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I GET LETTERS: I haven't thrown out any random letters for a while, so here's two select quotes:

I had a CRZ sign at Breakdown, but I was in the very (and I mean very) last row in the arena. Sorry. - Kevin Wong, sure, I believe you. Keep up the fine work!

Mankind was wearing a John Deere t-shit for some reason. Jason Magnum (not his real name) is the eagle-eyed viewer of last week...HOW would he recognise a John Deere T? We'll never know. What IS a t-shit, anyway?

RANDOM THOUGHTS: Does anyone else notice that by the time my reports make it into this form that you read on, somebody's tried to FrontPage-icise it into a mutated, foul-coloured melange? I've been thinking of sneaking in more HTML tags and seeing if they get by, just to protest. Then again, they don't censor me, so I *could* leave well enough alone. Still...

Note to Scott Keith: You've got the me and Hyatte thing all wrong. If you're going to use my name in your THUNDER! report, PLEASE pay more attention.

Note to the WM Sunday Night Heat Reports guy: No, never mind.

Note to Hyatte: Just don't think of Z-Smooth and you'll do all right. Oh, sorry, do I cause you pain by saying "Z-SMOOTH?" Z-SMOOTH Z-SMOOTH Z-SMOOTH oh i'm sorry again.

Note to NoSoul: If I kiss up to you, can I get a mention on ScoopThis! like Samuda does?

Note to Scherer: Like you need any props from me - I think it's the other way around! If I kiss up to you, can I get a mention in your column like Hyatte does?

Note to Scaia: I bought a new scanner. THAT picture will be available next time I bother to find it and scan it. You've been warned.

Note to Michael Morris: Where the hell are you? E me!

Note to Joe Mendes: Even though NOBODY knows who you are, you still get your name near the top of the column!

Note to CRZ: When are you going to shut up and write the damn report? And be sure and include a lot of self-loathing! And how can you like Hyatte AND Scherer AND Scaia all at the same time? You some kinda Switzerlander or something? By the way, you suck as a moderator, too. And your yearly awards suck. Oh, I guess you don't need the self-loathing part anymore.

One World Leader Attitude - WWF!

TV-PG-V! Let's see some letterboxed clips from Last Time on RAW. It's a little weird seeing that old, OLD WWF Title, though. Hey look, a Zamboni. Hey look, Mr. McMahon's hissing. Hey look, they're breaking his leg. I'm supposed to cheer that, right?

Opening credits make a long-awaited return. Closed captioned! En espanol sea disponible! (It's not disponible in my area, though - damn, watching in Spanish is ALWAYS more exciting.)

WWF RAW comes to you 5.10.98 (but taped 29.9) from the Breslin Center in East Lansing, Michigan - we immediately start out with ... A MATCH?!? Oh yeah, McMahon isn't available much for tradition.

X-PAC (with Chyna) v. D'LO BROWN (with Mizark Henry) for the WWF European Heavyweight Title - Interestingly, the Champion enters first. Clips from last week show D'Lo pin Edge to score this title shot. D'Lo rushes the ring before introductions are completed and we're off. X-Pac ducks a clothesline and gives a roundhouse kick. To the corner, it's all X-Pac - kicks and kicks. Brown ducks a lariat and delivers a powerslam (you better recognise!) Brown with a right. Brown should win 'cause he has those shiny new "EUROPEAN CHAMPION" tights. Near fall for D'Lo as the "D'Lo sucks" chant fires up. Scoop slam by Brown - chinlock. While there's a lull in the action, a process server jumps the railing and hands an envelope to Chyna, while Mark gets a big (racial remark)-eating grin on his face. Arm falls once, arm falls twice, arm doesn't fall thrice. X-Pac Hulks up while commentators talk about Billy Gunn (who won't be here tonight). X-Pac with the elbows to get out - suplex. Senton misses, and Brown delivers a second rope - heart punch? Kinda. 1, 2, no. Right by Brown, X-Pac with a weak right, Brown with a right that takes him down. Sidewalk slam for 2 by Brown. Scoop slam and Brown climbs the ropes. 'Lo down attempt coming up - X-Pac rolls away from the frog splash. Both men down and referee "Blind" Tim White puts on the count. Both men up at 5. X-Pac with the Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine. Martial arts kick from X-Pac. Big clothesline. Time for the bronco buster. Crowd digs it. Whip, reverse, D'Lo pulls up lame, distracting White while X-Pac is tripped by Henry. X-Pac tries a pescado (?) but Henry catches him and posts him in the back, then throws him back in. Brown hits the 'Lo down and it's 1, it's 2, it's 3! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new European Champion. You better recognise! (5:16) Chyna simmers.

