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QUICK QUOTE: WWF 11.59 (+ .64, last year: 16, two years ago: 23)

TONIGHT: RAW's in New York, and so am I! Rumour has it that Vince McMahon has a major announcement tonight (oh boy) but you can bet it's no rumour that the Rock gets a shot at the WCW Championship and Chris Jericho - and it all kicks off in ten!

THIS WEEK'S TNG CAPSULE REVIEW: "Heart of Glory" - doesn't hold up well to later Klingon treatment by I reluctantly hand out another "SUCKED"

TV-14-DLV - CC - One World Leader Attitude - WWF!

LAST THURSDAY: Wow, that Rock sure is a whiner. Hey, clips from Rebellion! At Vince's behest, Jericho offers the hand - JERICHO offers the hand - and Rock takes it. "Hey Rock! Try not to lose another big one....again." And, sure enough, Rock starts throwing punches. It's always ROCK throwing the punches...did you notice that? 'cause he's a WHINER

Opening Credits

GO GO PYRO and once again it's on - coming to you LIVE from the Nassau Veterans Memorial Colesium in Uniondale, NY 5.11.1 and transmidito en espanol SAP on TNN & TSN, THIS is RAW!

TONIGHT: The Rock vs. Chris Jericho for the WCW Championship!

TONIGHT: Kurt Angle vs. Undertaker for the US Championship!

TONIGHT: Folks are in WWF New York and Test takes on Edge! But first...

BILLIONAIRE VINCE has a few words for you and I. And I'll bet you can't wait! "All right...right here In This Very Ring tonight, Y2J Chris Jericho goes one on one with the Rock. And that's for the WCW Championship. Now quite frankly, I'm expecting the two of these individuals to beat the living hell out of each other. Now I'm all right with that - I'm all right with that, as long as, after the match is over, they have settled their personal differences once and for all, and then can concentrate not as opponents, but concentrate as tag team partners, as part of Team WWF at Survivor Series. But I'm here tonight to make a major announcement. I'm here tonight to make an announcement, quite frankly, that's going to make World Wrestling Federation history. You see, my son and daughter (Shane and Stephanie McMahon) - well, they had a pretty big announcement in their own right one week ago tonight, when they announced that someone from the World Wrestling Federation would defect and join their Alliance, and as we know on that night, Kurt Angle showed his true colours - and those colours are anything but red, white and blue. Nonetheless, Angle's defection was pretty catastrophic. Indeed, Angle's defection wounded the World Wrestling Federation. And wounds of that magnitude - well, they're difficult to overcome. Nonetheless, my announcement tonight is not meant to wound the Alliance - my announcement tonight is to be the death knell of the Alliance. Quite frankly, my announcement tonight will allow all of you to literally watch before your very eyes the Alliance completely crumble. And yes, by now, I'm sure you've figured out, someone from the Alliance is coming over to the World Wrestling Federation ....oh yeah. And, when you think about it...that's not only someone from the Alliance, it's someone from TEAM Alliance - that narrows it down to five individuals. And quite frankly (3), that individual will join the World Wrestling Federation at Survivor the Winner Take All matchup! That individual will make WWF history. And quite frankly (4), I've been sworn to secrecy on this...but I feel compelled, somehow, to let the cat out of the back so to speak, although perhaps I really shouldn't...but then again, I....I guess I have to be me. I'm Vince McMahon, I can say anything - hell, I can do anything - I'd make a deal with the devil himself if it meant the prosperity and the survival of the World Wrestling Federation ...and maybe I have. Maybe I have made a deal with the devil. Because that Survivor Series...who joins the World Wrestling Federation and makes history that night is........ that individual is... what the hell....STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN! I know that's gonna send shockwaves throughout the World Wrestling Federation and... shockwaves throughout the Alliance but then again, like I say, I gotta be me, so maybe I shouldn't have said it but nonetheless--" The music interrupts and STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN hits the ring - one corner, Vince glare, two corner, three corner, step toward Vince, no four corner. Austin paces a circle around Vince - now two circles - now takes Vince's mic. "Shut up! ....... Shut up. You sure got a big mouth, don't you, son. At first when you started talkin', I was back there listening, I figured 'ahhh Vince is just out there flappin' his gums as usual, he ain't got nothin' important to say,' and then you mentioned the name Stone Cold Steve Austin, so I said 'What?' Who the hell do you think you are? You can't - SHUT UP I know who you are. You come out here, flappin' your gums, Stone Cold Steve Austin is gonna leave the Alliance. What? Stone Cold Steve Austin is gonna turn his back on the members of the Alliance. What? Stone Cold Steve Austin is comin' back to the World Wrestling Federation? What? Stone Cold Steve Austin is gonna make history at Survivor Series? What? You talk a lot o' trash there, Vince, but the most important thing you said there a while ago was when you said that you're Vince McMahon, you can do anything you want, you can say anything you want, bottom line said Vince McMahon has gotta be Vince McMahon, and what I say to you is Stone Cold Steve Austin has got to be Stone Cold Steve Austin." KICK WHAM STUNNER. Play his music! Austin takes Vince regains consciousness and...smiles.

