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Although you can probably read this all over the Web, please keep in mind that these Reports are ORIGINALLY banged out for Now hopefully those kind people who remember to credit me can leave this particular paragraph in and give some credit to WM as well, ja? Ja.

This one's late because I was finishing up the Year-End Awards. They should be posted to the newsgroups by the time you read this, go look for the [AWARDS] tag. Next week I'll provide DejaNews URLs and details to FTP the textfile to your very own hard drive! But for now, I'm gonna blow through RAW and then head for Los Angeles - I've got a Depeche Mode ticket waiting for me Friday! Yahoo!

One World Leader Attitude - WWF!

This clip montage is rated TV-PG-V - last night at Rock Bottom, still photos were taken showing that Mankind put the Mandible Socko on the Rock, winning the match, but on a technicality, Mr. McMahon told us that the Rock was still the match. Other still photos show Steve Austin winning the Buried Alive match with the help of Kane and also the Slowest Backhoe in the World.

Opening credits.

We are LIVE from the Tacomadome in Tacoma, WA for RAW is WAR! This show was broadcast on USA (and in tiny bits on TSN) 14.12.98, closed captioned and en espanol donde sea disponible which means there are ten shopping days until Christmas. Attendance is announced at nearly 19K. Your hosts are Michael King Cole and Jerry King Lawler, who provide commentary. EVERYBODY brings a sign tonight.

The music plays, but D-GENERATION X looks a little...different...this week. Sure enough, it's time for another hilarious imitation, as this week DX plays "Corporation." Jesse James is Mr. McMahon, complete with two dwarfs behind him, one set of lips on each keister cheek. One with the piece of paper in the back pocket, the other with a "Brisco Brothers Body Shop" sign on his back. Billy Gunn is Shane McMahon, wearing a jacket and diaper. "Cut our music," says Mr. McMahon. "You tell 'im Pop" says Shane. "First of all, ladies and gentlemen, let me make one thing perfectly clear mind you, I (mute) an asshole (mute)" oops. "Very good. That's right son, Shane, have you got poopies in your diaper?" "No, no doo doo." "You see as the chairperson, and owner, of course, of the World Wrestling Federation, I am both a scholar and a gentlemen. I take great offense when you people call me a sphincter or a starfish, because I am nothing less, ha ha ha, than a scholar and a gentlemen." "You tell 'im Pop!" Shane is holding a silver spoon. "You're not a sphincter Pop! You're a scholar and a gentlemen! THIS is a sphincter!" And he removes the diaper to show a thong and his bare ass. Uhhh, put that thing away. Triple H, of course, plays the Crock. "Shane, pull up your pants, 'cause the Crock doesn't wanna smell what you're cooking." X-Pac is Shamrock. "AAAAHHHHH! ALL THIS TALK ABOUT SPHINCTERS IS PUTTIN' ME IN THE ZONE! IT'S FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE TIME!" Chyna is the Boss Man, twirling the baton like she was a marionette at the 4th of July parade - except she doesn't catch it after she's high in the air. The Crock does some more ranting and talks about the man who can shove his own Corporate head up his own Corporate ass - the man whose corporate lips are deep inside Mr. McMahon's corporate ass - and Jason Sensation walks out as Commissioner Shawn Michaels, carrying a basketball, which he promptly drops so Crock can say "oops, dropped the ball again HBK." He calls himself "HBGAY" for effect. "You wanna know why the Heartbreak Kid doesn't lay down for anybody? He's too busy bendin' over..." Of course, this is hilariously funny and I can't do it justice. Maybe Shamrock is saying "Fart knuckle shuffle?" I dunno. Triple H brings it on home and there's a "Suck it" for good measure. As the DX theme plays, COMMISSIONER MICHAELS, BIG BOSS MAN, and THE ROCK come out. Michaels bemoans the lack of originality. "You and your parodies are like a worn out rendition of your favourite song, but to show you that the Commissioner and the Corporation also have a sense of humour, New Age Outlaws, I'm going to award you two a rematch for the World Wrestling Federation tag team titles against the Big Bossman and Ken Shamrock, and dare I say, right here tonight, when it happens, it will be the Corporation who has the last laugh." Rock says he'll challenge Triple H, Michaels says "hold on, he only hangs out with main eventers, he never competes in the main event." Michaels calls him "Midcard 4 life." Helmsley reminds the Rock that before he was injured he was kicking his ass all over the place, and the last time they met, he walked out with the Rock's title. Rock reminds Helmsley that Chyna hit him in the nuts and that's why he lost. Rock says one on one, then it'll be a World Title match tonight. "So now, Triple H, the Rock says, whacha gonna do, when the wait, that's not be the man, woooo! you gotta, that's not it...ooh yeah, dammit, that's not it either..oh, wait, this is it...I am..the best there is, the, that damn sure ain't it. This is it. The most electrifying line in sports entertainment today, if ya smell what the Rock is cookin'!" "Now, that's a parody! Now somebody hit MY music!" and the DX theme plays again.