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, who provide all commentary. Tonight Stone Cold Steve Austin will be here to tell us HIS side of the story. Also tonight, Kane vs. Ken Shamrock, the Rock vs. the Undertaker, Mr. McMahon LIVE from his hospital bed. We cut to a shot of McMahon, who yells at the nurse, who gave him grape juice instead of apple juice. We cut to an "Earlier Today" shot of the Oddities and ICP - "playing touch football." Whatever. Also, right behind the commentators, that looks a lot like TERRI POWERS.

Triple H and Stri-Dex will leave the light on for ya!

The HEAD BANGERS come out to a smattering of boos. Mosh Okie-blows on referee Mike Chioda and grabs the mic. They call out "Clowns," which must be the Insane Clown Posse. Mosh challenges ICP to a match "if they got the marbles." Mosh sucks as an interview, by the way. Sorry, Mosh, it's true. The ODDITIES come out, but Mosh reminds them that they are NOT the Clowns and they want the Clowns. And out they finally come. The sound guy starts playing "Freakshow" and Thrasher says "cut that crap off!" IF they'll leave the Oddities behind, they'll take 'em on. Fair "ICP" chant at ringside. The Posse convince the Oddities to take off and they rush the ring - and promptly get their asses handed to them. On a stick. It's really a beautiful sight - THIS is how all non-wrestlers should get handled by wrestlers, story-wise. MONSTER double flapjack on Shaggy 2 Dope. Double suplex on Violent J. Dope taken to the top rope for a superpowerbomb. Thrasher grabs a chair and brings it in. *Wicked* chairshot to Violent J on the noggin. Chair shot to his gut. Big chairshot to Dope. Stagedive on the chair, FINALLY the Oddities are out to make the save. "ICP - ha ha! YOU SUCK!" They get more than a handful of cheers, at that. Good for them. The 'bangers walk off. Silva and Kurrgan drape ICP over their shoulders and walk off. (No contest)

Cut to a live shot of McMahon in his hospital bed. Let Us Take You Back to Last Night on Heat, where Austin ran around for nearly the entire hour, then took an ax to the wire to the remote feed, in an impressive display of pyrotechnics. But you can read about all this on the Heat report - I think.

Austin 3:16 jersey ad.

RAW is brought to you by Propecia (it puts hair on your chest!), Western Union, and "Stone Cold Metal," the hot new CD that all the kids are talking about.

Let Us Take You Back to Break Down - where WWF Magazine provides a still photo of Austin being pinned by both Undertaker and Kane. Last week on RAW is WAR, just before McMahon named one man Champion, Austin did his - well, Joe Bob Briggs would call it "Zamboni fu," of course. Then McMahon got pissy and decided not to award the title at all, instead naming a Kane/Undertaker match at Judgement Day, with Austin as the Special Guest Referee. We then see McMahon flipping the double bird to Undertaker and Kane for no apparent reason, followed by the Fun Brothers systematically demolish McMahon's left leg for seemingly really good reason. Seeing it a week later, it's STILL good acting - both by McMahon and by an apoplectic Jim Ross on commentary. We also get shots of McMahon getting into the ambulance and Mankind offering him a tasty drink.

We cut LIVE to the hospital where the nurse is telling McMahon that he has a visitor - an unruly feller who won't take "no" for an answer - you can hear Vince's heart rate rise as he thinks it's Austin - but it turns out to be MANKIND, complete with happy face sticker, balloons, blown up hospital glove and candies (half of them already eaten). But Mankind didn't come alone - did he bring Austin? No, it's not a him, it's a she. "I brought you some female entertainment, and I think you know what I mean. She does a trick with a dog that you wouldn't believe." It's YERPLE, a clown who does balloon animals. She presents a rainbow to Mr. McMahon, who appears quite uncomfortable. Mankind has one more visitor - MR. SOCKO, a puppet on Mankind's hand. He gives Vince's leg a big kiss - which hurts tremendously. Vince, after saying "please leave" about a hundred times, blows his stack and orders everybody out. "Mr. Socko..." he says with a sneer. This segment kicked ass.

Shot of Sable getting made up - how long you think that takes? She's NEXT!

Sable will be on Pacific Blue next Sunday night - in a startling dramatic turn, she'll play a slut behind bars!