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Let Us Take You Back to Moments Ago as Vince said some things - and Austin said some things - and Austin DID a thing - and Vince smiled

During the Break, Austin went through the curtain...and found the members of the Alliance giving him looks. "What are you looking at? You got a problem with me? What? That man is a liar. Vince McMahon is a liar. Stone Cold Steve Austin wouldn't turn his back on you. Or you or you. What? Knock that stupid look off your faces. You're pathetic! YOu make me sick." He kept walking...and they kept looking.

IVORY (already in the ring) v. LITA - Ivory pulls Lita off in mid-pse - head to the buckle, again, rake of the face, hiptoss out of the corner. Ivory off the ropes - legdrop. Leg is hooked - 2. Boot to the back of the head - another stomp. Hey, Ross just happened to drop the fact that the Women's title is currently there you go. I wonder if he could tell the people behind about that - they still list Chyna as champion. Okay, back to the action. Into the ropes, but Lita hits a shoulderblock. Up and over, goes behind, Ivory holds the ropes and shoves her back...but runs into a tilt-a-whirl slam and Lita gets 2. Ivory put in the corner - running clothesline. "You are there" shot of Ivory's ass crack - into the opposite corner by Ivory - and a bulldog out. 1, 2, Lita kicks out. Stomp on the head. Head rammed into the mat. And one more time. Ivory with a headlock - and a forearm across the face - Ivory opens up most of the orifices in Lita's face...into the ropes - Ivory with a flapjack down - 1, 2, Lita kicks out. Second rope choke - and Ivory runs her face along the rope. Lita put into the ropes - hairpull takedown by Ivory. Refere "Blind" Chad Patton starts a count - and gets to 4 before they're both up. "Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine" by Lita - again - right, into the ropes, clothesline by Lita, big back body drop, right, into th eropes, reversed, Ivory brings her up - but Lita hits a flying headscissors. Lita with a side Russian legsweep for 2. Twist of Fate - no, Ivory pushes her off - Lita manages a clothesline. Baseball slide dropkick for LANCE STORM, who'd just showed up - now MATT HARDY is out, pulling Storm off the apron and *they* go at it - meanwhile, in the ring, Ivory hits her version of the Blowout - 1, 2, 3. Geez, what was the POINT? (4:04 file not found)

To the locker room we go. Figure out who's speaking. "I cannot believe it, Debra. Did you see the way the Alliance members were lookin' at me? They were lookin' at me like I'm a piece of trash. They were lookin' at me like they don't trust me. They think I'm gonna jump, they think I'm gonna leave 'em, when the fact of the matter is, if it weren't for Stone Cold Steve Austin, they would not have a job. Do you hear what this watch is sayin'-- COME IN! I guess you saw it, too, that's why you're here." "Oh, I saw it." "Yeah! Well, you saw it, I saw it, she saw it, the way the Alliance members looked at me, Shane...they looked at me like I'm a piece of trash. They looked at me like they don't trust me! ........they looked at me like YOU'RE lookin' at me. What are you tryin' to say? You don't trust me, Shane?" "Of course, I trust you Steve, of course! What I'm saying is, my father's a liar - he's an emphatic liar. ("Emphatic?") Do I think you're jumping ship to the World Wrestling Federation? Absolutely not, oh hell no. But one thing's for sure - knowing my father like I do, there's always a little shred of truth in everything that Vince says, always a little shred." "What are you tryin' to say?" "I think - I think the fix is in - I think Vince - I think one member of the Alliance IS gonna jump ship to the World Wrestling Federation at Survivor Series. I've been spinning my wheels a little bit...and I think I know who that person is." "What you got?" "What I'm thinking is--" (knock) "Come in." It's Angle. "Hey guys - Debra. What? Why are you looking at me like that. Oh, wait a minute, wait - I know why you're looking at me like that. You think I believe Mr. McMahon. No way! I know you wouldn't jump ship to the WWF. That's why I came in here to tell you that. No way! And ask you a little favour. Um...I have a match with the Undertaker. I just wanted to see if you had my back tonight." "You wanna know if Stone Cold Steve Austin's got your back?" "Mmm hmmm." "You know I gave you these gold medals back." "Yes, thank you." "You know I also gave you a hat." "What?" "I gave you a hat last week, where is it?" "I just took it off!" "Why'd you take it off?" "I was gettin' dressed for my match." "That's not good enough, how come you're not wearing my hat?" "I'll wear it down to the ring if you want me to! I just wanna know if you have my back tonight." "You know I've been doin' you favours ever since I've known you, Kurt. Yeah. I'll do one more, I gotcher back." "All right!" Everybody stares at everybody else. "All right - I'll see you out there." Shane and Austin share another look...and look out after Angle.

