks, grabs the ropes to avoid the big boot...the runs into a clothesline. Kane with a backbeaker. 1, 2, nope. Right, right, gutshot, into the opposite corner, gutshot, press...and drop. Kane points to Rock. Benoit to the gut, again, Kane with a right, Benoit holds onto the whip attempt, ducks a clothesline, gutshot, swinging neckbreaker. Benoit runs right into another scoop - Kane got him on his shoulder - Benoit frees himself. Shoving Kane into the corner, German suplex (!) bridged...for 2. Right, right, into the corner - Benoit with a death suplex as Kane backs out. That's it? Benoit up top to try the headbutt - and it hits! Benoit...has some words for Rock instead of covering? Oy. Benoit through the ropes to the apron...Kane up behind him. Got him in a Slop Drop, he's going to bring him in with a flip - HOLY SHIT he dropped him right on his head. Either that or it was a HELL of a camera angle. Kane picks him right back up - forearm to the back - tossed through the ropes. Benoit's fine. Kane with a right, right, right, right, into the ring to break referee "Blind" Mike Chioda's count, and back out. Benoit sidesteps a charge and Kane hits the post. Benoit STILL shaking his head - but he spots the Rock, who calls him something that gets bleeped. Benoit ends up taking a hard shot to the back from Kane from behind. Kane throws Benoit into the STEEL steps. Now *Kane* decides to grab Rock by the neck...right hand - Benoit from behind with a chair to Kane - now, that ain't legal. (DQ 3:24) Well, shut my mouth - no Undertaker run-in. Kane with a big boot for Benoit, then turning around and falling to Rock with the Rock Bottom...on the floor! Meanwhile, we still have no #1 Contender...the smart money says we end up with a fatal four-way at Unforgiven - not that I wouldn't enjoy a good ol' one-on-one matchup a whole lot more, but...

The WWF Boot of the Week is brought to you by Lugz, aight? From last night on Heat, the Dudleyz interfered in the tag team main event, allowing T&A to steal a win from the Acolytes - this ALSO gave them a small measure of revenge from THEIR loss to Kaientai on SmackDown! Got all that?

Chyna shills Stacker 2.

WCW sneaks in a Fall Brawl promo in the local slot. "At New Blood Rising, WCW's biggest star did the unimaginable - he refused to follow the script! Now, if Vince Russo can't fire Goldberg, he'll have Scott Steiner destroy him. At Fall Brawl, two monsters go fist to fist with no script and one rule - two enter, one leaves! You cannot imagine what will happen until you see it - live! Order WCW Fall Brawl Sunday September 17th at 8 Eastern - live and only on pay-per-view!" Hmmm, hyping Goldberg vs. Steiner "with no script" - too bad WCW has ALREADY made this ad obsolete by (wisely) moving away from the "scripted/real" thing...can they do ANYTHING right? You'd almost be sympathetic with WCW if not for the fact that they totally S-U-C-K

Moments Ago - this clip was almost as long as the match, yo

THOSE DAMN DUDLEYZ v. ACCOLADES (with Kai En Tai) in a table match - Dudleyz set up a table outside the ring during their entrance - just in case. Funaki & Michinoku are wearing APA T-shirts and follow behind the Acolytes with their Japanese flags. Pier Four Brawl to start - Bradshaw clotheslines D-Von to the outside, while Faarooq powerbombs Buh-Buh RAY *in* the ring. D-Von reverses a whip into the STEEL steps - Bradshaw hits hard. In the ring, Buh-Buh Ray ducks a clothesline and hits a death suplex. Calling to D-Von for the "wassup" spot - almost too far out for D-Von's leap. D-Von, get the table - but they go outside to get one from under the ring. Hey, use the one *you already done set up.* Bradshaw finally makes it back in the ring - big boot to the table puts both Dudleyz down. Clothesline from Hell for D-Von. Bradshaw sets up the table while Faarooq and Buh-Buh Ray brawl on the outside. Bradshaw puts D-Von on the top turnbuckle while Buh-Buh Ray gets in the ring - Kaientai grab a flag and run to clothesline Dudley with it - only he ducks and they nail *Faarooq*, who was coming in behind him. Buh-Buh Ray takes the opportunity to slip in on Bradshaw's superplex attempt, and powerbomb him backwards through the table for the win. (1:51) Kaientai quickly go into "so solly" mode (funny, I thought they were *Japanese*), but the 'lytes don't want none of that, quickly putting both men down (CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! SPINEBUSTER!). Bradshaw brings the Dudleyz' table in and powerbombs Michinoku through it - then Faarooq gives Funaki the Dominator on top of THAT pile. Maybe Togo and Teoh will come back someday and help Kaientai rule the WWF the way they were meant to...I'm guessing...not.