(THE LOVELY) SABLE comes out to provide commentary for the next match. Not only do we not learn why Mr. McMahon brought her back, we DO learn that Sable has made it her life's goal to win the WWF Women's Title and also become a wrestler - or was that the other way round. Also, Sable shakes the hand of "Terri Powers," who is doing some subtle sort of acting.

(THE MAN THEY CALL) VADER v. MARVY MARC MERO (with Jacqueline) - Lockup, nope. Lockup, to the ropes, Vader with body shots. Whip, Mero catches the rope and ducks to the outside. Vader decides to go outside as well. Mero puts Jackie between them and Jacqueline plays the roadblock. Vader cracks up when Jackie won't let him by and decides not to pursue it. Mero stomps on him as he re-enters the ring. They run the ropes and Vader hits a big shoulderblock and Mero is again on the outside and in Jacqueline's arms. Mero looks out on his feet. Commentators are still talking to Sable. Vader is out again - Mero pushes Jacqueline into Vader, then punches. Jacqueline adds insult to injury by jumping on his back and raking the eyes. Everybody back in as the "Sable" chant rises up. Kick to the gut by Mero, kneelift. Clothesline and Vader finally goes down. Mero poses to Sable ("I'm still on his mind"). Trying to crossbody over the rope, he hits Vader's knees. Vader with an elbow drop. To the opposite corner, splash, short clothesline. Whip, big lariat, big splash. 1, 2, Mero somehow puts the shoulder up. Jacqueline is on the top rope. Cross body attempt but Vader catches her. He still seems amused, and gently puts Jacqueline back on the canvas. While referee "Blind" Jack Doane escorts Jackie out of the ring, Mero hits the Golotta, quickly followed by the Marvelosity for the pin. (4:14) So long Vader, nice knowin' ya. Jacqueline issues the challenge to Sable for right here, right now, and Sable removes her headset to a thunderous ovation. She enters the ring - this CAN'T be a good idea. Mero takes the mic and says that the only reason she's upset is that as a woman, she could never satisfy Marvelous Marc Mero. Sable slaps Mero, but her back was to Jacqueline - down she goes. Jackie's got scissors! She's shearing a lock from the blonde tresses...well, you get the idea. That's a Jeff Jarrett impression there, isn't it? Jacqueline shows off the hair as she and Mero share a laugh. Don't cry Sable, you still have your enormous breasts. Still to come tonight, Shamorck/Kane, Rock/Undertaker, more with McMahon - cut to a live shot of Vince having his temperature taken (orally, thank God) - hey, if your leg is broken, why do they take your temperature? Don't write me with the answer, thank you.

Steven Regal - a Real Man's Man! He squeezes his own juice! Just like Jay Kordich, the Juiceman! A Real Man's Man!

WWF War Zone for the Nintendo ad.

Let Us Take You Back to Moments Ago, where lots of stuff you just saw took place.

EDGE (you think you know him, but really you don't) v. WHINY BITCH OWEN HART - Hart's wearing street clothes as we take a look at a clip of last week's brutal piledriver on Dan Severn. Last night on Heat, X-Pac stole a victory from Hart, who wasn't really in it, or so they say. Hart grabs the mic. "I've been in the wrestling business for thirteen years now, and the wrestling business has been my whole life. But last week, after I did what I did to Dan Severn, and I looked into his eyes - I saw my wife and my two children. I never really meant for anyone to ever get hurt, and I am so sorry for what I did -" and he leaves. Edge looks on. THEN HART BITES HIM IN THE EAR! MY GOD! THE HUMANITY! No, actually, he just leaves. (Forfeit)

Later tonight, Undertaker vs. the Rock! NEXT - Shamrock vs. Kane! And Stone Cold Steve Austin, later tonight!

The WWF Rewind is brought to you by 10-10-321, and it involves a Zamboni.

Pacific Blue on Sunday is graced by Special Guest Star Sable. They originally wanted Sable's breasts only, but by some clever negotiating, they got the rest of her.

MICHAEL KING COLE catches up to Owen as he walks out of the arena. All he says is, "it's over." I liked this the first time - *when Dean Malenko did it*. Actually, I just made that last comment to cover up my WWF bias - did it work?