And now, the Blast of the Night, brought to you by the JVC GigaTube! From SmackDown!, Test storms the ring during Rob van Dam's match with Edge, making sure he retains the hardcore championship

WWF INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP: KING EDGE (with Rob Zombie appears LIVE! next Monday) v. TEST TEST THIS IS A TEST - the fact that Edge laid out this challenge on Heat is supposed to trump my annoyance that yet another Alliance member is getting yet another WWF title shot, I suppose. Test spends a bit too much time making a slow walk around the ringside area - Edge is out and throwing elbows. Test whipped into the barricade. Edge on the apron - flying clothesline to the floor! Pounding the back - again - put in the ring and now the bell sounds to start the match. Edge with an overhand right, right, elbow, into the ropes is reversed, Test ducks the swing...but falls into a hot shot from Test. Nine quick rights - and words for that anti-punch referee "Blind" Mike Chioda. Test stands on the neck for 4. Edge's head meets the buckle. Right, back elbow, right, back elbow, nine stomps, wow I'm lazy tonight. Must be on vacation. Edge put in the oppoiste corner - boot up by Edge. Right, right, Test with a knee to stop the mo. Into the ropes, head down, Edge with a kick. Off the ropes, ducks a Test clothesline, but Test hits the tilt-a-whirl...and gets 2. Test pulls him up by the hair - vertical suplex - cover - Test gets another 2. Got a handful of hair again - head to the buckle - foot on the throat for 4. Edge punches back - Test with a knee. Into the opposite corner, Test follows with a clothesline. Back to the original corner, follow clothesline. Attention, fans - the commentators are finally *actually talking about this match.* Another cross corner whip...this time Edge jumps out with the spear. Both men are down and the count is on - here's an Xbox Replay to distract you. At 7 or 8, both men are up - Test right, Edge right. Test right, Edge right. Edge ducks, clotheslines finds the mark, another clothesline. Off the ropes, Viscera kick. Test shot into the corner, but he gets the elbow up. Test awaits Edge getting up - Wotsitolla Boot is DUCKED - Edge-o-matic hits - Edge gets 2. Test put into the ropes, but he reverses, knee to Edge, going for the Meltdown but Edge elbows out...wants the DDT, no, Test with a gutshot - going for a powerbomb...but Edge goes down the back and hits a sunset flip - 1, 2, NO! Edge rushes Test, but he dumps him over the top - Edge on the apron, hairpull takedown - climbing the corner - blocks a right, right from the second rope - tornado DDT - 1, 2, NO! Edge is out and up one more time...Test shoves Chioda into the ropes, crotching Edge. Test covers...and uses the ropes...and gets the pin. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new intercontinental champion. (5:27) Here's a replay - it looks just as ugly as it did in real time.

Booker T eats Chef Boyardee Beefarooni!

JONATHAN COACHMAN tells us that not only do we have a new IC champ, but we also have a new European champion - and out comes Christian. "That's right, Coach. Last week, I beat Bradshaw to win this baby right here. And once I did, almost by default, I became the greatest European champion of all time. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go get ready for my title match tonight against the Hurri-dork." "No problem." "Excuse me, Christian! A few questions, please. Gregory Helms, the Daily Globe. Now I was just wondering, how can you call yourself the greatest European champion of all time tonight when you've never faced the Hurricane? Aren't you just a little nervous tonight about facing the Hurricane?" "What is this - is this some kinda joke or something, huh?" "A joke, oh no, no, I'm not really know for my sense of humour - I'm just a mild-mannered reporter doing my job...however, I am friends with the Hurricane, and you shouldn't make him angry, 'cause you might not like him when he's angry." "Is that right. Well you tell your buddy the Hurricane that tonight, he's gonna get Hurricurbstomped by the greatest Euro champ ever." He leaves. "Now what IS up with that." And with a sound effect, he leaps away.

Say, what was the last title change not to be televised before this one? I'm gonna guess it was Edge winning the intercontinental title and leaveit to the hundreds of emails I get correcting me if I'm wrong.

As Vince ices down his neck, The Rock pays a visit - and pulls Vince to his feet. "Heeeey! Easy, will ya?" "What the hell is wrong with you?" "I was just Stunned by Stone Cold Steve Austin - that's what's wrong with me." "You were just Stunned. Stone Cold Steve Austin. The man you claim you're gonna bring BACK to the WWF...the Rattlesnake? There's a reason why they call him the snake - and you're gonna bring him back?" "Just for the record....I would do anything...anything to ensure the survival of the World Wrestling Federation." "Then just for the should bring him back - because the Rock has been waiting....he's been waiting." HMMM. Vince grins ag'in.