Mick Foley throws darts at an Al Snow promotional photo until Eddie Guerrero pays a visit. He can't book a Chyna/Angle title match! He won't be able to protect his mamacita in the corner - he can only do it in the ring! Foley says he'll make it a Triple Threat match...just for him.

"WWF Divas: Postcard from the Caribbean," "Tables, Ladders & Chairs," and "WrestleMania 2000: the DVD" ad



The Rock wants you to smack down your vote! Smack it down! 50,000 voters registered in five weeks, according to Ross - and here's a graphic of the "SmackDown! challenge" offered Gore and Bush - with Ventura serving as moderator. (Don't hold yer breath on that one, pally.) Amusingly, the graphic puts Gore on the left - and Bush on the right.

WWF INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP: BAZOOKA JO(ANI)E v. KING KURT ANGLE v. EDDIE GUERRERO in a Triple Threat match - Don't treat her like a woman! Guerrero sneaks up from behind on Angle and it's on. Clubbing blow, right, right, right, into the ring for Chyna. Crappy elbow, right from Guerrero, right, right, Chyna kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, Guerrero sneaking some in as well. Whip into the opposite corner is reversed, and Chyna goes over the top to the floor! Guerrero over to Angle with a right rightm left, right, right, right, kick, kick, kick, stomp, stomp, arguing with referee "Blind" Jack Doan, clothesline. Right hand. Into the ropes is reversed, nice belly-to-belly overhead release suplex - Angle hooks the leg - 1, 2, Chyna breaks it up. Field goal kick by Chyna. Kick, kick, right by Guerrero, double whip into the ropes, double flapjack. Double suplex coming up - very nice. "Mamacita - it's all yours." But Angle kicks out at 2. Chyna stomps on him. Shot from Chyna. Doubleteam continues - into the ropes, double clothesline ducked, Eddie ducks Angle's clothesline, but Chyna doesn't - Angle goes left-handed for her clothesline. Angle collides with Guerrero, who goes outside. Angle over to Chyna - right, right, into the ropes, clothesline. Angle outside to pound on Guerrero - and now he's got a chair. Edge of the chair to Guerrero - going for him again, but Chyna is out of the ring to make a save. Crappy elbow, rolled into the ring, Chyna follows, elbow, into the ropes, clothesline. Another clothesline. Into the ropes, Angle ducks - death suplex. Guerrero brings the chair in, but Doan sees it and stands in his way. As they argue, Angle grabs the IC belt and waffles Chyna with it. Guerrero with a dropkick for Angle - and a suplex that takes him out of the ring. Guerrero goes to follow...but stops short, turns around and sees Chyna's carcass in the middle of the ring. How many of you were screaming "Cover her!" at this moment? Guerrero looks back to Angle and starts towards him - but looks back again. No, he'll go through the ropes and get Angle--no, he needs to check on his mamacita. She's out cold. Guerrero with a big hug - leaning back to the mat, where Doan dutifully counts a 1, 2, 3 - ladies and gentlemen, we have a new Intercontinental champion. (4:05) The look on Guerrero's face as he realises what's just happened is priceless. "What just...ohhhhhh..." Guerrero tries to refuse the belt...then seems to warm to the idea. Looking back at Chyna, who stirs...Eddie drops the belt behind his back, which gets a laugh from the part of the crowd that was watching, then moves over to Chyna. He helps her out of the ring. Chyna hasn't yet figured that Eddie's music is playing, apparently. Eddie is ready to leave with Chyna - but looks back and sees the belt. He leaves her on the apron for a minute so he can go back and get it! But he keeps it behind as back as he helps Chyna back up the ramp...