Tonight, tag team title match, WWF title match, major announcement from Mr. McMahon about Steve Austin's participation in the Royal Rumble.

Rock Bottom encore ad. Oops, it was last night. Sorry, you missed it. Well, you didn't miss all THAT much if that makes you feel better. Don't get me wrong, it was an okay PPV, but on the other hand it was an okay PPV.

In the back, Mr. McMahon gives a pep talk to the Corporation, assembled in the back. Titles galore, AND the Big Red Machine is gonna fall.

GODFATHER & VAL VENIS (with four - make that two - ho's) v. EDGE & CHRISTIAN (with Gangrel and a burnin' ring o' far) - Venis tries to rhyme "Moanin'" and "Tacoma" and it doesn't work. Godfather makes the crowd chant "Pimpin' ain't easy" which seems kinda lame to me. Oh well. Gangrel isn't competing tonight, so he doesn't have to spit red stuff all over the place. Edge and Venis start, chop by Edge (woooo!), whip, kick. Venis comes back with a spinebuster and a lotta rights. Tag to Godfater, whip, slam by Godfather, Venis splash, legdrop by Godfather, good doubleteaming. To the corner, whip out, giant charge. Tag to Venis. Kick to the gut, arm wringer, reversal, tag to Christian, pounding continues, whip, reversal, gobehind, DDT for 2. Dueling armwringers end with a Venis Russian legsweep. Tag to Godfather, big right hands, Edge comes in and Godfather punches them both out. Godfather with a reverse kick for 2, Edge makes the save. Whip, reversal, tag, kick by Christian who moves Godfather to Gangrel, who slips away but Christian holds off hitting his own partner. But Venis surprises him with a kick and a fisherman's suplex - 1, 2, 3! (2:37) Gangrel is a little pissed off and promises that next time we see the Brood, "there will be a bloodbath."

Later tonight, we find out Austin's number in the Rumble! promo

Kevin Kelly interviews Steve Blackman, who is still convinced that Owen is the Blue Blazer. Since Blazer is competing in the next match, Blackman will make sure he unmasks him tonight and exposes him as the nugget he is. Blackman is all old school with that WWF old logo shirt.

Tonight RAW is brought to you by the JVC!kaboombox strap-on, and Castrol GTX, and Stone Cold Metal, the CD - get a preview at

BLUE BLAZER v. GOLDUST - Let Us Take You Back to Last Week where Owen attacked Blackman in plain sight of the Blazer. Well anyway. Last night Goldust won a reversed decision against Jarrett, which meant that Debra stipped until the Blazer ran out to cover her with his cape. Blazer hits an Owen-esque spinning heel kick. Nice suplex. "Nugget" chant is on. Rude awakening, second rope elbow for 2. Knucklelock, Blazer blows a springboard spot. Enziguiri is also Owen-esque. Goldust ducks a clothesline and delivers an uppercut. Goldust picks him up and drops him for 2. Curtain call? Yup. Goldust motions to the corner and it sounds like a Shattered Dreams setup. Before he can kick him, though, JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET is out and attacking from behind (DQ 2:11) . STEVE BLACKMAN runs out and hits Jarrett - Jarrett goes outside where Goldust is waiting. Blackman DOES manage to remove the mask - revealing - revealing - OWEN HART? Blackman's music plays while Jarrett takes off his own shirt so that Blazer can cover his face.

Coming up - Mark Henry is permanently dubbed Sexual Chocolate, and if you don't believe that, well, listen to his faux Barry White delivery in this sure to be soon hit single.

Backstage, there's a pullapart between the Corporation and D-Generation X.