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WOW it's windy outside the arena!

WWF EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP: CHRISTIAN (with Excess hype - Christian is the special guest!) v. HURACAN - Christian wears a Diamondbacks jersey...because sometimes, the best heat is local heat. Besides, he's gotta do SOMETHING to get this crowd involved - they've been deader than...well, I won't say it but I'm ASHAMED that you're thinking it. "You people like my shirt? You know, I figured - I figured since I am a champion...I might as well DRESS like a champion! And unlike Mariano Rivera...I'm gonna get the job done--" Ha! We are left wondering why we got us an Alliance vs. Alliance matchup...well, not for long. Ross mentions that Lilian Garcia's band is performing at WWF New York on Thursday....Kim thinks we should go, and that's ANOTHER thing I'm left trying to figure out. Christian attacks before the bell and we're away. Stomp, stomp, head to the buckle, cape choke - referee "Blind" Tim White takes the cape away - Hurricane reverses - right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right. Crowd chants "Let's go Yankees." Into the ropes is reversed, but Hurricane hits a headscissors to get 2. Christian with a fireman's carry into a gutbuster. Right, right, right. Gutwrench...into another gutbuster. Abdominal stretch (!) by Christian. Hurricane elbows the knee to break it up...and hits an armdrage. Right by Hurricane, right, kne eby Christian, into the ropes, crossbody by Hurricane. Back elbow. Ducks a swing, right, right, into the opposite corner is reversed, but Hurricane gets the boot up. Out of the corner with a neckbreaker. Hurricane finds his cape - and puts it on again. He's going up top...but Christian meets him there with a punch. Hurricane does manage to shove him off - he's gonna fly - plancha hits - 1, 2, no. Hurricane runs at him again - but Christian sends him over the top to the ring. Hurricane leaps back in - super(hero)kick! 1, 2, no. Gutshot by Hurricane, goin for the Eye of the Hurricane, but Christian reverses, sends him into the corner, Unprettier out - 1, 2, 3. (3:10)

Next Monday, there will be a special WWF edition of "The Weakest Link!" Aren't you excited? Check your local listings (they can't say "NBC")!

In the locker room, Commissioner Regal addresses the Alliance: "Gentlemen, and ladies of the Alliance, I don't believe a word that Vince McMahon says. I mean, it would take a real lowlife snake in the grass to defect to the WWF team, and Stone Cold Steve Austin is no snake in the grass. But just in case we do have a traitor in our midst, we will find out definitely who it is." Booker T speaks up: "You know what? Vince McMahon is a LIAR. Stone Cold - he's not gonna defect. You know, I don't even think Kurt Angle is gonna defect. The mole is sittin' right here in this room. The MOLE is RVD." "What the hell? What are you talking about?" "Yeah that's right - who was the one who got the plush limo?" "Yeah, I was in a limo--" "Yeah! Who was the one who said 'Vince McMahon, he's not such a bad guy?'" "I said that--" "Yeah! Who was the one who said Vince McMahon didn't have two heads?" "Well what does that--" "And you NEED your punk ass--" "Gentlemen, gentlemen. If you want to settle your differences, settle them like sportsmen - in the ring tonight. Is that okay with you? Is that okay with you? Right. You will fight each other in the ring tonight."

And now, the WWF Boot of the Week, which is brought to you by Lugz! From SmackDown!, Kurt Angle makes Kane tap - "for the first time," according to the commentators...

Kurt - STRETCHES! "Hey, uh...Kurt?" "Hey, how ya doin', Steph?" "I'm good - I'm really good, but I wanted to catch you before your match. Because I know my father has something up his know, I really think that someone might be defecting from the Alliance. But at least I know I don't have to worry about you. I know I can trust you, Kurt. I know that you would never defect." "Wow, Steph, thank you. You know, I almost forgot about what a nice lady you can be." We spend almost ten seconds in awkward silence - then Kurt shakes it off and puts on his Austin cap. "Now if you'll excuse me...I'm gonna make the Undertaker tap just like his brother. Oh it's's damn true." Yeah, so NOW they're gonna.....riiiiiiiiight.

