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I GET LETTERS: Because I'm a sap for any reasonably hot chick who deigns to even SPEAK to me, I present the following letter:

Hay CRZ-

I'll make you a deal.

The next time WWF comes to Baltimore or Pittsburgh, I'll carry a big ass "CRZ" sign with me under one condition....

You gotta mention me as a finalist at Scoop This' "I Can't Believe It's A Contest" contest. I am the nominee with the shortest platform bullshit.

All you goota do is reprint this mail in your WWF Raw Report, and maybe again n both reports next week.

Help girl out, would you babe? I really wanna get my mug on all the wrestling websites I can before I die.

Thanks, you're swell!


So I went and checked the Contest over at scoopTHIS! and damned if she wasn't right - not only does she have the shortest platform, but she isn't unmercifully sucking up to either them or to Rick and Mike (why would ANYBODY suck up to Rick and Mike?) in her spiel. That ALONE gets her my vote. Plus, she chose to use ME! ME!! IT MUST BE CHRISTMAS COME EARLY!!

Actually, she wrote me four months ago and actually got a mention in the Nitro report, and since I don't ever forget my fans...

"Who cares?" You're right. On with the Big Show!

One World Leader Attitude TV-PG-V WWF!

"Moments Ago" footage shows Vince turning over control to Shane as he nips out for a quick workout as he trains for the Royal Rumble. He promises to return with a "big bonus" and to Patterson and Brisco, he says "as always, I'm holding you *completely responsible* while I'm away." To Shane, "keep your ego and your temper in check." The limo pulls away and Shane says to Patterson and Brisco "I got a lot to do, let's go."

Closed captioned opening credits - well actually the closed captioning (eh?) logo is displayed over the opening theme (which the CC guy misidentifies as "D-Generation X Music Plays") - WWF RAW is WAR airs 21.12.98 (but taped 15.12) from Unnamed Arena in Spokane, WA on the USA Network. Michael King Cole, hosting and providing commentary with Jerry King Lawler, calls "RAW is WAR" "the most exciting action/adventure series on television," which means he's never seen MacGYVER.

SKIPPY is quickly out, along with TEAM CORPORATE (have they got their own music now?) "I've got a little news flash for ya, since my pops has stepped out for a few minutes, I now have the keys to the kingdom, so tonight we're gonna do things MY way - the Shane McMahon way!" The DX theme interrupts him here, and there's D-GENERATION X on cue. Shawn, who's wearing a Santa cap, isn't too pleased, and neither is Shane. "Well Shane, you might have the keys to the kingdom, but DX - we've got the keys to the boiler room!" and out walks - MANKIND? Shane orders that music cut. "What, do we have a loser convention in town? You guys are like the Bad News Bears of the World Wrestling Federation." "No Shane, the bad news is you're an even bigger ass(beep) than your old man." "Thank you very much, Triple H, I appreciate the compliment." And the "asshole" chant fires up. "What's that? I can't hear you!" goads HHH. "Okay, hotshot, let's get down to a little business now, and let me focus my attention on the New Age Outlaws. Oh yes, Mr. Ass and Mr. Dog. Now obviously you are not the WWF tag team championship material unlike the Bossman and Shamrock, oh no, and there will absolutely be no rematch for those titles, oh no." Shane says he and Shawn have been discussing things, and maybe there IS a way for them to get their respective sphincters kicked after all. Michaels announces that tonight Billy Gunn will get a "bona-fide UFC ass-kickin'" in a match with Ken Shamrock tonight, and Jesse James will get a "big fat rolled-up hydroponic rompin' anda stompin'" match with Bossman tonight. Patterson & Brisco look less than pleased that these matches have been made. Michaels goes on to announce that Triple H "and his male companion X-Pac" will receive a tag team match with the Rock & Test (aka Motley Crue's bodyguard). Finally, Shane announces that as payback for putting his hands on Pops, Mankind will get a match with - Shane McMahon? Well, he's lost it. "I'm gonna finish what my father started, you got that Mankind? And tonight, I'm gonna kick your ass." "Shane, in response to your little challenge, I have this much I'd like to say-" and then he busts out laughing - Triple H joins him. Mankind says he has no problem accepting the challenge, calling Shane a "sniveling little silver-spoon sucking sissy," oh and have a nice day. Everybody says "suck it" and there's your opening gambit. Mankind works up a crotch chop - hey, now why are these guys together again? I must have missed it. Lawler says Shane was a tough streetfighter growing up on the mean streets of Greenwich.