SEXUAL CHOCOLATE MARK HENRY & OH YOU BETTA RECOGNISE D'LO BROWN (with Terri Runnels & Jacqueline) v. SCORPIO & BOB HOLLY (with Al Snow, Head, Duane Gill & Blue Meanie) - it's very Barry White, I must say. Man, remember Barry and El DeBarge in Quincy Jones' "The Secret Garden?" Anyway, Henry gets the mic. He's a lover not a fighter, he's not here to fight (D'Lo has a quizzical look) but instead he's here to tell us a bedtime story - the untold story of what happened at the end of their date. Chyna said "Mark, I want you to slip into something a little more comfortable - my bed." Apparently also, D'Lo had a camera rollin'. "Now I consider myself a finely tuned athlete...but she done wore me out." Holly & Scorpio rush the ring to start the match a wee bit early. J.O.B. Squad performs admirably as you might expect. Cole mentions that Mick Foley is in the running on Time magazine's Man of the Year Internet vote - find your own URL, ha! Henry turns the tide, tag to Brown, Sky-Hi, Holly breaks the count at 2. Brown to the top rope - somersault cannonball misses as Scorpio moves away. Meanwhile, Terri is distracting Meanie and Gill, then Snow & Head. J.O.B. Squad does the Total Elimination on Mark Henry! Well, referee "Blind" Tim White is busy paying attention to the outside shenanigans, so he misses Jacqueline hitting a top rope missile dropkick on Holly, into the waiting arms of Mark Henry, who hits a powerslam for the pin (3:00). Too very confusing when you have like a DOZEN people out there at the same time.

Separate shots of the tag team champions and the Corporate Team - walking - man this is exciting.

WWF War Zone for the Nintendo ad.

Acclaims' WWF War Zone presents the Slam of the Week - Mankind's sneak attack on the Rock last night on Heat. Here's the corporate table! Here's the corporate rhododendron! Mick Foley is GOD! He sweats the details!

NEW AGE OUTLAWS v. BIG BOSS MAN & KING KEN SHAMROCK (with Commissioner Shawn Michaels) for the World tag team titles - Gunn and Boss Man start. Headlock by Boss Man, power out, soulderblock and Gunn goes down. Crotch chop. Boss Man gives him another one. Gunn asks for a third, but drops down and hits a dropkick when Boss Man goes to the well again. Shamrock in, dropkick down. Boss Man up, Jesse James with a dropkick and a crotch chop. Gunn tags to Road Dog who breakdance and knees him. Whip into the corner is reversed and James hits hard. Kick to the head. To the corner, whip out, James steps aside and tags Gunn. Kick, head to the buckle, whip, reverse, Boss Man ducks under and outside - Boss Man ready to pull the jewels into the post but Gunn pulls Boss Man into the post, but Shamrock is there with a chair. Boss Man back in, tag to Shamrock. They keep working on the tibia and the fibula of Mr. Ass. To the rope, leg laid across, Shamrock buttdrops the leg. Head to the buckle. Gunn is heavily favoring that leg now. Shamrock pounding away - elbowdrop right on the knee. Tag to Boss Man. Whip out of the corner, and Gunn falls, selling the bad leg in a stellar fashion. Boss Man continues to wrench the leg. This match may not please the workrate freaks, but it's telling a story and that's what I like. Road Dog spit at, now distracting referee "Blind" Earl Hebner so the Corporate folks can do the no-tag tag. Gunn counters the 'rana attempt into a Ligerbomb and reaches for Jesse James. Double Feature is brought to you by 10-10-220. Tag to Boss Man, tag to Jesse James. Road Dog is a house on fire! How often does THAT happen? Shamrock out of the ring. Boss Man reverses a whip, and James is run into a chair by Shawn Michaels coming off the ropes. Was that Rock Bottom? 1, 2, James kicks out late but Earl knows it's not time for a 3 yet. Whip, head down, big kick, Road Dog with a Golotta. Tag to Shamrock, tag to Gunn, who limps in and takes Shamrock down with a succession of ko rights. James and Boss Man are tied up outside and Hebner is distracted over there. Michaels is up on the apron and Gunn breaks the piledriver attempt to put his hands on Shawn. Shawn dares him to take a poke at him, and Gunn puts him back down. No sooner does he turn around to face Shamrock, however, when Shawn smites him with the nightstick - Gunn falls and Shamrock puts on the anklelock. He's out cold. Arm falls once. Arm falls twice. Arm falls three times and that's it. Ladies and gentlemen, we have new tag team champions. (6:46) The STOOGES are up at the rampway applauding the new Champions as Michaels presents them with the belts.