WCW U.S. TITLE: AWESOME UNDERTAKER WHO IS AWESOME (with RAW credits - and RAW is brought to you by Xbox, Foot Locker, and the JVC GigaTube!) v. KURT ANGLE (with TV-14-DLV & CC boxes - and with his hat on) - Taker stops his ring circling to make sure he's not running over somebody, or dragging a mic cable, or something - at any rate, it's kind of funny to watch. Taker decides to meet Angle at the bottom of the ramp and get an early start - Angle vainly tries a belt shot, but Taker blocks it and unloads an elbow. Soupbone. Gutshot - choke with the shirt - soupbone, soupbone, soupbone. Whip into the ring...and Taker follows. There's the bell. Big boot puts him down - elbowdrop gets a quick 2. Taker puts his weight into the choke...then goes after referee "Blind" Charles Robinson after he gets to four. Taker outside - pulling Angle over the edge of the ring - two hard elbows to the hard. Back in the ring - Angle to the opposite corner, but he gets the elbow up. Angle runs...into an armbar from Taker! Taker switches to the arm wringer when Angle manages to get back to his feet. Shoulder drive. One arm press. Angle back to his feet - Taker flips him with another arm wringer - and drops the leg on the arm and returns to the armbar (wow!) - Angle manages to roll backwards and get Taker's shoulders on the mat - 1, 2, Taker releases the arm. Taker ducks a clothesline, RETURNS to the arm wringer, climbs up for Old Skool...and pounds the arm on his way down. Stomp. Back elbow in the corner. Whip into the opposite corner...running clothesline. Back to the first corner...running big boot - NO - Angle's away and Taker crotches himself. Angle gets to stomping on the left (exposed) knee - Angle outside - knee across the apron - one more knee wrench by Angle. Taker finally kicks Angle away on his next attempt...and goes outside after him. Soupbone! Whip into the STEEL steps - is *reversed* and Taker flies over - and comes up clutching his left knee. Angle rolls in to stopt he count - and rolls back out. Kicks the back of the leg - kick, kick, grabs the anklelock, but breaks to break the count again. Taker tossed back in the ring - kicks the back of the leg again. Another kick by Angle. Say, I think he's picked his body part. Elbowdrop ont he knee - elbowdrop. "Wooow!" Taker to his feet - soupbone, soupbone, soupbone, whip into the ropes - but Angle ducks...and chop blocks the leg again. LOOK EVERYBODY! THE UNDERTAKER IS SELLING AND YOU SUCK IF YOU HATE HIM BECAUSE YOU THINK HE DOESN'T SELL Angle wants the anklelock...but Taker rabbit punches him with his right boot and shoves him away! Taker has an "Albert Jr." quality to his offense tonight...or the crowd is so quiet that he seems extra loud with all his "uh! uh! uh!" punctuation. Soupbone! Soupbone! Taker is a little surprised Angle is still standing - winds up - Angle DUCKS the KO blow - and hits a death suplex!! Cover, leg is hooked - 1, 2, Taker shoots the shoulder up! Angle grabs a front face and keeps him horizontal. Taker to his knees but Angle stands firm - Taker with a soupbone to the body - a second - left, soupbone left soupbone left soupbone, UPPERCUT and Angle breaks free - bounces off the ropes into ANOTHER uppercut - bounces off the ropes into a CLOTHESLINE - Taker back to his feet but limping - Angle shot into the ropes - big boot lands but Taker's other leg buckles. Angle runs at him...but ends up in the CHOKE! Taker to his feet - CHOKESLAM! AGAIN Taker collapses after putting too much weight on his bad leg. Robinson puts on the count - Taker up at 3 - and the thumb is crossing the throat! Angle scooped up - Taker wants the tombstone but Angle breaks free - off the ropes, ducks a clothesline, right hand - is CAUGHT - Taker with a gutshot - going for the Last Ride but Angle drops down and grabs the ankle - ANGLELOCK!! Taker screams - the ropes are SO far away...Taker tries to grab Angle's ankle - Angle drops down and rolls and Taker has to let go. In desperation, Taker drops his good leg across Angle's head - two - three - but Angle is latched on tight. They roll back over and Angle stands into it again. Will Taker tap? No, Taker back to his feet!! Grabs Angle's ankle again - and rolls into an anklelock of his own! HE'S GOT IT! Taker pulls Angle back to the centre of the ring! NOOOOOO STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN runs to the ring and puts a forearm in the back of Taker. (DQ 8:38) Austin with a barrage of right hands - pulled off the ropes - KICK WHAM STUNNER. Play his music! Angle leaves the ring and follows after Austin. I think he wants another hug! I think Austin wants him to put his hat back on. But then, I'm reading into all of this - we've already gone to the ad break

Survivor Series ad - somebody must think that this single match is gonna sell this event, 'cause they STILL haven't bothered to book any other matches for our benefit...

Oh, God - it's the people who believe they're Klingons. These are the Trekkers that embarrass other Trekkers, BELIEVE me. Didja ever notice that all the really FAT guys are Klingons? There's a REASON for that.