KANE v. KING KEN SHAMROCK - while Kane enters, we split screen it with another shot of Mr. McMahon watching from his hospital bed. We make the switch to the War Zone just before Kane enters the ring. TV-PG-V is the rating! It's three minutes before the hour! Crowd forgets that they're supposed to hate Shamrock now and throw some cheers his way. Lots of ducking to start. Shamrock with some kicks to Kane's knee to try to chop him down. Right hands by Shamrock. Kane comes back with some shots and then kicks. Whip, Shamrock ducks the elbow, Shamrock crawls down, gets the single leg takedown - tries to get the anklelock but Kane kicks him away. Running, Shamrock tries a crossbody but Kane catches him and slams him down. To the corner, whip to the opposite corner and Shamrock hits hard. Big boot by Kane. Elbow to the mush. Whip to the ropes, Shamrock ducks under and hits a dropkick - Kane ain't movin'. 'rana attempt but Kane stops it and powerbombs him. Blatant choke. Referee "Blind" Mike Chioda warns about the choke - after exiting the ring in an intimidated style. Ha! Choke again. Kane picks up Shamrock by the neck, then drops him. Ross talks about the great Kane/Undertaker matchups of the past and I zone out. Leg across the neck across the rope by Kane. Near fall. Whip into the ropes, Shamrock tries a kick but Kane hits a big clothesline. Kane's stomping away. Scoop slam, elbow drop by Kane. 1, 2, no. Gangrel and Val Venis tonight! Mark Henry and Jesse James tonight! Rock and Undertaker tonight! Am I covering for this boring chinlock? Maybe. Shamrock rises to his feet and elbows away. After powering out, he runs into a knee. Kane with the elbowdrop for 2. Back to the chinlock. Shamrock turns into it and elbows away. Shamrock tries to climb over Kane, runs the ropes and hits a big boot. UNDERTAKER has come out to much things up. Kane with a right. Another chop to the throat. Whip into the ropes, Shamrock ducks the boot. Shamrock with a kick to the back of the knee, taking Kane down. Zombie sit up. Lariat in the corner, whip to the opposite corner, Shamrock sidesteps the attack. Shamrock with the fists of fire. Big knee to the chin, another jumping knee to the chin by Shamrock. Rana! Kane gets up quickly. Armbar attempt is quickly countered and Shamrock is leveled with a lariat. Kane climbs the ropes and the Undertaker is up on the apron. Shamrock swings at Undertaker, who ends up crotching Kane as he avoids Shamrock - was it an accident? Shamrock climbs the ropes and hits a superplex! 1, 2, 3! Shamrock gets the upset and Lawler things Undertaker MEANT for his half-brother to lose. (7:11 - free Slurpees!) Kane runs to the back to look for Undertaker.

Up next - Val Venis v. Gangrel! Venis and Terri pretend their doing an oral sex thing backstage. Later tonight, Stone Cold, uncensored! (But it's TAPED! Of course, it'll be censored!)

VAL VENIS (with Terri Runnels) v. GANGREL (with Christian, who is Edge's brother - oh, I forgot to tell you that earlier) - I can't complain about any outfit that shows off Terri's headlights, because, you see, I am a lech. Venis says something about "Magic Johnson" and you can probably be funnier with that to work with that Val was. It's funny how Gangrel pretends to rise up out of the smoke, when all he's really doing is standing up from a crouch. Anywho, Christian is Edge's younger brother, or so the story goes. We probably won't learn much more than that tonight... Lockup, nothing. Lockup, Gangrel with a shot. Headlock. Val pulls the hair and powers out, but Gangrel hits the shoulderblock. Punch. Whip, reverse, spinebuster by Venis. Venis punches away. Whip, follow knee to the gut, repeat. Side Russian legsweep, bump'n'grind. When we see Terri, Ross calls her "little tramp - oops I didn't mean that." Back 'n' forth action while Ross takes a shot at "45 year old dueling microphones." Near fall by both men. Ross calls Christian "Christopher" just for me. High back body drop by Gangrel followed by a clothesline. Crowd starts to make noise, which must mean that EDGE is out to ask Christian what he's doing. Gangrel baseball slides out and gives the giant DDT on the floor to Edge. Referee "Blind" Earl Hebner is counting at the speed of light, which only happens when they want somebody to win by countout - and sure enough, so does Val win. (COR 2:35) After some celebration time, Val's music fades out - and a familiar face reappears with a gold envelope - it's THE USHER. Venis opens the invitation and reads - he looks shocked. A familiar theme fades up - the lights dim. As Terri rips up the paper as the voice of Goldust promises a World Premiere, next week on RAW (snap). The gold dust falls...