In the locker room, Test licks his chops at the chance to get him some o' Triple H tonight - he can't WAIT to see the look on the (beep)'s face when he gets his arm raised in victory!

Meanwhile, Stephanie asks her husband if he's going to let Test get away with calling her a (beep) on national television, is he? She also promises that if Trish gets involved, in any way, she's gonna... "You are gonna do absolutely nothing - you know why? Because you're gonna be out there. You are gonna be sitting right here. I'm serious; you are gonna sit right here. Now, after what Test did to us - all right? - He thinks he's interested in payback? He has no idea what he's in for..." Stpehanie sits - and sulks.

Another Fall Brawl promo in the local slot

And right after ad for the 7 October San Jose house show - tix on sale NOW!!

Moments Ago, Eddie Guerrero won the intercontinental championship

Backstage, Eddie tries to explain it to Chyna. "I was just trying to protect you - I don't know what happened!" "You helped me a lot, Eddie. THANKS." Eddie tries to give the belt back to her. "Mami, you mean everything to me - this belt doesn't mean nothing compared to what you mean to me - you're the world! Eres todo - you're everything! I promise - please forgive me." "You deserve it more anyway..." As they embrace, the eagle-eyed viewer - and maybe Jim Ross - could notice just the *hint* of a smile on Guerrero's face...

TEST (with Albert & Trish Stratus - the fitness model



*and* Let Us Take You Back to Earlier Tonight) v. THE NEW MAN (with RAW credits) - No sooner have we passed the 10 hour than "bitch" passes through freely and unbleeped. Hey, you know the first step towards a face turn? *A match against heels.* H cools it, realising there's more than one man in there...then goes ahead and runs into the ring to get doubleteamed. Geez. Ducking Test's clothesline, shot for Albert, shot for Test, shot for Albert, right, right, back to Test with a clothesline. Right, H steps aside as Albert is kind enough to shout while running - Albert splashes his own partner, audibly yells "shit!" and tries for Triple H again - but H dumps him over the top rope to the floor. We see that Stephanie has parked herself at the "oil drums and cyclone fence" set, where she watches the goings on on a backstage monitor. Clothesline takes Test to the outside. H grabs Stratus - who is STILL trying to get outside all this time - but before he can give her the Pedigree, Test is back in to knock him down. Right, kick, kick, right, right, right, right, blatant choke, right, argument with referee "Blind" Tim White. Test turns back...and eats a kick to the gut, right, right, right, into the ropes, reversed, big boot by Test. Backstage to a shocked Stephanie...walking up behind her is Kurt Angle. She seems oblivious - too bad Stephanie's monitor isn't showing what you and I are watching, hmm? Back to the action...H is outside the ring and eating a big boot from Albert. How'd we get there? Dunno - we had to watch backstage. Albert scoops up H - and presses him back in through the ropes. Test with a nice gutwrench powerbomb. 1, 2, kickout. Test going up top - but the Savage elbow finds an empty pool. H with a right, right, into the ropes, Test ducks the clothesline, but not the high knee. Right, into the ropes is reversed, head down, facebuster by Triple H - leg is hooked...but White breaks his count to go talk to Albert, who's on the apron. H over to pop him one. H ducks a Test clothesline, and there's the Pedigree. Remember when these two went eight minutes earlier this year on RAW? Me neither, I guess. 1, 2, 3. (2:32) Albert gets a gutshot and Pedigree as well. Here comes STEPHANIE ONO, all smiles and applause. Big hug in the ring.

Mideon sits in the locker room, wearing a cap and a pair of glasses...and for all we know, that's it. Foley comes in - "hey, how's it hangin--how's it going?" Foley mentions that he's had some complaints over his latest asscap--escapades, and asks for some assurances that we won't be seeing him out there clothesless in the future. Mideon says he's gotta do what the commish asks. "How 'bout a hug?" Foley drops his clipboard - Mideon helpfully offers to bend over and pick it up for him. Foley: "Ahhhhh!"

"There's never been a better time to be a girl." Whoa - GIRLS watch this show?!?