SmackDown! taping ad #3 - man, I thought the tickets were selling pretty well but we're sure seeing a lot of last minute hype tonight

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Let Us Take You Back to Moments Ago where Austin did indeed have Angle's back

MICHAEL KING COLE has caught up to Angle. "Yes, we DID see Stone Cold Steve Austin come into my match, didn't we? And that only reinforces the fact that you and these Long Island idiots can believe whatever you want! But the bottom line is...Stone Cold Steve Austin is loyal to the Alliance." "But Kurt, just to play Devil's Advocate for just a quick moment, if you were Stone Cold Steve Austin and you were gonna defect to the WWF at Survivor Series, isn't that the exact type of thing that you'd do, you know, to remove any suspicion?" "Oh COME ON, that's just ridiculous! You want me to..." and suddenly, the gears start turning in Angle's head....we leave him to his thoughts...

A.P.A. & JACQUELINE (with Tough Enough 2 Casting Special - Wednesday & Thursday in Caesar's Palace!) v. DUDLEY BOYZ & STACY DUDLEY in an intergender table match - Stacy rides a table down the ramp - ewww, there's a big greasy spot left on the table! D-Von and Bradshaw tiw up - to the corner, knee by Bradshaw, forearm, overhand right, jostling out - powered out by D-Von, shoulderblock by Bradshaw. Overhand forearm to the back - right, Jackie tags herself in - right, whip is reversed, Stacy with an extensions takedown behind her back off the ropes - she wants the tag and gets it - stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. Stacy pulls her up - whip is reversed into a short clothesline. Jackie rams her head into the mat, but Bubba Ray comes in to stop her - this brings all six folks into the ring and it all breaks down from here. The women roll outside - Bradshaw is tossed - Faarooq gets slammed, but before D-Von can climb to the top to deliver the headbutt to the graun, Bradshaw is back in, kicking away Bubba Ray and climbing up to give the Contractually Obligated Fallaway Slam to D-Von - off the second rope. Bubba Ray put into the ropes - double spinebuster by the APA. Faarooq wants a table - Bradshaw brings one in - breaking the legs in the process. While Faarooq beats up D-Von, Bubba Ray is kind enough to bring a second table in the ring. They actually manage to set this table up - D-Von put on top of the corner and Bradshaw readies himself for a superplex - but Bubba Ray, having incapacitated Faarooq, runs up and grabs Bradshaw for a superbomb - Faarooq manages to get the table just out of the way in time (geez, someone's gonna lose their head some day). I have NO idea what the ladies are doing outside the ring. Dudleyz with a double neckbreaker on Faarooq. Jackie comes in and uppernuts Bubba Ray - D-Von chases her around the outside of the ring until Bradshaw can surprise him with a Hades lariat. Jackie spends a little too much time putting on the badmouth - Stacy surprises her with a snapmare on the floor. Bubba Ray dropkicks a table into Bradshaw's face. Back in the ring - Bubba Ray puts down Faarooq. ANOTHER table in the ring - set up. Back to Faarooq - kick, double sledge - Jacqueline clmibs on his back...but he whips her overhead and to the mat - and adds a stomp. Hey, she's a woman! Bubba Ray sets her up for the powebromb, but she flips through....and eats a big ol' clothesline instead. Faarooq is up - SPINEBUSTER on Bubba Ray through the table! (4:30) I'm pretty sure they weren't legal but who pays attention besides me? Yeah. And the punchline is somehow, Faarooq hurts his HEAD when referee "Blind" Jim Korderas raises his arm.

The New ad. Is that like the New TNN?

Catch the WWF Live! Tomorrow night, it's Jersey! Saturday is Bangor, Sunday is Portland (ME), Monday is RAW in Boston, and Tuesday is Albany!

Moments Ago, that last match ended

The Coach stands with the Rock - he doesn't get much out before the Rock does one of his hand signals. "Rock E!" "Finally, the Rock HAS COME BACK to Long Island! Chris Jericho, the Rock has told you right from the beginning - you have no idea. You have no idea what you got involved with, you have no idea who you're messing with, you have no idea. You thought, Chris Jericho, at No Mercy was the end. Nononono - at No Mercy, it was only the beginning. So Chris Jericho, you WON the big one ONCE - once - against the Rock, congratulations. Big national holiday in Canada - "Jerichowinsthebigone Day" - but Jericho, that was last month - THIS is tonight. You see, Chris Jericho, you THINK that you've got what it takes ONE MORE TIME to pull out the big one, beat the Rock tonight, but Jericho, the Rock has said it before, he'll say it again and again and AGAIN - you have no idea, Chris Jericho. Tonight's the night, the Rock WALKS in the People's Ring and WALKS OUT WCW Champion." Pause for chant. "If you smell...what the cookin'." I think Coach is in love.

Check out Times Square!

Earlier tonight, inside WWF New York, Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo introduced themselves as the newest tag team in the WWF. My sources indicate that current team names being bandied about for these guys include "The Two," "the Ass Event," "Jungle Gunn (O-E-O-E-O)," "I gave up Big Show for CHUCK PALUMBO?" and "We'll never see these guys except on Jakked anyway, so who cares."