Let Us Take You Back to Last Night again as Austin takes an axe to the uplink wire. Later in the show, Austin confronted Shane McMahon, providing play-by-play (if you call it that) at ringside. A bit later, Austin showed what kind of official he could be by wiping the mat with Jeff Jarrett and Dennis Knight, then staring down with the Rock as the show ended. But you can probably read about all this at that Heat report - I think.

Tonight - Austin!

We go LIVE to the hospital room where McMahon is asking for another nurse, and something for the pain. Gee, that's not very nice of him.

WWF Judgement Day is "proudly" presented by 10-10-321!

AL SNOW (with Head) v. JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET - man, no shirt, no Southern Justice, no guitar, no blinkin' hat, Jarrett's just all alone out there. Lockup, side headlock takeover into some mat wrestling stuff by Snow. Jarrett comes back with a drop toehold and some mat wrestling. After some more mat wrestling, they're back up and Snow starts talking to the head. Hiplock by Snow, kick by Jarrett, hiplock by Jarrett, everybody's even. Headbutts by Snow, lariat and Jarrett goes down. Whip, reverse, duck, clothesline and Jarrett is on the outside. Snow follows and grabs a chair. Jarrett with a right to floor Snow as COMMISSIONER SLAUGHTER comes out and jaws with referee "Blind" Jack Doane. Meanwhile, Snow has set up the chair for one of those crazy jumping on the chair moves. Snow crawls across the floor to sneak up on Slaughter - but before he gets there, Jarrett chairs him in the back. Jarrett breaks the count and goes back to Snow. After talking to Slaughter, he takes Snow's head to the STEEL steps. After breaking the count again, Jarrett picks up Snow and drops him across the barricade. Jarrett's back in the ring, now he's out again. Lawler mistakenly pulls a Tyson and talks about "Cold Stone." Back in the ring, Snow finally hits a move of his own with an enziguiri. To the corner, whip, reverse, Jarrett misses, Snow grabs the head but misses swinging it. Series of reverses and Snow hits a scoop slam. Snow climbs the ropes but Slaughter shakes the ropes - Doane has no choice but to call for the bell, despite the fact that Slaughter can probably have his hide. (DQ 4:16) Snow wins. Jarrett and Slaughter walk off, Slaughter seems happy. Tonight, the Rock takes on the Undertaker! Up next, the Road Dog takes on Mark Henry! Backstage shot of Chyna, X-Pac, and James.

ROAD DOGG JESSE JAMES (with X-Pac, both tag team title belts and a blowup doll wearing Mr. Ass trunks) v. MIZARK HENRY (with new Champion of Europe, D'Lo Brown) - Lawler has managed to score the last piece of paper Chyna was handed, and apparently Henry is suing Chyna for sexual harrassment. Well, there you go. Ross: "Man, we are lawsuit crazy in this country!" Lawler: (with irony) "Tell me about it!" Lockup, Henry powers him down. Henry with another power move. Repeat. James slowly gets back up. Whip, duck, James peppers him with rights and bad dancing. Flying fist takes Henry down. Wobbly knee for 1. Whip, reverse, powerslam by Henry. X-Pac with a crotch chop on the outside, while D'Lo laughs at him. Henry with a monster clothesline. Lawler speculates that he and Ross may be called as witnesses in any sexual harrassment suit. Whip into the corner and James hits hard. Whip into the opposite corner, again he goes down hard. Big elbowdrop while Brown gloats about having the European title. Henry picks him up, whips him, and hits another clothesline. Henry jaws with X-Pac to kill some time. James punches back, ducks a clothesline, but D'Lo trips him as he comes off the rope. Legdrop to the back of the neck by Henry while X-Pac comes after D'Lo. As he backs up, he doesn't notice that CHYNA is out. Brown takes a shot from Chyna. While referee "Blind" Tim White is distracted with trying to get Chyna back away from the ring, X-Pac comes in from behind and waffles Henry with first a kick to the nads, then the X-Factor faceslam. James covers and gets the pin (3:40). I'm guessing that blowup doll will have some big fun tonight! Henry takes a chair and runs after DX. Replay of this and that. Still to come, the Undertaker and the Rock! Shot of the Rock backstage. Cut to a LIVE shot of McMahon trying to get a nurse, and some more apple juice.

One more promo of Pacific Blue, featuring Sable in a sports bra.

One more WWF War Zone for the Nintendo ad.