Moments Ago - what the HELL were you watching that you need a replay of Triple H pinning Test and Stephanie bounding out to ringside? Okay, fine - here's your FREAKIN' replay

RIGHT TO CENSOR are out as we learn that tonight, RAW is WAR is brought to you by the "Divas: Postcard from the Caribbean" video, Honda ATV's, and RC Edge Maximum Power Cola - they got posters! Goodfather: "Every day, a miracle happens. Every day, a man is saved. Selective censorship should not be shunned, oh no no no - it should be embraced! Don't you know, you people - we're trying to do the right thing? Don't you get it?" Richards: "I am happy to say that another man will help clean up an establishment that spits in the face of morality - that man will help the Right to Censor bring virtue to a business that would rather promote scantily clad women than actual competition! That man who will join us in saying NO MORE...ladies and gentlemen...MR. VAL VENIS." "Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoaa whoa whoa whoa - cut the music. Obviously, you hypocrites better just wait one moment. You see, never did I agree to join a group which preached about how they're gonna make the world a better place by taking away the freedoms in which the people of this great country fought so hard for! And never did I agree to join a group which speaks oot against violence, yet, hypocritically, abuses women! And never once did I agree, heh, to join a group which dresses like you all - more specifically, like a bunch of geeky poindexters! But most importantly, I did not agree to join a group which wants to dictate to me and everyone else what we can and can not say, what we can and can not do, so you can take your Right to Censor and stick it where the sun don't shine!" Steven laughs. "Let's get this straight - first, you dump that disgusting pornstar image. Then, you change your tights from black to white. And then finally, you dump that vixen and her perverse group T & A. Well maybe you do not see it, Mr. Venis - but we do. You...are one of us." "Obviously, I haven't made myself very clear. So let me explain. You see, you think it's your job to censor what YOU believe is inappropriate, whereas I think it's the PARENTS' job to censor what THEY believe is inappopriate - that's the parents' job, not yours. Now, you think it's your job to come out here, make a big speech and induct me into the Right to Censor, whereas I think that I did not come here to debate, I came here to with that in mind, a word of warning for y'all - if you or any of your Right to Censor goons EVER come near me again, I promise you this - you will know firsthand exactly what it's like to be permanently censored, because I WILL END YOU." "Well, Mr. Venis - if you are not with us...*you are against us.*" Well....that *may* have been interesting....but haven't we had ENOUGH talking tonight?



Backstage, Crash reads "In Style" and tries out cheesy pickup lines. Big Boss Man appears, and says he respects little guys that are intimidated. Then he dumps a glass of milk over his head (DISRESPECT TO THE BLUE BLAZER! I AM *OUTRAGED!!*) and rubs a banana into his mush. Dean Malenko and his women appear - Dean asks if there's a problem. "What are you, his momma? I don't believe this concerns you - I think you need to go!" "Maybe you don't understand what I just said, I said 'is there a problem here?'" "Well, there's one thing for sure, youlittle guys stick together, don't you?" He shoves Malenko down. "I got bigger fish to fry - see you later, guppies!" Malenko says something, but he's shouted over by Ross - Blackman/Boss Man for the Harcore title - NEXT!

Does this mean they're giving up on that whole "He's not Dean Malenko - he's James Bond" thing?

Chyna shills Stacker 2 - again

Hey, you know all the words to that Lugz ad? "Aight - aight - aight - word up - ha ha ha - aight - HEY, SKITTLES!"

Fall Brawl local promo #3

Off in the locker room, Edge & Christian try to work out an excuse to get out of their tag title defense tonight. "What about pnemonia?" "Mick's a best selling author, he's not gonna fall for that! What about Tourette's syndrome? It's a live show, we can't be trusted!" "That's good...(snaps fingers) Genital warts!" "That's disgusting!" "Yeah, but think about it! Rock and Undertaker aren't gonna wanta touch us - and no one's gonna wanna look down our pants! We're made - we got it made!" "You might have something there - genital warts RULE!" They high five as Foley enters. "Hey, Edge, Christian! I just wanted to say good luck in your title defense - loved you in 'Highlander: Endgames' - and by the way, just in case you guys come down with any illness...or...wart problem, I'm gonna strip you of your belts and suspend you indefinitely, got it? And by the way, genital warts DO NOT rule - they can be quite painful and embarrassing (at least, that's what I've been told). Have a nice day!" Man, you think Foley was watching this on a monitor or something? That'd make him the SMARTEST MAN ALIVE