Rob van Dam limbers up! Kim says to me "I used to be able to stretch like that, but then I stopped deciding it was necessary to put my leg behind my head." This girl, I'm TELLIN' ya - she's CRAZY WICKED GOOD

Here's a Special Video Look at "First Day" ticket sales for WrestleMania X8 in Toronto - the largest 1st Day ticket sale in Canadian history, we are told

COMMISSIONER REGAL joins our commentary team of LARRY KING & PAUL E. HEYMAN.

POINTS TO SELF v. NAPPY T in a nontitle bout - the ugly WCW officials' shirts have been changed - the red is now black - it is my official duty to proclaim them "less ugly." T with a forearm before the bell - right, right, right, right, right, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. Into the ropes, clothesline. T looks at his hand and waits for van Dam to get up. Ross says Regal made this a hardcore title matchup but I didn't see any graphics so I'll chalk it up to his general Rossness. Running boot - van Dam catches it, steps over and hits a spinning heel kick. van Dam takes control - duck - right, right, right, kick, kick, jumping kick. Into the ropes is reversed, but van Dam hits a Viscera kick for 2. Right, long look at Regal, into the opposite corner is reversed but van Dam gets the boot up - jumping kick off the top. Rolling Thunder (Heyman: "ROLLING THUNDER by Rob van Dam!" Ross: "Let's have a parade.") gets 2. van Dam with a front slam - TAJIRI has appeared out of nowhere and attacked Regal - huh? I think van Dam missed a Vaderbomb. T with a flying jalapeno - and he goes outside to pull Tajiri off - Tajiir put into the barricade - and again - and turns back to kick van Dam. Regal's nose is bloodied. Regal back over - double underhook into powerbomb on the floor! Meanwhile, WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW is out - ahhhhhhTHECHOKESLAAAAAM on van Dam! HE MADE VAN DAM PISS HIS PANTS but he's not done - ahhhhhhTHECHOKESLAAAAAM on Booker T. The bell rings (No contest? 2:28) I dunno...this might just be me spitting into the wind, but I was hoping for JUST a bit more out of this matchup. Show picks up Tajiri and carries him off over his shoulder.

At the oilcans and cyclone fence Cole stands with Chris Jericho. "Listen, Michael...Cole - I heard the comments from the Rock. As entertaining and as informative as never know what that rapscallion is gonna say, now, do you, huh? But if the Rock thinks they made a big deal out of my championship victory in Canada...if he would take his head out of his ass for one minute and knew the most basic thing about me, he would know that even though I spent my childhood in Canada, I was born right here in Manhassett, Long Island. On the third exit off the Jericho Turnpike. Now this match tonight is not about who's more popular, it's about who is better. And at No Mercy, I was better than the Rock - and tonight I'm gonna prove it again. And even though we've gone far beyond dueling catchphrases, tonight, after I win an even bigger one and retain the WCW Championship against the Rock....Y2J guarandamntees that the Rock will the same....agayne.

"WWF Desire" music video - thanks, Creed!

THE ROCK (with Xbox presents Survivor Series!) v. AD BREAK - Hey, look, the challenger entered first!

UP NEXT: The Rock vs. Chris Jericho - it's on the line!