One of People Weekly's 25 Most (something) people of the year includes Stone Cold Steve Austin - RUN to the newsstand and BUY a copy right NOW! Or don't. Depends how "intrigued" you are, I guess.

D'Lo Brown is asking Mark Henry what's up with the ladies in the back room wanting to fool around when they got bidness to be takin' care of, and Mark Henry says he can take care of bidness back there and then take care of bidness in the ring too, and could he please stand guard. D'Lo is skeptical. Hmmm.

GANGREL (with a burning ring o' far) v. Al Snow (with Head) - Snow with kicks, punches, chops, Gangrel powers out and we're back and forth, over and under, Snow locks him up and headbutts him repeatedly. Whip, reverse, head down, kick, whip, leg lariat by Snow. Right, right, to the corner, out of the corner, reverse, foot up bt Snow runs into a powerslam - double underhook overhead suplex for 2. I'm making all these moves up, by the way. Gangrel with rights. Vertical suplex, rollover into a cover for 2 by Gangrel. Whip, Snow slides under, grabs the leg but Gangrel stomps on him. Off the ropes, duck, punch by Snow, lariat takes the man down. Snow points to Head for no reason. Head (Gangrel's) to the buckle. Placed on the top rope - Gangrel pushes him away and hits a plancha from the top for 2. Two rights, whip out of the corner, Snow up and over, pushed into the corner - catches Gangrel coming out - counter, counter, counter, Snowplow - 1, 2, 3!! (3:01) Whoops, no sooner does Snow's music start but the Brood's music starts up and when we see the ring next, CHRISTIAN & EDGE have appeared from nowhere. Lots of pounding, lots of noise, and when we come back - Snow is covered in red stuff. Errr. Oh, did I mention that was "Blind" Teddy Long reffing? I guess I was just really wrapped up in this match. And this terrific "bloodbath" angle. Har har. More likely it was because ol' Peanuthead spent the entire match hiding in corners out of camera range. Wonder what's up with THAT. Anyway...

TCI drop-in ad is a Starrcade PPV promo - about TIME WCW started placing strategic competitor ads!

Let Us Take You Back to Moments Ago - the rest of the J.O.B. Squad came out to try to get Snow, who was going nuts and saying "Not again, not again - " which probably translates to "I can't BELIEVE I jobbed to another crappy gimmick. You know what I was thinking during this segment? What the HELL is up with Bob Holly's hair?

KING KEN SHAMROCK v. BAD ASS BILLY GUNN for the Intercontinental title - Amazingly enough, Gunn has two words for ya. Later tonight, we'll see the real Santa Claus (of course, if you saw Heat last night, you can probably figure out which promo they're talking about). Referee is Tim White, who can't stop the "Shamrock sucks" chants no matter how nicely Ken asks. Ken with the "up yours" arm motion. Takedown, mat thing, Gunn kicks, and they're back up. "Suck it" chant, oh gag me with a spoon. Kick, quick rights by Shamrock, whip, reverse, Gunn tries a hiptoss but Shamrock counters with a takedown and a anklelock attempt - Gunn punches out and they're separated and back up. Lockup, side headlock by Gunn - Shamrock pushes him away, but Gunn hits the shoulderblock and Shamrock goes down. Off the ropes, big boot ducked, flying jalapeno by Gunn, hiptoss for 1. Gunn to the armbar, Shamrock is up. Gunn wrenches the arm and again, arm wringer - Shamrock walks him back to the corner and White forces a break - but it's not exactly clean as Shamrock punches away. To the opposite corner, Gunn with a back elbow coming out for 2. Back to the armbar. This isn't that bad a technical match, which must mean Jesse James really drags those God-awful tag matches down since I can't stand them so much. Gunn with repeated kicks to Shamrock's midsection in the corner. Crotch chop pose coming up. Shamrock up, whip, no, Shamrock reverses into a shortarm clothesline. Shamrock with another great hyperextension move and now he's on the leg with a lot of kicking and stomping. Shamrock outside and he's got the knee again - wrapped around the STEEL ringpost. Again the knee is wrapped around the post. Shamrock has a chair and White is quick to go outside and make sure it isn't used. Crowd is chanting with gusto. Shamrock back in, Gunn is up and kicking with his good leg. Shamrock whips Gunn, who falls to the apron selling his bad knee. Shamrock with the leg, wrenched again. Shamrock with a Perfectesque tibulabreaker. Shamrock helps Gunn up - then kicks the back of his leg to take him down again. High knee by Shamrock. The technical assassin is up - Gunn punches but Shamrock STILL manages the 'rana for 2. Vertical suplex - no, Gunn rolls him up for 2. Shamrock with midsection kicks - fishermanplex for 2. Into the corner, Shamrock punching away at will. Now a lot of kicks to Gunn's left knee. Another right, whip out, Gunn limping, reverses, Shamrock hits the corner hard, comes out into an inside cradle - 1, 2, no! Shamrock on the knee again and he's goin' nuts "Aaaaaah!! GETUP!" Shamrock tries a victory roll - Gunn stops it and presses his shoulders and neck to the mat - 1, 2, 3!!! (8:23) Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new Intercontinental Champion! Or do we? COMMISSIONER MICHAELS is out - whoops, it turns out that while Michaels said that Gunn could FIGHT Shamrock, but he did NOT say the title was on the line - the ring announcer was wrong. So Shamrock still has the title even though Gunn won the [nontitle] match. Cole calls Michaels "a damn Grinch!" Gunn takes this as another opportunity to show his ass (in a thong) to Michaels, hooray! Michaels waves his hand in front of his nose, which is as approriate a response as any, I guess. Then Shamrock flattens Gunn, which is a hell of a lot cooler.