WWF HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP: BIG BOSS MAN v. STEVE BLACKMAN (with Riggs & Murtaugh) - Q: Hey, how come THIS isn't one of those five main events? A: Keepin' the MAN down. Coming up tonight - the RTC takes on Venis and a partner of his choosing - think carefully and you'll figure out who it might be (well, if you saw the same interviews on Metal that I did, anyway). Boss Man swings - Blackman eludes it. Blackman up on the apron - hot shot takes Boss Man dodwn - AND sends the nightstick flying through the air - and into the crowd! Blackman right, right, Boss Man with a shot, then putting Blackman in the corner, whipped into the oppostie corner is reversed, Blackman's monkey flip attempt is shrugged off, Boss Man's elbow misses, Blackman dropkicks him down - Boss Man goes outside the ring, perturbed, and goes weapon hunting. He finds a kendo stick, and actually gets a stick to Blackman's right leg as HE tries to step through the ropes. Boss Man in - Blackman ducks a swing and slides outside - HE comes up with the batons. Blackman: "It's PARTY TIME!" Blackman does a glowstick demonstration while Boss Man swings the kendo stick like a big billy club. Boss Man swings, blocked, and Blackman Gilloolys him. Boss Man swings again - blocked, and Blackman strikes about eleven times, culminating in a stick to the back of the neck. Leg is hooked - 1, 2, kendo stick to the head breaks up the cover. Boss Man outside - he's found Blckman's kryptonite - a fire extinguisher to the eyes. Right hand, over the barricade we go. Boss Man has a leather strap. Blackman with a kick, Boss Man with the strap. They exchange rights, and now Bos Man puts him in a railing - whipping him and now they're out a door and in a hall. Strap shot. A table of food is precariously situated - sure enough, Blackman takes a header over it. Boss Man pulls out his telescoping stick, but before he can use it, Dean Malenko appears and puts a trashcan on Boss Man's back. He then directs Crash to dump an urn of hot coffee onto him! Blackman unleashes a superkick and covers for the pin (3:01), THEN he takes a garbage can lid to Crash - then to Dean. "Take care of him on your own time - this is MY HOUSE and it's MY TIME!" STEVE BLACKMAN IS TRIPLE H!

Meanwhile, Tazz demands two matches from Foley - one with Jericho and one with Lawler. Also, he's not forgotten how Foley didn't do a THING about Ross breaking a candy dish over his head at SummerSlam. Foley says he'll give him Jericho AND Lawler, but don't worry - it's not a Handicap match. For his partner, he promises him a multiple title winner. Tazz says if he isn't that good, he'll make sure Foley is Just Another Victim. Foley says he *is* That Damn Good. But Triple H has already wrestled tonight...

Having now seen this Chris Jericho Chef Boyardee Overstuffed Ravioli ad three or four times, I think I can safely say that it sucks




v. ROAD DOGG & BALD VENIS - RC Edge presents Unforgiven, and mercifully that promo steps all over Dogg's usual spiel. " something that Brother Bull said to me last week kinda stuck in my head. He said 'think of your children.' Well, I thought of my children, and I think it would be best for my children if we beat their ass." Huh? They storm the ring and a Pier Four brawl breaks out - Goodfather and Venis quickly taking their corners after referee "Blind" Jim Korderas gets the separated. Buchanan in control - whip into the opposite corner, but Dogg gets the foot up. Ducking a clothesline, right, right, tag to Venis, into the ropes, double back elbow. Venis right, right, right, off the ropes, duck, Buchanan clothesline. Tag to Goodfather - into a drop toeohld from Venis, elbowdrop, right, right, into the ropes is reversed, Buchanan sneaking in a knee, Goodfather clotheslines him down. Stomp, stomp, into the ropes, running shoulderblock. Head to the buckle, tag, open shot by Buchanan, right, into the ropes, back elbow, tag to Goodfather, into the ropes, boot by Buchanan, Goodfather off the ropes with a...stomp. WOW. In the corner, whip into the opposite corner, the No Ho Train splash is countered with a big boot to the face by Venis. Venis with a clothesline. Tag to Dogg - duck, left, left, left, juke, jive, right for Buchanan as HE come in, Goodfather sneaks in a gutshot. All four men in now, lookit all them punches. Buchanan goes outside, Goodfather tries to get Venis from behind, but he sidesteps the shoulderblock and Goodfather gets nothin' but turnbuckle. Buchanan pulls Venis out, right hand, into the STEEL steps. Inside the ring, Dogg manages a flying forearm smash - 1, 2, 3?!? OFF A FLYING FOREARM? That AIN'T El Paseo de Muerte, folks. Nonetheless, Dogg pins Goodfather. (2:31) Outside the ring, Buchanan DDT's Venis on the floor, then hits the ring for the scissors kick on the Dogg (misses by a mile) - Goodfather and Buchanan outside the ring...and then they take Venis off with them. Can a brainwashing be far behind? Replay of Venis in the steps as Dogg gets the pin, DDT, axe kick on Dogg (nope - doesn't even LOOK like it makes ANY contact), and