WCW CHAMPIONSHIP: THE ROCK v. CHRIS MONDAY JERICHO in a special sweeps month event- Nick Patrick is your referee. Big feeling out process - the bell doesn't ring until hey finally lock up - and THAT doesn't last long, as they push back. Lockup, push back. Jericho SLAPS! Right hand, right, chop, chop, chop, chop, knee, knee, knee, knee. Into the ropes, but Rock hits the flying clothesline off the ropes! Right - head to the buckle, head to the adjacent buckle, into the ropes, Jericho ducks, and hits the flying jalepeno off the ropes! Drops down, right, right, right, boot to the head. Big right hand. Jericho with another right. Knife-edge chop. Into the ropes is reversed, Rock hits a strange backdrop - and gets 2. Head to the buckle by the Rock. Jericho shot into the other corner - elbow up by Jericho - second rope - missile dropkick - 1, 2, no. Right hand by Jericho - right. Rock pulled back up - another slap by Jericho. Rock sent into the ropes, reversal, head down, Jericho kicks - Jericho off the ropes - rock wants Rock Bottom, but Jericho elbows, elbows, elbows out of it. Jericho with a double leg - Rock to the ropes before he can hit the Walls - Patrick breaks it up - Jericho shoves him away and hits a springboard dropkick to take Rock out to the floor. Jericho out after him - stomp. Right, right, right, scoop...Rock dropped on the barricade. Jericho breaks the count and comes back out - kick - Rock put back in - Jericho climbing up...but Rock bounces off the ropes and crotches Jericho! Rock back in control - big right hand - right - climbing to the second him in position - SUPERPLEX! Rock covers - 1, 2, Jericho easily gets the shoulder up. Rock winds up - and stomps. Jericho's head meets the buckle. Jericho put into the ropes, back elbow by the Rock. Rock picks him up - Jericho blocks, right, right, chop, chop, off the ropes...into a Rock clothesline! Rock hooks a leg - 1, 2, no! Rock pulls him up by the hair - into the buckle. Chop! Rock with another measured chop. Chop. Rock gives Patrick a look - and Jericho takes advantage, switching position - chop, chop, Rock akres the face (!) and turns it back - right hand. Jericho comes right back - gutshot, DDT! Both men are down and Patrick puts on the count. Rock to his knees at 6...and up at 8 - Jericho manages to block - right, block, right, chop, chop, into the ropes is reversed, but Jericho lands the back elbow. Off the ropes - swinging neckbreaker - 1, 2, no! Jericho staying in control...climbing up top - waiting for the Rock to get to his feet - super back elbow lands - 1, 2, no! Jericho mountsh - right, right, Jericho laying the verbal smack down as well. Backbreaker gets 2. Jericho tries another cover - and gets another near fall. Jericho with a kick to the face. Picking Rock back up - chop. Jericho puts his arms underneath the top rope - opening up the chest for another chop. Rock put into the ropes - Jericho's head is down - Rock grabs two fistfuls of hair and whips Jericho's head to the mat. Jericho right back - right hand, HE rakes the face, whip is reversed, Rock with the throw! Right hand - into the ropes is reversed by Jericho - double leg by Rock - SHARPSHOOTER! Rock is putting his all into it - and Jericho is feeling every bit of it. The ropes are WAY too far away - his only hope is to twist around into an ungodly position and reach to his right - and that's what he's doing - three inches from the rope - GOT THE ROPE! Rock releases the hold - but not without some protest to Patrick - Jericho walks right into the spinebuster - don't tell me. Elbowpad is tossed - off one set of ropes - off the other - dropping down - MISSED the elbowdrop! JERICHO! JERICHO WITH ROCK BOTTOM!! 1, 2, ROCK KICKS OUT!!! Jericho asks twice if that wasn't 3 - it was 2. "Rock E" chant. Jericho isn't sure what to do next. Stomp. Rock rolls to the ropes - Jericho pulls him back - opening him up for the elbow. Chop - chop - and tossed over the top to the floor. Jericho goes outside, says some unkind words, and slaps the back of Rock's head. Rock into the STEEL steps headfirst. Jericho rolls in - and back out - and spots the commentary table. Jericho takes the top of the table and throws it on top of Rock...then starts rearranging furniture. Montiors out, fans out - Rock on top - Jericho on top - what's he gonna do - THE STROKE - THROUGH THE TABLE!! Heyman calls it "the Break Down" so I guess we've finally got a name for Jericho's version of the forward Russian legsweep. Give it a replay. Jericho's back in the ring...and Rock is busted wide open. Jericho - JERICHO IS UNDOING A TURNBUCKLE COVER. Patrick is busy checking on the Rock, and misses it - Jericho back out - Patrick won't let him at the Rock. Rock pulls *himself* up - Jericho out after him now - right hand to the cut - right - Rock rolled back in the ring...and Jericho follows. Right hand. OHHHHH ROCK'S HEAD MEETS THE EXPOSED EYE BOLT. Right, right, every punch opening up the cut - ANOTHER shot to the STEEL. Right, right, right, A THIRD shot with the turnbuckle. But Rock STILL comes back - right, right, Jericho ducks, double leg, WALLS OF JERICHO! Rock gives us the "blood pouring down" face - tries to power out of the Winnipeg Crab...but the ropes are too far - he's passing out! NO HE'S NOT! HE GETS THE ROPE!! Jericho pulls him out - going for the Walls again - NO! Rock rolls him up in a small package - 1, 2, 3! NOOOOOOO Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new WCW Champion. (15:07) But it's *Jericho* taking the belt from Nick Patrick - he's gonna - no, he IS gonna give it to him, all right - but not like we think - he winds up - WHACK! Jericho BRAINS him with the big gold belt! And now Jericho is outside - he's got a chair! Back inside - WHACK! They play Jericho's music! Jericho's snapped - HE'S GOING BACK!! He's got the chair again - WHACK! Oh man RIGHT on the Rock's elbow - Rock is PISSED off. That wasn't supposed to land like THAT. Play Jericho's music again! Raw Zone credits are up - we're out of time. Wow. This segment didn't save the show but... by God, it ALMOST did. Man, I wish Jericho had won, though...but that was STILL pretty damn cool. What'll happen next? During a sweeps month, ANYTHING is possible!

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