Backstage, we see Hawk walking around in his big cast.

And now Playstation presents the Slam of the Week! From last night's Heat, Hawk clobbers Droz with his cast, and Snow hits the Snowplow on Droz to win his match. Hawk promises that it's "the beginning of the end for you."

HAWK is out to fulfill his promise of airing some dirty laundry tonight. "Wellll, it's time to let the cat out of the bag; the dark, deep little secret of Droz and mine. You see, Droz, he's the pusherman. He's the enabler. I don't have to cover for you anymore, Droz, because I'm clean - I've been that way for some time, and I like it. It was a good little plan - make me undependable in Animal's eyes - sneak up and take my job - YOU are the dope pusher and I was the dope! And nobody regrets it more than me. And when I heal up, oh, when I heal, LOD stands for Legion of Doom and Lords of Discipline, and boy, I'm gonna discipline the hell out of you! Hey, let me tell you something, the best way to fuel a fire that's gone wild is with HA-TRED and I have plenty of that for you." DROZ, who made his way to the ring during this speech, starts stompin' away - ANIMAL runs out and pulls Droz off of him. Droz has a surprised look on his face and walks off - crowd chants "LOD" as Animal leaves the ring - and looks Hawk's way... Lawler: "There are no drugs in the WWF!"

Backstage, D'Lo still can't believe Henry wants to go through with it - Henry knocks on the door, and the heads of Terri & Jacqueline pop out. "Oh Sexual Chocklit, we're ready for you" - Henry goes in and Brown stands outside, less than thrilled.

Let Us Take You Back to Last Year, when Stone Cold Steve Austin gave the Stone Cold Stunner to Santa Claus, and the fans cheered. It was a Stone Cold Christmas indeed.

STEVE BLACKMAN (with Riggs & Murtaugh) v. BLUE BLAZER (with Owen Hart) - Let Us Take You Back to Last Week, where Blackman unmasked the Blazer as Owen Hart. Man, Blazer's music is the coolest ever. This week, just to confuse us, Owen Hart is out to prove that he ISN'T the Blue Blazer. He reminds all of us, even Steve Blackman, that there is a little bit of the Blue Blazer in all of us. Owen takes a headset for this match. Pretty nice enziguiri there. Hart says last week's footage was tampered and he wasn't the Blazer. Blackman tries to unmask Blazer but ends up being pulled to the ropes and then hot-shotted. Cole: "Last week was a LIVE show, how do you explain that? How could we doctor THAT?" Hart: "If Clinton can get off without a resonable doubt, if O.J. Simpson can be found not guilty..." After Cole pesters him some more, Hart says that's it - and he leaves. Hart pulls Blackman's feet out from under him, then comes in and beats him up (DQ 2:02) - Blazer locks in the Dragon Sleeper - now GOLDUST is out to even things up a bit. Blazer almost manages to run away while Goldust works over Hart, but Goldust manages to catch him and bring him back - Blackman hits his missile shoulderblock of death on Hart and then joins Goldust out on the ramp where the Blazer is AGAIN unmasked - and this week, he's JEDOUBLEF JADOUBLEREDOUBLET! Hart helps him cover up with his cape, then deadpans "Who is that masked man?" several times, which is damn funny.