Coming back to real-time action, we follow Goodfather, Buchanan and Venis to the outside, where they Venis is loaded into a waiting white van - parked by Richards, who drives them off...

Moments Ago...funny, it's like I just saw this

Our commentators are a pair of kings - LARRY KING & JERRY LAWLER...but not for now...

JERRY LAWLER and CHRIS MONDAY JERICHO v. TAZZZZZZZZZZZ and ? - "Real American" plays...could it be? Well, of course it isn't Hogan...*I* was trying to figure out how many titles Patterson had won...but all was revealed - well, THAT was probably a poor choice of words as MOSTLY NEKKID MIDE-I-E-I-ON comes out in tiny black trunks and strikes a Hogan-esque pose. Everyone is a big distracted by this, with the exception of two people - Lawler, who rolls up Tazz in a schoolboy; and referee "Blind" Chad Patton who quickly makes the count before the opening bell rings - 1, 2, 3 - and I think that just MIGHT be some sort of a record. (0:03 - rounding up) Jericho and Lawler enjoy some big-time yuks while Tazz makes various "curses! drat!" melodramatical pantomimes. If only he had a mustache to twirl... Geez, even VAMPIRO doesn't job as fast as Tazz - you have to wonder who he's pissed off to NEVER get a decisive beatdown on Lawler.



During the Break, Tazz caught Lawler from behind with a leather strap choke...and his foot on the throat for added effect. The REFS & OFFICIALS came out - a bit too late. Well, scratch the end of that previous paragraph, I guess

Meanwhile, at WWF New York, MANDY & VICTORIA led a "Save the Ho's" protest - I *think* that's what they were doing...

Jim Ross tells us Stone Cold Steve Austin will make a statement on the upcoming SmackDown! - not only on his future, but on his assailants...whoa, they're actually gonna pick up on that storyline? Yow! Interesting that all they had to do was put up a picture of Austin up and the live crowd POPPED - the man is *still* over

Hmm, that was a nothin' segment. Even WITH Austin

WELL IT'S KANE is out - why? Well, they're apparently one commentator short. Hey, the STEEL steps have magically stood on end during the break! Kane says...well, very little, actually. Hey, did you catch his monologue on Heat last night?

WWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: EDGE & CHRISTIAN v. THE GHOST RIDER (on a Beautiful Titan Bike) and LA ROCA - "'re safe for now. In fact, you're safer than you've ever been." While taking his lap, Undertaker tries to spit in Kane's direction...but only manages a dribble. "Ross - can I call you Jim? Then Jim it is. You used to call my brother the conscience of the WWF. I call him manipulative, self-centered, I call him the man - I don't know, maybe he's just jealous." Gee, he doesn't SOUND retarded. IF YA SMELLLLL... I guess if they don't have a #1 Contender by Unforgiven, maybe Rock will just walk out and sing for twenty minutes or so. And it'll STILL do six times as many buys as Fall Brawl, HA HA HA. "Tell me something, Jim. What do you see when you look at the Rock? I see a bouncing baby boy who's family adored him. I see the most popular kid in school. I see the man that everybody wants to be. I see the man who can't fail because his whole life has been a formula for success. The Rock doesn't understand, doens't know what it's like to have to drag yourself up outta the gutter, just to be considered almost human. That's what I see." I guess my only question is - why does everybody think *Raven's* got something to do with all this? Christian lost the paper-rock-scissors, so he eats the right, right, right, into the ropes, back elbow, Rock ducks, flip up and over, off the ropes, clothesline by the Rock. Arm wringer, elbow, tag to Undertaker. Soupbone, soupbone, into the ropes, big boot, off the ropes with an elbow. 1, 2, nope. Hardyz and Lita watch from backstage. Back elbow! Into the opposite corner, running clothesline, sidewalk slam, 1, 2, Edge breaks it up with a tappy tap with the boot. Into the opposite corner, back elbow by Christian, Hardyz and Lita still watching, flying shoulder tackle, tag to Edge, stomp, right, right, right, right, right, right, into the ropes, head down, DDT by the Reaper. 1, 2, Christian pulls him off. Soupbone for Christian, back elbow, soupbone. Edge with a spear as he turns back around. Christian stomps, stomp, stomp, both men stomp, Rock tries to come in, and referee "Blind" Earl Hebner holds him back as the champs doubleteam him behind his back. Right, right, stomp, tag, Edge in with an open kick, right, right, right, right, right, on the second rope, Ten Punch Count Along only gets six before 'Taker throws him backwards. Elbowdrop off the ropes misses. Edge puts him down with a clubbing forearm and tags Christian, who stands on the neck. Hebner goads the Rock while Edge throws the elbow from the floor. Christian stomps and pushes him out to the floor. Edge with a clubbing blow from the outside. Undertaker fires back, right, right, Christian from behin, and now wailing away with rights. Back in the ring, pulling him to the corner and tagging Edge. Stomp, stomp, "Rock E!", Edge hammering the back. Right, right, into the opposite corner hard. Undertaker manages a headbutt...and a soupbone.



Edge grabs the leg and tags. Christian stomping away, blatant choke, to a headlock. Christian even manages a bodyscissors on top of that...but the arm still fails to fall. Tag to Edge. Both men stomp away. Edge with a right, 'Taker with a soupbone. Right, soupbone, right, soupbone, kick by Edge, into the ropes is reversed, gutshot, in position for the powerbomb, Christian is in, 'Taker drops Edge and grabs Christian for a chokeslam, but Edge dropkicks him down. Christian stomps away. Edge covers, but they're in the ropes. Stomp by Edge. Blatant choke on the ropes. Tag to Christian. Into the ropes, double back elbow, Christian covers...for 2. Christian hooks the leg - 2. Tag to Edge. Into the ropes, two heads down...Christian's head taken backwards to the mat, while Edge gets a gutshot, into the ropes, both men duck, double clothesline and both men are down. Rock wants the tag, but not as much as this crowd. Tag to Christian - hot tag to Rock! Right, right, right, into the ropes, tilt-a-whirl slam! Right, into the ropes, reversed, Rock holds on, gutshot, DDT! Leg hooked - 2. CHRIS BENOIT is out and on the Undertaker - THEY trade blows. Meanwhile, Rock has kissed a right for Edge - and hit Rock Bottom on Christian! 1, 2, Edge breaks it up! Edge knocks down the Rock and goes outside for some weaponry. Edge has a chair - WHACK! Christian manages to hook the leg - 1, 2, NO! Yeah, right, you didn't think they'd pin the ROCK, do you? Christian runs at Rock - no, spinebuster! And NOW Kane will drop his headset - 1, 2, Kane pulls Hebner outside. Undertaker and Kane go at it with Hebner caught in the middle. Rock staggering up - Edge & Christian EACH have a chair - UNPRETTYER! Christian covers as Hebner turns back in that direction - 1, 2, 3! Well HOLY SHIT - they got a pinfall on the Rock. Now I gotta take THAT back, too. (9:54) To get my street cred back, I WILL say that they won't replay that chair sandwich, though - it was pretty blatant about not hitting anywhere NEAR the fact, it looks like we're completely out of time - the credits are up and one more WWF logo means we're OUT.

Too short matches - too much talking - hope SmackDown! is better - blah blah blah

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