Let Us Take You Back to Last Week again, where Austin did that thing with that Zamboni to Mr. McMahon, then got arrested and jailed. Then McMahon flipped off Undertaker and Kane, and got his leg all busted up. Back to the hospital room for the interview. McMahon is still wearing the happy face sticker Yurple gave her. His blood pressure is being taken, even though it'll be normal like it always is. Of course, we find out that the "doctor" is really STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN. Austin opens a can of whoopass, including a lot of shots to the injured leg, a shot to the hed with a bedpan (bedpan fu!), and of course a special jolt with the fibrulator (fibrulator fu!), then he sticks an enema, I don't think I want to share that, but let me just say I bet it'll remind Hyatte of Z-Smooth. The picture is (mercifully) blacked out and we go to the ad break.

Let Us Take You Back to Moments Ago. McMahon does some good screaming here. The heart machine makes appropriate noises at the appropriate times - Lawler seems a little TOO interested in seeing McMahon's underwear - in short, a well done (if highly predictable) angle segment.

THE ROCK v. THE UNDERTAKER - I'm guessing we're out of ad breaks here. Undertaker immediately starts out with the kicking and the pounding and the beating down. Referee is the very frightened Earl Hebner. Rock finally fires back but not for long. Headbutt by Undertaker. Kick to the gut. Whip, reverse, duck, flying clothesline by Undertaker for 2. Chop to the throat. D'LO BROWN & MIZARK HENRY are out to provide a little backup as the "D'Lo sucks" chant makes an appearance. Rock manages a clothesline on Undertaker, sending him to the outside, where he gives the evil eye to the Nation. Rock is out, but Undertaker gets in the first shot. Whip into the barricade, no, reverse, and Undertaker hits the STEEL steps. Both men back in, and the Rock takes it to him in the corner. Now KANE is out as Rock continues stomping on him. Rock looks out at Kane, but his back is to the Undertaker. Chokeslam deluxe! Henry and Brown take a hike while Kane stays out. 1, 2, shoulder up. Undertaker lays the shin across the throat for the 4 count. To the rope, another choke for the full 5 count. Undertaker with an arm wringer. He's wrenching it down, shot to the arm, tightrope walk, coming down 1, 2, shoulder turns. Is Undertaker limping? Chinlock. Rock stands up and punches once, then picks up Undertaker for a suplex. 1, 2, no. Both men to their knees. Undertaker with a chop to the throat. Undertaker throws the Rock over the top rope. Both men outside and Undertaker takes Rock to the security rail along the entrance aisle. Back toward the ring and the Rock meets the STEEL steps. Another shot to the chin. Undertaker throws him back in. Head to the top turnbuckle. Rights by the Undertaker. He steps on the Rock's throat. Undertaker gives Kane a look while "Rocky" chant seems to start up. Rocky fires back but Undertaker takes him down with one shot. Rocky with a Sunset flip for 2. Undertaker quickly fires back with a clothesline for 2. The Rock with the Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine. He's coming back! No, reverse, clothesline and he's down again. Big legdrop from the Undertaker for 2. We're in overtime now. Whip into the ropes, he puts the head down so Rocky kicks him. Rollup for 2 by the Rock. And the Rock hits the lariat for 2. Whip, reverse, big boot, cover, 1, 2, kickout. Kane hasn't moved. Arm wringer by Undertaker, he climbs the ropes AGAIN but this time Maivia pulls him off the corner and Undertaker falls to the mat. Zombie situp. The Rock is fighting back again. Reverse, swinging neckbreaker by the Rock for 2. He stays on him but the Undertaker has him up - Rock fights out and hits the Side Russian legsweep. And now it's time for the People's Elbow. Rock picks him up but the Undertaker hits him in the neck again. Whip into the opposite corner, but the Rock with a shoulderblock. Big rights by Rock - whip out, reverse, Undertaker demolishes Hebner - they both run the ropes and hit a double clothesline. Finally, Kane acts, taking a chair from the timekeeper. Zombie situp (crowd pops). Undertaker is up - headbutt, another. Whip, reverse, Kane chairs Undertaker. Rock hits the Rock Bottom! Cover, but Hebner is STILL out. 3, 4, 5... Kane is walking away while the Rock tries to revive the ref. Undertaker with the zombie sit up again. Tombstone on the chair! Undertaker pushes the chair out of the ring and rousts Hebner, who does his trademark suuuuupersloooow count but does get to 3. (12:49) Undertaker casts a gaze towards the entryway as we fade out...

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