Backstage, Terri runs down the menu for Mark Henry - a seven course meal from soup to nuts. (heh heh - nuts) But first a shower. Jacqueline: "Me and Terri are gonna take a shower - you're gonna watch." D'Lo, behind the door, looks bored. Maybe he'll get a tape of the show later.

Henry is watching 'em shower - the lucky bastard. Why are shower curtains so damn translucent?

Let Us Take You Back to Earlier Tonight where we replay Mr. McMahon leaving Shane in charge, and holding Patterson & Brisco responsible.

BIG BOSSMAN v. ROAD DOG JESSE JAMES for the Hardcore Title - James comes out as we turn the hour and hit the War Zone. James introduces both himself and Gunn because that's the only way the tagline goes. James goads Bossman by saying that he sodomized his cousin in a prison once, and it's too bad he's too chicken(beep) to put his belt on the line tonight. Bossman, who is stupid, says he'll be happy to put the belt on the line and show him hard time. James gets the quick upperhand but Bossman hits a spinebuster, then an uppercut. Remember, in Hardcore title matches, thar be no rules. Big facerake in the corner. Whip into the opposite corner. Bossman throws him through the ropes. Going outside, hemeets a big ol' cookie sheet (ooh!) and there's a pinfall attempt on the floor - only 2 from ref "Blind" Jack Doane. Bossman mises a STEEL steps shot, but James hits a buckethead shot. 10-10-220 brings you a Double Feature. Bossman manages a head to the steps shot. Bossman with the sheet - over the back of his head. James taken to the barricade and over - everybody follows. Into the crowd. Road Dog put through the technician's table. He's got a broom! Broom now broken. Choke with the broomstick and we're going back to the ring. Bossman does a nightstick twirl with the broomstick - impressive! Back in the ring and the belt is off. Whip! Whip! Whip! I bet they don't REALLY treat Cobb Country Prisoners like this. Belt to the throat. And now Bossman has some powder - but James kicks it into his face! James has the belt and is whuppin' away but Bossman makes it to the outside and gets James out with him. Another 10-10-220 Double Feature. James over the barricade again. Bossman has a fan! No, an electric fan. Fan shot! Bossman with a noose! He's got EVERYTHING! Noose is on! He's HANGING him! Bossman covers after he falls to the floor - only 2!! Bossman threatens Doane, then turns into a Golotta from James. Trashcan over the head! James climbs the barricade and jumps off, hitting the can on the way down. James tries a choke with the rope, but Bossman turns it around and whips the noose into the side of the stands - MANKIND is out with a net and now Bossman is wearing it! Then he takes out a - telescoping SOMETHING - and waffles the Bossman with it! Road Dog covers - 1, 2, 3! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new Hardcore Champion! (6:55)

10-10-220 brings you the WWF Royal Rumble!

Terri & Jacki take Henry out of his shirt, then his belt, then his pants - he's wearing red silk boxers and I NEVER needed to know that. Now they're putting a dog collar on him. Henry's led over to a big table (no visible stiffy, thank God - but then, I didn't check TOO hard - I was checkin' out the lingerie on the women) for a massage - he's lotioned up (edit in there?), then he's rolled over and they put a ball in his mouth - that's a B&D thing, isn't it? He's the gimp from Pulp Fiction, right? Meanwhile, D'Lo, still outside, has no idea what's going on, of course. Henry is whipped creamed up, and Terri brandishes a - what, vibrator? Do I WANT to know? D'Lo is still outside doin' nothin', ok, well let's take an ad break before Lawler has an orgasm.

Jeff Jarrett tells us what (beep)(beep)s him off - ugly women in politics. Well, maybe he has a point...

Brisco & Patterson try to convince Shane not to fight Mankind tonight and fail.

Terri and Jacqui blindfold and then bind Henry to the table. Have you figured out where this is going yet?