Let Us Take You Back Moments Ago as Gunn absorbs a nightstick blow and Shamrock puts on the anklelock. "HE'S OUT! HE'S OUT! HE'S OUT!"

VINCENT K. & SKIPPY are out for the big announcement - time to turn the clock to War Zone. "As a result of last night, we have a reeal bad taste in our mouths. We will never forget what it tastes like and feels like for Mankind to stuff that wretched, filthy Mr. Socko down our gullet. And by God, Mankind is gonna pay and I hope he pays tonight. There's another reason tonight why we have a bad taste in our mouths, and that is because Stone Cold Steve Austin has qualified to be in the Royal Rumble. Who would have thought that Kane would be a part of the Buried Alive match? [Everybody?] Well, let me tell you something, Kane is here tonight - Mankind is here tonight - and we're gonna fix their collective little red wagons - because tonight, in this very ring, there will be a no holds barred match with Mankind versus Kane. And now then, to show you the McMahon family never goes back on its word, Austin has indeed qualified to be in the Royal Rumble, we will now choose before you here tonight - the very number...that Austin will enter the Royal Rumble. The tumbler is turned and McMahon takes out a number. "And the number is...Austin has chosen #1!" TV-PG-V "Austin is the first man to enter the Royal Rumble, luck of the draw!" "I don't think it's quite fair that Austin gets #1, how about since it's the holiday season, the McMahon family, in the spirit of giving, gives Austin one more chance?" Vince is unhappy but agrees. "And the number is - I can't believe this - Stone Cold Steve Austin has drawn - #1!" Get it? It's rigged, ok. McMahon mentions that any competitor in the Royal Rumble has a chance to collect $100,000 if they manage to throw Steve Austin over the top rope. McMahon announces that one more name, one more entrant will be named for the Royal Rumble. McMahon says it's quite possibly the only person who can possibly save Ted Turner's WCW, and he will compete for the first time ever in the Royal Rumble. "Ladies and gentlemen, the McMahon family is proud to present, the most omniscient, the most omnipotent sports entertainer in the history of sports entertainment - give it up, ladies and gentlemen, for Mister Vincent K. McMahon!" "You're damned right. Now then, just to show you that this luck of the draw is on the up and up, Shane I want to know what number I'll be entered at, and I just hope it's #2." "And Vince McMahon will enter the World Wrestling Federation's Royal Rumble as...#30, I'm sorry." "That seems fair to me, you see, Austin, there's just one more reason other than 100,000 of them why there is no chance in hell you will ever again be the World Wrestling Federation Champion - I thank you very much." MANKIND appears on the TitanTron from backstage. He challenges McMahon to a match tonight, that is, if he's got any testicular fortitude. Cole proclaims tonight's show a train running out of control.

Jesse "The Body" Ventura tape promo. You think they're gonna pay him any royalties THIS time? I mean, as governor, you'd think he'd not have the time to sue them again...

You gotta love the glove as Glover presents the WWF Rewind - from Rock Bottom last night, Debra whacks Goldust with a guitar, Shawn Michaels reverses the decision, Debra removes some clothes, and the Blazer kills our joy.

The Stooges and Shane discuss the challenge of Mankind. Brisco: "Now, Pat and I took him, but we're two men!" Shane: "I think you can take him, dad." Pat: "At the Royal Rumble you can win a hundred grand by tossing Austin" Vince: "Excuse me Pat, but THAT'S STUPID. Just let me think about tonight."

The Royal Rumble is brought to you by 10-10-200! Hey, the font that "ROYAL" is spelled in sure looks like Yahoo!'s logo, doesn't it?

JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET (with Debra McBody) v. STEVE BLACKMAN (with Riggs & Murtaugh) in a Guitar on a Pole match - Jarrett says there's no way Debra will strip tonight, while Debra, exploring her exhibitionist side, says, maybe she will. Let Us Take You Back to Earlier Tonight where Blackman unmasked the Blazer. First man to reach the guitar gets to use it. You're right, it DID used to be a Coal Miner's glove. Standard match has one man getting a small advantage and then stupidly trying to climb to the weapon. Cole and Lawler waste time by talking about Mankind and McMahon. Debra climbs up on the apron to regain our interest, but Blackman figures out that it's a ploy to get Jarrett the guitar, so he pulls him off the corner. 1, 2, no. When is there EVER a pinfall before the weapon comes into play? Har har. Blackman takes Jarrett out of the ring, and Debra comes right into the ring, this time taking off her jacket, for cryin' out loud. This time Jarrett DOES get the guitar but Blackman reacts just in time to give Jarrett a gutshot. Now HE has the guitar but Jarrett ducks. Kick to the gut. Blackman pushes Jarrett into referee "Blind" Jim Korderas, taking him out. Suplex from Blackman. OWEN HART is in with a guitar of his own, and he DESTROYS Blackman's head with it. Owen grabs the first guitar and stashes it under the ring. Korderas looks up and sees Jarrett hooking the leg and counts the pin (2:31) Lawler: "That was the greatest guitar on a pole match I've ever seen!"

Backstage, we see Tiger Ali Singh pointing to the word "BLOODBATH" written in red and protesting to Brisco and Patterson that he's not going to work like this. Nice try, buddy.

In another shot, we see Shane and Vince talkin' it over. We hear Vince deliver the line that mistakenly went out over the audio already. "I'll take Mankind on tonight - but MY way."

Apparently, EVERY Seattle Seahawk is in the crowd tonight, but the only name we hear is Cortez Kennedy.

We see Mr. McMahon disrobing, before Shane pushes the camera out of the room. Umm, I want to see McMahon shirtless like I want to see Bischoff shirtless. Even if, admittedly, McMahon's body is about ten times more developed than mine is.

TIGER ALI SINGH makes his way to the ring. Maybe it's just me, but that flag of India is upside down and that can't be good karma. The lights go out before Singh is in the ring (hey that rhymes!) and the Brood's music plays - red lights strobe (reminding me of Vader) - Tiger tries to get back ot the back, but Christian, Edge, and Gangrel appear - yup, the BROOD has him surrounded. At the top of the ramp, they converge. More strobe lights, then darkness. When the lights come back up - Tiger is covered with ... blood? Well, there's your bloodbath. I don't know what that is...or if I like it.

Shot of Kane backstage. Just SEEING Kane throws Cole into a fit, which seems kinda funny. "There's KANE? WHAT'S KANE THINKING? WHAT ELSE CAN HAPPEN TOINGHT?!?" Holy shit, Cole, chill out, it's just Kane. promo

Let Us Take You back to During the Break as Singh is hauled off on his knees.

MANKIND v. KANE in a "No Holds Barred" contest - Did Mankind REALLY need his theme updated? No sir, he did not. It was just fine without those Broodesque drums, thank you very much. Commentators mention Jim Ross (by way of saying "if he were here, he'd say 'hellfire and brimstone'") which means he isn't forgotten yet, thank goodness. Cole mentions that these two are not only former partners, but coholders of the tag team titles - nice history remembering' there! They fight at the bell, punch, punch, to the corner, reverse, punch, punch, punch, you get the idea. Mankind counters an almost chokeslam with a knee to the gut. I'm still waiting for a wrestling move - just kidding. We go outside the ring now and Mankind tastes the barricade. Whip, reverse, Kane hits the STEEL steps. Mankind picks up the steps, but Kane kicks him and he drops the steps. Kane picks them up and runs them right into his head. Back in we go. Punch. Choke on the ropes. 10-10-220 brings us the Double Feature and Lawler says "those steps weigh 150 pounds" and I don't believe him. Mankind kicks back, Kane with a knee. To the opposite corner. Forearm to the back of the head. Head whipped back to the mat. Whip, head down, swinging neckbreaker by Mankind just MIGHT be the first wrestling move. Rights by Mankind, clothesline out of the ring. "Mick..." it's VINCENT K. "You want it, you've got it - MY way, no no, MY way, not yours. If you've got the guts, I'll see you in the parking lot for a good ol' bashin' street fight." Mankind walks out - umm, what about Kane? I guess it's the always exciting "No Holds Barred ends in COR" that the kids are always talking about as the textbook example of good booking. (about 4:half before the ad break)

Rock Bottom encore presentation ad.

When we come back, a group of orderlies is wheeling Kane into an ambulance on a gurney in a straightjacket. Let Us Take You Back to During the Break where Big Boss Man, Ken Shamrock, and the Orderlies subdue Kane, who was standing in the middle of the ring waiting to get punked with a nightstick and slapped in an anklelock. The straitjacket was put on and it looks like it's finally time for the Big Red Machine to get committed. Shane McMahon directs traffic.