ACOLYTES v. J.O.B. SQUAD - I'm not supposed to mention that Faarooq looks great anymore, so I won't. Actually, the first thing I am drawn to here is: What the HELL happened to Bob Holly's hair? Commentators remind us of Snow's bloodbath earlier tonight. Hey, didn't Faarooq and Scorpio team up really recently? Oh well. Fair to Midland match is highlighted with a nice Acolytes double powerbomb and only a Holly run-in can keep the count from getting past 2. Scorpio manages a brief comeback but only gets a 1 count. Finally, they pair up - white guys inside, black guys outside. Faarooq's head meets the STEEL steps. Holly eats a lariat on the inside. Jackknife-style powerbomb by Bradshaw. Now referee "Blind" Jim Korderas decides to ring the bell for no reason and a DQ win for the JOB Squad is announced (3:22) apparently because Faarooq wouldn't stop beating up Scorpio outside the ring. The Acolytes continue to beat up the Squad and THEIR music plays. Who knows where this is going? Where's Jackyl tonight anyway? promo.

WWF War Zone for the Nintendo ad.

Glover gives you the WWF Rewind - Shane's challenge to Mankind and Mankind's peals of laughter in response.

RAW is WAR is brought to you by Castrol GTX, WWF: The Music, Volume 2, and 1-800-COLLECT!

SKIPPY (with Two Musketeers) v. MANKIND - The BRAWLforALL theme accompanies Shane to the ring. Again, Patterson & Brisco try to convince Shane this is a Bad Idea and again it's nothing doing. Brisco is up on the apron and distracting Mankind - Shane hits a left. Here's another left. One more left, another and a right. Right by Shane, he comes off the ropes but it's Mankind with a big clothesline. TEAM CORPORATE has assembled at the entrance. Double underhook DDT! Michaels holds back the Rock as Mankind gets a chair and the mic. "Get up, Shane, I've got a Christmas surprise for you!" Shane drops to the canvas but Mankind doesn't waffle him - instead he hands him the chair and dares Shane to hit him. Shane hits him once but it doesn't faze him - Mankind attacks. He takes it to him until Patterson comes in - but Mankind steps aside and Patterson knees SHANE. Mankind clotheslines both of them in the corner. Now Brisco is in and gets punched out, then whipped into the other two. *Testicular claw* by Mankind on Patterson! Absolutely not. Cole dubs the move "Mr. Jocko." Mankind with another knee to Shane's face and finally, Mr. Socko is out - Shane tastes the cotton. Now the Rock decides it's time to come to the rescue and he hits Mankind out of the ring, then follows. Referee "Blind" Mike Chioda decides "well, a chairshot is ok, ONE or TWO running in is ok, but I draw the line at three" and rings the bell (DQ 3:05ish). Now D-GENERATION X runs in to even things up as Shane is dragged away with stars in his eyes.

WWF Attitude - the REAL Santa Claus is (go figure) Classy Freddie Blassie. I liked it better last night when it was Mankind.

Replay of Moments Ago - looks like X-Pac got in a broncobuster on Shane, too. Yippee!

Brisco and Patterson, outside, worry about what Mr. McMahon will say when he comes back.

Backstage, D'Lo tries to get Henry out from the back as he hears the music to start their match. "I'm coming, I'm coming" is shouted from behind the door and I don't wanna know.

OH YOU BETTA RECOGNISE D'LO BROWN & SEXUAL CHOCOLATE MIZARK HENRY v. HEAD BANGERS - D'Lo's music plays a second time and finally Brown is out but Henry is not. As the 'Bangers walk out, we cut backstage to see Mark Henry's nuts in a vice (oh sorry, a *C-clamp* - does the "C" stand for "crotch?") and Jacqueline and Terri are whipping him. Brown attacks before the bell and once the doubleteam is broke up, Mosh has his way until Brown comes back with a - now if I call it the Sky-Hi you will write me and correct me, but screw it - Sky Hi for 2 - Thrasher breaks it up. Brown then does pretty nicely against Thrasher until Mosh breaks up the count. Finally the Bangers take charge with the 2-on-1 while the King shouts out crap like "hot wax," "vibrator," "how many gerbils," and Brown is coming back against Mosh, you betta recognise. Dropkick into a clothesline as the doubleteam is on. Doublefacebuster for 3. (2:45) Head Bangers retain the toy tag team belts. Apparently Henry escaped just as the match was over and he appears on the top of the ramp, still with cuffs on each hand and leftover whipped cream remnants on him. Brown yells at Henry and walks off. Oh my.

Again, Patterson and Brisco bemoan what Mr. McMahon will say when he comes back. Patterson: "You just shut up and let me talk to him!" Brisco: "What's gonna happen with the bonus?" No sooner does the limo pull up than Brisco falls over himself to open the door and pipe up with "It wasn't my fault Mr. Mac Man!" and Patterson is unhappy. McMahon powerwalks to where his son is as we hang back with Brisco & Patterson. Brisco: "You think we'll still get the bonus?" Pretty funny stuff.

The Undertaker is on the cover of the February 1999 issue of "Tattoo" magazine. Yeehaw! Anybody notice he and the Undertaker are both absent AGAIN this week? Not that I'm complaining - I mean, no Val Venis & Godfather either, so hey, good show, WWF!

TRIPLE H & X-Pac (with Chyna and the Outlaws) v. ROCK & TEST (with Commissioner Michaels, Big Bossman and Ken Shamrock) - I hate Triple H's Buffer impersonation as much as I hate Buffer's introductions - is that the point of the satire? Before the match, Michaels announces some rule changes - the Corporation can stay and watch the match, but DX has to go to the back. Then, VINCENT K. is out "It hasn't been a very good night thus far, so I'll tell you what, let's let DX stay at ringside - it's the Christmas season, let's let DX stay at ringside, let's have a fair fight, and let's ALL watch what happens." And Vince walks to the ring as well. Huh? The bell rings as the "Rocky sucks" chant fires up. X-Pac starts for his team. Rock with a kick to start, right, right, right, right, right, boy Rock knows them moves, doesn't he? Whip, reverse, shoulderblock, back and forth, up and down, hiptoss by X-Pac, repeat, armwringer, tag to Triple H. Rock tags to Test. Lots of sizing up here. Oh yeah, referee is Earl Hebner, ok. A couple elbows from Test, another elbow, another. Knees to the gut in the corner, a couple words for the ref, more elbows, but he put his head down and now it's H with the punches, here's a lariat off the ropes. Head to the buckle. Triple H kicking and punching away. Whip, reverse, Rock hits from behind and Triple H gives HIM a shot, but when he turns around Test kicks him in the face. Some pounding, and a tag to the Rock. Right hand. Right hand. Off the ropes, lariat. 1, 2, kickout. Kick, kick, to the corner and to Test's boot. Tag to Test. Cole: "A tremendous tag team match underway!" Choke on the second rope, leg across the bag. Choke continues. Right, right, right, sidewalk slam for 2. Test is in love with the European forearm. Triple H ducks and Test hits the corner hard, hot tag to X-Pac. Spinning heel kick, X-Pac ducks a clothesline and hits lotsa kicks, and now the bronco buster. Shot for the Rock for good measure. Test reverses a whip and X-Pac goes up and over the top, where Rock is waiting. X-Pac hits the barricade hard - then Rock crotches him on the post from the outside (yo). Hebner was with Test and trying to keep H in his corner. 10-10-220 brings us the Double Feature of the crotch shot. Hebner is AGAIN distracted by Triple H so Rock and Test doubleteam X-Pac with kicks. Side Russian legsweep by the Rock for 2. Whip, duck, X-Pac with chops (woooo!), Rock reverses a whip and here's a back elbow. Scoop and a slam - can you smell it? Three crotch chop Corporate elbow! Triple H breaks the count and gives a clothesline to Rock. Now Test is in as Hebner tries once again to get Triple H back to his corner. Blatant Golotta by Rock. Test continues pounding in the corner. X-Pac puts a boot up but Test comes back with a clothesline. Off the rope, duck, spinning heel kick from X-Pac and both men are down. Tag to the Rock, hot tag to Triple H. Right, right, right, off the rope, back elbow, woo boy he's a house on fire. Test in, Test out. High knee to Rock, jawbreaker to Test, X-Pac is in and Rock takes him out. Doubleteam on Triple H - no he reverses on Test into the Pedigree - 1, 2, Rock finally figures out what's going on and breaks the count. Now the lights are out (huh?) and - not THAT music - well, through hellfire and brimstone KANE has apparently escaped the asylum because he's walking to the ring (I'm quickly guessing he's on the Corporate team now). Kane's in the ring - yup, chokeslam on Triple H. Chokeslam on the Bad Ass. Chokeslam on the Road Dog. Kane has the Rock - no wait, Michaels gets him to put him down. Chokeslam for X-Pac. Who's left? Chyna gets an axehandle to the jaw, but it doesn't faze him. Kane grabs Chyna (nice facial expression there) - but we fade out before the chokeslam. Damn. (No contest? just under 10:00)

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