Quickly, let's go outside to the parking lot where Mankind is giving McMahon punches in bunches. McMahon run into a cyclone fence! Again! McMahon run into a garage door! Brisco and Patterson converge and are quickly dispatched. Here's Mr. Socko! McMahon almost gets one shot in before Mankind claps on the Mandible Socko. Just as McMahon is shoved into the trunk of a waiting car, the Rock comes out and attacks. They brawl onto the hood of the Lincoln, where Rock delivers ROCK BOTTOM ON THE HOOD! Cool. Quick cut to the ad break.

Let Us Take You Back to Moments Ago - this must have been part of McMahon's plan - at least we HOPE, or else he was really stupid and got really lucky.

ROCK (with Commissioner Michaels) v. TRIPLE H (with Chyna) - Chyna is wearing a pretty slutty set of chaps, bikini and breast augmentation tonight. H wastes some time with that Buffer imitation that we all go ga-ga over but which in reality kinda really sucks. H turns to Michaels, and Rock attacks from behind to start the match. Big back bodydrop. Right hand ko's H for 2. To the corner, whip out, Triple H with a clothesline, another, off the ropes, back elbow. Into the corner and it's time for the Ten Punch Count Along or should I say Nine Punch Count Along, crotch chop, and hailstorm of punches. Whip, reverse, Rock takes him over the top rope to the apron and follows out. Right hand. Right. Rock takes a drink from a front row fan and throws it on him. To the steps, block, ROCK hits the steps. Rock draped over the commentary table. Hey, there's Carlos Cabrera and Hugo Savitovich, the Spanish announcers! Rock comes back with a clothesline, then walks over and steals Cole's headset, just like he did last night at Rock Bottom to provide a little commentary. "Triple H looks like Tarzan and wrestles like Jane." Triple H is again run into the table. Cole comes back as Rock reenters the ring. Whip reverse, duck, duck, high H knee! Vertical suplex. Elbowdrop for 2. Chop (woooo!). Whip off the ropes, head down, swinging neckbreaker brings the big mo back to the Rope. Clothesline. 1, 2, no. Side Russian legsweep for 2. Chinlock is applied to slow things down. There's a gratuitous Chyna ass shot. Shawn Michaels and referee "Blind" Earl Hebner have a few words about how to officiate a WWF title match. Arm falls once, arm doesn't fall twice (maybe I missed a count) - Triple H elbows out, punches away with rights, whip, reversal, headlock, DDT, 1, 2, no! Back to the chinlock while Michaels complains about the slow count. Triple H on his feet, no, he's back down. Crowd starts up a "Rocky sucks" chant. Triple H back up and chopping out (woooo!) Rock with a back elbow. Scoop slam, and here comes the most electrifying move in sports today - three crotch chops and a Corporate elbow - 1, 2, no! Again we're at the chinlock. Arm falls twice this time but he's back up again, elbow, go behind, suplex! Both men are down and both men are up. H with the Iblockyourpunchyoudon'tblockmine. H is a house on fire. Another high knee. Into the corner, kickin' away. I hear 'em calling spots the ropes, Jawbreaker on the knee, 1, 2, no! Rock rolls outside and Triple H follows. Right hand. Back in we go. Michaels tries to grab the foot on the way back in and fails. Again they go out. Rock's head meets the STEEL steps - Rock thrown back in - this time Michaels DOES pull him back. Hebner comes out to prevent a confrontation, and while that happens, Chyna comes in and Golottas the Rock! Triple H is in - here's a DDT! 1, 2, NO!! Michaels has gone around to Chyna and gets Hebner to go out to take care of her. Meanwhile, Triple H hits the Pedigree (!) but there's no ref - Shawn is in with the belt - BIG shot on H - Rock covers, Hebner is in - 1, 2, no!!! Crowd is going nuts. Chyna has grabbed Shawn, so Hebner is out AGAIN to separate them. Meanwhile, SOME GUY is in and there's a slam on Triple H. Rock covers, hooks the leg and Hebner is back in to count 1, 2, 3. (10:52) Hey, isn't that the Motley Crue bodyguard? I thought DX and the Crue were all chummy. Oh well, GOOD NIGHT!

Oh, hey, no Austin or Undertaker either. Huh.

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